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"Half os the internet" lmao only stupid armys who thinks bts is the center of the world thought that.

Lmao only people who are butthurt over people enjoying something send hate on tumblr on monday nights. #Next - Admin Jae

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Where did the blue jackets come from?


the original version, that is. howard. and there was actually just the one, and he made it for steve. 

same as with the shield, he pumped out a bunch of uniform prototypes before he even brought steve in to talk about what he wanted. some of them were amazingly gaudy–trust a stark to take ‘star-spangled’ literally. there were a few that were more subdued, the blue jacket one included. but we’re talking about howard stark, so it shouldnt surprise you that the blue jacket originally went with red and white striped pants. it was a truly, genuinely, terrible outfit.

but the jacket was salvageable. 

it was supposed to be a cold-weather uniform, so it was crazy warm. ive always run cold–which should have been a sign–and steve has always run hot. steve tried it on, started cooking immediately, and took it right back off. howard chucked it on the reject pile and i grabbed it. 

honestly it should have tipped somebody off that i’d been superjuiced, because a jacket tailored for steve doesn’t fit anyone else who’s purely human. and even i had to do a little taking in at the seams, because steve is shaped like a goddam dorito.

to this day im grateful that steve didnt pick the uniform with red and white striped pants. he’s hard enough to take seriously as it is. 


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So everyone knows by now that I established a trade system with Creed very early into our relationship, mostly because I had a resource guarder who would genuinely fuck me up if I so much as touched something he considered his and decided I didn’t feel like dealing with it in a dog I could raise from puppyhood.

Creed really likes to trade. He has always had a very keen awareness of what is and isn’t fair, and the exact values of things (to him, anyway). As a result- yes, I can trade him a half-eaten squirrel carcass he found in the woods for a piece of macaroni, but I also can’t convince him that that’s a fair trade or that the dry noodle is valuable. He will trade because he is used to bringing me things and getting something for it, not because he actually wants the dry macaroni (which he will just spit out, presumably because he does not want the noodle).

Creed has also learned that I do not share my food. With dogs, with humans, nada. I am a resource guarder myself and anyone trying to take my food will be chased away with a lot of grumping from me. My food is very valuable to me and there is very little I will relinquish my food for. And thus we have the following situation:

I am eating my dinner. Creed would like me to share my dinner, but knows that begging is not tolerated and stealing is a very unwise decision. Creed, however, has his own currency system with trades, and so goes to his toybox and digs in it until he finds his The Favorite ™ toys, which he lays in a row. He will then spend some time deliberating which toy to offer me of this row, occasionally picking one up and setting it down to choose a different one, until he makes his selection and effectively drops it onto my dinner plate. He has occasionally picked up a toy, been halfway to me with it before skidding to a halt, turning on a dime, and running back to grab a different toy.

A friend was very amused to watch him perform this behavior where he demonstrated a rather complex understanding of how item value, trades, and how to turn communication methods I’ve taught him back to me. She then asked me a question that I have yet to truly figure out the answer for: are the discarded The Favorite ™ toys in this scenario too valuable and not worth it to him to trade for, or does he feel they aren’t valuable enough for me to consider giving up my dinner (spoilers: none of them are valuable enough for me)? Does he realize mid-stride that he has his values off and needs to change his selection?

@soapandsofas took this absolutely stunning photo of me on the way to the convention this morning.

1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names Prompt Challenge

This is a prompt challenge @suddenclarityharry had the inspiration for after reading some of the feelings described in the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names.  Participants pick a random number between 1 and 1000 and have to use the feeling described to write a short fic in a week’s time!  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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Through The Phone

Rated: M

Warning: Dirty talk galore, mentions of graphic smut, season 3 Game of Thrones spoilers.

Summary: The sexual frustration is real when Namjoon goes on a month long business trip, halfway across the world. So when the chips are down and the tides get rough, and you can’t actually get to one another… what do you do? You go to the next best thing of course - phone sex. 

Note: where did this come from and why tf did it get fluffy at the end thats not the way pwps are supposed to end i hate myself. btw the pacing is probably a little rushed because i wrote this between the hours of 2am and 5am :))

Words: 3.1k

You rolled over onto your back in bed, sighing dramatically as you pushed the covers off of your upper body, suddenly feeling too hot for them. The coldness of the bedroom was a contrast to your warm exposed skin, immediately arousing your nipples from the chilly sensation and giving you goosebumps all over. You turned your head to the side to look at the alarm clock that sat on your nightstand.

2:06 A.M.

This had been happening to you a lot lately, waking up in the middle of the night because of the intense dreams you’ve been having. Even in your sleep, you couldn’t escape the extreme desires you had that seemed to be getting harder to deal with more and more each and every day that passed without your fiance.

You shamefully pressed your thighs together, trying anything that would help ease the intense yearning sensation you felt between them.

The dream you had just experienced that involved your fiance had gotten you so worked up, that you could feel the evidence of your arousal leak out of your folds and drip down one of your ass cheeks onto the sheets beneath you. You felt your face heat up at the fact a simple dream about Namjoon had provoked your body so severely. But it was silly actually, because you were the only one in the room. The only one in the entire huge apartment, to be exact.

You were utterly alone, so why must you be so shy by the way your body was reacting?

With a sigh escaping your lips, you reached across for your phone that was on the complete opposite side of the bed at the very edge - a result of your restless sleeping, no doubt. And without a second thought, your fingers flew across the screen and soon your phone was calling your fiance.

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BTS Reaction | you being much younger than them but of age

request: “can i get a reaction where you are younger than him? like in the future when you’re of legal age and all but they’re 5 or more years older?“

Kim Seokjin

He would be astounded at first that your younger than him but not mind at all as you are already in legal age. However, Jin would probably be very protective and take extra care of you, making sure you feel good being around him. He would probably even enjoy that you could be as childish and stubborn as him from time to time.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi wouldn’t mind that you are younger than him as long as you are not that childish anymore. He would make sure that he always have an eye on you but also give you your space when needed. I guess you even would be one of the only persons in the world that could convince him to do really stupid things together and bring up his childish side.

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would have a hard time coping with all his feelings for you. On the one hand he would want to watch you like a hawk and take good care of you on the other hand he would know that you’re already an adult and that you can take care for yourself. But overall he would be more like the super protective type of boyfriend. 

Jung Hoseok

He would be skeptical at first but lose his concerns shortly after really getting to know you. He would love to groove around with you but also be worried about you from time to time when you’re out alone, as you are younger than him. Probably checking on you more often that he would on a partner his age.

Park Jimin

He would take things slowly and give you all the time you need, as you are younger that him. Jimin would probably be stuck between wanting to care for you all the time and also not to care too much as he want you to enjoy your youth. But overall he would think it’s cute that you’re younger than him and enjoy being the older one in the relationship.

Jeon Jungkook

He would find it cute and gladly take over the role of the older boyfriend and be quite protective of you. Jungkook might act quite careful around you, so that you won’t feel uncomfortable or being rushed into something. Sometimes you even have to tell him that he don’t have to be so careful. 

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung probably wouldn’t even get it at first until you tell him that your much younger than him. He couldn’t care less about the age gab as it was just a number for him. He would be very sweet towards you and would love to goof around with you, to the point where the other members question which one of you is the older one.

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Hey! What are your thoughts on the discourse surrounding Malec in the new promo? A lot of people are just defending Magnus or just defending Alec, but who's to say that they both didn't say something stupid that they'll regret? Who' to say that just one of them is at fault while the other is completely innocent? The best bet is to wait to see the episode to hear those lines in context, I think. Sorry this was kind of long 😊

Honest and short answer? People need to fucking chill.

I mean… let’s be real. This fandom is simply wild. When you look at it, we have four(?) teasers/trailers until now. We have seen (and I am not exaggerating here!) maybe like 5 Magnus/Alec/Malec bits in total. Magnus had 2 lines, Alec 1 if I am not mistaken. So basically that makes like what… 5 seconds? 5 seconds of 10 new episodes, each a ~42 minutes.

I don’t think you need to be a magician to get that we pretty much know nothing when it comes to Alec’s and Magnus’ plot in 2b. We have theories, yes, and I am all here for speculating and all, don’t get me wrong, but you have to understand that they are just speculations from about 5 seconds we have seen so far. We haven’t even gotten stills yet. And yet people are going crazy, running around like some headless chickens with these wild theories. Which wouldn’t be even that bad. What makes it bad is that they act like they know it all. 

Like… I have lost count how often I have read that either Alec is wrong. Or that Magnus is wrong and needs to apologize asap. Or my personal fave: Malec will break up. Exactly where did you get that from??? From 1 line? Just because Magnus tells Alec to “get out”? I mean… are you okay??? They are a couple. They are in a loving and healthy relationship. But they still come from totally different worlds (shadowhunter/downworlder). Of course that circumstance will “cause some problems” sooner than later. It’s okay. It’s normal and realistic. But they will talk. They will get over this. Because that’s what they do. Or did you not see the Malec relationship in s1 and 2a?

And yes, I am not mentioning the word “apologize” in this case because we fucking have no context. We can only guess that Alec maybe said something hurtful that made Magnus angry. But we don’t know what exactly!!! Because we have no context! 

So can people just calm down and stop turning everything into a discourse, blaming person x or/and y when they don’t know that the hell is really going on? Stop bs like “that person is cancalled” or “problematic”. You can discuss all these things after you have watched the damn episode and see how it all played out in the end. But until then… just shut your mouth for a start.


Most countries have some sort of legend about their citizens being descended from some mythical, magical people many millennia ago. White folks have the Aryans, Polish people had Sarmatia, and the Scots had Egypt.

There exists a legend about how all Scottish people are descended from Scota. According to lore, Scota was the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh, who was exiled from Egypt and settled in Spain. Her descendants, the legend continues, would eventually travel north and settle Scotland and Ireland where they could keep the Egyptians’ innate hatred of pants alive.

The details between the legend of Scota and Highlander don’t match exactly, but they are perfectly compatible in spirit. I mean, the movie (and I mean only the first movie because I refuse to acknowledge everything that came after it, for the same reason we all choose to ignore the fact that the most delicious food eventually turns into poop) is all about singular, immortal people influencing history.

Because Highlander is already a kickass movie, I choose to believe that it’s secretly way grander than I ever thought. I choose to believe that Connery’s Tak Ne was born in Egypt, lived in Spain, then crossed the English Channel and created all of the Scots with his penis many years before the events of the first movie. It not only helps expand the world of Highlander without stupid-ass aliens, but it also makes total sense because if there’s a man who embodies the spirit of Scotland more than Sean “I-Got-Knighted-By-The-Queen-While-Wearing-A-Kilt” Connery, I haven’t heard about him.

4 Movie Theories That Explain Bizarre Casting Choices


Han Yan’s triple axel appreciation post

It is so sad that your eyes makes me
the happiest person
yet I can’t stop crying
whenever I see you

It is so sad that you belong
to another
yet I can’t stop loving you
or stop staring at you

It is so sad that you only think
this is a stupid crush
yet you mean the world to me
and I can’t give up

It is so sad that you are the
definition of perfection
yet I am like a worthless painting
and you won’t even look at me

It is so sad that people only see
beauty and looks and no soul
yet your soul haunts me inside
and your body is fire

It is so sad that I am dying slowly
and so painfully
yet no one understands me and
I want you to know it only

It is so sad that you are the only one
I would want to be there for me
yet you prefer to be there for her
and I am here all alone
and waiting

- Hira

Don’t imagine Belch’s body being taken by Pennywise. No trace.

Don’t imagine the world only remembering him as a selfish and stupid and sadistic bully.

Don’t imagine Belch’s single mom becoming a shell of her former self, because they found all the other kids Henry killed, hell, they found Criss decapitated, but her darling Reg is nowhere to be found.

Don’t imagine Meatball the cat looking for his owner, meowing outside of the closed bedroom door, wandering through the Barrens forever.

Blind Date
A/N: This is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural and the Kayla’s birthday challenge. I hope you will like it :) Have fun with it!

Words: 3.345

Warning: none, just fluff

Pairing: Reader x Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

11 p.m. and you walked into the cheap motel room you shared with Dean and Sam Winchester. Sam was sitting at the small table in the room and did some research for the next case. Dean was lying on his bed, one of his arms was folding behind his head as a pillow and in the other hand he held a bottle of beer. As you entered the room, Dean was about to take a sip of his beer but he stopped in his moves as he saw your face. Both boys were looking at you, then at their watches and then at each other.

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