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I have some embarrassing stories but at least they’re not as bad as some of charlie brooker’s:

  • once jumped on the end of a bench and the entire thing toppled over on top of him, somehow
  • once got dumped by his girlfriend because he drew her an anatomically correct heart on her valentines card and she thought it was a threat
  • once ACCIDENTALLY kissed his friends mum on the lips and said “mmmmm… delicious” because he mixed it up in his brain
  • once had an argument with someone over the phone in public and she hung up on him so he tried to pretend she hadn’t and was still pretending to speak to her when his phone rang again
  • once gifted his then-girlfriend a painted bin but she wasn’t in so he gave it to her dad instead

this man is a mess

*a cackle is heard in the distance*


Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way



The fish from the new Finding Dory movie, the blue tang, is in danger.

With the new movie coming out, everyone and their kid is going to want a blue tang. Clown fish sales SKYROCKETED in 2003, when the original movie Finding Nemo was released. Unlike the blue tang, clownfish can be bred in tanks, are a more easy saltwater fish to care for, only needing 4 gallons per clownfish, and an anemone.

The blue tang CANNOT BE TANK BRED. They are captured live from the ocean, which can be damaging to the coral reefs.

The blue tang gets HUGE, and eventually you’ll need a tank the size of your couch to accommodate it.

The blue tang gets SICK. VERY EASY.

“In order to create an environment at home large enough for a Blue Tang to grow, swim, hide, and thrive, your family would need to invest up to $1,000 in a 180-gallon saltwater aquarium. That’s an aquarium over 6 feet long, 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, filled with water and weighing nearly one ton! Plus, Blue Tangs require a significant level of saltwater expertise and dedication to properly care for, often culminating after years of experience. Therefore, we do not recommend Blue Tangs for beginners.” -

Do NOT get a blue tang, SERIOUSLY. If you are well equipped, an experienced saltwater fish owner, I mean go for it, but don’t get them as your child’s pet. They will be bored of it in a week anyway, and the fish will probably die. There’s tons of Finding Dory merchandise (shirts, bags, stuffed animals, seriously they have everything) to buy yourself or your child.

Petition for Google to make their logo Phil Lester themed on his Birthday
Okay. We tried to get Google to change the doodle into something Phil themed. But it didn't work out. So this time let's try to get it for his 30th Birthday. But if it doesn't work. We will keep going.

Sign this petition so that there will be a Phil Lester doodle on the Google website on the 30th of January 2017, the day he turns 30! It only takes a couple of seconds, and we only need 4.8k more signatures to complete it!


Congratulations. You bitch made, fuck-faced ass hoes really did it. I hope y’all are proud of yourselves. 

I just have a few people to cuss out:

1. All you clowns who voted third party or wrote in Bernie or Harambe or Kim Kardasian or whatever the fuck else:

I hope your petty ass need to vote for Jill Stein are Gary Johnson’s old foolish ass so you could feel whatever smug satisfaction for “sticking it to the system” was fucking worth it. Your dumbass protest vote cost us the election. Damn near every swing state was so unbelievably close with third parties receiving 3-4% of the vote when Clinton only needed 1-2% more to win. Your personal protest will cost lives and I hope you’re comfortable with that.

2. The “Trump fans”

Fuck y’all forever quite honestly. Y’all really looked at this man who is being supported by neo-Nazis and the Klan and thought: “He’s got my vote.” From punching protesters in the face to burning and defacing black churches, you have shown that you are determined to send us back to 1960. Go directly to hell do not pass go and your broke asses surely won’t collect $200 when the Republicans you voted into office remove welfare and disability. Poor and working class whites have really showed their asses this time around with your hats and your signs because you signed up for the racism and xenophobia, but just know that when he says “Make America Great Again” hats, he’s not talking about you. He’s talking about the absolute richest of the rich and the whitest of the white. The rest of you poor unfortunate whites may get looser gun laws but will still be trying to scrape by with what’s left of the government cheese when your boss gets a tax break after he sends your job overseas. Hope your Confederate flag keeps you warm.

3. The silent majority

We do paint Trump supporters as loud and crass virulently hateful racists because that’s what is seen the most. Those are who is the most vocal. But most of Trump’s votes came from white, straight, middle-class, college educated, cis men and women. Y’all kept quiet over the past year or so of election coverage. Maybe y’all had something positive to say about Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz, but it was the walking hemorrhoid who got the Republican nomination. So you walked in the voting booth and said “At least he’s not crooked like that Hilary.” and voted for Trump. And you are honestly the worst of all. You don’t have the excuse of being uneducated or ignorant or misinformed. You just don’t care about anybody but yourself. You trash bin bitches ignored the rape charges and the bankruptcies and the racism and the Islamophobia and the homophobia and the rest of Trump’s atrocious bullshit just because his name had an ® next to it. Fuck you.

All of y’all are trash. Absolute garbage. Great job on electing the most ass-backwards president in recent history. 

So I will make this properly active again once I look into the current state of things, but probably a bit toned down from what I was like in the past. I also need more blogs to follow now only 4 or 5 blogs i follow have posted in the last year

So updates I guess: Still trans, still truscum, still prepared to address misinformation with arguments and evidence, no longer a semi-pro mime

i wanted to draw specimen 5 with lavender flux so i drew specimen 5 with lavender flux with like cool colouring effects and shit