only mildly offensive

1. I think it’s likely that Tumblr “safe mode” blocking teen-friendly LGBT content is a poorly chosen/implemented filtering system, and not deliberate censorship.

2. I also think it’s inexcusable for @staff to not immediately respond when people are pointing this out.  A fix may take time to implement, but a post saying “we hear you, we didn’t want this, and we’re working on it” would be easy enough to make.

3. Making “safe mode” mandatory for users under 18 was a really, really bad idea.  If they wanted to introduce it as an optional experimental feature, then whatever, it’s only mildly offensive.  But rolling out their broken-at-best filter as mandatory because “think of the children!” was just a horrible idea.

Imagine a better neighbor?// Imagine Joji// Imagine Filthy Frank// Imagine Pink Guy. For anon <3

“The move toward realism began in Florence in the country of Italy…!” you try to speak loudly over all of the strange yelps and yelling coming from the apartment next to you. Room after room, you’ve tried moving but it’s just as loud in every room.

“Please just go ask them to keep it down, i really can’t think” Marina says, josh nodding in agreement. This was the worst study group session yet, and you’d tried Josh’s mothers house as well, she has eleven cats and the county was fixing the water main in the basement. The guy next door didn’t seem strange when you moved in… He had gotten in the way when you were bringing up some boxes, and caused you to drop them.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry i didn’t see you” He said, he had a very deep voice. You let him help you with a couple of boxes but he seemed nervous, and that made you nervous, so you told him you could handle it. The guy was cute, he had dark hair, and dark eyes. Slim body, and broad shoulders, as far as you could tell in the grey sweater he was wearing.

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