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happy birthday jaebum! may all of your wishes come true on your special day because you deserve the world. thank you for being an amazing leader, and i can’t wait to see you and got7 shine even brighter in 2017. i hope you continue to do what you love, and that you always stay happy and healthy. you mean everything to me and i love you so much. ♥


Mistakes were made. And worse is that you failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them after the initial breach. Now we have potentially dangerous individuals at large. Over 30 of them

And currently we only have budget to surveil one


Cirilla Fiona Ellen Riannon, heir to Nilfgaard’s throne, chose the life of a witcher, on the Path. Geralt taught her all he knew, every skill he possessed, then each set off on their own. Soon word of the ashen-haired witcheress had spread throughout the North, from the Yaruga to the mountains of Kovir.


Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune in Amour Eternal Visual Book
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