only just noticed this haha

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

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i just spent the last few hours reading umfb (for the millionth time) and only just now noticed my username was in chapter 14

haha, I hope you were a nice person not one of the horrible ones!


“There will be no more conversating with my sister, she knows where her loyalties lie.”


d i s n e y ladies - Meg(ara)


*runs around like a madman* HERE HAVE ANOTHER CRACK AU *drops it and dodges the fandom’s pit holes*

A’ight! SO LIKE, people are allover billdip and all, but the one argument i see the most is about their huge age gap and how dipper’s underage (canonically, which is what seems to matter for these people mostly) and i just want to friendly point out that one of my favourite canon ships is helios/rini, and they are even further apart in age. Helios was Prince Endymion’s flippin’ priest! (And has probably been in existence since the beginning of time, seeing as he protects the golden crystal, which is powered by human dreams) And I know for a fact that Rini is at least younger than 12, yet no one seems to flip their shit on that ship (although, haha, i’ll admit, it’s waaaay healthier o3o) but yeah, the whole like, “pedofile” argument or whatever is really…weird? to me ‘cause personally, i don’t see age being an issue as long as both parties are willing and respectful about it (just as any relationship should be, really).

So, yeah! Have some ridiculous and fluffy Sailor Moon Super S/Gravity Falls crossover where i went Dr. Frankenstein on everyone’s asses and mashed Bill with Tuxedo Mask/Helios and Dipper with Sailor Moon/Sailor Mini Moon.

*cough cough* two of ‘em are transparent *cough*