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highlights of tonys 2017
  • denee benton looking like the goddess she is
  • josh groban rolling his eyes at bette
  • mimi lien getting the recognition she deserves 100 times over
  • my mom asking if josh groban gained weight
  • josh groban singing one note and me sobbing
  • josh groban
  • the grEEN COAT
  • lucas steele reminding me that even tho i’m gay, men aren’t worthless
  • lucas steele-n my heart with that violin
  • dave malloy hugging josh
  • josh bringing dave on stage
  • the people getting lit on stage watching tgc perform
  • dave and josh basically having a jam sesh on the piano
  • denee benton lookin like she was having the effin time of her life
  • balaga probably scaring most audience members
  • denee overall just making me the happiest person alive
  • ensemble member taking a shot with tina fey
  • denee smashing that picture with the purest look of joy
  • Grace McLean, Amber Gray, and the Great Kiss of 2017™
RFA as teachers
  • Zen: Fun and flirty but not too over the top or else he would get fired.
  • Yoosung: Nervous, extremely nervous. Would make stupid mistakes like 2 + 5 = 10
  • Jaehee: Strict, thorough and effective. She's a teacher everyone respects although her classes are extremely gruelling.
  • Jumin: If you do one thing wrong in his class you WILL get death stared. Guilt everybody into studying but saying it's not his fault if you don't pass. 100% believes in his students even if he doesn't show it. Call him professor Han.
  • 707: A class more fun than Zen's would be Mr. Choi's. Earned a doctorate in university however he doesn't tell anyone. Mostly jokes around in class only teaching 30% of the time however when students get to exams, they realise they know more than they thought.
  • "Best teacher ever? Seven Zero Seven!"
  • V: His art classes are peaceful and even though everyone knows he has trouble seeing, they do their best to make him feel comfortable in such a visual class. Also teaches literature and everyone loves listening to his voice.

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what if t'challa is rhodey's classmate/lab partner at mit and he likes the guy but he's so sick of listening to him brag about his little brother-from-another-mother until he mEETS HIM AND THEN HIS HEART CLENCHES and he's like "how do i woo this bby genius without getting mauled by his overprotective brother/bff"

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here. I deviated from the prompt a little, methinks. Also Tony’s nineteen in this and getting his second PhD if that helps. Watch out for under the cut!

“—And then Tony accidentally set it on fire,” Jim explained, showing a worrying lack of concern by grinning like the engineer he truly was.

“So then you had to start over,” T’Challa said.

Jim tilted his head. “Well, we’d documented everything up to that point so not really? I mean yeah we had to rebuild the model but to be honest it was probably better we find out the fire-hazard before we presented in class.”


“But it’s whatever—” Jim checked his watch and yelped. “Ah! I was supposed to meet him for lunch, did you wanna come?”

T’Challa watched Jim scramble to get his books packed up. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to try and get a vegetable in him today, so Chinese.”

“I will pass.”

Jim shrugged. “Your loss. See you in Calculus.”

T’Challa watched him go. He wasn’t looking forward to it. Jim either complained about homework or bitched about how Tony had tested out of the class and how he wished he had too.

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Langst Headcanon

So lately I’ve had this idea that Lance had a bf/gf/significant other back on Earth while he was in Cuba. So this significant other showered him in attention and eventually turned into his own personal ‘support person’ I guess and was basically always there for him and went the extra mile to ensure that he knew how much he was loved by them. In this headcanon the significant other ends up disappearing due to reasons unknown (idk alien abduction or something) leaving Lance without that support. As a result when he flirts it’s only borderline serious, but mostly joking because he’s afraid of becoming attached only to lose them; the boy fights hard as hell for what he does have left (family, friends, etc.).
His family and friends help him in moving on, which he never actually does. He goes to the Galaxy Garisson despite not really feeling it because it was a dream he and his significant other talked about often and he swore to them that he would go no matter the situation. He goes, Voltron stuff ensues, yada yada. Once in space his homesickness and insecurities slowly kick in.
I haven’t figured out exactly how yet, but the significant other is supposed to end up in space, not with a rebel group, but instead on some planet where they learn to co-exist with it’s natives and eventually inserts themselves into their society and works their way up the chain to become either a gaurd or adviser.
Team Voltron needs to form an alliance with that planet because it trades materials necessary for fixing the castle ship. Once they are lead to the monarch (s) Lance sees his significant other standing next to the monarch (s). Both recognize each other and drama ensues.
Bonus drama if one of Lance’s teammates likes Lance or if someone in the monarch’s court likes his significant other. If anyone who can write wants to make this headcanon into a reality, be my guest.

okay so this post is wrong but what the heck it’s a Tumblr post, right, it’s mostly a joke, only it’s so perfectly echoing an idea I’ve seen elsewhere too, from actual paid critics and academic critiques, that Hugo “wasn’t writing for emotional teenagers”, that he’d be horrified by fandom, that he was too High and Erudite for the likes of  screaming theater kids and emotional teenagers

y’all. Y’all. 

Victor Hugo knew what fandom was.  And he absolutely LOVED it. 

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Jim and Bones meeting at speed dating

  • Jim’s an expert at speed dating. He does it regularly, known by the event organisers by name and phone number, probably. Jim’s usually there to meet casual fun, the occasional one- to two months worth of a relationship if the girl keeps him interested enough. It’s really not the girls’ fault he doesn’t usually stick around; Jim loves the thought of a relationship, but it also terrifies him. He knows he’ll find someone, eventually, but for now, he’s all about having a little fun.
  • Leonard actually sits down at the table next to him, and he’s a face Jim’s never seen before. “You done this speed dating thing before?” he asks, and Leonard shakes his head. “No, my friend signed me up for this shit. What do you even say to a dozen girls you only get two minutes to talk to?” He asks, and Jim laughs. “I’d start with hello,” he replies.
  • Jim scores a few numbers by the end of the night, and Leonard does, too. “See? Not that hard,” Jim says, “any one of them catch your eye?” “It’s a bit soon to tell, isn’t it?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “Speed dating is all about instant chemistry. No time to overthink things.” “Are you an expert on this?” Leonard asks, and Jim laughs, shrugging lightly. “Sort of.” “Not sure if that’s a good thing,” Leonard says with a small grin, “I’m going to watch a football match in O'Reilleys. D'you want to join?” Jim’s up instantly, grabbing his coat. “Hell yes.”
  • Jim scores another number that night, but it’s not romantic. He just thinks he found himself a new friend, which is cool. They text a lot, and Jim finds out Leonard is a doctor. That means he’s smart, too, and Jim learns that Leonard’s also pretty witty. Quite quickly, casually texting here and there turns to continuous, long conversations about everything and nothing, and Jim’s up way past midnight just staring at his screen waiting for a reply. They meet up occasionally to watch a game together, or they just eat a Taco Bell or whatever, and end up loudly discussing movies, politics, and other things. 
  • “Hey,” Jim says, smiling lightly when Leonard slides down at the chair in front of him. Their restaurant choice is a bit more fancy than usual, but Jim picked it purposely because Leonard’s been complaining Jim’s continuous fast food habit is unhealthy. Maybe, partially, also to impress Leonard with his actual decent restaurant finding skills, maybe he just wants to impress Leonard in general. “Is this place not too fancy for you?” Leonard asks, and Jim grins. “Shut the hell up and order the cheapest thing on the menu, please,” he jokes. Because really, Jim has money. He’s a pretty decent salesman. “Oh yeah? Maybe I want the lobster,” Leonard replies, and Jim smiles fondly. “Then we’ll get you the lobster.”
  • After dinner, a mere few hours have passed and Jim feels a bit on edge. Doesn’t know what it is, he just likes having Leonard around him. “I got a new car,” Jim says, “want to join me taking her for a spin?” “Where are we even going, then?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “I dunno, does it matter?”
  • It’s a pretty good car. Pretty fast, pretty sleek. Leonard looks impressed, although only mildly so, and mostly jokes about Jim’s premature midlife crisis. Jim doesn’t even know where they’re going. They’re just talking, deep in conversation about everything between their favorite football teams, work, and the space colony going to Mars (“Doesn’t it sound fun?” Jim asks, and Leonard makes a face. “No! That sounds absolutely terrible!”).
  • Jim knows they’ve reached their destination once they hit the beach. The parking lot at the dunes is abandoned, the sun is nearly completely set, and the sky still has some bright pink and orange, but it’s fading. Sitting outside on the hood of the car is soothing, as are the quiet waves of the ocean. “I can’t figure you out,” Leonard says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “What d'you mean?” he asks. “You act all cool, but you’re the most romantic person I’ve ever met. Besides myself. Just how are you single?” He asks, and Jim laughs. “Shut up, dude.” “Look where you brought me,” Leonard says, “if you brought your actual date here, you’d get laid in that dumb sports car of yours.” Jim would’ve thought about that further, maybe, but instead he turns to Leonard with a frown. “What do you mean, dumb car?!”
  • It’s well past midnight by the time Jim drops Leonard off at his house. “Did you enjoy yourself?” Jim asks, and Leonard laughs. “What am I, your date? Want to go again?” “Obviously,” Jim replies, and he wants to give him a joking grin, but instead he must have looked rather fondly. “Really, you’d just drop off your date like that?” Leonard asks. “Hey, I don’t end a good date without a kiss,” Jim says, and Leonard glances in his direction. Jim catches him looking. Catches him leaning in, too, and Jim finds himself leaning in as well. Kissing Leonard is the weirdest sensation. It’s thrilling, the kind that sends shivers down his spine, and Jim just pulls Leonard in closer when the other even leans slightly away. “Jim,” Leonard breathes against his lips, and the way he speaks in such a hushed voice makes it even better. Jim wants to hear more of that breathless voice, his name called out in a quiet whisper. “Can we just continue this inside?” Leonard asks, and Jim raises his eyebrow. “Inside, really? You’re that into me, huh?” “Shut up,” Leonard laughs, “my neck hurts from being turned like this. There’s plenty of positions inside that are much more comfortable,” Leonard replies, and Jim glances at him for just a second, before nodding. “Yeah,” he says, his hand on Leonard’s thigh, “different positions work for me.”

Pretty sure this is like the only lore we have on Argus pre-dating 7.3 (mostly joking). 

There’s a quest in the same area that has the text, “Many draenei probably do not know or remember our home planet” and another NPC who says, “Everything that has happened since the crash is little more than a blur. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was aboard the Exodar … Soon, it will be as if I’ve never known anything different…” even though they had recently crashed. This, combined with the quest text above, could definitely-maybe-loosely imply something about longevity of the draenei affecting their sense of the passage of time, I think.

Bless you. Bless you for this.

Hanzo was easy to ruffle, despite the stoic image he tried to defensively maintain. It was something you loved about him, how quickly he could be driven to emotional response.

Although you’d definitely enjoy it a little more if you had an easier time being able to tell whether he was embarrassed or pissed off.

He tried valiantly to ignore the small parcel, bedecked in seasonal coloring, that you nudged ever closer to him on the table in the mess. His face slowly grew more red as you persisted with quiet little coos of his name, and he refused to meet your eye, even as more of the team slowly turned their attention toward the display. Embarrassed or angry?

When he’d had enough – and enough was apparently your head dropping onto his shoulder – he stood swiftly from the table and stormed out of the room, silent as ever. You nearly fell from your seat at the swiftness of his motions. Oh. Maybe both.

Hanzo was easy to ruffle, which meant it was just as easy to overstep boundaries with him, however unintentional. So you were fully prepared to suck it up, apologize, and attempt to talk it out, if he were feeling particularly cooperative. (Although you could eventually suss out what had gotten to him, whether or not he chose to open up about it.)

He wasn’t in any of his usual sulking haunts, which probably meant he was a tad more upset than standard, so determined, you took your gift to his quarters, and knocked timidly on the door.

“Hanzooo…” you almost whined, after several attempts to get him to let you in. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t like Valentine’s day or…” You shook your head, leaning to where it thunked against the door. “…I’m sorry. I’ll stop bothering you. I’ll , uh, leave your gift outside… if you still want it.”

You crouched to leave the package by his door, and just as you stood to leave, the door opened just a crack, and you could see a sliver of his face illuminated by the hallway lights. You gave a tentative smile and shy wave. He shut – not slammed – the door and you heard him move away on the other side. It was as much an invitation as any. You grabbed the gift and headed inside.

He stood across from you, stance screaming that he wanted to say something, but for whatever reason, he couldn’t. His posture was something you didn’t have much trouble with, but even that was an imperfect science. He cleared his throat, but when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He looked away. You chose to fill the gap, to take some of the pressure off of him.

“You, ah, probably heard me loitering, but… I’m sorry. I really am. I shouldn’t have pushed you, or… embarrassed you or… tried so hard to force something on you that you didn’t want.”

You still weren’t certain what specific thing had caused him to retreat,  so better to apologize for multiple things than to grasp at nothing. His eyes darkened and you almost shrunk back. He sighed, shoulders drooping.

“You should not have to apologize for…” He searched for a word, gave up, and sighed again. “No. I should be the one apologizing. I… overreacted. I am unused to… to public affection. To… affection in general.”

You brightened in understanding. “So you’re not really big on PDA?”

You could tell the term didn’t click well with him at the way his nose briefly curled in distaste, and you bit back a laugh, knowing you might press a nerve again. You stepped forward to present him with your gift, which he took gingerly, like he’d carelessly destroy it with one wrong motion. He leaned forward to kiss you, and upon pulling back, his face had softened.

“I will never reject a gift from you. Know this.”

You laughed, kissing his thumb when he cupped your cheek. “Great, because I have at least six more to give you.”

His eyes widened in alarm – or surprise, if you were feeling optimistic – and you had to reassure him that you were only mostly joking.

You could always pile on the gifts next year.

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Trap is objectively a slur its used to imply trans women are "deceitful" men. This shit literally gets us killed.

Trap is used typically for pornographic material to describe a crossdressing man not transgender individuals.

While it has been used against trans women it’s not exactly a widespread thing and is often by trolls and has never been on the same level of offense as Queer had.

When someone says Trap they typically are referring too a guy who looks like a woman, it’s become mostly a joke these days and is really only used seriously when referencing porn.

If someone saying the word Trap gets people killed then so does Queer. I have never ever once heard that Trap was some kind of insult before tumblr began screaming about it. It’s possible popular sites like 4chan, reddit, and such have users who use Trap in a transphobic way but it doesn’t mean it’s a slur because some people improperly use a word especially when many are trolls trying to fuel the flames of drama.

If it’s been used against you I’m sorry, I can very much understand not liking words personally or finding them insulting but insinuating it’s offensive to everyone because you personally do isn’t right especially when most people who get mad at the word Trap get mad when it’s used in it’s actual context of crossdressing man who looks like a woman and not when it’s being used as an insult.

The RFA Thinks you like someone else

But the twist is you like them

I know its shocking

I never said its a good twist

gender neutral

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  • Well he is flirting but when he sees that you get so well along with Jaehee
  • He somehow gets the idea that you like her her more then just as friend
  • You just seem so close and she is really a great person too
  • So somehow it makes sense to him that you fell for her
  • He is certain you are dating when you go to Jaehee on a few evenings
  • You just go to watch DVD´s -with Zen in it-
  • Turns out you and Jaehee are both huge musical fans so you become close friends
  • So Zen is happy for you to be with Jaehee but he is sad since its not him – Zen in a nutshell-
  • He does not talk to you over his assumption so its a bit strange that he starts pulling his flirty attitude back.
  • Zen would never hit on you when you are with someone else
  • You get quite sad that he moves back from you but you think you might did something wrong or he just sees you as a friend after all
  • So you ask Jaehee about whats up with that
  • She tells you you defiantly made him not mad but maybe he figured that being to close to you is not good for his carrier after all
  • That makes sense to you but it also breaks your heart since you really fallen for Zen
  • Jaehee actual became such a close friend at this point she knows you would never hurt Zen
  • You genuine care for him so she decides to ask Zen what he really feels for you.
  • In worst case Jaehee will be their for you in best case Zen might has feelings for you too.
  • So she calls Zen and strait out asks him
  • He try’s to avoid a direct answer but then admits that he has feelings but he knows that you like Jaehee so he not wants to get in between of that
  • After Jaehee wonders how he came to that conclusion she tells him that there is nothing but friendship between you two.
  • In fact they became friends because they both like Zen just in different ways
  • Well now Zen feels like an idiot you are not a couple with Jaehee and he really wonders why his mind got so wild about this
  • And wait what Jaehee means with likening him in different ways ?
  • Now he has to stop being an idiot and just ask you
  • So he calls you and tells you that he was quite cold to you lately and that he is sorry he did not mean to hurt you -Jaehee basically yelled at him for that-
  • Of course you forgive him and push it to some stress but he admits it was because h thought that you had feelings for Jaehee
  • It makes you laugh since its impossible to fall in love with someone else
  • Good wait someone else does that mean – Yes Zen
  • So you fell for him , he fell for you and everything works out


  • Since he has no clue about love , I mean he had a crush before but he never had a date
  • So he has no real insight in peoples hearts
  • He is very nervous when he figures that he has all those feeling for you it takes him a bit to sort his feelings out
  • At the time he knows that he has a deep crush on you he notices that you became quite close with 707
  • He thinks you like him more I mean 707 has so much fun with you
  • You always seem to joke with him and laugh you never prank Yoosung but that’s probably because you are so nice to everyone
  • To him you are so awesome and perfect -He gets sidetracked to easy-
  • It looks like you are flirting with 707 to him and he is no one to steal someone away so he keeps his feelings to him
  • Its clear  that Yoosung is unexperienced and shy so he never really flirted that much with you
  • He was very nice to you of course but at this rate it would go no where
  • You wanted to take action and decided to invite him to a gaming session
  • If Yoosung liked you it could turn in a date but if he doesn´t it would not be too awkward
  • Plus being with Yoosung sounded like fun anyways
  • So he came over but since he felt like he should be not alone with you and he wanted to help you to get closer to seven he brought seven along with him
  • 707 thought he was just playing wing man for Yoosung and that is why he agreed on this
  • To him it was clear that you liked each other you both just did not notice it yet
  • You thought he brought Seven along because he was more comfortable that way and you figured it might had been better to go to have a coffee instead
  • Still you have fun with both of them so its not that bad you feel like you getting closer with Yoosung too
  • Its quite strange how he avoids being alone with you , maybe he is embarrassed or maybe he does not like you at all?
  • The truth of course is that he is trying to bring you closer with 707 but you not really want to be alone with him
  • Its all quite wired for everyone at some point seven takes pity on you two and takes a opportunity while Yoosung is making you snacks.
  • He first asks you what you think about Yoosung and it is as he thought you like Yoosung a lot
  • Then he pretends to help Yoosung and drops some hints at him but Yoosung does not get it
  • So he changes plans and tells him that you like Yoosung
  • Yoosungs thinks as a friend and lowkey tells seven that he thinks you  have a crush on seven
  • He laughs so hard at that and tells him you are only friends you mostly just joke around and if not you end up talking about Yoosung
  • But of course he should not just believe Seven and just go and ask you what you think
  • Then he makes a cheap excuse up and leaves the two of you alone to figure it out
  • What you then do since its quite obvious to you what Seven does and you half hate him and half thank him
  • So you gather your courage and tell Yoosung what you feel about him
  • After the surprise on Yoosungs end -insert embarrassed Yoosung reactions here-
  • He confesses that he feels the same way and you both agree on having a real date next time


  • You started working at Jumins place since the payment was great and you could work with Jaehee
  • She might hates the work under Jumin but the payment is great and you are a hard worker but also not take sh** from Jumin
  • So its not really surprising that you get good along with the other coworkers and Jumin actual appreciates your honesty
  • Jaehee would never dare to speak up to Jumin as directly as you do you are able to tell Jumin off without offending him
  • Its like magic, she is impressed
  • Slowly but surely her feelings for you deepen you have a lot in common after all
  • You are also a Zen fan but you not have any deeper feelings for him so you can understand her position quite well
  • You also actual like taking care of the cat you like cars a lot and somehow you get along really well with Elizabeth
  • She is really thankful you take her but then she notices that you are actual quite close with Jumin
  • Could it be that you are interested in him?
  • I mean why would you to Jaehee he is a Robot but somehow Jumin seems to be more loose around you
  • Maybe you could see something in Jumin that other people didn´t
  • Jaehee had no idea you only made him smile with the countless pictures of his cat that you took for him
  • You had no feelings for Jumin but you really had fallen for Jaehee
  • Jaehee was of course a very slow going person and you respect that so you not pursue her
  • At some point its kind of frustrating Jaehee after all there is finally a person she feels like opening up to and maybe even someone she could get even closer too
  • Your friendship is really important to her she not wants to ruin it and she realizes she maybe took to long
  • Maybe you just never had deeper feelings for her what was okay even when it hurts her
  • She gives you all the support she can regardless
  • Your happiness is what matters most to her and even when she can not understand how you fell for Jumin if that is how you feel its fully fine for her
  • But then one evening it was after a business party you had to both dress really nice and you looked really great
  • Jumin was extra nice to you too you pretty much talked the whole evening just with Jumin and  it frustrated Jaehee so much she ended drinking too much
  • Later when she was home she logged in the messenger and let her frustration out on Zen
  • Zen tried to make her calm down but she really was upset over it.
  • You saw the whole think the next morning and called her wondering why she thinks you are liking Jumin.
  • Jaehee had a hangover and regrets saying those thinks you not want rumors and explain to her that Jumin was only talking about his cat the entire time
  • You have no feelings for Jumin whatsoever and on a whim you tell Jaehee you actual like her and that you know that she needs time
  • Jaehee is relived and happy and also really grateful she is happy that you understand her so well


  • Everyone sees him as a cold person you somehow don´t you think he is funny person and you love his cat.
  • You defend him and you tell everyone that he is a nice person he thinks you are just really kind.
  • You are a very open and warm parson to him so he does not think you could like him more
  • It seems a bit strange to him that he thinks on you a lot and he always wants to call all the time.
  • He wants to know everything about you and then it hits him a bit later -like a week or two-
  • He really likes you in a romantic way
  • But then he sees that you talk to Yoosung -of all people- you are looking close to him
  • You help him with his gaming addiction and he reminds you of your younger brother – even when you might never had one- or maybe he wakes parental feelings in you who knows
  • You think that Yoosung needs someone to guide him the right path and since no one else seems to care you do it.
  • Jumin thinks Yoosung is younger then you are but maybe he is your type
  • He had that happen to him before so he just closes himself away from you
  • Jumins calls get more rare and he does not try to make jokes everyone thinks he is broken again
  • They already thought so after he started to open up to you so now he is either more broken or fixed again.
  • You think somethings bad happened so you not mention it too much even when it makes you sad
  • Maybe you imaged him making advances towards you, maybe you bored him in the end.
  • You not wanted to get hurt since you thought he maybe would be a bit brutal when he would not feel the same way
  • So you not told him what you feel and he not told you anything
  • He was extremely cold to you it quite hurt even the other told him he is mean
  • You just brushed it off and continued to help Yoosung with his studys
  • Even he noticed how the whole thing affected you but he could not really do much
  • He even asked Zen for advice for that only made thinks worth for you since now even Zen thought that Yoosung had feelings for you
  • His denying only made seven troll Yoosung hard for having a secret crush on you what kinda made you defend the poor boy
  • That only feeded Jumins thoughts of you being actual a couple with Yoosung a true mess
  • A while later  Jaehee needed some extra helpers for one of Jumins projects
  • So you agreed on helping you could use some extra cash
  • Jaehee actual never thought the rumor about you and Yoosung was true it was so clear that you where only helping him and you did
  • She also thought that it was the same for Jumin
  • You liked working with Jaehee you said how good it feel to be with an actual adult for a change
  • The rumors kind of affected you it was quite annoying and then you also where still puzzled why Jumin was so cold to you
  • Jaehee asked you if you actual like Jumin she never knew why you do but she felt that you have a interest in him
  • You don´t want to lie and admit you do have a crush on Jumin but he has no interest in you since he is so cold
  • Its a bit odd to her that you like Jumin but she is not judging you
  • She is a really nice person so she decides to call Jumin out on being so mean to you
  • He says he is not mean he just keeps his distance from you
  • After a bit back and forth he drops that you are dating Yoosung
  • -and Jaehee almost smacks her head against the wall-
  • She tells him no you are not liking Yoosung in a romantic way
  • its just something that everyone makes fun about since Yoosung asked for advice for you
  • Jaehee thought it was obvious to him too but apparently it was not
  • So then the one having a crush on someone but was not able to say anything was you ?
  • Who do you like then ?
  • Jaehee tells Jumin to just ask you if he really wants to know
  • So he excuses himself right away and does just that after telling you how sorry he is you agree to talk with him during a dinner
  • You not even need to tell Jumin that its him he figures it out now where he is actual seeing you


  • Yeah with him it can go either way
  • So you think he maybe likes you sometimes but then when you actual get close to him he pushes you away
  • So you are confused and you not want to push something when you don´t know what Luciel wants
  • You not tell him what you feel and maybe does not really know either
  • He knows you like him but he has no idea how much and he thinks its best for you to stay out of his life
  • So he is secretly a bit happy when you get along with the others they would be all much better with you then him
  • All you do is distract him anyways
  • He even tells you you should date someone you have no interest it looks like
  • But after a while it brothers him a bit when he sees you getting closer to Zen
  • Its good for you to find someone else and Zen is handsome and he is a good guy
  • So Zen is much better for you then he ever would be
  • You help the others so much it makes him happy
  • He is mostly nice to you but he keeps his distance and when you need help with something he is always their but he does not want to be involved with you more then that
  • He even trys to get Zen more involved with you since you look like you really like Zen
  • Zen is a honest guy and Seven is sure he developed some feelings for you too
  • He pretty much sets you up with  Zen to prepare the Party just so you could spend more time with him
  • It hurts him more then he likes to admit he images all kinds of thinks but he is telling himself its for the best
  • He is happy in the chat like ever even if you point out that you sense something he brushes it up with jokes
  • Zen of course likes helping you but he knows that you are not into him at all
  • He sets on being your big brother and as such he protects you from the stupidness of seven
  • Who is hurting you with his back and forth attitude
  • You try hard to not let it get to you but it does
  • Why do you have to fall for someone who is not into you at all ?
  • It sometimes just hurts and it hurts Zen that you are hurt
  • You work hard for the party regardless and your efforts really pay off
  • Its quite a great Party even when 707 had some urgent matters to handle
  • -aka he not wanted to see you with Zen-
  • In his head you two where already a couple and it was good even when it really hurt
  • He was sure he would get over it at least when you are happy then he could be happy about that
  • But the next day all just complaint how 707 was not their you sounded really upset too
  • After all he promised he would come and you worked so hard even when you where most understanding since you really thought it was a imported matter
  • But still you really had hoped to see him you thought that maybe then you could figure him out.
  • You where actual more sad anything what surprised Seven
  • After all you had Zen so you should be happy
  • You where of course grateful for Zens help but that was all you really wanted to see Seven
  • He had no idea why since again you could be with someone else then him after all you where so close with Zen
  • You where jokingly asking him if he is jealous he was a bit too strongly denying that
  • He was the one that made you work with Zen in the first place
  • You knew seven had so much other thinks to do Zen was nice but you rather had spend time with Seven
  • Zen is a good friend but nothing else after all.
  • You got quite angry at 707
  • Then he realizes how wrong he was you not like Zen in a romantic way
  • It is surprising to him relived about it so now he has to face the truth that he is actual really liking you
  • You notice how he is not as much pushing you back for some reason and so you decide its time take action
  • So you invite him over and he actual comes and finally thinks are moving foreward
  • it will take some time but eventualy he tells you how he feels

anonymous asked:

What about Underfell and Mafia!Tale main four with an SO who is having a bad day because their pronouns aren't being respected?



Yeah well, fuck them, alright? Who gives a shit about what they’ve got to say. You know who you are, & he knows who you are–& your friends know who you are, & that’s all that matters. He spends a lot of time just reminding you that people who don’t really care or respect you don’t ever matter in the long run, & that if you need someone to talk to, he’s got your back.


He’s caught between just telling you to forget about them because they’re not even worth your time, & wanting to hunt them down himself to give them a stern talking to. Their opinion shouldn’t even matter–you have others who will respect every aspect of your life, especially pronouns, so it’s better to just focus on them, instead of the ones who won’t!


Yeah? Well, she’s gonna give ‘em a piece of her mind (& several spears)–no good lowlifes think they can just get away with insulting her date-mate without gettin’ what’s coming to ‘em–like hell they are!! She’s so caught up on the idea of tracking down the people who upset you that it actually takes her a while to remember that you’re the one in need of consoling.


Hm. She’s very quiet for a long time, which is extremely out-of-character for her, so you know something’s up. All of a sudden she’s got something to do, & she doesn’t leave her lab for the next 3 or so hours. When she finally does come back out, her arms are packed with the tamest anime she could drudge out of her collection, along with some of her more “fancy” snacks, & she softly offers to share them with you to make up for your bad day.


Just forget about them, babe. They’re not worth the time of day, much less your respect. You know who you are–& isn’t that all that matters? If you’re still feeling down, he’ll take you out for a nice time at Grillby’s, where you’re sure to have a good time. At least you’ll be treated decently there.


Well, that is not very nice of them! You do not have to worry about that with him, though. But maybe if he were to have a nice little chat with them about it, they could come to an understanding about the situation? That’s only if you’re comfortable with it though. If not, then he’ll just do what he can to comfort you–mostly by offering to make you a “feel good” snack.


Yeah? Why don’t you do her a solid & point ‘em out, so’s she can have a little talk with them about the pros of respectin’ others personal lives? She’s only half-joking when she asks, & mostly works on getting a smile back on your face. If all else fails she’ll take you out for a night on the town, just the two of you.


That’s–that’s terrible! Well, they might need a–a lesson in respect then! She’s not very good at confronting people, but she’s got lots of “connections,” so maybe she could do something with that? Even if you ask her not to, there’s a good chance she’ll do a little something behind your back to get back at whoever’s been bothering you. Nothing too terrible, of course, & while she works on that, she makes sure to give you as much time & attention as you need to lift your spirits back up.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i love-
  • anybody thats spent five minutes around me ever: yes, you love taro yamada, we know, you love taro so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love taro yamada, we KNOW, you love taro you fucking love taro ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE TARO. WE GET IT.

Sassy horned owl and floating lettuces.