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Anyone have any spells to protect someone from curses?

Idk I’m getting worried that I might get cursed lol… But really the only thing I did was charm a pentagram and a pentacle with protection and hung them by my bedside, tried to charge myself with protection with air/fire and some herbs, and made a protection jar but I’m still getting anxiety over it so if anyone could help? Thanks

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I asked this before but it either got lost in your inbox or passed over/ but how do you afford so much weed? Like financially how, not trying to be rude at all just my bf wants to quit because we spend easily over 5000 a year and that's only inc joints lol it's really bad and I don't get how to finance pot ugh

I buy in bulk like I order shatter by the ounces (long story short I get my shatter for about $26cad/gram) I stopped smoking flower due to my tolerance being too high and flower just ends up being expensive, I don’t really spend money on anything else other then food and uni (the essentials) the only problem I would say I have is glass collecting which can get pricey; but I spent over 5k alone on myself for weed so idk man

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

slavic languages gothic

You see a sentence written in cyrillic. Some of the letters are familiar. You see the meaning shimmering underneath the surface. You almost grasp it, but it slips away. The letters on the page mock you silently.

You know this Czech word. You’ve already learnt it in Polish. It is not the same word. It is a grave insult. Your slavic friends are shocked and embarassed for you when they hear you speak it.

There is a sentence in Croatian. There is a sentence in Serbian. There is a sentence in Bosnian. They are all the same sentence.

You have to write about your day in Slovak. You spend the night polishing the draft. You fail your assigment. It’s written in Czech. You don’t know Czech.

P is not what it seems. You have to remember that.

The Croatian sentence does not mean what the Bosnian sentence means. They both mean the same in Serbian.

That word has a diminutive. The diminutive has its own diminutive. The diminutive of the diminutive also has a diminutive. Nobody knows what the final diminutive of a word is. Some say the knowledge had been lost in centuries past and matrioshkas are the echo, the tangible warning left for us to remember. No living creature should hold the means of diminishing something into nonexistence.
Others say you may still find some of them in old soviet textbooks, if you dare to look in abandoned schools of Chernobyl.

Someone is speaking to you. Is that a he or a she? You aren’t sure. It’s an abstract concept. Why does it have gender.

You see a word in a dictionary. It has seventeen letters and only one vowel. You close the dictionary very carefully not looking at the phonetic transcription. The shape of it haunts you in your sleep. You wake up face damp with tears, a bitter taste on your tongue. The clock blinks 3:03AM. You do not dare look up that word again.

This word means the same thing in the five slavic languages you’re familiar with. You use it in the sixth one. That word does not exist in this language. It never did. There is now a word-shaped void in the fabric of this language. The natives look at you uneasily. There is a new quality to the silence and your palms start to sweat.

H is not H. H is not H. H is not H. H is not H.

One day you flip through your dictionary. A page is missing. What was the word? You can’t remember. There is pressure building at the back of your head. The clock blinks 3:03AM.

You write my name is in cyrillic. There are shadows dancing on the walls. They grow longer with each letter you write down. It is not cyrillic you’re using. You keep writing my name is. The shadows now bleed from the tip of your pen. It’s irrelevant. You need to remember the right letters.

N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not… If only you could remember the letters. The letters are important. What was it, that wasn’t N?

There are nine different prefixes you can add to a verb to change its meaning. There are fifty three different suffixes you have to add to a verb to make it work. In the end the only thing left of the original is a vague shape of one of its middle consonants. You can feel the anguish radiating from the verb’s mutialted form. A desperate sob escapes through your clenched teeth. You’re so, so sorry, you didn’t meant to. You didn’t. It doesn’t matter.

You now read a text in Russian. You’ve never learnt Russian. Why are you reading that text? The words burn your eyes, the meaning searing your mind.

There’s a shot of vodka in front of you. You don’t drink alcohol. You don’t care. All existence is meaningless, your soul’s in eternal pain. A broken matrioshka lays at your feet. There is no salvation, she says boring into your eyes. You open your mouth to answer, but there is only a burst of harsh rustle. It dies in whispering echoes a moment later. Your glass is empty again.


we’ve known for a while that the real Fitz doesn’t like to be called “Leo,” and this episode implied proof for my theory as to why - it’s what his father called him.


Wild Andrew appeared!
I would actually love to know how these 3 look together in one scene. I am expecting a rivalry

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Flip Wizard
Lillian Kraack (bluespacequeen)
Flip Wizard

A stupid song about a stupid elf wizard with an acrobatics modifier of +7. (Feat. the McElroy Brothers)

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lindaignarro: For our one-year wedding anniversary today, I surprised @celluloidheroes by having our outstanding wedding baker @superfinebakery recreate the top tier of our wedding cake. I picked it up early, and literally woke up Spencer by putting this cake next to his face.


i almost forgot about taz lady week, but here’s the director for day 1!! (plus a close up cuz it looks rly nice)

hoo boy this was a lot of fun! i don’t normally do lineless stuff, but lineart takes me forever and i wanted to finish this asap. its a bit late, but i like how it turned out! ^u^

Yongguk’s presence haunts them.

Despite the man’s habit of taking up absolute no space at all, and can go days without speaking, his absence still burns a big hole right through them.

They play around in the practice room, going over the steps, and Jongup searches for his leader’s encouraging smile.

They go to Japan, and Himchan watches his dongsaengs pair up back at the hotel, while he gets a room all to himself.

They perform Young Wild & Free, the four members supporting his weight, and Daehyun expects to fall every time.

They sing With You, holding out the mics to let BABYz sing Yongguk’s part, and Youngjae’s voice is off balance.

And when the leader walks into the dorm for the first time in months, Junhong is the first one to step into his open arms.


I considered it :3c

Michael being able to use magic is my favorite thing on the pLANET OKAY

The other half of the doodles are under the cut!!

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trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


Who is She and how do I get ME: Andromeda to release sooner

(I tried to make her match with this drawing)