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The Sunday panel at AHBL8. This is all from the first 5 minutes. Apparently, HUB only allows filming and picture taking during that time. Right after that, this happened: 

Jared was weirdly excited about showing us his socks that he stole from set. He liked it cause it went all the way up his calves and he proceeded to lift up his jeans to show us.  Then his jeans got stuck rolled up his calves like that and he asked Jensen to help but Jensen goes, “I’m not pulling your pants down.” 

Jared was being super-hyper and at some point spilled his coffee all over the chair and his jeans while simultaneously breaking the chair. Jensen did his best 5-year-old tattle-tale voice and while looking at their handlers standing off-stage, said, “Jared spilled his coffee!” while Jared jumped off the chair to show us the coffee stain on his ass which Jensen smacked.  Jared also did his best 5-year-old voice and said to Jensen, “you wanna swap seats?” Jensen said no.  “It’s a really cool seat.” Jensen still said no.  So Jared then wipes the coffee off his chair with his socked feet then sat back down.  A little too late, one of the volunteers passed a packet of tissues to them but Jared just took it to wipe his nose then toss it at Jensen. (from this con report)

The Case of the Missing Gem Location

[Not spoilers for the show, but possible spoilers for the Art Book ahead]

What is this?

It can’t be the Lunar Sea Spire: 

It also can’t be the Communications Hub: 

It is currently the only diagram from It Could’ve Been Great that hasn’t been seen in the show, or even hinted at.

So where is it?

From what we can tell, it is surrounded by mountains, possibly placing it in a valley somewhere.

This diagram shows us all the structures that were “originally built on Earth” by Homeworld.

Some of these locations have been semi-officially confirmed (sort of) by the art book: 

Ignoring some oddities due to this likely being concept art rather than a finalized, 100% canon map (like the spot where Ocean Gem took place being marked on the Moon Base computer for some reason), it does narrow us down to a location: South America (or Pangea as it’s apparently called in SU).

You see, every location on the show, regardless of whether or not it’s position makes sense, is marked on this map, and the dots on this map all match up with dots of the Moon Base map (regardless of whether or not it makes sense, again).

The only one NOT on the art book map is the dot in South America. Now, you may think that’s Centipeetle’s ship, but that’s much north, as shown in Friend Ship: 

And, going by both the Art Book and the Moon Base Map, the South America Dot is located right between two mountain ranges (they’re far apart, yes, but the other diagrams simplified and squished down their respective locations)

So what is it?

Since it’s relatively close to Centi’s ship, my guess is that it’s some sort of landing complex for incoming and outgoing ships, with the spire being essentially like an air traffic control tower and the two diamond-shaped things next to it being landing beacons.

Or maybe I’m dead wrong lol

Standard Deck Tech: Fraying Mill

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech. This week it’s time to talk about standard and I’m excited to go over an archetype that I haven’t gotten a chance to discuss yet: Mill. The deck was kind of possible to make but was not really good, but with a new addition from Hour of Devastation the deck is actually viable and from a bit of play-testing you can realistically mill your opponent on turn 5 or 6, which is great! Let’s take a closer look and this very fun & unique deck.

From Bad to Good

This is the card that makes the deck viable. With the help of this beauty you straight up double your milling each turn. Not just on your turn, on EACH end step. Let’s say you milled your opponent for 10, wait, now make it 20. Oh, your opponent cast some spells during their turn? Well I guess they have to mill themselves now. This is mostly going to be used to double the effects of all your milling in a single turn to kill your opponent though, or over the course of 2 or 3 turns; it finishes the game fairly quickly. 

Straight-up Milling

This is your go-to mill spell; if you can cast this while you have a Fraying Sanity in play you essentially mill your opponent for 26 for 4cmc, which is pretty hard to beat. In general, if you can resolve just one of these you’ll win the game. If that’s not the case you can always bring it back with the second ability and re-use it the following turns.

Lesser Milling

A bit underwhelming compared to the last card but this is alright. By itself it’s not great, milling only 5 for 2cmc, but with a Fraying Sanity it gets really good. Plus, you can always cycle it if needed. Also, if you can get multiple Fraying Sanity on the board you are ASSURED to win, like let’s say you have a full playset of the field and mill your opponent for 5 with this card; the first one triggers and you mill an additional 5, which makes 10, then you do the same for the other triggers and end up milling your opponent for 80 for 2cmc…/

Milling on a Stick

While you don’t have many ways of generating energy (I guess you could play some Aether Hub, but whatever) you’ll only need to use a couple activations from this guy to make it worthwhile. Essentially milling 6 for 1cmc, it’s fairly decent and can really help get the job done.

Delirious Milling

Another sweet creature that helps you mill, this one can get really more intense though. It’s realistic to be getting delirium with this deck, so you’ll often get to mill them for 3 per turn, or 6 if you have a Fraying Sanity into play. This also serves as a nice blocker in the early turns, which buys you enough time to mill your opponent out!

Vessel of Milling

I know, this seems a bit slow and bad, but trust me on this. It replaces itself when you activate it, and while it essentially costs 3cmc to mill 3 and draw 1, you also add another card type to your graveyard which will make your delirium trigger and let you mill even more; so it’s sort of an investment.

Answers, With a Side of Milling

I love this card! You get to bounce a non-land permanent and everyone mills! It fills out the removal spot for the deck while still helping your main goal. Though I’d personally play some more cheap removal that is non-mill related like Unsummon or Select for Inspection. You can also play some Engulf the Shore in the sideboard for aggro decks. If you want to be a bit more light on removal you can also play some Seer of the Last Tomorrow as an additional creature/milling outlet; that’s entirely up to you.

Even you Lands are Milling!

I’d just play some basic islands with a playset of these. You get to mill for 4 whenever you’re flooding or just to add to the rest of your milling as needed. This also can’t be countered by regular means which is cool. But yeah, this and 20 islands seems fine.


That’s it for the deck! I’ve tested it a bit and it seems pretty decent, also very fun. If you’re looking for something funky for your local FNMs this is a sure pick. It is also good to note that the deck is SUUUUUPER cheap, like, 20$. In any case, if I missed anything let me know. I’ll see you guys next week for a modern deck tech!

It literally doesn’t make sense to want cheap manufacturing to come back to the US… Trump is literally threatening socialist governmental intervention to stop heavy expensive manufacturing like car makers from leaving the country because America is now definitively a service economy and it’s not as profitable to make expensive cars in the US anymore… so instead of recognizing that, the Alt-Right thinks that the secret to American prosperity is for American companies to waste billions of dollars to build a robust industry of cheap manufacturing factories in order to make profits of mere pennies on cheap shit that couldn’t possibly be competitive internationally?? The only way America can become a competitive global manufacturing hub again is if we repeal the minimum wage and cut every benefit that keeps workers from killing and eating their employers. That doesn’t sound very MAGA.
—  Levi Olson
I only came for the dancing

Inspired by a day-in-the-fic-life of the lovelies @mahstatins and @katie-dubHuge thanks to @swanandapirate for beta-ing <3

Summary: It’s Robin and Regina’s wedding; Killian is late, Emma’s not happy and Henry likes cake. Enjoy! 

Word count: 2k 

There were a lot of advantages, Emma would argue, to being Regina Mills’ friend.

The lavish dinner parties with the expensive champagne notwithstanding, Emma had come to admire Regina for her determination; building her own empire in a male-dominated world.

Though admittedly, “friend” was a term Emma used in the loosest sense. The two women couldn’t be more different, though they both had a stubborn streak that could rival the best of them.

And then, there was Henry. The main force keeping the Mills and Swan women in each other’s lives but Emma had to admit, there was a sense of comradeship which had developed from a mutual fondness for Henry.

It still didn’t explain why Regina had given Emma the enviable task of bridesmaid.

And that was something none of them saw coming. Regina Mills marrying Robin Locksley, the person she’d swore up and down she wouldn’t be within spitting distance of.

C'est la vie, no?

Robin had proposed, Regina accepted and Emma found herself thrown head first into wedding planning. Seven months, a whirlwind of white dresses, cake tasting, flower arrangements, the hen-do from hell and Emma was ready to fling herself off the window ledge, stiletto heels and all.

Not to toot her own horn, but she had the wedding planned to a T, thank you very much. Regina would’ve had her head otherwise. (There was that one incident with a broken ankle and a missed dress-fitting that no-one wanted a repeat of.)

No, that wasn’t the reason why Emma felt like pulling her hair out.

It was more to do with the fact that tall, dark and absent hadn’t graced the congregation with his presence, leaving Emma floundering last minute and cursing Killian Jones to the moon and back.

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anonymous asked:

I'm new here I've only seen recent tf series on hub and cartoon network and all the movies where do I go now do I read the comics orrrrrrrrrr quoi?WTF IS MACCADAM LIKE SHOULD I KNOW THIS STUFF AND I KNOW LIKE A FEW CHARACTERS NAMES NOT ALL BUT LIKE IM LOOOOOST

Don’t you worry, Lovely Anon, it’s not as confusing as it first seems! At least not quite!

- What can you read/watch now? There’s tons of TF cartoons out there, I would personally suggest checking out the original 1984 show (referred to as G1) if you’d like to see something intensely hilarious and weird, Transformers Animated (you might need some time getting used to it but it’s my personal favorite TF show for all the subtle word building), Transformers Prime (in case you haven’t seen it yet; it’s a pretty good show for TF beginners) and, if you like weird 90s shows, Beast Wars (I have very mixed feelings for this show, but a lot of people like it and maybe it’s for you too!) 
There’s other shows too, of course, but these are pretty fun ones in my personal opinion, I recommend giving them a shot!
As for comics, I highly, highly recommend checking out More Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) and Robots In Disguise (RID) (which has a different name now, it’s very confusing. It’s written by John Barber if it helps you find it!) , they’re from IDW and, in my opinion, the best TF content being made right now and one of if not THE best TF content in general. It might be a bit confusing at first, but please just keep reading, you will soon understand what is going on!

- What is maccadam? I didn’t really know this for the longest time too, but basically, maccadam is the tag TF fans use instead of “Transformers” so there’s no need to scroll through tons of only TF-movie related things and TF-movie-actors etc. I’ll just link to this post where you can see where it came from and why it got started! 

- THE NAMES!! Don’t worry, you will get used to them after a while, and knowing all Transformers names is quite a hard thing to do because there’s just so so many, so don’t worry, it’s fine to only know a few at first!

I hope this answers your questions, Lovely Anon!

Sometimes things between them could get awkward.

They were two radically different people, was the problem. Hot and cold, doing something much different from what either of them had ever tried before; James bleeding money and Aleks going night after sleepless night budgeting it to take some of the strain off James’ shoulders. They had people to pay, and he and James didn’t mind taking the blunt end of the stick to starting out new and fresh on their own but it still could put a strain on them.

And did.


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iDesk Organizer and card reader by Satechi

The iDesk organizer and card reader really solves your problems in a simple yet efficient way and it helps you keep your workspace neat and organized. But not only did it help you in this way, but the multi-functional hub/card-reader kit also functions as your coffee holder as well as pen holder, and also smart/mobile phone stand and all that while it’s charging.

Time for another episode! Coach Steven, here we go!

OF COURSE Pearl is chomping at the bit to teach Steven about something she knows.

Steven, you’re a delightful little cherub and I’ve missed you dearly.

NOOOOO hasn’t Steven’s television seen enough pain already???

So this is a communication hub? Only used by Gems? Why has it been activated again, and by who? This is all very suspicious….

“What do you mean you lost the money?”

“I mean,” Aleks snapped back, shoving a few extra clips into his bag, “That they fucking jumped me, beat my face in, and now the money is gone, Sly!”

“We just have to get it back before Kootra finds out,” Sly said, trying to calm him, but even he sounded doubtful. You don’t lose that much money when the money belongs to a crew like the Hub. He’d seen plenty of what happened to people who lose money in his lifetime and he needed all of his fingers, thanks. He was lucky to be alive now, he wasn’t gonna push it by hoping that the Hub was gonna be understanding here.

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A weekend jaunt. In pictures…and a bit of fanfic too…

We spent Good Friday on a driving tour of the Western Cape wine region. There is a lovely mapped out “Wine Route” that takes you to some of the loveliest locations in a convertible that was kindly put on loan to us though AudiUK. Driving through such beautiful countryside in that open car with the warm sun and wind in our faces was sooo relaxing. And the wine wasn’t too bad either in the little, out of the way winery we stopped in for a late lunch. Just as the sun set we stopped in the pass overlooking Franschhoek and snapped a pic of the hubby standing in front of the car and then got back on the road right quick to get on to our destination for the rest of the long weekend: Grootbos Nature Preserve.
After a late breakfast together at Grootbos, I spent Saturday lounging in the room and reading whilst the hubs went on a 4x4 safari in the nature preserve that surrounds this lovely spa like setting. After a leisurely dinner together, as we got ready for bed on Saturday we decided to share a bit of our weekend with the fans. I posted a shot of the beautiful view outside our bedroom window I took that afternoon, and hubs chose the Audi pic from yesterday; it wouldn’t do to have both from exactly the same place- we are supposed to be only friends after all lol! And the hubs said that he made sure to tag his pic as being from the one town in wine country we didn’t visit. Let them all look for that car, and those license numbers, all over Stellensbosch- both the car, and us, are long gone to the coast by now.
Grootbos was amazing. It was a great choice as we each got the chance to do what we wanted- me to rest, and hubs to be active- in the same place. And the food, oh the food, it was excellent. And the scenery, well, it speaks for itself, the place is like paradise. And very discreet too, I felt completely comfortable posting that pic knowing that the security here would prevent any who did identify that view; and there would be many who did- it’s well published on previous guest’s IG’s after all- from interrupting the rest of our stay here until Monday in any way.
It was truly a lovely weekend! And now, it’s back to work!!


           Note’s from Author: All characters named or written about in this are all FICTIONAL. All credit for characters go to the original author of the series if it applies. My writings are not for the faint of heart, and this is a clear warning to those who are sensitive to mature content. My writings are all fictional unless stated otherwise. Please be kind ; If you do not like the content of my writing you may feel free to unfollow me or stop reading. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my writings. Sending my love. –khunsetare

           Highly recommend listening to the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify. Atmospheric Rock, Old piano, and calm vibes. Helps me create, but also may help when reading my story.


           The room was cold, and I grew impatient. My feet tapped against the stone floor as I cursed at myself for not listening to my parents when wandering the fields of Amity. But, I was curious of the world hidden in, and I wanted to experience the stories some of the elders spoke of. The exterior seemed of a run-down city, but where I was held seemed modern. Much more advanced structurally than the fields I snuck around in. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t dared to go too far in. Up until now I had played my cards right, and remained safe while I snooped. Until that is, an unknown figure pounced on me and caught me off guard. Anxiety got the best of me, and I groaned out loudly.

           ‘What do you want from me?’ I ask.

           A faint clicking noise to my right caused me to turn my attention towards the massive metal door. It slid open and a women dressed in business attire stepped forwards. Her smile pleasant, but her eyes cold. Curiosity evident in her stare. ‘Come with me. I can show you around.’ I quickly sprung up to my feet, and took the opportunity to escape the dark interrogation room. Tailing quickly behind her I observe my surroundings as I follow her down a flight of stairs and outside of the compound. A dark, sleek car awaited us outside as a people offered to open doors for the stern woman in front of me. Perhaps this was Jeanne. I thought to myself as I followed her into the car.

           The lady beside me took a sharp inhale before speaking. ‘While you were out we tested your blood to see if you had any relatives within the factions, and it seems you do. However, we have no data on you or where you came from. Care to explain?’

           ‘My parents named me Ophelia. I haven’t met any of my them ; I assumed they were dead.’ I lied through my teeth, but remembered to be cautious. My birth parents had warned me that captivity was inevitable if I continued to wander the fields of Amity. They had left the compound years before I was born, and left my eldest brother with my blood relatives in hopes that one day he would’ve returned to them.

She hummed beside me seeming to believe what I confessed. ‘Do you know how old you are ?’

Truthfully, I didn’t. I assumed I was in my early 20’s but my parents never kept real track of dates or times. I didn’t know the year, but I did know that I was born during the beginning of Summer. ‘No, not really. Just that I was born at the start of summer.’ I tell her truthfully.

“Your bones seem to tell us you’re in twenties. Lying between ages 20-25. Does that make things clearer for you?”

“It does,” I reply.

‘We are driving to your parent’s house in Erudite. Your brother resides at Dauntless, and will be participating in recruitment of new initiates. The next Choosing Ceremony will be happening within the next month or so. That is, if you make it to see your stay here permanent.’ Her eyes bore into mine and I nod.

The rest of the way was in silence, but well needed as the approach to a tall building neared. The car slowed to a stop and anxiety crept its way under my skin as we approached the light blue doors that had Compound 7 written in bold letters. Before I could knock the door opened swiftly and I am greeted with excited eyes. A man with grey hairs and fine wrinkles, and a woman with neatly styled light blonde hair. Both seemed happy to see me, but tense as stern woman still stood beside me. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Vidal, Ophelia here will reside with you until testing and initiation begins. Where it will then be decided then, what faction she is better suited in. I am confident that you can style her according to Erudite rules, as her duties are to begin shortly.’ Duties? I scoff, and am immediately met with frowns before grey roots agrees, and says farewell to stern woman.

As I step into the apartment, I realize how tidy everything is, and wonder if this is a part of the lifestyle in Erudite. I knew of the factions, but not so much on the rules, and laws of each. One of the two behind me clears their throat, and I glance back. ‘We must get you tested before initiation. I do not need to go through the what I went through with your mother. Far too many lies, and stories to cover her tracks. Let’s go.’ The blonde woman who has yet to introduce herself walks into another room and emerges again with keys. She motions for me to come to her, and sit on the couch. She rummages through draws until she finds what she is looking for and unlocks it revealing a long syringe. I stare at her with wide eyes, and wonder what the the substance inside held. She grabs my arm, and inserts the syringe. She grabs a few long cords, and apply them to my temple.

I wince, and retract my arm from hers before I begin to feel slightly light headed. ‘Do what you think is right, and the serum will guide you from there.’ A voice calls out, but I’m not sure where it comes from. I look around and realize that there is no one in the room anymore, and begin to feel anxious as the walls arounds me seem to shift into different surroundings with every step I take. A sharp wail shrieks to my left, and I quickly turn to find a child. Crying out, but doesn’t seem to be injured so I keep my distance. I watch as the child’s face contorts into a smirk, and I back away slowly hoping to escape the lunatic child and out of this hazy illusion. The kid bolts at me, and I turn to run but my surroundings morph into an open field. Alike the ones in Amity but with eyes watching me. One of the eyes lunges at me, and I fight them off with the best of my ability before scrambling to my feet and lunging at them again. What the fuck is going on? Before I can process the next surrounding, my vision fades and I’m back in the room again. This time my surroundings don’t change, but my vision is blurred. A hand caresses my hair as I come back into reality, but doesn’t last long before I’m drifting to sleep.

                                                           .           .           .

I slowly wake up in a different room. Feeling well rested, but still confused as to what happened after the serum. I looked around and found no one. I let myself take a few deep breathes before stepping out of the room. When I enter the living room area, no one seems to be home. I carefully take in my surroundings, and notice a long sheet tucked underneath a empty coffee mug. Sliding the note out, I open it to find a neatly written note.



           I’m sorry things ended like it did last night. We were just anxious on your arrival, and afraid of what could happen if we hadn’t tested you sooner. Jeanine is rash, and we have never trusted her. If you had gone into testing like you did last night…things might have ended differently. Your fate was alike your parents, and one you should keep hidden. Your kind will never be safe in here. Each results were out of 100 for each faction. 40% Abnegation, 40% Amity, 82% Candor, 97% Dauntless, and 60% Erudite. Every faction’s percentage may increase with training, but will never change. This is who you were born to be, and is an outcome none of us could have foreshadowed. There is small amount of powder in the mug. Fill it with hot water and discard the paper in it. I will be awaiting you in the HQ area. Past the compounds, and the sculptures. We can discuss the situation further.




           My hands trembled slightly with anxiety, but I follow her instructions. I run hot water until it is too hot to touch for long. I fill the mug up halfway with it, and crumple the paper into it. I let it soak and watch as the paper slowly starts to disintegrate into the liquid. I wait a few more minutes until the water is cloudy and I toss it into the sink. I walk back into the room I slept in and find a stack of clothes, and flats at the far end of the bed. A long pair of blue dress pants, a white button up, and a dress jacket that matched with the pants. I slipped them on struggling with both the pants and button up. They both fit fine, but were much tighter than I was used to. I slipped into the bathroom and brushed my dark black hair back behind my ears before deciding it was time to go.

           As I left the compound; In the distance I could spot a huge hub. The walk wasn’t far and only took a few minutes to reach. Walking into the building was overwhelming. Everyone wore blue, and seemed to be about their own business. Looking around once more, I could spot her blonde hair by the rooms to the far right. I quickly made my way to her before clearing my throat and alerting her of my presence.

           “Glad you made it, Ophelia.” She smiled, but then began to look over my appearance. Her hands reached towards my hair, and then slowly dropped down the the hems of the jacket. “You need a lot of work. Jeanine will not tolerate an unkempt appearance. I’m sure Indra had shown you some accessories.” She chuckled slightly, and I wasn’t sure how I should’ve responded so I stayed quiet.

           “Have you worn makeup or dyed your hair?” She looked at me quizzically.

           I smiled lightly at the question. “Yes. I just happened to not wear any the day they caught me,” Her chin raised slightly, and she nodded before leading me into a back area. I trailed behind her for a few minutes until the faint smell of something burnt, and strong fragrance overwhelmed my senses.

           As we entered the room, a bunch of women similarly dressed turned their attention to us. “Reva ! Who have you brought to us?” One of the women exclaimed.

           “Anna, this is my daughter. We lost her as a baby, but Jeanine had found her wandering the outskirts of Amity. I’d like to have her hair dyed, as her first day with Jeanine will start tomorrow !” I looked at Reva, and then back to Anna. I smiled uncomfortably, but forgot that they had assumed the match meant that they were my birth parents.

           Anna then grabbed me by the arm and turned me towards the mirrors. “Have you had other color other than your natural done?” I’m not feral, of course I have. I faked a smile, and shook my head no. “Oh, then I can’t wait to try out something new.” She exclaimed.

           “Jess, I’ve been dying to trying that white blonde on someone but no one ever trusts me enough here. I bet it would look great on her. What do you think?” Anna speaks to her coworker as if I don’t exist, looking back at me every so often.

              “I mean it wouldn’t hurt to try. She’s not that dark anyway.” Jess laughed before wrapping a silky material around my neck. I frowned at the comment. “Go sit at the first seat.” She instructs.

           It mentally felt like forever, and I sighed as Anna washed out the last bits product out of my hair. My head felt like it had lit on fire for 3 hours straight, and I was mentally scolding myself for ever signing up to let this lunatic touch my hair. “Oh, I love it so much. I wish I could pull it off. But I’m far too pale, and it would be such an upkeep. I can’t wait to show you it!” Her enthusiasm made the situation a little better, but I still had wanted to leave.

           “Alright, it needs to be dried, but turn around and take a look!” I stared at her happy face before turning towards the mirror and slightly gasping. My hair was practically white, and much different from my normal hair color. I pulled my hair to the front and shook it up. Staring at myself in the mirror once more, I realized I had actually loved the color. It brought out my facial features, and brightened my face. “I like it,” I smiled at her,

           “Blonde suits you. I would recommend brushing it back into a bun or style it properly when you’re working with Jeanine. I’ll bundle up some care products, and you should come to see me every two to three weeks. If you were working with anyone other than Jeanine I would’ve let you wait it out longer, but it’s best you keep it on the safe side. Down the hall there’s a store where you can restock on both hair and beauty products.” She rubbed my arm, and showed me out to where Reva sat waiting for me. Her eyes met mine, and she smiled widely.

           “It looks amazing. You did a wonderful job, Anna. You may forward the bill to Freyr.” She held a tight grip on my arm as we walked out of the small salon. Pulling me in closer, she brought a bag up to my view. “I picked a few shades. One should match you. Most factions keep the same products so I don’t see why you’d have a problem. Unless that is you transfer to Abnegation.” She looked at me and paused. “Stick to one trait when you’re being tested. It’ll be the only way to get out of here alive.”

           “Dinner will be ready, by the time we arrive. It’s Freyr’s job to cook tonight.” She smiled lightly, before stopping abruptly. “Ms. Matthews, what a surprise.” Stern lady glared at her but then brought her attention to me. “I’m sure one meal missed won’t do you much harm. You can see to your room shortly after I am done with you.” My stomach growled in protest, but who was I to rebel against someone who had the power to eradicate my entire family. I nodded in agreement, and looked back wearily. Reva’s eyes gave her worry away, but I knew if I followed her words correctly that I would be safe. Stick to one trait when being tested.

           “We must first test your IQ, and after you’ll go through a short visual test that will determine the faction best suited for you. Stella here will get you through the process. I will see you shortly after.” I took a deep breath before sitting down on a long extended chair.

On the sides were small adjustable levers that seemed to move the chair to a comfortable position. The girl beside me was frail, her hands shook, and she never really looked me in the eyes. The IQ process, and the testing for factions both seemed to be a stimulation test. I was injected with a serum, alike last night but different from what Stella is explaining. “This serum isn’t psychoactive. It will put you to sleep for around an hour, and from there we can take further tests. Jeanine had come up with it, and tested it on herself. It was as accurate as the written tests, and will have no side effects. The serum for testing is psychoactive, and will be administered to you after we are done. Side effects may linger for a few weeks after testing. Once you’ve fallen asleep we can start.” Her words were already starting to drone out, but within the minute everything around me turned into darkness and for once I was afraid of what would happen when I awoke.




I woke up to a room full of people all gawking at me behind a glass window. This time I could actually see them. All of them wore white coats, but there was a small section above them. I only recognized three faces. Jeanine’s, Reva’s, and Johanna’s. Everyone else seemed to be from each faction, but none that I recognized. Stella the small nurse emerged from a small sliding door, and helped me up off the chair. She guided me through the doors, and I felt a bit woozy. I tried to hold myself up as much as I could but the effects of the serum made it impossible to regain my strength that quickly. “I thought you said the IQ serum didn’t have side effects” I frown at Stella, and she gives me a guilty expression.

“Sit, here” She offered me a bottle of water, and I hesitantly took a sip before she nervously straightened her appearance. “I wasn’t allowed to tell you that we were administering both serums in one. Jeanine was adamant that you not be aware of your testing so that we could get a genuine result.” She pushed a stray hair behind her ear, and continued to adjust whatever she could.

“Then why is everyone here staring at me like I’m some experiment. Please tell me what went on while I was out.” Stella searched around her for any prying ears before leaning in close to me.  “I knew your mother Indra growing up, so I tried to guide you in the best direction. It seemed to work, but still there were flaws. Your IQ was high, but your aptitude came out inconclusive. An impossible result, really. The only other person who’s ever scored nearly as high is Jeanine, and she’s the leader of our faction.”

“I don’t understand. What does that have to do with me?” I question.

“It means you scored higher than Jeanine’s IQ. She has the highest in all the factions.” Stella paused before continuing. “Your aptitude is why everyone’s here. The results came back inconclusive, but when looking at the video feedback it seemed to show 100% dauntless. Results like that never happen. These tests are constantly checked for accuracy.”

My heart started to race as I saw Jeanine’s figure approach slowly with the others. Her gaze was as stern as usual. “I’d like to speak to you privately,” Her chin rose up as she spoke trying to declare dominance but I could see through it. “Okay,” I responded. The faction leaders all followed behind Jeanine as we made it up to her office. The tension in the air seemed thick, and made me uncomfortable but I continued on silently.

“Dauntless and Erudite will continue the conversation, and my assistant will send word out to you once we are through.” My heart dropped, and I feared the worst. What were they going to do to me?


“After you, Einstein” A deep voice beside me spoke. I jumped at how close they were, before turning to glare. I felt my brows furrowing as I’m met with a very tall, and brooding figure. His deep light eyes stare at me menacingly. It’s hard to concentrate on just one thing when a person is so close to you. My eyes landed on his eyebrow piercings, and then down to his neck tattoos, but end up right back at his eyes. What an asshole. I turn my attention back into the office where I see Jeanine and a medium built man. Both of them deep in hushed conversation but turn when they notice my stare.

“Max,” He stretched out an arm to me, and I reluctantly shook it. My eyes trailed over him anxiously, before turning to Jeanine.

“Max represents Dauntless. We’re here to talk to you about an amazing opportunity. Sit,” She motions with her hands for me to sit at one of the chairs beside her desk.

My hands rested over my knees, and I fiddled with my hands unsure of what this opportunity had in store for me. “Your IQ surpasses all of Erudite. We pride ourselves in being the smartest of all factions, which is why the IQ testing is exclusive to us. When we took your aptitude test, it came up as inconclusive. Which has only happened with people who we call divergent. However, we had a live feed of the aptitude, and the results seemed to be 100% Dauntless. As a team we took into consideration that you are new, and have never been exposed to factions lifestyle, and rules.” Jeanine spoke calmly, but kept her eyes fixed on me.

Max beside me cleared his throat. “The proof was in the live feed, and we aren’t worried. Divergents are somewhat of a threat, and seem to only bring harm into the factions. In fact all divergents ever found were the ones to have caused the most harm, and chaos. We seek to study them, and work with finding a way to resolve any future problems. Jeanine and I felt that you’d be a great addition to our team. Erudite works with Dauntless exclusively. You’ll have plenty of time to work at each faction before Choosing Ceremony.”

“I see,” The information was overwhelming, but I had to accept in order to keep them off of my track. Finding a reasonable solution to dealing with Divergents didn’t seem like a bad plan after all. With time I would be able to go back home, and not have to worry about all of this. But until then, this is my only option. “I can help to the best of my ability. Whatever it takes.” Jeanine smiled at my words, and it’s the first time I’ve seen her smiled since I’ve met her. Her joy at my answer made me question why she was so interested in Divergents.

“When at Dauntless, Eric will be with you. If you decide to choose Dauntless, he will train you, and keep an eye over all duties between factions until initiation is over. However, I suspect even after, you two will have a lot of work in common. See to it that you get along, and can progressively work well together,” Max’s smiled look forced, and I glanced over at ‘Eric’ who had his forearms resting on his knees. His jaw clenched as his eyes met with mine, and I could tell that we would never be able to be civil with each other. His brows slightly furrowed before he turned his attention back to Max, and Jeanine. “Sure,” He pursed his lips glancing at me once more.

“Good. That should be all,” Jeanine organized the papers on her desk allowing the rest of us to get up and leave.

Eric and I walked at the same pace until we reached the doors. Both of us halted, and he shot me an angry glare before walking through the doors first. I shook my head at the interaction, and turned to walk back to Reda, and Freyr’s apartment. A firm grip held onto my upper arm, and turned me lightly. I’m met with brown eyes, and a sympathetic look.

“I’m sorry about that. It won’t be easy working with Eric, but once this is all over with you won’t have to worry about it. I trust you can find an answer to eliminating threats to our society.” He spoke calmly, while his hands still held onto my arm. I am not a threat. You are. “With time, I am confident we can find a solution.” Max smiled at my response, and let go of my arm.

“Stay safe,” He spoke once more, before turning on his heel and following the direction Eric went in.  What was that supposed to mean ?



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The Importance of Daisy Johnson (aka Quake)

Birthday for Daisy – Day 3 (June 28) - Daisy + why Daisy Johnson is so important

Daisy is strong – but her strength has grown out of her vulnerability: an orphan who was bounced back and forth between St Agnes Orphanage and a number of foster homes, so that she never really knew what stability meant until she was out of her teens, when she and Miles Lydon got together. And then she gave up that stability that had taken her so long to acquire so that she could further pursue her goal of finding out more about her family, which meant finding a way to infiltrate SHIELD – the big, semi-secret Government organisation who could, for all she knew, simply ‘disappear’ her for trying to infiltrate then. She had to be strong to survive – but that strength is never allowed to overwhelm her compassion. Daisy never puts her survival before the survival of others, and never for one second thinks that what she wants is the only thing that matters in any particular situation. In 'The Hub’ she has access to the SHIELD files that could help her to unravel the mystery of her history, but after a fleeting moment of temptation she puts that aside – the goal that’s been driving her for literally years – for the sake of finding the information she needs to persuade Coulson to go to the rescue of Ward and Fitz (two guys, incidentally, who would go on to hurt her in a number of ways by their subsequent choices and behaviours).

Daisy is courageous – she deliberately lures SHIELD to the alley where Coulson and Ward pick her up in the pilot because she wants a way in, and she had NO idea that she’d be lucky enough to be picked up by a post-TAHITI Coulson who, pre-Loki, would’ve been more inclined to treat Daisy in the way in which Ward does: dismissing her as a nuisance at best, or as outright dangerous to their mission. If anyone other than Coulson had been the Agent in charge that day, things would’ve gone very differently for Daisy (and this is NOT about shipping – this is more about how important Coulson is to Daisy’s story, but also how his role is subordinate to hers throughout the show from the pilot onwards). Daisy repeatedly demonstrates her courage throughout the show – her offer to go in and find out the intel the team needs to save Dr Hall from Quinn (in 'The Asset’); the way she defies Coulson in 'The Hub’; the way she’s not afraid to try to reach out to Hannah Hutchins (in 'Repairs’); the way she heads out from Providence with Ward, despite knowing he’s a HYDRA murderer (in 'The Only Light in the Darkness’); the way she agrees to talk to Ward despite everything he did to her (in 'Shadows’); the way she goes after Raina, who has the Diviner (in 'What They Become’); the way she shoots herself when she cannot get control over her powers (in 'Who You Really Are’), the way she leaves SHIELD and goes solo in an attempt to protect her team from her because, post-Hive, she doesn’t trust herself and doesn’t want to risk anyone else getting hurt. (The list of instances of Daisy’s bravery goes on and on, by the way – those are just some of the highlights for me.)

Daisy is both compassionate and empathic – she puts herself in other people’s shoes, looks at the world from their point of view, and responds to them accordingly. From her easy agreement to help Coulson track down Mike Peterson (because she’s worried about his health); her non-judgemental view of Akela Amador’s actions (telling Coulson he did the right thing in giving Amador a second chance against May’s advice); her desire to comfort Hannah Hutchins when she appears to be a gifted person with scary powers; her desire to be friends with May on hearing about the latter’s experiences in Bahrain. Hell, the whole of her pre-HYDRA-reveal relationship with Ward is all about her compassion and empathy as she tries to help him become a real boy instead of being the constipated potato he actually is.

Daisy is an autodidact – a high school dropout who nevertheless taught herself computer programming and became a highly-accomplished hacker, someone who is capable of picking up new skills very fast. She’s also highly intuitive, making connections and leaps of logic very quickly and easily, proving that multiple PhDs aren’t the only criterion for saving lives.  

Daisy is kind, caring, thoughtful, selfless – but more importantly than all of these, Daisy is the moral centre of SHIELD. She always does the right thing, and if you’re planning on doing something that goes against her, that means YOU are in the wrong, not Daisy.

Daisy is a big damn hero with a big damn heart. And she’s the hero we need more than anyone else right now. 

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New to your blog. Are ouroboros your cos? if so is there a character info sheet?

hello !! welcome to my blog !!

yep ouroboros is my oc though! :’) they don’t have an official sheet (which i should really get to making considering they’ve been around for like… seven years now OTL) but you can read a bit about them under the cut!

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Tomatoredd Headcanons!

@doctorwily @ellsworlds Here’s a bunch for ya!

• Tomatoredd and the other rejects that escaped all live in a abandoned apartment complex, near to the town.

• Tomatoredd sometimes flinches when scared, and the Matt side will naturally cover up their face and say his catchphrase, “NOT THE FACE!” Even though the Matt side knows they’re not a stud, this is a part of his personality that he can’t let go.

• Their food preferences are mixed, making them have a relatively awful taste palette. They mostly eat causal food like meat, veggies, etc. but there are times that they eat just about everything at once. Foreign food, sweets, bitter food, etc. They’re voracious eaters too, since in the Reject Room, they were fed just prison-like slop. So when they escaped, they’ll just eat about anything really fast. Even if it tastes bad, they’ll eat it without any thought.

• They actually have a 2nd mouth. It’s hard to see but it’s there! It doesn’t do much, other than to help chew. But if Tomatoredd is angry, they’ll bare the second set.

• They’re afraid of the public at all costs. The only times they go out is at night, straying away from major hubs of public activity. They just go out to buy food and essentials at those 24/7 marts.

• They some times go to the arcade to blow off some steam. Of course they go at night, but at least there’s no lines to play any of the arcade cabinets! The Matt side always makes them blow money at the Skill Cranes. The Tord side loves to play all the shooting games, mostly House of the Dead. One time he and the Tom side managed to play a few rounds of Time Crisis, shooting at the dual screens at once. The Edd side is more into classic gaming. Tom of course is into rhythm games, but they suck at it.

• They have a obsession with plushes and collectibles, thanks to the Matt side. Even though they have HORRENDOUS hand-eye coordination, they still try the skill cranes. They usually lose, until one night the Tord side lost it since he got so tired of loosing, and punched the glass. It broke, but some shards of glass got embedded in their hand. It hurt like hell, but they did steal some of the rarer plushes and ran off.

• Without thinking, they’ll babble and moan at times, when they’re talking too much internally.

• They have relatively poor accuracy, but nonetheless, they’ll use any weapon in a emergency, including guns and harpoons. They personally prefer melee weapons, since you don’t need great accuracy to make damage.

• They have a major sweet tooth. Both them and Scribble Tom can eat bowls of candy without stopping. However, if the eat so much, they’ll get REALLY BAD stomach aches. Miraculously, Scribble Tom doesn’t get sick at all.

• Tomatoredd is REALLY flexible and is almost double jointed in every joint you can think of.

• They can turn their head 180 degrees. They found this out by accident, when one day they turned their head to hear what Torm was saying. When they saw Torm’s shocked expression, they looked down and saw their entire back. They don’t like turning their head so far now. It creeps everyone out, even the other clones.

• Tomatoredd is treated like the ‘Middle’ child. Torm is the ‘Oldest’ and nobody really pays attention to him, since he’s his own thing going on. They only pay attention to him when they do something dangerous, which is ironically most of the time. Scribble Tom is of course treated like the 'Youngest’ so everybody pays attention to him. 'Film Buff’ Tom (AKA Not-Funny-Tom, Thomas, etc.) is akin to a father figure and tries to look over everyone, but he’s always working to keep everyone happy. Realistic Matt left the other clones to go on a career of being a professional model. He visits the 'family’ from time to time.

• Tomatoredd is constantly looking over Scribble Tom, since he’s the most purest and happiest out of all the clones. They treat him like a son, not a brother.

• Them and all the other Tom reject clones have a 'Void’ eye. Nobody knows why they have it, but it’s there. The eye works like Sub-Space, so the clones can put just about anything in it. One time, Tomatoredd yanked a entire rifle (they have now idea how it got there) out of their only eye socket.

• Tomatoredd is a huge horror fan. Since the 'Originals’ all had different horror tastes, as a fusion they like every off-shoot genera. They mostly prefer slasher films. However, the ONLY horror film they couldn’t stomach down was 'The Thing’. It reminded them of defusion and how painful it is, so they’re harshly against watch or even talking about that film.

• It’s very hard for Tomatoredd to be aroused. Since the four of them get prefer different 'preferences’, it’s almost impossible for them to get into the mood.

• Tomatoredd is very sensitive. They can feel just about anything, like a soft breeze or a gentle tap. They don’t like to be touched harshly, like being tugged.

• They don’t like harsh colors or noises. The other clones are okay with this, but Tomatoredd isn’t. TV static and bright neon yellow are the ones they hate the most. It hurts their ears and eyes a lot.

• Tomatoredd drools a lot in their sleep. They’re also a restless sleeper.

• They usually have nightmares about melting and such. They usually wake up in a cold sweat, crying or pawing at themselves, trying to see if they’re all in once piece.

• They have a mixed music preference, but it’s hard for them to focus on music. They started to like chiptune and vaporwave, since it’s calming, but at the same time it has some stimulating sounds.

• After spending awhile in their outfit they were 'born’ with, they started to buy color neutral clothing. Mainly because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The other reason is that they’re at the point they view themselves as one person, not four in one body. They started to wear blacks with some undertones of grey or white. They also got a copy of the 'Smeg Head’ shirt, to please the Edd side, and that it’s pretty comfy too.

• Tomatoredd considered getting a glass eye, but it was too awkward. The idea was if they got the eye, the could look 'normal’, but the Tom side felt like it was his fault, so they ditched the idea.

• Tomatoredd has three 'forms’ of destabilizing and they all vary:

1st Form- It’s triggered by strong emotions, like fear, rage, or sadness. It’s mostly melting of the flesh, and maybe a few extra limbs. It’s painful, but it’s the LEAST painful.

2nd Form- It’s triggered by aggression to others, but all four parts must be equally angry. Extra arms and eyes form, and even mouths from time to time if they’re really pissed. The forming of the eyes pains them the most.

3rd Form- It’s triggered by intense internal conflict, such as Tom’s and Tord’s hatred for each other. This is the most ANTAGONIZING form, since it’s close to all four parts of them splitting. Multiple limbs, facial features, and even heads can be formed just in a matter of seconds. When this stage passes, the fusion is usually distraught and is in agony. They try their hardest to make each other content to avoid this.