only not because we don't have the game yet

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Do you think P5 takes place in 2016? It makes sense because of the calendar but I think it's weird why they put 20XX. Maybe because they don't want to reveal yet how many years are P4 and P5 apart?

It’s cemented to be set in 2016 by the cameos of Chie and Rise; Rise’s cameo mentions she’s 20+, while Chie’s cameo mentions she’s still in Police Academy.

Unless Chie was held back for half an eternity, which I doubt, the only year in which this is possible with the calendar we have is 2016.

I’m fairly certain the date is only obscured by the XXs because the game refers to events and people who might potentially resemble real life events or people. There’s a law against that in Japan, so putting a distinct date there could possibly open ATLUS up for a lawsuit. Turning the 16 into a pair of XXs was the best way to avoid that. 

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you realize there are people who don't like gamergate because its members have been demonstrably hostile towards minorities and women and not because we read a kotaku article saying it was bad or something, right

Yeah, and there are people who are merely supporting the campaign to seek objectivity in media getting doxxed and harassed. The media isn’t too concerned to report on that, yet ultra eager to insist ONLY the women in the crosshairs of #gamergate are victims. Many developers and game journalists sympathetic to the cause have expressed their fear of reporting or speaking on the issue that isn’t towing the groupthink for the risk of being universally blacklisted in the industry. Several people lost their job for tweeting mundane #gamergate shit, many more have experienced at least attempts to get employers to fire them. A game review site was mysteriously dropped from its host after the server host received anonymous heat for the game site’s publication of an article that covers BOTH sides at a time when most were ignoring the issue or publishing one sided articles. The official account for the game site was promptly banned from reddit when it was used to post about their plight. Accusations of sexual harassment by a game dev implicated at the beginning of the scandal was promptly buried by other indie devs quick to victim blame the individual into silence, implicating core defenders against gamergate in a case that enshrines the rape culture they are currently decrying in regards to the GamerGate harassment they are receiving. Then there is the coup de gras where game journalists in a secret mailing list spanning several prominent game review sites were caught colluding about how to spin the story, protect their own and discredit the allegations against them and developers they are tight with.

Here are some pictures

There are people who don’t like gamergate for the harassment that has come from supporters of the cause, which is a fair assessment when that’s all the information that you care to have before you. Those reasons are front row centre because the game media (who should be reporting objectively and doing the job of sifting through the bullshit to present a clear and fair picture to you, mind you!) and social media defenders of that media and the accused parties are pushing that narrative without abandon as if it’s the only thing to it and it’s working. So now that it’s clear both sides are guilty of vicious and brutal harassment, where does that leave us. Now ask yourself, what isn’t the media reporting on once you control for the two sided harassment? Without the harassment to use as as a foil to continue ignoring very deep and damning revelations against them, where would that leave the game media? Well without throwing softballs to misinform you, they would be in a place where they are forced to address the concerns gamergate lobbies against them of course.
If you only knew how two sided the harassment is and how deep and real the scandal is, you too would feel a little apprehensive about relying on that media fronted opinion to settle how you feel about it. Because right now, if you are actually aware of it and blowing smoke up my ass, then what you are essentially saying is “Harassment is bad unless when we do it.”

Rhythm Heaven/Tengoku/Paradise games always take time to localize, and the announcements have always been later.
Honestly, I think the only reason we never got the GBA game was because it came out so late in the GBA’s lifespan that it wouldn’t have made sense to release it after the DS picked up steam.

The DS game and the Wii game all had some delay between Japanese announcement and localization announcement.

Be patient, my friends. We, too, shall reach Rhythm Heaven yet again.