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i know it’s fun and all to hc phichit as the viktuuri ship captain or w/e u wanna call him but for the love of god…. please don’t reduce him to that.

phichit is a talented skater and made history in the universe as southeast asia and thailand’s first figure skater to go to the grand prix. he is literally the pride of not only thailand but also southeast asia. and considering the not-so-great views on southeast asians, he is not only groundbreaking in the yoi universe but also in our universe because we have a dark-skinned southeast asian who is a well-written and well-rounded character that everyone loves and is not reduced to any stereotypes

like sure he loves viktuuri and supports their relationship/engagement but don’t tell me he would potentially sabotage his place on the podium or 1st place just so his friends can get married because i’ve seen those scenarios in headcanons and fanfic and frankly it’s insulting to his character


Taeil: Grandpa
Johnny: Daddy
Taeyong: Grandma/mom
Doyoung: Mommy/older sister
Yuta: Elder brother who talks too much
Jaehyun: Middle brother who has had enough shit
Mark: What am I doing with my life
Ten: Gives zero fucks, basically adopted from Thailand, only to get ignored by like, the whole family after debut
Winwin: baby, Taeyong’s fav
Haechan: crossdresser, adopted like Ten
The rest: Haechan’s sidekicks


•time for another trans headcanon
•consider this, trans Phichit
•he’s such a hardworking dedicated skater because he’s not only trying to make a name for Thailand but also for transgender athletes as a whole
•he not only wants to show Thailand how fun skating can be, but he also wants young trans kids to see that it’s a sport they can succeed in
•when he first gets to the us to train under Celestino, he doesn’t pass like at all
•he’s not very tall, he’s got a rather high pitched voice, and his facial features are fairly feminine
•but neither Celestino or Yuuri care about that, they both accept him immediately
•and Yuuri, being gender fluid himself gives Phichit a lot of tips on how to be perceived the way he wants to be
•at first Phichit is really strict about only presenting as masculine as possible
•but once he’s more confident in himself and comfortable in his own skin he starts trying out some more traditionally feminine ways of presenting
•and he has Yuuri teach him how to do makeup which he quickly becomes an expert at
•he develops his own style which is a nice mixture of western clothing, tradition Thai garb and masculine and feminine attire
•he starts practicing even harder and honing his skills so that he can go out and show the world that the transgender skater from Thailand is a force to be reckoned with
•and everyone he competes against has this immense respect for him because he’s pushing boundaries left and right about what is expected from Southeast Asians and transgender athletes
•and throughout this all he just has a super supportive coach and best friend and he goes out there and lives his life as the truest him he can be

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What are they doing in thailand only for it's skin event or other schedules?When they come back?

They have a secret schedule, they’re filming something, it’s possible that it has something to do with one of their Thai endorsements. They’re coming back tomorrow.

Foodie Friday: Kua Maeng Grachon

Recipe and Image from Thailand Vids.

- 6 cups crickets
- 3 lemongrass stems, sliced
- 4 kafir lime leaves, sliced
- 3 tbsp “ros dee” Thai stock powder (or more to taste)

1) Heat a wok, then reduce to medium heat. Add crickets and vegetables and mix well.

2) Add the ros dee and continue to mix.

3) Continue to fry, stirring regularly, until done (about 3 minutes for rehydrated dried crickets or 10 minutes for fresh crickets). Serve, and enjoy!

*Chef’s Note: If you are using fresh crickets, place them into a freezer to slow their metabolism and to avoid having them try to escape. This is not only a humane way to put them out, but also saves on a lot of hassle and allows for easy rinsing before cooking. 

Magical Ingredient!

Okay, if you live in North America, Europe, and possibly a few other locales in the world, you’re probably looking at that recipe and going “Eeew!!! Gross! Why would you ever eat that?!” Bear with me, and trust me when I say that crickets are actually quite delicious and healthy! It’s not a common thing to eat here, either, but we do  have a few shops around the SLO County area that sell insects as food outside of what’s geared toward pets. Namely, there is a candy shop nearby called HotLix which sells everything from crickets to ants, mealworms, scorpions, and even butterflies in their candies or as roasted and seasoned snacks.

Being the weird kid that I was growing up, it got to the point where whenever I’d go to the theater, I would stop by the candy store across the street, grab a box of roasted crickets or mealworms, and snack on that in lieu of popcorn during the movie.

Here in the states, insects are more of a novelty food than anything else. It’s rare to find any place which sells insects with the express intent of being a serious food source rather than just being a joke or curiosity. But what many of us hardcore beef eaters miss out on is the high protein content, low cholesterol, low fat, and surprisingly good flavor of many insects that we can often find worldwide.

In other places of the world, crickets, grasshoppers, ants, and other insects are eaten regularly both for their nutritional value and for their flavors and ease of production. Stir-fried crickets are only one such example from Thailand - but grasshoppers are eaten regularly in places like Oaxaca, Mexico; ants are eaten regularly in Mexico City in the form of escamoles; fried silk moth larvae is eaten in the form of sangi in Japan; and garden snails are seen as a French delicacy world-wide in the form of escargot.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can hop into your backyard and cook up any creepy crawly that you see - much of the insects eaten today have been discovered via trial and error, as some species are toxic or poisonous, and others simply too dangerous to consume for a variety of other reasons. On top of that, pesticide use and toxic products in the environment are often consumed by wild insects, making them inedible to the human population (that goes for garden snails, too). That said, there are places worldwide that are beginning to farm more insects and bugs for consumption, which ship dried specimens all over the world (don’t count on ordering live specimens from across the globe, as this risks bringing invasive species into the area).

Crickets alone can be compared to shrimp in flavor, but rival beef in amount of protein per pound, and are significantly lower in cholesterol and dangerous fats. They are significantly easier to raise and farm, as they are able to be fed many vegetable by-products from the produce industry (for instance, I feed my bearded dragon crickets that  have been fed citrus fruits high in calcium). And like many other foods, it is important to keep in mind that you are what your food eats - crickets and other insects can be “gut-loaded” with nutrient rich food, making them even healthier for consumption.

With a world of different insect recipes, I have to narrow down to just one in this article to touch on. Crickets being found everywhere seemed to be the best option to start. In terms of cooking, you can fry, deep fry, sautee, grind into flour, bake, roast, candy, and dehydrate them - nearly anything you can do to nuts or grain you can do with crickets. Their versatility in that regard cannot be understated.

But in witchcraft, crickets go beyond just being household pests. They are emblematic of luck, protection, companionship, communication, and even psychic clarity. In many practices, to kill a cricket out of malice is said to bring bad luck.

In some regions, including China, crickets would sometimes be seen as watchdogs or guardians of luck - their chirping would keep evil spirits at bay and their sudden silence warned of intruders or danger.

In modern spellcasting, dead crickets can be added to luck bags or protection bags, and live crickets can be kept (temporarily) in a small habitat for the energy they bring to divination and communication.

When cooking with crickets, they can be used for protection and luck spells, of course, but they can also be associated with prosperity and health given their nutritional value and their ease of production. Consider pairing them with other ingredients that work well both in flavor and in power - potatoes and crickets for prosperity and health, tomatoes and crickets for protection, cricket meal fritters with apples for luck and communication in relationships.

So if ever given the opportunity to try eating crickets, don’t balk. Their magical significance is amazing, and their flavor surprisingly delicious. And be sure to thank the chirping crickets outside for their vigilant protection at night!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(


The Bumblebee Bat.

Also known as Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat, it lives only in small areas of Thailand and Burma. It is an endangered species, and the only bat of the Craseonycteridae family. 

It is the smallest species of bat and arguably the world’s smallest mammal (by cranium size). Colonies range greatly in size, with an average of 100 individuals per cave. They eat insects, hunting them in the evenings and before dawn. Females give birth annually to a single offspring.