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Okay no. Today’s feelings are ACTUALLY about that “Commemorative photo?” scene, because I keep seeing post after post after post (not to mention a few fics) that hinge on the assumption that when Victor catches Yuuri looking at him and offers a photo op, he doesn’t recognize Yuuri.

But I mean? Of course he recognized Yuuri???

They’re both competitors at the Grand Prix Final, which is a huge deal. Only six skaters in the world make it there. And Victor isn’t stupid; even when he’s so consistently on top of his game that a win is basically guaranteed, he’s gonna go in knowing who his competition is. What their strengths and weaknesses are. Etc. Even out of costume, Victor knows who Yuuri is.

I mean, look at episode 10, where Victor describes, in detail, the personality and history of each skater at the GPF. He knows these guys – and he knows their relationships to each other. JJ puts people off, Otabek is kind of a loner, Phichit is a selfie king and Yuuri’s bestie, etc. In fact, it’s Victor’s voiceover that we get in the scene where Otabek asks Yurio to be friends. Weird, right? Since he wasn’t even there? But to me, that implies that Victor makes it his business to know things. Maybe it’s all about knowing the competition; maybe it’s because he’s nosy. Who knows? But you can’t tell me that he didn’t go into every other competition with the same arsenal of knowledge about who his fellow competitors were.

So, what would he have known about Yuuri, going into the last GPF? Japan’s top skater. Probably a bit on the quiet side. Judging from what we’ve seen in episode 1 (at the last GPF) and episode 8 (Yuuri’s behavior at Rostelecom, where he wasn’t already friends with anyone, as opposed to at the Cup of China, where he went in knowing Phichit), he probably keeps to himself – and, let’s be real, his anxiety issues are probably not a secret. So while Victor MAY have noticed that Yuuri was too shy to approach him in particular, I don’t think it’s likely that Yuuri really went out of his way to approach ANYONE. See also: drinking alone at the banquet.

Cut to that scene, where Victor notices Yuuri watching him. Victor’s a genial guy; he wants to say hi. And what’s the easiest way to break the ice (heh) with someone who you don’t know but who obviously wants to talk to you? Be like, “Hey, we just skated in this super badass competition together, so let’s take a selfie for posterity.” Which is basically what Victor did.

The first time I watched that scene, I thought Yuuri was taking that offer in exactly that way, and turning away because he was too embarrassed about how badly he’d lost. But after reading a couple of metas, I absolutely do think it’s possible that Yuuri thought (Yuuri thought) Victor didn’t recognize him. Which just adds insult to injury, so it was a nice little cocktail of pride and embarrassment (instead of just the latter) that made him turn away without answering. Honestly, either of these readings still works for me.

But Victor has no idea that Yuuri would assume he didn’t know who Yuuri was. He has NO IDEA how deep Yuuri’s insecurities go. So he’s left with, at best, the impression that Yuuri was too embarrassed to talk to him and, at worst, the impression that he just got snubbed.

Feeling strange again. I heard the music in my ear,
two lackeys hitting it up on the sidewalks, feet clicking

and it was bound to be jolly. I shut up and thought
about Art. I was going to be a Poet, goddamn

Yessir. I threw it back like liquor. Only that was a massive
lie. I was only seventeen - imagine - newly minted 

seventeen, still soft, still stupid. But the world hollered
like a mad dead thing. I wanted to dance. I hurt myself 

with it, the wanting. How do you explain a thing like
that? It was all very crazy. I sat next to this boy

in English class, every two days. I fell in love. I was
ready to rip open the sky. Touch touch touch; that was all

I could ever think about. My body like a chimney
soot all over the insides. I wrote about it in the afternoons,

thought about him on the train. Everything muffled
except that awful music. I dreamed I was a fish, or maybe

a whale, stoppered in a very big jar. I was fined fifty dollars
I grew cancerous hands. After a while, it all turned

to dust. In the end I shook off my own skin, a perfect 
reptile. Stormed out belting some sort of war song.

It is so sad that your eyes makes me
the happiest person
yet I can’t stop crying
whenever I see you

It is so sad that you belong
to another
yet I can’t stop loving you
or stop staring at you

It is so sad that you only think
this is a stupid crush
yet you mean the world to me
and I can’t give up

It is so sad that you are the
definition of perfection
yet I am like a worthless painting
and you won’t even look at me

It is so sad that people only see
beauty and looks and no soul
yet your soul haunts me inside
and your body is fire

It is so sad that I am dying slowly
and so painfully
yet no one understands me and
I want you to know it only

It is so sad that you are the only one
I would want to be there for me
yet you prefer to be there for her
and I am here all alone
and waiting

- Hira


Since the Yumoto one got enough notes last time (I don’t want to spam the tag with stuff people don’t wanna see) here’s the Ryuu one! If nobody kicks my askbox in and demands that I do Akoya or Kinshiro or whoever right away, I’ll just continue in the order of their colors. Two bonuses (plus one stupid crossover) this time because I can‘t decide and because the green eyes Wombat had in ep 9 look absolutely gorgeous on Ryuu.

Yumoto | Io | Atsushi | En | Akoya | Ibushi | Kinshiro

Los signos como canciones de Rihanna:

Aries: Bitch Better Have My Money

Tauro: Stay

Géminis: Don’t Stop The Music

Cáncer: What’s my name

Leo: Only Girl (In The World)

Virgo: Stupid In Love

Libra: Work

Escorpio: Diamonds

Sagitario: We Found Love

Capricornio: Cry

Acuario: Umbrella

Piscis: Love The Way You Lie

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More Gideon & Pacifica friendship things because these two are gonna have the greatest friendship ever.

> Whenever there’s an argument or disagreement between them they take it outside all the way outside….to some of the most competitive mini golf competitions ever and if there’s a tie they both freak out because there arE NO TIES ONLY WINNERS

> Gideon is the one who starts calling Pacifica “Paz” and it sticks and one say he calls out “pez!” (Like the candy) And she turns around and he’s giggling because she fell for it

> Pacifica invites Gideon over to her family pool and he hordes all the good beach chairs and “Gideon where am I supposed to sit?”

> Pacifica has a great wardrobe and Gideon has a dressing room so makeovers are an always

> “I was so STUPID and SELFISH and only thinking about myself when the WORLD WAS LITERALLY ENDING but no stupid Pacifica and her stupid family…….maybe I really AM just another link in the worlds worst chain.” “No Paz, you’re not. Just let it out, it’s ok.”

> “I summoned a flippin’ DEMON to get revenge on that family! A demon, Paz! I took away their HOME for pete’s sake! I went to PRISION all because I couldn’t take a girl dumpin’ me. I deserve everything I got. No wonder I don’t have any friends.” “Gideon…you have me. I’m your friend.”

> Pacifica talking Gideon into getting a haircut because “your hair is bigger than you are, Gideon.”

> Gideon really likes ice cream but so does Pacifica so in order to keep Gideon away from her ice cream she gets the kind with nuts in it because Gideon doesn’t like ice cream with nuts

> For Pacifica’s birthday Gideon steals her parents bell and gives it to her along with a hammer so she can destroy what’s been controlling her because he knows how great it feels to finally have the thing that controlled you distroyed.

> Pacifica is forever taller than Gideon & he never hears the end of it


> When they’re older Pacifica gets her first car from Gideon’s dads place

> Gideon likes to do Pacifica’s hair and in return she gives him relationship/dating advice

> Now that they both know there’s crazy stuff in Gravity Falls, they’ll wake each other up in the middle of the night to go explore. Once Gideon threw rocks at Pacifica’s window but ended up breaking it because one rock he threw was a little too big & heavy

> “it’s so hot out whattya wanna do?” “Die.” “Yeah me too.”

> Water balloon fights!!

> “How do you manage to wear suits when it’s the middle of summer?” “I do not. I’m dieing.” “Ew.”

> Whenever one goes on a trip somewhere, the other constantly texts them photos of what they’re doing. It can be anything from “my bedhead looks awful” to “look! I spent the day with some gnomes!” And the other always replies.

> At school no one really trusts Gideon and they don’t really like Pacifica, so the two of them hang out together

> Stupid videos of things like “so Gideon thought it would be a good idea to challenge a manotaur to a thumb war” “Paz I think it’s broken.” “As you can see it went really well for him.” “Paz I need to get to a hospital.”

> “My dear friend Pacifica tried to make friends with some unicorns. How’d that go for ya Paz?” “Terrific.” “She has a black eye.” “Shut up Gideon.”

> “Are you really a psychic?” “Yes.” “Oh really? Then prove it.” “Ok….lets see…….. I’m getting some strong vibes……..oh……yup……” “What? What is it?” “You……..are a giant dork.”

> Gideon gets really good at skateboarding & then teaches Pacifica

Yesterday I mourned, but today and the days to come, I want to laugh.

Why ? Because laughing is the best way to heal. Because laughing is the best response we can give to those fuckers. To show them we are still alive and we are not afraid. Humor is the best weapon in the world : it only harm pride and stupidity, and it can heal wounds.

So I will laugh, even if it is forced and artificial. Because it’s like a big “fuck” to terrorists and fear they want to inspire.

So this is for you my friends, to help a smile to come to your face :

We are 66 million of French. We are not afraid of you. We will laugh out loud. And you will never stop us.

Well there goes, I feel ashamed of my own fandom, some directioners should know that One Direction isn’t the only boy band in the world. Also making racist comments it’s really stupid. Sure the guys would be proud of us if they won but DO NOT MAKE RACIST COMMENTS OR STAR PLAYING DIRTY BY ATTACKING SOME MEMBERS OF OTHER GROUPS

I don’t know much about T-ara but I’m sure they are an amazing and talented group of girls and love the support of their fans as much as 1D for their fans. I’m glad T-ara fanbase made their girls won, that shows how much they love them and if any stupid directioner come to me to tell me that this girls aren’t even famous I will fucking throw Kevin at their stupid faces bc the kpop fanbases are fucking big and tbh really admirable

If some directioners wanted our boys to win they shouldn’t have play dirty.

So what has Ash been up to for the past two decades? “Not much!” says Campbell. “He was perfectly happy doing basically nothing: telling lies about how he lost his hand in bars late at night. That was basically his MO. So, he’s not really the guy who should be dealing with this right now. But…he is. He’s our guy!”

He’s also the guy who yet again is accidently responsible for unleashing the evil dead back upon the world. “He’s the only one stupid enough to really tamper with those spirits,” says Sam Raimi, who directed the first episode of the new series. “And he does. But he’s also still a really good monster fighter. So, he’s also going to be kicking some deadite buttocks, if you’ll pardon the French.” (x)