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I just hate the fact that he’s so underrated as guitarist, as song-writer, as the damn soul and heart of fucking Guns n’ Roses! I talk to people about him and they’re like “yeah but he doesn’t count, you know, Slash and Axl bla bla bla bla”. Well, bunch of dumb-asses, he just wrote most of the songs, and he was so fucking fundamental, in fact, as soon as he left the band everything began to fall apart! Without Izzy there wouldn’t have been Guns n’ Roses!!! Deal with it.

Ok I’m done, sorry.

If we do unlock that deleted scene I hope y'all thank me. I have been tweeting on and off over and over again since i found out about it and due to the fact that schools off today i am tweeting it with every single emoji individually. not sure how lo itll take but it sure will help us unlock the thing i think.

Reasons Why Shadowhunters is Awesome:

- Out of the seven leads, four of them are non-white (Magnus, Simon, Luke and Izzy), only one of whom was canonically non-white in the books (Magnus)

- Jace is an actual human being and not some ethereal figure who everyone drools over, AND he is actually nice to people and doesn’t have that annoying superiority complex in the show. He’s allowed to be funny without being insulting like he was in the books

- Jace is just so much more likeable in the show, which is really refreshing as he is a main character as well as a romantic lead

- Clary’s drive is to find and save her mother, not the romance-based bullshit that it was in the books

- Magnus is not treated like a joke, and is allowed to be funny and sexual whilst also being respected and serious

- They got rid of the (frankly weird) coddling parent/whiny child dynamic that Magnus and Alec had in the books and changed it to an equal relationship where they are both treated like the adults that they are

- As a homosexual couple, Magnus and Alec are treated equally by the writers and get a good amount of screentime

- Alec’s struggle is about his loyalty to his family and his “duty” vs his own happiness, not the GayStruggle™

- Clary and Alec’s friendship/mutual tolerance doesn’t come out of absolutely-fucking-nowhere this time, also, Alec isn’t aggressive or violent towards Clary

- The characters are actually adults in the show

- Raphael. Everything about Raphael

- Simon is not just Clary’s NerdFriend™ and gets his own screentime

- Clary doesn’t slut-shame Izzy (in fact, NOBODY slut shames Izzy apart from Maryse, whom the audience is clearly not supposed to like or agree with) and Clary and Izzy have a beautiful relationship based on mutual support and a genuine friendship

- Izzy is very comfortable with her own body and sexuality, and this is never portrayed as a bad thing

- Lydia and Izzy are two powerful women who are highly respected by their coworkers and are portrayed as very good at what they do

- Magnus is able to respect Lydia as a person and tell Alec that he’s not being fair to her, rather than simply hating her

- Luke’s new role as an important clan leader as well as a supportive father figure makes me really happy. Like, he gets his own storyline and we get to see an important non-white character *getting shit done* and leading a pack of werewolves and being respected. Also, his life doesn’t revolve around Clary and Jocelyn like it did in the books

I’m not saying that it’s a perfect show, far from it, and there are definitely some aspects of it that could use improving, but I love all of these changes.

Things about Shadowhunters S2 that will kill me

  • Badass Clary determined to find Jace.
  • Simon moving in with Magnus (and maybe them discussing the fact they’re immortals and will be the only ones left eventually).
  • Izzy making tough decisions (and not always the right ones)
  • Clary and Jocelyn reconnecting after Jocelyn’s awake.
  • If there’s any Sizzy moments.
  • Jace having any kind of emotion?  DEAD. 
  • Malec?  Doing anything?  But most importantly talking about FEELINGS and having some HAPPY MOMENTS?
  • If Simon and Magnus try to give each other relationship advice.

Feel free to add to this list because if we’re being honest anything in S2 will end me.


Magnus and Alec | I can’t help but love you 

for the one and only @izzy-ligtwoods (for everything <3)