only love could heal our brokenness quotes

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il mio stato whatsapp:"Silenziosi si nasce o si diventa?."

Oh bello! Il mio è “ "At the end we are all humans…drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.” F. Scott Fitzgerald “😁 grazie mille🌹❤ scrivetemi il vostro stato whazzy se vi va^-&

Entry 6 (TFIOS) Feelings + Doubts + Opinions

At the end Gus died. I think it was better for him to die than that he continued living suffering, but Hazel was left devastated and that was not ok. I think that at the end Hazel gave Gus everything she had just because she was in love and also because she felt safe around him but we can not be humans who only depend in one person. I would like to quote of F. Scott Fitzgerald “And in the end, we were all just humans… Drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.” I think this is a 100% real. Hazel never got confidence until she met him and that’s great because sometimes you need someone who supports you, but what happens after with her if he just left. We notice she was devastated and in the end I just wonder (if now that life has taken her motivation of a worthy life) if she is going back to her “I’m not enough” thoughts because in the beginning she thinks too much and feel so little because Gus was the only one avoiding her own destruction. Now that he will never come back I’m just struggling because Hazel will go back to her.
I loved The Fault in Our Stars but sometimes it was hard for me to get really involved. It might be mean but I don’t really feel that just  because you have a disease you have to be more sympathetic towards that person. I mean, fuck cancer not only because of that you can getting to the book because Will have problems and that just because you have a decision cannot be sympathetic. It was also hard to get into the novels because John Green is such a bad writer that you have to force yourself to read like seven pages to finally get to an interesting moment or a good quote and after that it’s another seven pages of just bullshit.