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alec being a supportive big bro in 2x11 makes me emotional. he does it so naturally with taking care of izzy and comforting jace. why do i get the impression he took over those roles for maryse and robert?

Oh man, I definitely think Alec grew up being the primary caregiver for his siblings. Maryse and Robert may be the actual parents, but Alec did the real parenting.

And while we know Maryse and Robert are strict at best and fucking awful at worst, I honestly doubt that their style of parenting is unusual in nephilim society. After all, none of the Lightwood kids seem particularly surprised by the lack of affection from their parents. They may be disappointed or upset about it, but it doesn’t really seem like they realistically expect it to be any different. I get the feeling that shadowhunter parents in general are more like bosses than anything else. They don’t seem to consider affection or support as a parental responsibility. They just need to raise good, strong shadowhunters.

And in addition to that, there’s the societal expectation for shadowhunters to get married and have multiple children so they can do their duty and contribute to strengthening the shadowhunter force. So with more business-like parents, and a tendency for multiple children, I think it’s common for older nephilim children to have a larger-than-average role in helping with their younger siblings. I think with Maryse and Robert both heavily involved in their duties as shadowhunters (particularly since they’ve had to work their asses off to restore their name after the Circle), Alec was expected to take care of Izzy as soon as he was old enough to do so - maybe even a few years before he could realistically do so. More than just ‘Alec tries to take care of his siblings because Robert and Maryse aren’t affectionate’, I think Alec was the one actually raising them.

I just hate the fact that he’s so underrated as guitarist, as song-writer, as the damn soul and heart of fucking Guns n’ Roses! I talk to people about him and they’re like “yeah but he doesn’t count, you know, Slash and Axl bla bla bla bla”. Well, bunch of dumb-asses, he just wrote most of the songs, and he was so fucking fundamental, in fact, as soon as he left the band everything began to fall apart! Without Izzy there wouldn’t have been Guns n’ Roses!!! Deal with it.

Ok I’m done, sorry.

If we do unlock that deleted scene I hope y'all thank me. I have been tweeting on and off over and over again since i found out about it and due to the fact that schools off today i am tweeting it with every single emoji individually. not sure how lo itll take but it sure will help us unlock the thing i think.

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is it really a crackpot thoery considering shiro was the blue lion pilot in the og series?

Well, I mean, the crew has said time and time again that they’re not necessarily sticking with the old series when it comes to writing Legendary Defender, and all the things they’ve changed so far are definitely proof of that, but… it could make sense if Shiro was the Blue Paladin.

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A Father-Daughter Dance // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, parent!phan

Words: 3.8k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: implied homophobia 

Summary: Izzy’s class is holding a Father-Daughter Dance. However, there’s a bit of an issue – Izzy has two dads.

A/N: Yes, I know it’s Mother’s Day here in America, but I really wanted to post a story today, so…yeah lol it’s what I had next to be posted, so…we’re just going to roll with it. 

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climon being geeky bros about star wars as they were in their mundane days
  • Simon: They're just movies.
  • [after they watch the trilogy]
  • Simon: Okay, if Izzy doesn't like these movies, I can't marry her.
  • Clary: No, you can't.
  • Simon: Wanna watch them again?
  • Clary: Yes, I do.
Thy People will be my people...

I have already posted this on my ao3 but I wanted to post it here too… Idk why, I just do… Anyways this was written as a gift for three of my most wonderful friends…  @sfjessii, @reivenesque, and @hikaru9… All lovely humans that make my days brighter! <3 

This story has just been sticking with me since I wrote it… 

(There may be slight spoilers but really I have no idea!)

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Just a little imagine; 

 You’ve been Axl’s girlfriend since the 1990, you have witnessed the greatest tragedies of the band and is the only one that can calm Axl, Slash is yor best friend and Duff likes you, Axl knows that and he’s jealous of you two together even if you’re just friends. All your sadness began when Steven left the band just because Guns N’ Roses means a lot to you. Izzy left and everything starts to get worse. The media has bagun to focus on you and transforms your relationship with Axl into a product. But you still have your happy moments with the band and with your boyfriend even being in depression.

1994; you lose that baby you expected, your mental health just worsens. Axl trying to show you he loves you, he asks you to marry him and you get married in Las Vegas. The whole world worships you both as a couple, and you are one of the most influential personalities in the world. You and Axl are magazine covers, you do interviews and photoshoots but the pressure on you two only increases. You go with them on more tours and everything seems to be very confused.

1996; Everything that seemed o be so fun ends when Slash decides to leave the band, in his last show he asks you to choose between him (your best friend) and Axl while Axl looks at you, you choose go with Slash knowing that this band was no longer the same one that you loved and that Axl was not the same as six years ago. 

December 1996; the media does not know that you and Axl are on a break when you decide to visit him. You ask him if he is gonna be fine because you are going away, he asks if you are still going to see each other and you say it is going to be difficult. He does not believe you when you say you are leaving and he thinks he is still going to find you so he lefts you go out of the house withou say anything. 

20:04, same day; Izzy, Duff, Steven, Slash and Axl begin to feel a bad feeling and get a call.

22:18: Everyone is around a hotel bed where you are lying and dead. 

– She killed herself with pills.  – the investigator says but they can not say any word.  – Mrs…

– Rose. – Axl says with a hoarse voice.  – she is… my wife.

 On the next day your death comes out in the newspaper and everyone goes in mourning. You were very loved by the medie and the public. 

On the funeral when all left the cemetery, but the five memebers stayed:

– Do you think we killed her?  – Izzy asks.  – she loved the band, did everything for us to be together.

– She had depression and it started when I left the band.  – Steven says totally sad. 

– An overdose… I never thought this would happen to her.  – Duff murmurs.

–  Axl…  – Slash starts to say but Axl do not want to talk.

– Just… Leave me alone ok? Please.  – he asks.

– Do not forget man you are not the only one who is suffering.  –  Izzy says turning his back.

2015; Many documentaries about you and Axl were released, you are still considered and icone of the 90s but God knows hoe hard is for the boys to talk about you in interviews. You are still remembered by the whole world and of course as the only woman who was able to calm down Axl Rose and the muse of the Rock N Roll. 

Mane couples maked the history of rock: Elvis and Priscilla, John and Yoko, Courtney and Kurt, Axl and (y/n). 


make me choose » charliesawyer asked: brooke davis or izzie stevens

i’m both. i’m a surgeon and i am a person who becomes emotionally involved. i will never again cross the line like i did with denny. i have learned my lesson. but i’m still both, and i’m not going to give up either part of me. and i am not going to apologize for it.

hurt - alec lightwood

You and Isabelle had been asked to go on a mission to kill a demon that was spotted at a night club, like at Pandemonium. Of course you both said yes as women hardly ever got to go on missions alone; they were usually sent with men who are seen as the superior Shadowhunters. In order for you two to go, you had to dress the part. Now Izzy had no trouble finding an outfit, but you had to borrow a dress from her since most of yours wouldn’t work in a club.

You two walked out of the institute, unnoticed by the other Shadowhunters. The mundanes couldn’t see you, but that didn’t stop them from running into you and then looking confused since they didn’t see anyone. You and Izzy entered Chaos, the club where the demon was, and searched. You finally spotted the demon who took the form of an attractive guy. You grabbed Izzy’s hand and gestured toward the guy who was staring at you two. She smirked and started to walk off and you followed closely behind her. You both slipped behind a pair of double doors that led to an empty lounge room.

“Well, hello beautiful,” The demon grabbed your waist from behind you, not noticing Izzy who was standing behind you two.

Izzy’s bracelet turned into her whip and she grabbed the demon by the neck, pulling him backwards. He screamed out and then three other demons entered the room. Izzy quickly stabbed the original demon in the stomach before joining your side.

“They said there was only one,” Izzy breathed out as the demons closed in on the pair of you.

“I don’t think they knew,” You said before a demon jumped at you.

You stabbed it in the neck and it disintegrated. You and Izzy fought side by side until there was only one demon left. You charged at it, but it knocked your sword out of your hand. It’s claws extended from its hand and slashed your side, then it slapped you, sending you flying across the room. Izzy quickly killed it before running towards your side.

Her face was contorted in pain as she could feel your pain. “Oh my god. e need to get you back to the institute,” Your parabatai panicked.

Your face was already starting to pale and your breathing was short and labored. Izzy helped you on your feet and practically carried you out of the club and onto the streets of New York City. She kicked the doors to the Institute open, making everyone look in your direction. Alec noticed you were hurt and ran to your side.

“Take her to the hospital wing and I’ll call Magnus,” Izzy told him before letting you go and running off to contact the warlock.

You collapsed against Alec and he picked you up. He basically ran to the hospital wing and set you carefully onto the bed. “Hey, look at me,” He whispered, holding your hand.

“It hurts so bad,” You cried as you tightly squeezed Alec’s hand.

“It’ll be okay,” He said to reassure you, and himself. He was holding back tears of his own as seeing you like this made him hurt. He didn’t know what to do to help you other than wait for Magnus to come.

A few  moments later, Izzy burst through the door with Magnus following closely behind her. Magnus reached your side and told Izzy to get him a few things and she ran off to find them. Magnus tried to take your pain away, but the demon venom was too strong.Your grip on Alec’s hand tightened, making him wince. Isabelle returned with all of the ingredients Magnus needed and he went right to work on the potion.

It took him twenty minutes to get it all done and into your system. “She will need to heal for a couple of days, but she’ll be fine,” Magnus told the Lightwood siblings.

Isabelle and Alec hardly left your side for the next few days, only leaving to go to the bathroom. Jace and Clary checked on you a couple of times, as did Maryse and Robert. Alec refrained from holding your hand when Izzy was around, which disappointed you. She already knew you both had a crush on each other and didn’t care if he held your damn hand or not. Her words.

“Good news, you can finally leave the hospital wing,” Izzy announced. “Oh, I brought you a change of clothes since you’re still wearing that stupid dress from the club.”

She threw a pair of black shorts and a blue shirt at you. You thanked your best friend and she left so you could change. You had already put the shorts on and you were about to put on the shirt when Alec barged in.

“Oh, god. I’m sorry,” He rushed out while covering his eyes.

You chuckled and slipped the shirt on before speaking. “You can look now, i’m fully clothed,” You informed him.

He peeked through his fingers before removing his hand from his face. He awkwardly coughed and walked over to you. “My parents wanted me to come and get you. They want to make sure you’re okay.”

You nodded and grabbed his hand, lacing your fingers with his. He tensed up at first, but quickly relaxed. You two were about to walk out of the hospital wing, but Alec stopped you. “I’m not very good with women, you know that. So, I don’t exactly know what to do when it comes to relationships. I’m willing to try with you and if I screw up, I want you to tell me how to fix it,” He admitted to you.

“Just be yourself. That’s all I want,” You told him.

He smiled at you before bending down and placing a gentle kiss on your lips. Izzy saw the whole thing through a little crack in the door and squealed with absolute excitement.

Okay, I’m done with all the imagines I started before I got requests and now i’m going to start on them. I hope you all liked this and i’m sorry if you didn’t. PLEASE request more imagines pls n thank you

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Heyy, so you've probably done this before but I absolutely ADORE Raphael saying cute little comments about Simon and Simon thinking they're insults, also, AHHHHHH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR FANFICs!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

 sorry this is so late hope you enjoyed it also nick cage is totally a vampire. <3


>>you’re too pretty to be this annoying<<

Simon’s undergone a few changes recently. Y’know alive to dead. Human to Vampire. Convinced he was straight to totally in love with a dude. Changes. 

There were small ones as well. His dress sense had improved (mostly because he was wearing someone else’s clothes). He slept during the day which wasn’t so bad really. It’s not like he ever got up early to begin with. A new change that was a little weirder was his new found ability to drown out the sound of someone yelling at him in Spanish.

Being advisor to the interim chapter president meant he basically spent most of his time with Raphael. Being Simon meant he usually disobeyed orders, got into trouble and did basically anything but be adviser to the interim chapter president. No one could say Raphael’s not good with his words because he doesn’t seem to do anything but yell a lot of them at Simon. Most of the time in Spanish.

Simon realistically should realise that Raphael wouldn’t be yelling at him for nothing. But it’s kind of hard when someone as ridiculously attractive as Raphael is doing ridiculously attractive things like speaking Spanish. When he rolled his R’s Simon pretty much lost all the will to do anything but stare at his lips.

Endearingly Raphael will talk to himself in Spanish while doing basic tasks like cleaning his desk or taking stocks. Simon likes to listen to the half English half Spanish mix of sentences that are all idle thoughts he’s having. It’s a glimpse into a softer side of Raphael that Simon never thought he would treasure as much as he does.

But for as much as he likes Raphael he like’s annoying Raphael even more.

“What bothers me most about vampires is the morals. Y’know? Like most of us have them and those that don’t usually get killed so you would think that would be the end of it. Except theres all these morally questionable situations. Like what if you were vegetarian as a human or vegan? How do you uphold your morals? I just…”

“Eres deamsiado lindo para ser así de molesto” Raphael mutters and Simon is caught in how easily the Spanish rolls off his tongue. He wonders if Raphael’s tongue is talented in other ways..

What was he talking about again? Oh yeah

“I just think that there should be an alterna-“

The sigh Raphael lets out is not the first this morning.

>>you’re a cute pain in my ass<<

“No I refuse. Raphael you’ve asked me to do a lot but this takes the cake. I’m not doing it!” Simon protests.

“Well, baby, as my advisor I don’t think you have a choice in the matter. If it makes you complain less neither do I”

It doesn’t make Simon complain less because he so doesn’t want to go to some upscale hoity toity vampire shindig. On his list of things to do tonight, going outside was not on that list. He wanted to stay in the hotel and continue Stan’s journey into video games. Raphael complained about Simon corrupting Stan. Simon considers it educating. Stan has tried to tell both of them that it was only a way to kill a few hours but neither of them were listening as they were so wrapped up in their argument.

The party is in one of the nicer parts of Brooklyn. Everyone there was beautiful or beautifully dressed. Simon would have hated every minute of it if it weren’t for Raphael.

“Constance Hendrick is right over there. Woman in the yellow dress”

“The sweet old lady?”

“Old lady, yes. Sweet, no. Don’t take anything she offers you. She offered me a glass of alcohol infused blood and before I knew it I’ve agreed to spend a weekend with her in Lebonon and take on two of her newest fledglings.  They were a pain in my ass" Raphael shares before taking a swig from his wine glass. Its not the first story he’s told about the various guests and Simon knows it’s probably not his last.

“So they were like me?” Simon jokes, hoping it came out lighter than it felt.

“No … you’re different”

“Different how?”

Raphael looks at him for a moment.

“Tu eres un lindo dolor en mi trasero” He says decidedly. Simon’s not sure he even wants to know what Raphael said. Especially since it got a laugh out a nearby vampire that had been listening in.

The topic dropped and they went back to people watching.

“If you bring your attention to the man who just walked in…”

“The guy that looks like Nicolas Cage?”

“You know his name?”

“Holy Face Off”

The night wasn’t a complete bust after all.

>>you mean more than you think you do<<

“You smell like wet dog” Raphael starts. Simon was barely in the Hotel and he was already being criticized. This night couldn’t have gotten worse could it.

“Bite me” Simon retorts. He fully intends on being every bit of the angsty teenager he is and holing himself up in his room for the night.

As he goes to pass Raphael the elder vampire put out his hand to stop him. “What happened?” His voice was surprisingly gentle. Simon hesitated for a moment before waving off the question. “It was nothing” He insists.

He tries to leave  but there’s Raphael’s hand on his arm again. This time he spins the fledgling around to look at him. “Tell me” He says and it’s not a demand. Simon doesn’t know what it is but the look Raphael is giving him, the warm concern radiating from him, is making Simon’s heart flutter in the most embarrassing ways.

“Really Raphael it’s nothing I just got into a little disagreement with some of Luke’s subordinates. Nothing major” Simon says, hoping Raphael will show mercy and let the subject drop.

“Did they hurt you?” He asks, moving forward to grip Simon’s arm. Simon nearly snorts at Raphael’s mothering but he’s  not in the mood to bicker with the elder. He’s had his fair share of people calling him things today thank you very much.

“No they didn’t hurt me we just had different views on what I am in Luke’s life. It’s not an issue so can we drop it please” Simon’s voice rises near the end and he just wants to hole up in his room and stay there forever now. Raphael digests the words and there’s a moment where Simon thinks he’s going to go on a rant about how the clan was his family now not some werewolves but he doesn’t.

“You mean a lot to the alpha” Raphael says finally. Simon swallows down the lump that rises in his throat. “You don’t know that” He chokes out. He didnt want to let this get to him. Luke loves him. He’s been like his dad since he met him. ’He’s just puts up with you for Jocelyn bloodsucker. It doesn’t mean you’re welcome here’ rings in his head and if he could throw up he’d want to.

“Significas más de lo que crees”

Simon doesn’t know what he said but for once it doesn’t sound like an insult.

>>you’re lucky I love you idiot<<

Though Raphael has made a pointed rule of no shadowhunters in the Hotel without his consent Simon’s not stupid enough to stop Isabelle from doing what she wants. Especially since she’s got a ‘stop me and I stop your existence’ determination to her.

“What can I do for you today oh majestic shadowhunter” Simon asks as he follows her to his room. She wanted to talk to him in private so he can only assume it’s something life threatening and he’s trying very hard not to freak out. Usually when an authority figure wants to talk to you in private it means  they’re gonna tell you  something horrible like Grandpa’s dead but considering their lives lately Simon thinks Grandpa’s more likely to rise from the dead and start killing off the locals more than anything else.

They reach his room and Isabelle’s confident posture deflates a little. She looks a little more vulnerable, almost nervous. Yup Grandpa’s back and kicking up a storm.

“Look. I don’t know how to phrase this..”

“Simon! What have I told you about Shadowhunter visitations?”

Simon would piss himself if he could pee because the little shit snuck up on him again.

“I told you to stop doing that!” Simon complains. Raphael’s nagging was not exactly a welcome presence right now. “I told you no shadowhunters unless I allow them in” He replies with a shrug. He’s got a big smirk on his face and Simon knows it’s put on for show. An intimidation tactic for Isabelle’s sake.

“I’ll send you a fax next time” Simon says as he starts ushering Raphael out the door. Raphael rolls his eyes.

“Tienes suerte que te amo idiota” And just like he came he was gone. Simon lets out a long sigh before shutting the door.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Simon asks. Izzy is looking at him weirdly and he resists the urge to squirm under her gaze.


“I didn’t know you and Raphael were a thing” Izzy says and Simon is completely caught of guard. “Wait… what?.. We’re … I….”

“Oh c'mon ‘you’re lucky I love you’. You’re not the only ones who speak Spanish” Izzy teases.

“I don’t speak spanish!” Simon exclaims because holy shit this is new and he is very distressed. How many times has Raphael said nice things that Simon doesn’t know about? He’s been essentially dreaming about Raphael whispering sweet spanish nothings in his ear since he met the guy.

“Wow and I thought my gay problems were complicated” Izzy  says as she gives Simon a friendly pat on the shoulder. Simon shoots her a glare before her words register.

“Wait you have a gay problem?”

Isabelle actually looks a little sheepish. “Yeah it’s kinda why I came here”

“Why would you co—- holy shit it’s Clary isn’t it?”

They were in for a long night.

After an uncomfortable conversation where Simon taught Isabelle about the ins and outs of Romancing Clary Frey he finally allowed himself to freak out properly. That is until he had a great idea.

This was a terrible idea. Simon can’t believe he’s doing this. Raphael’s going to laugh in his face when he hands him this. Simon will have to leave the clan in shame. He’ll only get to see Stan on weekends. Someone stop him before…

“Hey Raphael” too late.

“Fledgling what do you want?” Raphael asks. He’s looking over some paper work and Simon wants to crawl in a hole and die (again) but he makes himself walk forward.

“This is for you” Simon murmurs, holding out an envelope with a shaking hand. Raphael barely looks up as he takes it. 

“That all?” He asks. Simon tries not to let his disappointment at being mostly ignored show.

“That’s all” and then he runs.

He hides up in his room for the day curled up in a ball of anxiety and anticipation. He gave Raphael 16 lines of compliments translated into Spanish by Isabelle. 16 lines that told Raphael everything Simon felt for him and it still didn’t feel like enough. At any moment Raphael could be reading it. At any moment he could make or break this thing that they have.

He likes what they have. He likes it a lot.

Simon wakes up to someone jabbing him in the side. He shoots up and nearly bashes his head against his assailant. “I’m up!” Simon yells out of habit. His mom was fond of pulling the covers away to wake him up. Jabbing made cover theft almost favorable.

“Did you mean it?”

It takes Simon a minute to realize he’s staring at a crazed looking Raphael Santiago.

“What?” Is all Simon can manage. He’s a little disorientated at the moment and Raphael’s rumpled hair wasn’t making it any better. It looks like he’s been running his hands through it. All soft and out of place. Simon wonders what it would feel like between his fingers…

“Did you mean what you said in the letter?” He asks again, a little slower so Simon can process it.

Simon takes in his words before they finally click. “Every word” He affirms without hesitation. He doesn’t get a chance to appreciate the look of pure elevation on Raphael’s face as the leader bridges the gap between them.

Raphael kisses him until he feels like he’s drowning. And really what a way to die?

“Que vale la pena los atardeceres que he perdido”

“what does that mean?”

“you’re worth the sunsets that I lost”

         I made this for you to CRY YOUR SOUL OUT AND SCREAM HAPPINESS AND EMOTIONS, you’re welcome!

The song fits them two perfectly and I can’t I just can’t. 

I love how ‘God only knows’ catches Jace looking at Clary (FEELINGSSS, love love).