only just seen these photos


 after my saturday  night publi,
I  had questions about my nude painting . 
   i like painting from your request
and yes
   i can keep you anonymous in the publi .

I would like to clarify my opinion !
    i like painting nude women.
 Because the difficulties  of painting bodys
are compensated by the pleasure of painting them.
It’s fun to dress you up with my colors.

how can you pose ? 
i  dream   that the pose comes from you,
a kind of selfie  to be  translated in a painting. 
where you decide, how you want to be seen
not a special pose, just your gift .

only send me the photo in a message with a text

have a good day .. 

I genuinely wish there was some way to get rid of the fics you’ve already read / don’t want to read while scrolling through a certain tag. I fucking hate it when I’m trying to find some new fics I haven’t read, but I’ve got to scroll through a thousand fics I don’t want to read / have already read / have no business being in that tag.


* Hey everyone!! So ever since the last Disney week on DWTS I have been wanting to write a small OneShot based off of Val and Sharna’s cuteness together. I mean Sharna definitely didn’t need to caress Val’s face in the middle of the dance, but she did and it made me fall in love with them again. I swear.

So here is my version of a Disney week at DWTS with the Stars but more into the future, like two years from now. I hope you all enjoy!*

Sharna walked into the hair and makeup trailer sighing as she sat down in one of the seats.

“What’s wrong babe?” Lindsay said noticing how stressed on of her close friends seemed to be from the seat next to her.

Sharna lifted her head giving her friend a small smile as one of the professionals started to curl her hair into big curls.

“I’m just worried about tonight.” Sharna said looking down at her hands, “Babe why are you nervous? I seen your dance in rehearsals it was amazing!” Lindsay said looking over at Sharna who was still paying attention to her hands.

Sharna now looked over at Lindsay smiling “Thank you, babe. I’m not worried about the dance it’s about bringing the baby on the show tonight. I guess my motherly instincts are overboard today.” Sharna said turning away from Lindsay so the hair dresser could finish Sharna’s curls.

Lindsay smiled reaching over grabbing her friends right hand “Babe, everything will be okay. I mean you have all of us, and Val. I’m sure if you don’t feel like you want to show Sky to the world val won’t either.”

Sharna nodded squeezing Lindsay’s left hand “Your right, I just I’m nervous. I mean the world has only ever seen one photo of her and she almost four months old. I just feel the need to protect her with everything in me and I know Val feels that way to.”

“Well whatever you decide we are all here for you. We love you.” Lindsay said standing up from her seat walking closer to Sharna hugging her tightly “It’ll be okay.”

Sharna laughed “I know. Thank you for the Pep talk Linz, you always give the greatest ones.” Lindsay laughed before leaving the trailer.

Thirty minutes later Sharna was all done with her hair and make up, so she quickly thanked everyone before leaving for her trailer where she was hoping she would fine her three month old baby girl and her husband.

She opened her trailer door, walking in only to be run into by her littlest buddy Shai.

“Auntie Sha-Na!” He said holding his arms up for her to pick him up.

“Hey bubbie” Sharna said while picking him up and cuddling him close while she looked around the room only noticing Maks.

Maks smiled at them sitting on the couch “Hey Shar.”

“Hey where is everyone. Where is Sky?” She asked as she started to worry as to where her husband and daughter were, plus the show was starting in less than thirty minutes.

“Well she just finished drinking the bottle you had made her earlier. So knowingVal and Peta, they are getting her dressed and more than likely taking a ton of photos.” Maks said laughing, Sharna smiled nodding before Shai spoke.

“Auntie Sha-Na, Sky Sky is getting dwessed. She a Pwincess!” Sharna giggled cuddling her little buddy closer to her kissing his cheek making him squeal.

“She is a princess isn’t she?” Sharna asked placing Shai back onto the floor as he ran back to his father.

“I’m going to go check on them.” She said with a big cheesy smile on her face, as she walked past Maks and Shai. She opened the door the lead into tiny area that had another couch and tv and a little table.

Val heard the door opening, he turned noticing that it was his wife walking through the door.

“Love, I’ve missed you.” Val said smiling turning to Sharna as she walked straight into his arms.

“I’ve missed you too.” Sharna said burying herself into his shoulder, Val gently rubbed her back in circles sensing that she was stressed about something.

“You okay love?” Val asked bringing his wife’s face his shoulder holding her face gently in his hands. Sharna nodded as Val gently caressed her face hoping that he wasn’t ruining her makeup.

“I’ll be fine, where’s my littlest love at?” She asked looking over Val’s shoulder where Skylar was sleeping in her bassinet that they had brought for their trailer.

She smiled widely when she had seen what Val and Peta managed to put her in. “Oh my goodness. She is far too sweet.” Sharna said picking up her sleeping baby cuddling her as close as possible.

Sharna sat down with Skylar watching as Val sat down next to them. “I can’t believe we made her.” Sharna said quietly, looking over at her husband who was just as in awe as Sharna was.

“I can’t either, she’s perfect.” Sharna nodded leaning over and kissing Val’s lips gently.

She sighed pulling away sighing as she did so, once again Val noticed. “Love are you sure you okay, because you seem extremely nervous.”

“Honestly V, I’m terrified about tonight. Do you think this is the right thing to do?” She asked looking down at her mini me as Peta referred to Sky as Sharna’s mini.

“Baby, everything will be just fine. We have our family here with us. Do you want to do this? I just want to make sure this is what you want. I mean there’s already one photo they seen of her.” Val said wrapping his arm around his wife.

Sharna looked at him nodding “I know your right, she’ll be fine. It’s just my motherly instincts I guess.” She said bring Skylar up to kiss her cheek, Val leaned over pressing a kiss to his wife’s temple and then to Skylar’s forehead.

“Are you sure your okay with this?” Val asked his wife as she nodded yes. “Yes I’ll be fine, plus Sky has you as a daddy. And like her shirt says your her prince and I know you’ll protect her for as long as you can.”

Val smiled listening to his wife as she spoke “Your right, I will protect our daughter with everything I have, just like I’ll protect you with everything in me.” Sharna smiled leaning back over to capture her husbands lips.

“We don’t deserve you.” Sharna said pulling her lips away from her husband. Val shook his head no “That’s where your super wrong because if anything, I don’t deserve the two of you. I’m so grateful that your my wife and queen and Skylar is my daughter and princess.”

Val pressed another kiss to his wife’s lips before Peta knocked on the door, Peta walked in smiling “Sorry to disturb you, but show starts in fifteen. So we got to go.” She said standing there as both Val and Sharna stood up.

Sharna handed Val Skylar before Sharna walked over to Peta hugging her best friend tightly.

“Thank you babe.” She said hugging Peta tightly “For what?” Peta asked pulling away from Sharna with a confused look on her face.

“Just for being here, being a friend. Also for being the best auntie/ Godmother ever to put little princess.” Sharna said as Peta hugged her once again “Of course I’d doing anything for all of you especially that little princess.”

“Hey what about me?” Val asked walking over to the two women, Sharna turned around towards her husband laughing.

“Are you feeling left out?” Val nodded trying not to laugh “Kinda of.”

“Your such a loser!” Peta said turning back around towards her husband and son. “Thanks P.” Val said laughing walking out behind the women and Maks who had Shai up on his shoulders.

Val grabbed Skylar’s baby blanket, tossing it over her as he walked out of their trailer. One it was to hide her face from the flashes of any paps as they walked to the studio. Two it was a little bit cold out so it also keep Skylar warm as she snuggled into her father chest still sleeping.

        As soon as they entered the studio, they all headed to the red room where they met with all of the other dancers. That’s where Sharna’s mom Lucy was waiting at for them.

        Sharna smiled noticing her mom was there, she ran in her direction wrapping her mother up in her arms hugging her tightly. “Hi momma.”

         “Hi baby.” Lucy said kissing her daughter’s cheek as she stepped back as Val stepped hugging his mother-in-law.

      “Woo, i’m glad you make it tonight. We’ve missed you, even if has only been a day or two."  Lucy laughed hugging Val before holding her arms out for her granddaughter. "Let me see this princess.”

        Val handed a still sleeping Skylar to her grandma, “Oh my goodness, grandma missed her too much.” Lucy said smiling as she cuddle Skylar in her arms.

         A moment later a producer came over grabbing Val and Sharna’s attention “Hi, you two better head towards the stage.” Val nodded kissing his daughter’s forehead “Love you princess.”

          Sharna did the same, before grabbing Val’s hand as the walked backstage towards the stage.

        Before they went to their partners Val stopped them holding onto his wife’s hands “Hey I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight. You look like a Queen.”

          Sharna blushed as Val kissed her right cheek “You look handsome tonight as well and You look like a King.” Val smiled pulling Sharna closer to him bringing her in for a gentle kiss.

          Val pulled back grabbing her hand before they found their partners and went their own ways waiting for the opening number to start. 

         As the opening number started Val had danced with Sharna as the dance ended Val brought her in closer to him kissing her temple. “Lets kill it tonight for our princess.” Sharna nodded smiling “Yea for our princess.”

Val had just finished dancing the quickstep with His partner, after getting the result he walked over to where Lucy was at holding baby Skylar who was now wide awake.

“Hi Princess” Val said smiling at his baby girl who cooed back at him. “Thank you Lucy for being here tonight. It really means at lot to Sharna.” Val said as Lucy passed off Skylar to him.

“Of course Val, I know this an important moment for the both of you.” She said holding onto one of Skylar tiny feet as she talked to her making her smile. Val smiled watching as his daughter smiled at her Grandma.

“It really is.” Val said before he saw Sharna’s red hair “Wish me Luck.” Sharna said hugging her mother and kissing her baby girls forehead.

“I love you” “I love you too” Val said kissing his wife before she walked towards the stage. Her dance being the next one, she had the jive which she was beyond excited about.

Val and Lucy talked more about everything, Val really loved his mother-in-law. Then they watched together as Sharna and her partner danced the jive to a song from Disney’s Tangled.

“Look Princess, there’s your momma!” Val said holding Skylar pointing towards the tv. Lucy smiled as the dance finished along with val. “That’s was fantastic!” Lucy said clapping along with the audience.

“It was amazing, right Princess?” Val said holding Skylar up kissing all over her face making her squeal in delight. Val brought her back down his arms watching as Sharna and her partner Tyler came running up the stairs their scores.

Val walked over behind the camera smiling at Sharna with Sky in his arms.

“That dance was amazing you two!” Erin said quickly knowing that they wanted to introduce baby Skylar to the world. “Thank you!” They both said, “Alright, let’s get your scores.”

“9,9,10,10” “ahh!” Sharna yelled as she hugged her partner quickly before turning back towards Erin “Congrats on those scores!”

“Okay before you both leave, a little bird told me that we get to introduce the world to someone new tonight! I’m so excited!”

Sharna smiled nodding at Erin, “Well Val and I figured it was time to show everyone our little princess, since it is Disney night. So come here babe.” Sharna said watching as Val walked over in front of the camera with Skylar in his arms.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t even! She’s so precious!” Erin said as Val held onto his baby girl who was now smiling up at her momma. “So everyone this is Skylar May Chmerkovskiy. She is almost four months old. She’s definitely our princess.”

Erin smiled making funny faces at Skylar getting a tiny baby laugh from her making everyone else laugh with her. “Wait before we go can we see her outfit! Because gosh darn it she is too cute!”

Val laughed holding Skylar while Sharna read what her pink onesie said. “It says "I Found My Prince His Name Is daddy.” Everyone in the audience “awed” Erin smiled before turning back towards the camera.

“Okay we will be right back, so don’t go anywhere!” She said as the camera turned off and Val hugged his wife tightly.

“See Love, we did it!” Val said making Sharna smile as she kissed him bouncing their baby girl in her arms.

“We did and I couldn’t be happier!” Sharna said before she felt someone running into her legs noticing that it was Shai with Maks and Peta right on his toes.

“Shai, baby be careful!” Peta said picking up her son and placing him on her hip, “Momma, I want to hug Sky Sky!”

“Okay,” peta said letting Shai place a gently kiss onto his cousins forehead before placing his arms around her “Okay baby gentle.” Peta said smiling as she watched Shai pull back from hugging Skylar which made everyone “awe” that could see them.

“Pwincess, Sky Sky!” Shai said leaning into Peta’s shoulder , Peta kissed his forehead as she noticed Val and Maks walk away leaving them the babies.

“I bet you if Sky could talk, she would tell everyone, that your a prince!” Sharna said leaning over with Skylar happily in her arms, to place a gentle kiss to her nephew/ Godsons forehead.

“Weally? I a pwince?” Shai questioned at towards his aunt, Sharna nodded “Of course your prince!” Shai smiled burying himself into his mothers arms, Peta kissed his temple as he cuddled close.

“Babe, you did amazing!” “So did you!” Sharna said making Peta laugh. “Thank you! But I mean introducing your baby girl to the world.” Sharna smiled down at Skylar kissing her cheek multiple times making her giggle.

“I was really nervous, but I think we made the best decision! I’m just really happy!” Peta smiled watching her best friend, she was so happy for Sharna and Val! What way a to introduce their little baby girl to world. On Dancing With The Stars on Disney night. She couldn’t imagine a better way for them to have done that.

“I’m so happy for you guys! I think it was the best way possible!” Sharna nodded before seeing her husband and mom laughing at something.

“Me too, I’m going to go talk to my mom. I love you both.” Sharna said kissing the top of Shai’s head and kissing peta’s cheek before walking over to Val and her mother.

Lucy immediately wrapped her daughter in a hug “You were amazing!” “Thank you momma!” Sharna said as her mom kissed her forehead. Val gently picked up Skylar from his wife’s arms cuddling her as close as possible.

Sharna was lost in her thoughts watching her husband and daughter together. Lucy whispered into her daughter’s ear “I think overprotective daddy is coming in full force now.”

Sharna smiled giggling as she nodded “Your so right, but that’s okay he’ll do anything to keep his princess safe.” Sharna said hugging her mother tightly as the both watched Val making Skylar smile and giggle.

A few moments later Lucy walked away from them to find the restroom leaving them alone with Sky. Sharna walked over to them kissing Val “What was that for?” He questioned looking at Sharna who was all smiley.

“Your just an amazing daddy and husband so I figured a kiss would be a good way to show you.” She said as Val smiled kissing her back.

“Well your the greatest Momma and wife in the world. So I figured I’d show you by kissing you.” Sharna laughed smiling down at their baby girl. “I still can’t believe we made her.”

Val laughed kissing his wife’s temple, “I can’t either, but we’ve been blessed with the best princess.” “Yes we have!” Sharna said smiling, even though she was beyond scared at first.

She realized that this was the best decision and she couldn’t be anymore happier even if she tried. “Best day ever!” She thought to herself as she made faces towards Skylar making the baby girls laughter fill the red room. Today made Disney week the best week ever at Dancing With The Stars.

*Yay!! I loved writing this OneShot! It’s probably my personal favorite one that I’ve ever written! Please leave comments, I love reading everyone’s opinions! Thank you for all the love and support!- Tori*

Blood in the Water (You x EXO Kai) [Star Wars!au] PART 2

I’m back with part 2 of the Star Wars scenario! I’m not 100% sure where it’s going to be honest, but we’re going to roll with it! You can read part 1 here if you missed it! 

[RATED: for language and situation!]


“Sorry I got you into this, Baek.”

You swallow hard as the entire subway tunnel clears out, leaving only the two of you, an unconscious Kai, and four beefy-looking guys with sabers and a grudge. He grumbles under his breath, taking in the scene. “I think we can take them.” One of the men steps forward, and Baekhyun tenses. “Maybe.”

“I’ve got somewhere to be.” The man who seems to be in charge glares at you. “Let’s finish this quickly, shall we?”

Pulling out your saber had been risky, and now hot, anxious regret pulses through your veins. Although you had a license, you had never actually engaged in combat with anyone other than your instructor. I was too confident. You swallow thickly. Out of the two of you, Baekhyun definitely had better training. How could you have been so stupid and impulsive? If you didn’t step up, you’ll have put all of your lives at risk for nothing.

“Kyaaaaaaa!” You lash out as the men charge, your saber cutting through the stuffy air. The electric pop of saber meeting saber cuts through the yelling. You tighten your grip as you bring down your saber above your head, narrowly avoiding being split in half but the assailant’s yellow beam. After only moments of fighting, you already know the outcome.

You were going to lose.

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Homestuck: The Highest Form of Flattery

Summary: Dirk’s only ever seen photos of Jake English before. He thought the boy was mildly attractive–model material, sure, but nothing special. No alluring mystique, but enough enthusiasm to make up for it on an amateur level.  In real life, he is perfect.

(High School Models AU)

Length: 8726 words

Notes: Really, this is the same plot I keep obsessively coming back to, which is: character is a bit of an ass and screws up terribly, then has to deal with it.
I still don’t think I have Dirk’s character completely down–slight changes had to be made to him and some of the other characters to make the story work in the setting. Jake, for instance, had to be slightly more gullible than he was in canon in order for him to agree to the kiss without the pressure of saving his friend’s lives. We don’t see much of Dirk’s emotional responses to these events in Homestuck proper because he’s so cagey about stuff, so I had to sort of feel my way along with that until I got to the rooftop scene, which is faithful enough to his final confrontation with Hal in the comic.
Rambling and caveats done with, I hope you dig the story.

On Ao3

(If you want to make sure it’s something you want to read, please look at the tags on Ao3. Bits of this story are not very nice.)

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owlish  asked:

Please disregard this question if it's upsetting, as it's rather personal in nature. I've read a number of your posts and generally enjoy them, but this being Tumblr, some pretty hot-button issues have come up. I know you are part Filipino on your mom's side, but look fairly white to most people - at least to some people on Tumblr, particularly when discussing the subject of race. Have you had people attempt to dismiss you for not being "mixed enough," so to speak? (I don't endorse this idea!)

It’s not upsetting. I’ve discussed my background before, I don’t mind.

Not being ‘mixed enough’ is rarely the issue, mostly people just assume I’m white outright, especially if they’ve only ever seen my dad or photos of me on red carpets with flashbulbs that make almost everyone look ghostly. That being said, I will admit I’ve had people think I don’t look asian at all when they’ve discovered my mixed background or if they’ve met my mom (or my little brother, both of whom are much darker skinned and look much more filipino than I), and I’ve been judged for that as though I’m somehow ‘making it up’, but I’d chalk that up to many of them just being somewhat unaware of the sheer variety of asian cultures and thus, having a certain expectation of what someone who is asian, either wholly or in part, should look like. But in the end there’s no denying I look like both my parents, regardless of which traits were taken from which, and I’m grateful for that.

And truthfully, I don’t mind being ethnically ambiguous. It’s all part of the fun random lottery that is mixed genetics!

mathemata  asked:

Don't care for a reply, but as the A.G.RA topic went through your posts a while back, I thought I'd just leave you with something I noticed while wasting a perfectly good evening on another terrifically terrifying viewing of HLV - In Magnussen's mind palace, the file he pulled out on Mary had the cyrillic equivalent of AGRA typed on it. One can't but help notice when the east wind is blowing one's head off.

Ooh, nice.

And there it is: АГРА. (Though once again the punctuation changes in the English version, because they are trying to kill the proofreader in me.)

Two things to keep in mind when it comes to Mary and languages:

1) In TEH, one of the words in the Mary deduction cloud was “linguist.”

2) In HLV, Sherlock told Mary, “Your accent is currently English but I suspect you are not.”

As for the rest of Magnussen’s file, it’s impossible to read much of it unless maybe someone can do better with a higher res version. Some fans who are a million times more likely to know what they are talking about with Cyrillic language stuff than me have picked a few words out and seem to be in agreement that the document is in Russian.

The Russian + assassin thing does bring back memories of Ludmila Dychenko, the “Russian killer” from TRF.

Ludmila was the one in “the flat opposite” 221B. She’s interesting for a couple reasons. One is that of all the random folks running around with guns in TRF, Ludmila was the only one who was never seen doing anything. There was just the one still photo of her. But that helps mask the other reason she was interesting—of the three assassins chasing Jim’s fictional key code, she was the only one left alive at the end. (If you’re new-ish here, I’ve got a big old process of elimination post to explain why I say that, but do keep in mind it’s from way before Series 3.)

I had thought about Ludmila earlier, since she was the only one of the living random-folks-with-guns from TRF we didn’t even get a suggestion of in Series 3. She’s not Mary, though, unless some plastic surgery and a height change and such were part of the package. (And not deducing the truth about Mary is one thing, but Mycroft would need to be slapped if an assassin under his surveillance morphed into John’s girlfriend and he didn’t think it was worth mentioning.) Plus Ludmila was running around being an assassin in TRF, and in HLV Sherlock said Mary had taken on her new ordinary-person identity 5 years ago. (Meaning she was already “Mary Morstan” at least a couple years before TRF.)

BUT maybe if Mary does have a Russian connection, she did know Ludmila at some point? Or Ludmila knew of her, and saw her when she was in London during TRF? Or… something?

Let’s call this a weekend project for you guys. Enjoy!