only making this because of the acting


The next day Danny and Silvia took a walk around the ruins near the hotel. He still felt her hesitation and in angered him to know that he could have easily avoided this. 

Danny: What do you want to do for the rest of the day, Love?

Silvia: I don’t know. Hang out with you. I missed you. 

Danny: Me too.

Silvia: Hey… what do you think is going to happen now that Lisanne was rejected. 

Danny: I don’t know what she is going to do but I’m severing my ties with her. 

Silvia: I’m sorry, because of me, your charity is going to go through hard times and because of me you didn’t get to meet the investor. If only I had not acted like that before your trip, things would have been okay.

Danny: If I hadn’t confronted Lisanne, she would have continued to say things to you to make you unhappy. She was trying to tear our family apart. Whether you came yesterday or not, I was going to sever my ties with her. You’re worth it. 

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Chanwoo has such a problem with people only biasing him out of pity. Oh poor Chawnoo no lines and bullied. Like unless he fits their narrative he's not worth stanning. It's starting with Donghyuk now too - people only stan him because he's pitiable. They act like ikonics don't love them because they don't bemoan how tragic their existence is. It's gross and needs to stop. Just because we treasure and celebrate dongchan's skills doesn't mean we dont care. Feeling sorry for someone isn't stanning.

I applaud you my friend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This is one of the truest asks I’ve ever received. I 💯 agree! Also the image they have of chanwoo and dong is so totally wrong. They make it look like they’d be two introverted kids who get bullied by their teammates and never say a word. Like? You sure you stan them? Dongchan is the most savage duo lmao. And they get along with people the fastest. They are open minded and super lively. They don’t need anyone’s pity. They’re two strong individuals who work hard and are able to talk for themselves, what they also do! Don’t start stanning them if all you feel for them is pity or worry tbh. Look more into them.

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Some Keith relationship headcanons with his s/o Hohoho i love keith so much!! If you can tell me also where is his favorite place to kiss his s/o i will draw it goddammit. Ps. I love your writing!!!❤❤

thank you so much! also, i’m so sorry if this took too long! i hope you still like it!

  • Keith isn’t naturally a romantic person like Lance and that means that he usually shies away from any kind of public affection. Still, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t appreciate a little hand-holding every once in a while, though he always still has to make sure that no one’s around to watch the two of you before he could even initiate the act.
  • Keith isn’t very fond of going outside for dates, though he would always be willing to accompany you whenever you invite him out. He tries to deny it by saying that the only reason he’s going with you is because he doesn’t want you in any danger, but deep down, he knows that he also likes spending time with you, despite being in a place he doesn’t feel much comfortable with.
  • Keith’s idea of a perfect date includes the two of you being at home and being lazy together, watching films or television shows for hours, or just doing nothing at all. He just likes feeling comfortable with you and he knows that he trusts you enough to show you his vulnerable side.
  • He has a tendency to mumble something romantic in his sleep, something he could never do while he’s sombre and awake. There was once an instance when he’d told you how much you mean to him, and how much you make him happy, and while you’d initially thought him to be awake and venting his feelings out, it turned out that he was actually still very much asleep.
  • When he kisses you, he’s all gentle and careful, almost as though he’s afraid you would break the moment he touches you. Despite you reminding him that you’re actually stronger than you look and could handle things that are a little difficult for other person, he’s always still tender with you, treating you as though you’re a treasure. He also has a soft spot for your neck, and it’s usually his favourite spot to lavish kisses on. He likes it because it’s the most sensitive part of you, the most fragile, and he likes the fact that he’s the one who could exploit that vulnerability.
  • TLDR: While he isn’t exactly the romantic type, Keith is always trying his hardest to be a better boyfriend. Sure, he is not the most affectionate person out there, but that doesn’t mean he’s not completely against any affection at all. And besides, he’s almost always willing to accompany you wherever you go, despite it being against his will, just so he could make sure that you’re safe and happy. He also likes spending time with you, but he would rather keep that thought to himself instead.

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Tuafw your professor is having the class replicate some Historic Important sound art piece, that involves five radios playing at once plus someone reading the newspaper, all the volumes going up and down and shutting off at unpredictable times, and your ears start to feel all Wrong pretty quick but you stay as long as you think you can manage but have to leave eventually and you probably stayed too long because you only barely managed to stop yourself giving yourself a concussion (1/2)

Against the wall in the hallway when even that wasn’t silent enough. And you make your bracelets like you usually do in class and when it’s over you ask the professor to never do that again and give a bracelet to someone who was complimenting them and no one acts like anything is wrong because apparently only a couple of them actually enjoyed it. But you can’t talk at all on the bus home and even after an hour with your head under a pillow the world still seems too Loud. (2/2) -🐉🌊



LIKE EITHER LANCES PARENTS DIED WHEN HE WAS YOUNG (OR WERE MURDERED) AND ALFOR TOOK OVER AS ‘ACTING KING’ ONLY TO PUSH LANCE TO THE SIDE OR LIKE MAKE IT SEEM HE WAS DEAD OR MISSING AND ANNOUCED ALLURA AS THE HEIR  (and lance was too young to remember he’s the rightful heir until someone [zarkon? coran?] tells him straight up that he’s the prince, maybe zarkon was trying to start a civil war to weaken the alteans, maybe coran thought what alfor did was wrong)

OR ALFOR OVERTOOK LANCE’S PARENTS EITHER BECAUSE THEY WERE EVIL OR FOR THE POWER (i mean this guy was friends with zarkon, they must’ve had something in common also he literally creates the universes strongest weapon, WHY?

WHATEVER THE REASON LANCE IS THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE THRONE BUT HAD IT STOLEN FROM HIM and allura doesn’t know because she too was too young to remember the previous king and queen


If you didn’t read the books you wouldn’t know…

Draco Malfoy personally made the Potter stinks buttons and nobody could fix them to say Harry was cool and shit, if they tried it would only make the insults worse
You wouldn’t know Draco Malfoy was always right behind Hermione in grades
You wouldn’t know Draco was seriously the most animated person at school and acted out everything.
You wouldn’t know Draco got deeply offended when people didn’t laugh at his jokes
You wouldn’t now Draco created the Weasley is our King song, tune and all. (Probably in the shower or something because he’s such a weenie)
You wouldn’t know Draco and Ron got into a fist fight in their first year
You wouldn’t know about the huge knock down drag out between Draco, Harry and the rest of the Slytherin and Gryffindor quidditch team in their fifth year. (Harry  and Draco just fucking tackle each other rand start whooping each others asses and it’s amazing.)
You would miss out on basically everything Draco says and does. He’s a walking gold mind and It’s upsetting the movies didn’t devote a few seconds for any of his shit (Azkaban did an okay job)
You wouldn’t know about the Weasley is our king buttons he made in fifth year either
You wouldn’t know Draco didn’t actually try and fight a Hippogriff he was just petting him and offhandedly said that he was ugly. He didn’t sprint over to him, he actually did all the bowing and what not.
If you didn’t read the books you wouldn’t know that Draco is the most annoyingly smart and artistic little shit you’ve ever heard of.


“And don’t attempt to break me out.”


because im pissed yall need to stop:

1) requesting other members when namjoon does vlive

2) making fun of his looks. its not funny its fucking hurtful. hes a human too damn

3) calling him fake deep when his thoughts are valid? and inspirational? and he only says it to help us? because he loves us you snakes???

4) bringing up namjoon’s past mistakes and being unwilling to forgive them. acknowledge they exist? yes. act like he hasnt grown a ton? shut your dumbass up. guess who wrote your fav bts feminist anthem 21st century girls? ill give you one guess. but yall stay talking about how hes sexist and racist like he hasnt shown his remorse and how hes worked on bettering himself

5) say namjoon shouldn’t be in bts. actually if you’re saying this pls leave army because you are one fake ass hoe. also this is funny as shit bc if namjoon wasnt in bts bts WOULD NOT EXIST. he was the inspiration for bts its because of his talent that bang pd was like “wow i should make a hiphop group with him in the center”.

6) say namjoon shouldn’t be leader. if you think this dont even talk to me. actually nevermind do message me and ill set you straight real fast

7) ignoring his mixtape. we all came together and religiously viewed agust d. but somehow do you (actual masterpiece ok) is sitting at 5mil after nearly 2 years?

8) sleep on his talent. it kills me how kpop listeners will stan a rapper and all of a sudden they’re connoisseurs of rap. trust me when i say: namjoon is a genius and namjoon is in the top tier of kpop rappers. if you’re confused, message me

this has been a psa. comment what army should stop doing to namjoon. lets make an angry namjoon love thread lol

Can we take a moment to talk about the importance of this hug?

Because it’s cute, of course, but it’s not just that.

In a way, it’s extremely domestic, and that’s partly what makes it so important.

If you think about it, before we’ve only seen Yuuri and Victor hug during competitions (or at the airport, over which I am still crying because it was so beautiful), and if you really wanted to, you could wave it off as just “acting on impulse” or “on spur of heightened emotions at the moment”.

But that’s not the case here.

They are both in Hasetsu, and they may be before a huge competition, but right now they’re still calm and trying to decide the changes in Yuuri’s program. No heightened emotions whatsoever. And yet, Victor just joyfully jumps into Yuuri’s arms just because he’s happy and he feels like it.

What’s even better is Yuuri’s reaction - he simply takes him in, wraps his arms around his back and smiles. And what’s also worth noting is that this isn’t their typical head-over-the-shoulder hug. Their foreheads (maybe even their noses) are touching, and Victor has his palm gently pressed to the back of Yuuri’s head.

It’s so simple but it illustrates their love so well.

Because this isn’t platonic - it’s a window into their daily life in Hasetsu, showing us how close they are, even when, you could say ‘there’s no need for it’.

They don’t need a ‘reason’ to be up close and intimate.

They’re in love and it shows, even without the wedding rings or their stating it out loud.

And I think that’s both, beautiful and important.

When you stop to think about it,we only have one life to live. Just one. We don’t get any second chances or retries.  There is no reset button. But yet, people act like they will live forever. Like they have until the end of eternity to make poor decisions.  To hate. To show bitterness. Live each day like it may be your last on earth, because believe it or not, that day will come.  Love and cherish each and every thing that surrounds you, make good decisions, and once that last moment comes, you’ll have no regrets.
I just need to get this off my chest

People who are calling Yurio a homophobe after ep 7 don’t understand this character and his motivations at all.

Yurio has been mad at Victor and jealous of Yuuri since day fucking one, and for good reason, I might add. Victor forgot his promise to this kid who idolised him and instead of apologising properly, acted flippant about it while taking on a different skater (and a failure in Yurio’s eyes) as his student. That has got to hurt, and now Yurio is reminded of this fact every time he sees Yuuri thriving under Victor’s tutelage (not least because of the actual headlines his improvement is making), as well as their growing friendship/romance. Of fucking course Yurio is not gonna stand up in goddamn ovation when Victor kisses Yuuri after Yuuri’s performance, where he not only won over the commentators and the entire audience, but also had the audacity to change his original choreography to entail Victor’s signature flip, something that Yurio must have taken as a thorough fuck-you from him (even if Yuuri didn’t mean it that way, which I don’t think he did).

And while we’re at it, his reaction in this episode isn’t very different from earlier reactions he’s had at all. He’s always salty and annoyed with the two of them, what’s fucking new? It had zilch to do with the kiss itself, and y'all are being ridiculous, honestly.

Just, please try to understand these characters and the dynamics between them a little better, for everyone’s sake.

Signs NOT likely to make the first move

Gemini - their flirty attitude is a part of their personality, but when they do like someone they can be very unsure of what to do, what to feel and all in all afraid to fall in love and commit, not only because of the possibility of boredom in the relationship but their own freedom

Virgo - they are never sure if someone likes them back so they would wait forever for the other person to show(in a very obvious way) that they like them. But no, they will act like a friend even if they are head over heels for you.

Scorpio - although described as very persuasive, they are scared of feelings and would never admit them untill you have their full trust. They are scared to be in love because of their fear of betrayal and aren’t likely to tell you they like you,

Capricorn - very restricted in a lot of areas in their life including love, so if they think you won’t be worth it for the long term they probably won’t initiate anything. 

Aquarius- just like the other air signs they can be flirtacious, but in a charming and not romantic way( you could call it being kind and friendly). if they like you, they could make it obvious but don’t expect a date soon because they might have changed their mind

Look at Venus and Mars signs (maybe Moon).

Notes on Function Maturity

Immature Si: I only seek details that make me comfortable while ignoring or downplaying important details that might require me to change course
Mature Si: I prepare myself to perform well by methodically learning and attending to every new or significant detail that each situation brings

Immature Ni: I believe I know how the world works though I can’t see myself accurately and don’t know how to live my own life meaningfully
Mature Ni: I make positive progress because I possess a deep and meaningful vision of who I should be and what I contribute to the world

Immature Ti: I follow my own rules and principles without really understanding exactly how my actions influence the world at large
Mature Ti: I seek precise knowledge of what impact my thoughts/behaviors produce so as to act coherently without harm, bias, or hypocrisy

Immature Fi: I can only see as far as my own values and suffering so I can’t formulate a factual and objective understanding of the world at large
Mature Fi: I seek deep understanding of human experience in order to act with integrity and work to prevent/alleviate suffering for myself and others

Immature Se: I simply react as circumstances dictate without enough consideration for whether the direction is the right one to take
Mature Se: I seek out new/positive learning experiences and fully appreciate that the unexpected can teach me to be more adaptable to life’s changes

Immature Ne: My mind is unable to conceptualize the best ideas or grasp the most promising opportunities for making progress in life
Mature Ne: I am confident in making continual progress because I can work out many viable paths to approach any situation or difficult problem

Immature Te: I utilize power to shape the world into what I want it to be and fail to realize that my actions do not produce universally positive results
Mature Te: I utilize my strengths to get positive results for all and work to improve my weaknesses so as to minimize negative or harmful behaviors

Immature Fe: I only care about others in terms of how they affect me and fail to treat them as individuals with their own unique needs/experiences
Mature Fe: I can see other people objectively and separately from myself and respond to their needs appropriately and compassionately

Okay so I know that episode 9 is right around the corner but I just want to talk about one more thing from episode 8. Specifically, this line:

I feel like it rubbed many people the wrong way and gave many of us the wrong impression. I think that a lot of people might have interpreted it as Yuuri basically saying that the tie-pull and everything that he does/thinks while skating Eros is just a performance, that it’s just acting, that it’s not real, and I would understand why it would make people angry.

But thanks to @juicy-shuu I noticed a new side to this line. Because let’s look at the context of this scene here: a moment earlier Victor is showing off to his fans and waving to the crowd – he’s not even looking at Yuuri, much less focusing on him. I think a much more plausible interpretation of the line is “The performance has begun, so from now on, you only get to keep your eyes on me.” (Think of it as an extension of ‘Don’t ever take your eyes off me’ from episode 6.)

And honestly? This makes way more sense than the idea that Yuuri is just pretending to be seducing Victor in his Eros program, because believe it or not, you don’t get extra points in figure skating for being gay. There is absolutely nothing he could gain from just acting all the things he says and does, including the kiss he blows at Victor.

The line doesn’t dismiss their relationship and what Yuuri does during his programs, in fact, it reinforces it. Add to it the line “I’ll show my love to the whole of Russia” and it’s hard to argue that what Yuuri says here is anything but romantic/sexual love. Also, notice how it’s no longer about ‘seducing’ anymore, and now it’s about ‘love’? In essence, all of this is a way of showing the viewer how far these two have come.

Not to mention that Victor was always an essential part of the Eros performance – he’s the person that Yuuri dedicates the program to, the one that helps him focus and draw his sexuality out onto the ice. It’s Victor’s attention, the fact that he’s watching, that’s spurring Yuuri on here. And he wants Victor to see as he flaunts his love in front of all of Russia. All this does is reaffirm their romantic/sexual relationship, albeit in a subtler way than just saying “I love you” or something similar.

So yes. That line (and the tie pulling) isn’t just teasing and is in fact a rather explicit way of showing the current status of their relationship. Anyone feel the same?

can we please stop acting like abuse only happens in romantic or familial relationships? platonic relationships can be incredibly toxic and unhealthy, and just because you’re strictly friends with someone doesn’t mean they can’t abuse you.

  • if your friend hits you, for whatever reason, they are abusive.
  • if your friend makes you do whatever they want and makes you feel guilty for trying to give your opinion, they are abusive.
  • if your friend makes you feel bad for trying to talk to them about your feelings, they are abusive.
  • if your friend tells you that you’re stupid, ugly, worthless, ect., they are abusive.
  • if your friend gets mad at you for hanging out with people they don’t like, they are abusive.
  • if your friend tries to make you feel guilty for cancelling plans when you had a legitimate reason (like health issues, homework, family drama, ect.), they are abusive.
  • if your friend pressures you to do things that you aren’t comfortable with, they are abusive.
  • if your friend purposely makes you feel bad about yourself or makes you feel guilty for the things you like and do, they are abusive.
  • if your friend touches you in a sexual or sensual way without your consent, they are abusive. even if they do it “jokingly.” even if you’re both straight members of the same gender. and especially if they keep doing it after you make it clear that you’re uncomfortable. (this is a big one)

keep an eye out for red flags in your platonic relationships just like you would in a romantic relationship. if you have a friend who does any of the things on this list, please talk to them about it. let them know that their behavior is hurting you and is not okay. and if they don’t get better, cut them out of your life. letting go of toxic people is an act of self care, and you are not selfish or cruel for cutting ties with someone who hurts you. 

the reason people like reaction videos is because it’s some of the same thrill of showing a friend a funny video and wanting to see if they think it’s funny too.

the reason we do this is because when we see other people laughing, the empathetic part of your brain makes us want to laugh too, sort of like how you yawn when you see other people yawn. the release of dopamine that the laughter causes gets us closer to the same amount of excitement we had when we first saw the video, like watching for the first time again.

reactors usually try to act really personable and friendly so we can establish that friendship-connection, if only artificially, for the duration of the video.

so shut up and let me watch my reaction videos in peace, i dont have any friends and it’s a guilty pleasure.

Haikyuu!! Valentine's Day HCs
  • <p> <b>KageHina:</b> Hinata tries and fails to make an aesthetically pleasing chocolate for Kageyama. He's in tears as he gives it to Kageyama because it looks so strange, but Kageyama honestly only cares about how amazing the chocolate tastes. Hinata kisses Kageyama using the excuse that he wanted to taste his own chocolate.<p/><b>AsaNoya:</b> Nishinoya takes Asahi to a dinner date, wearing a sophisticated suit. He keeps trying to act cute in front of Asahi to make him all flustered, and believe me, it works. Little kids in the restaurant start to ask them what sort of relationship they have, and Asahi pulls out a cute ring saying, "He's my beautiful husband!" Nishinoya almost short-circuits.<p/><b>DaiSuga:</b> Suga makes chocolates for everybody in the team, but he has a special one just for Daichi. He keeps telling Daichi terrible puns "I'll be your Suga cube" and Daichi just sighs at him. Suga purposefully leaves chocolate on his cheek so that Daichi can kiss him. Mama is very crafty.<p/><b>TsukkiYama:</b> They go shopping together and Yamaguchi won't stop with the public displays of affection. Tsukishima is embarrassed at first, but he eventually goes along with it. Yamaguchi takes Tsukishima to the CD shop where they pick out albums and headphones for each other, before they exchange chocolates. Yamaguchi won't stop telling Tsukishima how cool he is, which leads to a very red-faced Tsukki.<p/><b>IwaOi:</b> Neither of them knew where to go so Oikawa just invites himself to Iwaizumi's place. Oikawa's chocolates look so perfect that Iwaizumi suspects that he bought them and didn't make them by hand, which leads to Oikawa pouting at him. Iwaizumi tells him he's trying way too hard to be cute, but kisses him anyway.<p/><b>YakuLev:</b> Lev drags Yaku to the amusement park and points to height limits just to piss him off. He tries not to go on too many scary rides, but he doesn't try hard enough and he ends up giving Yaku a piggyback. Lev takes Yaku to his house and feeds him his mother's warm Borscht and his handmade chocolates. His kisses tasted like beetroot because of this.<p/><b>UkaTake:</b> Ukai brings Takeda to watch a romantic movie, except that it wasn't really a romantic movie. At all. In fact, was Tarzan because there was a mistake with the tickets. Takeda still enjoys the movie, though. Takeda gives Ukai the ear piercing accessory he wanted and they go to a chocolate café to eat.<p/><b>HanaMatsu:</b> Matsukawa gives Hanamaki shop-bought profiteroles, because he attempted to make some at home and his mother banned him from the kitchen for the next three months after that. They both have a movie marathon at Matsukawa's house while snacking on the profiteroles, and have a dance-off to Disney songs.<p/><b>BokuAka:</b> Akaashi has been dropping hints that he wants to go on a date with Bokuto, but he completely forgets about the fact that it's Valentine's Day until Akaashi reminds him casually. Bokuto starts to panic because he feels like it's his job to make Akaashi happy, and literally every place they can think of is fully booked. They settle on taking a walk through nature while talking about how much they love each other.<p/><b>KuroKen:</b> Kuroo has everything planned out to perfection. They start off the day by riding a hot-air balloon, which was surprisingly well-liked by Kenma. They go on a small shopping spree and before Kenma gets tired, Kuroo takes him home and the two chill out at each other's houses for the rest of the day. Lots of affectionate bodily contact and hugs, mostly initiated by Kuroo.<p/></p>

Why do people make out Will Solace to be this sunshiny optimistic character like just li s ten-

This boy has probably had people die in his arms, he’s probably been the only person there when multiple demigods died. He deals with severed limbs and gushing wounds every. single. day.

He has canonically stated he acts calm for the sake of others.

You’re actually going to try to convince me the boy that practically had a mid life crisis when he was like 15 because a cute guy didn’t visit him in the infirmary is a ball of sunshine??

Will Solace is legit about to fall apart from stress at any given moment alrigjt
Some fandom things I want people to leave in 2016
  • Nonblack people lecturing me (or any other Black person) about antiblack racism and erasure in fandom – if you experience fandom differently as a NBPOC and think it’s not possible for fandom to be racist, at the very least, make your own post and stop derailing ours. 
  • Claiming that fandom as a “safe space for female sexual exploration” excuses outright racism and misogyny that permeates fandom 
  • Acting like critique of fandom (especially slash shipping fandoms) equals the OP saying “slash shipping is BAD”
  • Forcing people to disclose their trauma in order to validate their shipping or critique of shipping - seriously, that’s none of ANYONE’s business and i’ve seen too many people disclose their trauma because they felt pressured, only to have their experiences dismissed
  • Stalking people in fandom.
  • For the love of god. Stop stalking people and harassing them because you feel you’re right and they’re gross. Whether or not you’re morally right, that is still stressful behavior and you will figure it out once the adrenaline wears off and you wind up PANICKING. Just block people, report them if you feel they’re doing something illegal and/or against site TOS, and move forward. Your therapist will be proud of you for not engaging. Trust me.
  • Hux
  • Can we please leave everyone’s favorite red-haired Space N@zi behind when 2017 starts? At least Kylo is an actual important character… Hux is basically a minion who will hopefully die in the next film.
  • C@ptive Prince fans explaining why the slavery in their favorite work of fiction isn’t even remotely the same as chattel slavery (except… it is) to Black people. 
  • Just stop explaining shit (about racism, about antiblackness, about slavery) to Black people. Rarely do we ask and rarely are y’all right.
  • Demanding that people of color educate you for free. Toss us some money, buy us shit off our wishlists. But please, don’t assume that educating you is our job.