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An amusement park date with… JE O N CEN A
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A new antis’ strategy & counter attack : (long post):

Apparently, some Antis (or else) have decided to change their strategy : claiming that Tay will never come out, no matter what, for different reasons (business, fear, money, shame, the ex beards..etc..) and that “anyone with good sources knows it’ if we explain otherwise.

It’s a new one: so they try to discredit us, claiming our intel is bogus bc they have better one (right, Jane), and that we shouldn’t give other Kaylors false hopes bc of it, bc it’d be cruel….(they care so much about other Kaylors, they’re so nice these Antis, really….)

So let me be VERY clear: Once for all: 

- If Tay indeed wanted to stay in the closet for the rest of her career: 

1) She wouldn’t give all these little gay clues now & esp in the AT&T commercial: (which is one of the biggest American brands there is BTW, it’s not just a tiny brand no one’s heard of): (in Europe we also know what AT&T is): 

*  the closet scene alone : bc of course, other famous closeted celebrities who also want to stay deep in the closet, would do the same thing as she did..Like we’d see Cooper or Cruise, or Cristiano Ronaldo (even if he’s already half out) doing this in a commercial ? just to be funny ? 

Can you seriously imagine Tom Cruise or Bradley Cooper doing THIS in a big brand tv commercial ? really ? with a voice over commenting on it ??

* the rainbow flag in the gold disc ? a coincidence of course…but i don’t know any bands or artists whose logo/album cover is the rainbow flag, you know, to put on a gold disc, on a wall, right behind her, to be seen several times….. 

* recreating Kaylor moments from the BBF Vogue video ? another coincidence & nothing related to Kar and her, of course not…it’s just a fun scene she wanted to redo with Andy, bc she had loved this BFF moment with Karlie back then…

* the rainbow sneakers she was wearing in the commercial ? of course, just a fashion expression, bc she likes colours on these shoes, and bc she doesn’t have many other white sneakers to wear, so she had no choice but to wear these limited edition ones in particular, that day….

2) She would keep her new heterosexual “romance” way more believable, to shut rumors down once for all, & she’d have managed to have been “seen” kissing him already….bc of course the Joe thing screams “heterosexual love”, visible from our neighbor galaxy (which is Andromeda by the way (she’s my account’s big profile picture)…

She’s still so commited to bearding that it warms my heart, really, to see she’s still trying so hard to sell the “romance” to everyone….

Bc other famous celebrities who have indeed NO intention whatsoever to come out in the next 2 years, do NOT do what she does now: they don’t give these gay clues (obviously), they don’t try to confuse the majority of their fanbase with strange articles either..

They just take on the next beard & make it as believable as possible: they kiss, they hold hands, they hug, they cuddle, they put a hand on their “better half”’s butt (hello Irina & Coop ! nice staged pics 3 days ago, Sweeties ;), they do their best to have the most heterosexual & lovey dovey behavior with their beards, as possible….

And they certainly do NOT tempt the Devil with a closet scene & gay clues like she did, in a big brand tv commercial….

- Regarding intel: well, it’s strange bc we’ve had other anons & secret blogs DM us trying to feed us with counter/straight intel for a month now, but when we try to dig & ask them for more specifics/details (so that we can double check this up with our own sources in the industries) then we don’t hear from them anymore…

How Rude !!!!!!   

Bc yes, we ask for details, bc yes, we double check our intel, bc yes, we only rely on trustworthy people…Not strangers we never heard of…

Bc contrairy to what these Antis and Cie claim, we are not the only ones talking about the girls going public in the near future: Yep, more people are talking about it now, who work in these various industries & some are wondering WHEN it’ll happen (not IF it’ll happen: it’s different)…and i bet when Reputation is released, it’s gonna increase…

Bc these people can feel the big rainbow tornado is coming from Nash & St Louis, but bc they don’t try to connect all the dots: they don’t analyse lyrics & music videos & what tabloids publish about the girls & everything like we do here, with details, then they can’t say when & how it’ll happen, just that it WILL happen soon….

And if you Antis (trolls or whoever you are), also knew connected people, they’d tell you the same thing…Like they’d tell you they’ve known/strongly heard about Gaylor Swift and Gayie Karlie for years now…Even before these two love birds got together….

So my message to these non friendly people : Don’t bother annoying nor provoking us with this nonsense, anymore (just bc you’re starting to be scared AF & bc trolling us reassures you, and is the only thing you can do right now, instead of starting to accept and process things…)

Bc you’re wasting your time….You will NOT destabilize us, you will NOT discredit us, and eventually, you will not prevent this rainbow tornado from happening…and it won’t be in 10 years…

I Don't Cuddle

Characters: Thomas (The Maze Runner), (Y/N) 

Warnings: None, maybe extreme fluff


You could say you were having a bad day, to say the least. Today, it seemed as though a storm cloud had opened up directly on your head. Nothing was going your way. 

And what had made your day so bad?

 Well, only yesterday, you had been thrown into a place they called ‘The Glade.’ (Yeah, it’s just as fun as it sounds.)  A place that there was no known escape from. And this place was no five star hotel, for sure. It should really be called 'The Prison.’ 

And to put it bluntly, it was a prison.

 But, it could’ve just been a normal day for you. Maybe your life was this bad before you got here. But, it didn’t matter anyway. You couldn’t remember anything.

Yeah, you read right, nothing. Can’t remember anything. Wanna know what your mother and father’s names were? Nope, no can do, you can’t remember that. You can’t even remember if you HAD a both a mother and father. Oh! What’s your first pet’s name? Ha! Yeah right! No way you’d remember that one! This whole memory loss thing annoyed you. You wanted to go home, wherever that was. 

There was more to make you upset, though. Some things even worst than you could’ve ever imagined.

First things first, you were the only girl. 

Yep, the one and only. No other girls or women here! Zero, zip, zilch. You were completely alone. Surrounded by boys.

 What could be worse than that?! Well, lot’s of stuff, including getting a job here. 

So, it being your first full day here, it was time for you to try out jobs, which there were quite a few of. There were slicers, runners, cooks, sloppers, and a few others.

But, what did you decide to try out first? The builders. The WORST decision you could have made here.

Yea, didn’t go as well as you had planned it, as you can tell.

It was hot. One thing you couldn’t stand. It made you irritable and uncomfortable. All you wanted to do was run into the shade, but no. This was Gally we were talking about. And he didn’t give breaks to people. The heat made you like a ticking timetime bomb, just waiting to be put off and blow up.

But, sadly, it was Gally who would ignite this little 'explosion.’

“Hey! You better get workin’ harder! I’m starting to think the creators put a girl up here for other reasons, if you know what I mean!” Gally, the head of the builders hollered, sending the other builders into a frenzy of laughter.

They had been doing this all day. Making snide remarks and rude comments ranging from 'Girls are good for nothing but painting there nails and cooking!’ to 'Why don’t you just go wait for me in my hammock, babe!' 

You decided to just ignore Gally’s inappropriate comment, seeing as the only thing a sassy reply would bring you was a fight, and that’s not what you wanted. Especially with him.

With a roll of your eyes and a mutter of, “Good for nothing pigs,” under your breath, you bent down to pick up a few stray logs to put in the wood pile.

Just as you were about to stand up straight, you felt a sharp sting on your hind end, followed by a sharp, “THWACK!”

Your face turned a bright shade of red as you quickly snapped around, bringing you hands around to cover your, probably bruised, bum, gathering up your best death glare. 

You spun around, only to see Gally himself. He was standing there with his arms crossed, putting most of his weight on one leg. He was giving you his signature smirk.

'Oh, I’ll wipe that smug little grin right off his face…’ you thought.

Before you could even think what you were doing, you had brought up a flat palm from where it was resting on you back side. With a quick swing of your arm, you planted a hard “SMACK!” right on his cheek, leaving a distinct hand shaped red mark.

If looks could kill, you’d have been brutally murdered and dragged into a deep pit full of grievers. 

He quickly recovered from the little show and was right in your face in a matter of seconds, glaring down at you with his evil eyes. You didn’t back down, though. You stared right back up at him, standing your ground and showing you were not going to cower after him. If you had to live with him until the runners found a way out of here, so be it; but you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of thinking he scares you.

"Satan give you those eyebrows himself?” You taunted, still keeping your composure. Everyone gasped, surprised by your outburst.

After your comment, he decided he had had enough. He brought up his fists, straightening his back to make himself all the more taller than you (if you hadn’t figured it out yet, you were the shortest and skinniest in the glade.) 

He brought his fist back, and with a ton of force, swung it into your face, hitting you square on the jaw, busting it open and leaving a nasty red mark that would probably make a HUGE bruise.

You grabbed your jaw, stumbling back as you felt blood trickle down to you neck. 'Wow! Classy way to treat a lady!’ You thought. You plopped onto your knees, looking at the ground.

You sat there for a few moments, stunned by Gally’s harsh punch. 

'Did he REALLY just punch you? Impossible!’

Finally, you looked up to him, staring him down with sad, disappointed eyes. You jutted out your bottom lip, just enough that it didn’t look weird. Then, you shot him your big (Y/E/C) eyes, a slight frown forming on your pouted lips. You made tears form at your eyes too, just to add to the effect. You wanted him to feel like he had just punched a kitten, which he kinda, in a weird metaphorical way, did.

He looked down at you with confused eyes, glancing at his fist and then back to you. He let out a huff, looking at you again with quizzical eyes, before turning his back to you. He stomped away as everyone just watched with open mouths.

"I think she actually made him feel shuckin’ bad…”

"She made ME feel bad and I wasn’t even the shank who punched 'er…”

'Did I really make him feel bad? Gally? Feel bad? I must be really good at puppy dog eyes…’

"Hey! What’s goin’ on over here?”  you heard someone yell. You heard footsteps make there way over to where you were kneeling.

"Hey…are you okay?” The person asked, squatting down to look at you.

You kept your focus down, nodding your head slightly as tears started to fall. You were quick to wipe them away, knowing you couldn’t cry in front of the gawking teenage boys. That punch hurt like a bitch…

"No you’re not…” the person replied, confusion lacing in their tone.

Just after they said that, they grabbed the hand holding your jaw. You glanced up at the boy, seeing Thomas, a runner probably just getting back from a long day in the maze. You didn’t want to disrupt him from getting some sleep, he was probably tired.

Before he could pull your hand away from your throbbing jaw, you coaked out a hoarse, “No!” 

You cleared your throat before speaking again.

"No, I’m fine.”

You started to get up and onto your feet, when your head began to whirl, forcing you back down to your butt. Darn you hated gravity…

“Yeah, right…” The person trailed off sarcastically.

Then, you felt a pair of hands lifting you up. One was behind your knees and the other supporting your back. You gasped, obviously not the type to be picked up and hugged against someones chest. Especially a sweaty boy’s chest.

Then you began struggling; well, as best as you could with a hand over your jaw to keep it hidden.

You swatted your arms onto his face, kicking your tiny legs and squirming your petite body.

"No! Put. Me. Down.” you said, struggling against his hold.

He only chuckled, uneffected by your fighting. He pretended to drop you, successfully making you put your arms around his neck.

You groaned as you realized what he had done, finally giving in and nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck. “I hate you…” you mumbled into his neck.

He only laughed, squeezing you tighter to his chest.

"Where are we going?”

"Shower house.” 

Your cheeks flushed. Had you heard him right? 

“Why are we going ther-” you were cut off.

“If we take you to the medjacks, they’ll tell Newt or Alby, then you two will get trouble, and so on. You should be glad I found you and not them.”

"Oh.” you replied simply, beginning to drift off. Being carried by someone really makes you tired. Not to mention it had gotten quite cold due to the sun going down; this place was like the desert today, too hot during the day and too cold at night, so being hugged into someone’s warm chest wasn’t all that bad…

"Alright, just sit here…” he said, sitting your slumping form onto the counter, reaching for a few paper towels.

He turned back to you and gave you the 'are you kidding me?’ look, “You know, you’re gonna need to take your hand off of that jaw of yours…”

You shook your head, giving him a sleepy glare. You were acting like a four year old, and you both knew it.

He sighed, “Am I going to have to move it for you?”

You only continued to pout.

He reached over, gently pulling your hand from your face, frowning when he saw how bad it was.

"Jeez!” He flinched,” What did you do to make him this angry…?”

You shrugged, looking down. “It was his fault…”

“What do you mean?”

"He…assaulted me.” You hesitated, glancing up to see his angry face,”I was bending down to pick up some logs and he came up and slapped my–well, you know…”

“Oh my Go-”

"Don’t worry, I got him back…I might have slapped him…”

"That’s why he puched you?!” he exlaimed, throwing his hands onto your shoulder and looking at you with wide, angry eyes.

"Well…I, erm…might have-um-said….something?” you coughed.

"Well, what did you say?”

"Erm-I said 'Satan give you those eybrows himself’…”

He looked at you for a few moments. Just staring at you. Not saying anything.

You looked down, swinging your legs to lessen the awkward silence. He was going to yell at you, you knew this for sure.

But, to your surprise…he laughed.

You looked up at him surprised, raising your eyebrows. You’d thought he would yell at you.

"Y–oh God–you-Ahahaha!”

After awhile, you started laughing with him. It was a pretty funny situation, after you think of what you had said. Both of you laughed histatarically, probably sounding crazy for laughing in the shower houses at night. 

Then, your laughing haulted, but his didn’t. He must not have heard the awful sound that you did, but you decided to just ignore it, thinking you were just hearing things because you were tired.

His laughter slowed down after a while, and he got himself all calmed down.

"Welp, let’s get your face all cleaned up, then.” he said, situating himself between my legs so that he could reach my jaw.

He reached over you to get some paper towels, giving you a cheeky smile when you blushed at the closeness between your faces, making you blush even more.

He smiled at you before putting on a concentrated face, lifting up your chin to see the damage. He then brought up a paper towel, turning on the faucet to get it wet, bring it up to your face.

"Eh, sorry…”

“Wait! Why are you apol-OW!” 

He started to gently rub the paper towel over the cut, getting rid of all the dried up blood, with a few loud complaints from you, before going down to wipe the stuff that dripped onto your neck. You giggled lighly as he ran the towel over your ticklish spot by accident. He chuckled lightly before continuing to clean the blood off.

"You’re ticklish, I’ll have to remember that…” he told you, making you give him a playful glare.

He reached down to his left, picking up a first aid kit. Probably put there for when someone didn’t need to go to medjacks, but need a band aid or some disinfectant.

Then, he picked up a little bottle that resembled spray paint, pointing it towards your face.

“Sorry, again…” he apologized as he sprayed the painful mixture onto your cut. It burned like fire.

"Ow, ow, ow!” You screeched, grasping onto his hand.

After the throbbing in your jaw had calmed down, you blushed; realising you had been holding his hand, you let it go quickley, looking down at your swinging feet for probably the hundredth time today.

He quickly reached into the box again, this time pulling out a small bandaid, putting the sticky bandage on the open cut. He then reached up and patted your head, making you feel like a small child.

"Alright,” he clapped his hands, “all done!”

"Thanks…” you said awkwardly.

"Alright, I’m gonna go take a shower, you can go sit out there if you want.” He said, patting your head again and gesturing towards the door.

"M'kay” you mumbled, feeling more tired by the second. You jumped off the counter, dragging your feet to walk outside, sitting down next to the door and waiting.

****   ****

It couldn’t have been more than five minutes before Thomas was out of the shower, ready to go to the camp where the hammocks were.

“Alright! I’m out of the shower, let’s g-oh!” he started loudly, quieting down once he saw you asleep next to the door. 

You unconsciously started twitching your nose in your sleep, reminding Thomas of a small bunny. He smiled and chuckled, whispering a quiet, “Aww!” before lifting you up.

****  ****

For the second time today, you felt yourself lifted into someone’s arms and against their warm chest. You squirmed again, still not used to the feeling of being carried. 

"What are you doing? I can walk, the damage was on my face!”

"Shhhhhh!” he shushed you, laughing,”I’m playing doctor! You’re prescription is that you’re not allowed to walk until tomorrow!” 

You rolled your eyes. This was absolutely absurd. 

After walking for a few minutes, he finally reached the hammocks. Most of the boys were asleep, but some were chatting quietly. 

“Hey, my hammock’s over there.” You stated, pointing towards the other directions.

He ignored you, continuing to walk towards, what you’re assuming was, his hammock. You shot him a confused look. 

'What is he doing?’

He plopped you down onto a random hammock, climbing in after you.

"What are you doing?”

He didn’t reply, instead starting to wrap his arms around you, before you pushed them off, starting to get out of the hammock.

"I don’t cuddle…” you trailed off. You weren’t going to be taken as a softie here, not yet.

"Aww! C'mon, everyone cuddles!”

He pulled you back into his hammock, this time wrapping his arms securely around you, just under your armpit. He put his head on your shoulder and wrapped his legs around yours, leaving you with no chance of escape.

Just before you drifted off, though, you heard a quiet voice whisper,

”Goodnight, (Y/N).”

"Night, Thomas.”

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