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so i recently had some POP ROCKS for the first time in like seven years and my reaction was literally the same as hinata’s lol

The boy’s head snaps upward. His eyes, those are different colors, too, Izuku notices, widen like a deer in headlights. He scrambles to get up, holding his arm out in front of himself protectively, but then something clicks and Izuku sees the shoji door behind the boy inch open just slightly. Gray and blue eyes flicker and spark desperately in the dim lighting of that room before, wrenching his stare away from Izuku, the boy turns, favoring one arm, angling the other one into a fist ready to sail.

The door opens. Izuku sees a man, engulfed in fury and hellfire, and the image fades away until all he sees is his own petrified stare gawking back at him in the mirror.

from legit the best written fic ive read ever by @todorokishouts (read it read it read it fiC RE C REA D IT BEST DECISION YOU’LL EVER MAKE)

At this point, if you believe that Cheryl and Liam are actually together, that they are happy and have a child together, then you have to believe every other piece of garbage the sun spills. Meaning you have to believe that Harry is a disgusting womanizer who throws women aside like they’re nothing. It means you have to believe that Louis is a deadbeat dad who cheated on his girlfriend and knocked up another girl because he wasn’t responsible enough to wrap it up. You also have to believe that One Direction hate each other and that Simon is their lovable golden father figure. You can’t just take a couple stories that fit your narrative and what you believe to be true, and toss the others aside. Every single piece of information that we have received about Cheryl and Liam’s relationship for the last 18 months has come directly from the sun, directly from Simon’s mouthpiece. If you still believe it - I don’t know what to say.


The group was formed on July 27th 2012. This was posted on August 8th 2012. The only way the girls could possibly progress within the ‘groups’ category of the competition, was if they signed a contractual obligation. It’s obvious from day one Simon Cowell had every intention of signing the girls as a 5 piece to his record label because each girl showed potential from day one. And 5 girls with potential in one group equals 5x the money right? So, not only does this correlate to the controlling narrative management have over the girls from 2012 to now, it also coincides with C and L. Replying to fans personally on their own social media accounts became physically prohibited when in the group. All but their Tumblr accounts. Now from what we know, only Lauren and Camila (possibly Dinah) openly used Tumblr. Both girls have said before Tumblr is a form of “escapism” and a safe space for anyone regardless of who they are. Generally the girls posts remained out of the mainstream social media, their reblogs/likes were drastically lower on here than on their Twitter/Instagram accounts.  Posts only became apparent when shared onto other social media platforms or else they would have remained fairly unnoticed amongst the fandom.

I couldn’t possibly begin to create a post on every single indirect/correlation between Camila and Lauren on Tumblr because theres simply too many. There’s one post that confirms everything we ever need to know, planet green eyes:

For me, this can never be denied and the only place we will ever find/get this is on Tumblr. Over the past few years, the girls have indirectly let us in on the secrecy and intimacy between the two, making their ‘relationship’ visible however remaining untold. The very second you click onto Camila’s blog, we are first let into the “secret”

The sun and moon. “Our little secret”. Camila’s icon with her hand covering her mouth, as though she is being silenced.

There was a period when the girls indirects completely halted on all social media, including Tumblr. For around a year, anything in relation to the other was removed and any previous leading posts from early X- Factor days, were deleted and untraceable. Did it become apparent to management that the girls were communicating though hidden social media and restricted communication? Was it only then their PR teams chose to look into why the rumours of a romantic involvement between the two never subsided and were always there? Was it then they found the romantic minefield between the that two that exists on Tumblr?

We’ve been so blinded by the covering and retracing of anything and everything related to ‘camren’ when all we’ve ever needed to know was right here all along.

Ok so I’m adding to the “tea spilling”

I hate to do this because I’ve stepped away from the fandom and really am just fed up with it. And in light of the kind of stunts they are running right now - this is the last straw. I have been sitting on a story from my friend (I’m posting this for her. And she previously wanted me to keep it private but she gave me permission to post it.) I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS NOT MY STORY - MY friend gave me permission to post it. Please respect me and do not ask me who it is. She is not famous so it doesn’t matter who she is. This will be my last post about 1D for a long time if even forever. Because this fandom is NOT healthy. But anyway here’s the story (I won’t answer asks about it because I’m not posting it for the attention on me.) It’s a receipt that UAs deceive and contribute to damage control. Also if they tweet random shit about Larry or anything really that’s out of place like there’s prolly a reason why even if nobody is talking about anything in particular.

Now my friend was telling me and a group of friends about this little incident clubbing. It was in May in LA (it would have had to be May 9th? Because I tweeted the 10th about last night Calvin fucked up which I’m gonna add later.) that time Louis went clubbing with Calvin, Oli and Liam. It’s nothing incriminating to Louis OR Harry’s sexuality. BUT my friend’s friend went clubbing with them that night (the one night Liam was with them.) My friend told me that that her friend told her that Calvin was trying to get these girls to go back to the hotel where Oli, Calvin, etc were staying at and he was SO smashed and he was saying that the guys will be there and that they should come back with them and then backtracked to say that Louis wouldn’t be there because he’s staying at Harry’s. Now my friends and I didn’t really know if this was true but nonetheless we got a kick out of it and (I have a couple screencaps of tweets I sent out about the situation.) TO WHICH THIS GETS BETTER:

SO the next day 1DAlerts comes online to say they’re pretty sure Louis was staying with FRIENDS not Harry. Pretty convenient, eh? Nobody understood why they tweeted this. Because I mean aside from the normal chatter like NOBODY was tweeting about this story which is the MOST hilarious part! “Obviously….”

So here are my receipts:

If you see my tweets shading the situation are timestamped a couple hours BEFORE their tweet. And even better another friend of mine posted shading them for covering up when his friend fucks up and they called her crazy and were just “stating their opinion” They didn’t even mention the UA by name or the people involved :’)  The funniest bit is we all were sitting on this and they really just confirmed the story to us when they were trying to cover it up… And no that one I’m replying to on these screencaps don’t know anything and is not my friend in this story so don’t harass them about this. I will not be divulging who it is. So again PLEASE respect and don’t ask who it is. I don’t wanna send out 18237429847289 replies saying no. It’s just gonna be a blanketed no.

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Shiro picking up his small army of children from school. How did shiro come upon all of these children who look nothing like each other.

Ok there are two ways we could look at this:

1) You suspend your disbelief for just a moment and accept that a dude in his twenties has somehow acquired parental ownership for four kids. TBH this au is hilarious if you imagine Pidge/Lance/Hunk/Keith as preschoolers or as high schoolers. I love this au, pta meeting au is officially the best au.

2) I try to seriously explain this, which is what I’m going to try to do. Nice. 

  • Pidge/Hunk/Lance/Keith are now little kids, elementary school aged or younger. Shiro is in his twenties, Coran is in his forties, and Allura is a little older than Shiro.
  • Coran and Alfor are gay dads (once again I love making them gay dads in my AUs) and Allura is their daughter from Alfor’s previous marriage. This honestly has no impact on the au, I just like making Coran and Alfor gay dads.
  • Hunk is nine and in the fourth grade, Keith is also nine but in the third grade (he was held back a year) and is in the same class as Lance (who is eight years old) and Pidge is six but in the same class as Lance/Keith (Pidge skipped two grades. Shiro is so proud.)
  • Allura is the teacher to Keith, Lance, and Pidge. She also taught Hunk the year before. Lance is in love with Allura and has sworn to marry her one day. Allura doesn’t know how to let him down.
  • Allura and Shiro have become best friends because they saw each other a lot last year (Hunk was being bullied but the issue was resolved when he sat on the kid) and this year because of Keith and his anger problems. They’re around the same age and they both desperately need to talk to someone who isn’t elementary-school aged.
  • Shiro accidentally became a nanny to all the kids. The only kid he’s the legal guardian of is Keith, who was Shiro’s adopted/fostered younger brother. When Shiro’s parents died, Shiro took Keith in with him.
    • Shiro works for a companized version of the Garrison in this au. It’s like military meets tech, all of the high-ranked workers get a special apartment close to base to live in. Shiro moved in next door to the Holts right after he graduated from college, a few years before he adopted Keith.
    • Pidge’s dad and Shiro worked together for a few years in the labs, Commander Holt took Shiro under his wing and basically adopted him. Once Keith entered Shiro’s life, the two families became even closer after Keith and Pidge became friends. Shiro and Keith were considered honorary Holt’s by the time Commander Holt suddenly died/went into a coma due to a freak accident during a lab experiment. Mrs. Holt was overwhelmed by the prospect of caring for both Pidge and Matt (who is older than Pidge by x amount of years), so Shiro offered his services as a baby-sitter.
      • Shiro basically like… Picks up Pidge after school and takes care of them and is pretty much a next-door nanny. Matt is mostly independent, he’s a lot older than Pidge for the sake of this au, and he tends to stay after-school for clubs and stuff (Matt is in middle school) which is why Shiro doesn’t have to take care of him.
    • I don’t want to erase Lance and Hunk’s families, so- they’re all still alive!! Both are just the youngest out of many, many kids and their parents are super swamped and busy all the time due to working at the Garrison. Everyone lives in the same apartment building, so when people saw that Shiro was basically a local manny all the adults were like ‘please take our children I’m so sorry we’re just so busy’ and Shiro was like ‘hey the more the merrier.’ 
      • The McClains and Garretts LOVE Shiro and basically take turns having Shiro/Pidge/Keith over for dinner. I love it when neighbors become tight with each other that’s so good.
  • Anyway, you may be asking yourself, “Ok if Shiro is a nanny to his entire apartment complex then why is he also a member of the PTA” to which I respond- Um. I guess Shiro helps the kids with their homework and takes them to school/picks them up, so he is involved with their school life. Also, the parents of the kids might not have time to go to PTA meetings, so Shiro volunteered to go take notes but then he Got Really Into It. Either way Shiro came, he saw, and he’s determined to conquer.
  • Misc. tidbits:
    • Keith doesn’t have a mullet, but he does have longer hair and Shiro likes to put it into pigtails because he thinks it’s cute. Keith thinks Shiro shat out the sun so he goes along with it. Lance once literally pulled on Keith’s pigtails but then Keith drop-kicked him and Lance hasn’t tried since. They still tease each other though, Shiro despairs.
    • Keith and Pidge are super goddamn tight in this au, and Keith will literally Fight anyone who insists Pidge is a girl. Lance and Hunk are also ready to square up once Keith shows them how to make proper fists.
    • Hunk and Lance are childhood friends
    • Shiro still has his prosthetic, he either lost his arm in the explosion that hurt Commander Holt or Shiro lost it when he was a teen. I haven’t put that much thought into it lol.
    • IDK what Shiro does for a living that allows him to constantly work from home, but it’s a thing.
    • Allura’s elementary school is a five-ten minute walk from everyone’s apartment complex.
whats next?

Here’s what might be happening in the next few months:

  • The collab is titled ‘Do Me Wrong’
  • Lauren is a feature, meaning her guest vocals will be on his track. He will receive accreditation for the sales and streams of the single
  • It will be on his album. We all know Ty can’t release a track without a feature, for some reason his solo music flops? Can’t imagine why that would be *cough misogynistic idiot cough*. However, it will be released as a single off the album
  • High Key think the video for ‘Do Me Wrong’ was already shot back in June in Jamaica during L’s birthday. Hence his photographer and a few others from his promotions team were also present
  • Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki ‘Paralysed’ will be released around the same time whilst she’s fronting the media/charts. I’m thinking this is gonna drop pretty soon though, so watch out for that
  • 5H and Camila will both be attending a number of the Jingle Balls at the end of the year
  • This PR Ty/Lauren nonsense will hardcore continue up until the new year, but after the holiday break it will be over. We haven’t had a Ty/L kiss yet, so expect that “leak”
  • 2018 Camila’s album will drop however from November to the album release, I think we might get a PR for promotion. Hopefully they’ll use Shawn again, he has a platform, is a great artist and a genuinely nice person. Maybe a Jonas Brother or a backing dancer, definitely a boy though lol
  • 2018, the group will split. 4 solo contracts have already been offered to the remaining members so these will be undertaken late 2018 after touring and pre scheduled performances have been played
  • The girls and Camila will switch labels to Republic Records, where I think then they’ll be allowed to publicly interact and show they’re on good terms
  • I think theres gonna be a huge dispute/lawsuit amongst them and their team/label next year aswell
  • No one is buying the drama/shade anymore, it’s boring as fuck, we as a fandom would talk more if the girls were allowed to be on good terms. They know we aren’t falling for it, hence everything has been pretty quiet at the minute. The only one who people suspect is being shady is L, but she’s only playing PR bingo, we can’t blame her really
  • A major camren hint is gonna come out (literally lol) I think as a fandom we’re gonna be shook

Just a thought.

Okay so, it’s Sunday and i’m out of good paper to draw anything new and everything is closed on Sunday so I can’t get more. I still have not-so-good paper that I can use for linearts but that’s pretty much it, sooo

How about we do an ask game thing or an anon hour later tonight? Some of you have been asking for one and it’s been a loooong time, and I miss talking w/ you all. I can still answer with little doodles, I just can’t paint them. I’ll let ya know!

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My timeline is moving too fast so this may have already been brought up, but I noticed that Eleanor was mentioned as Louis' "partner" not "girlfriend" and it stood out to me as an odd description. I'm kind of wondering if maybe Louis had mentioned his partner throughout the interview, but the writer only knowing the PR approved Louis would have assumed he was talking about Eleanor.

Oh, interesting point. I did notice the weird wording, but then didn’t think much deeper about it.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #124 - Zootopia

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes!

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #412.

Format: Blu-ray

1) From the very start this film is excellent storytelling. The opening scene where young Judy and her classmates clearly establishes the conflict of predator vs. prey and the biases that come from that, the film’s humor and heart, and Judy as a character.

2) My mother is an actuary. My brother is studying to be an actuary. Actuaries don’t do this.

Little Jaguar: “Today I can hunt for tax exemptions. I’m going to be an actuary!”

3) Judy’s parents (Don Lake & Bonnie Hunt) are so funny in such a sad way.

Stu: “Judy, you ever wonder how your mom and me got to be so darn happy?”

Judy: “Nope.”

Stu: “Well, we gave up on our dreams and we settled. Right, Bon?”

Bonnie: “Oh yes, that’s right Stu. We settled hard.”

4) Gideon Grey.

Originally posted by masha-russia

Gideon is a perfect example of how nothing - NOTHING - in this film is superfluous, but I’m actually going to speak on that further into the film.

5) The police academy scene gives wonderful exposition. It sets up the environment and rules of Zootopia’s various ecosystems in a way that feeds into Judy’s conflict and character.

6) Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps.

Originally posted by floppy999

Goodwin (a massive Disney fan herself) breathes perfect life into Hopps. The best voice over work is when you’re not distracted by the voice actor. When their voice and their heart match with the character so perfectly that you don’t hear - say - Kristen Bell as Anna or Mike Myers as Shrek, you only hear the character’s. Goodwin is able to balance Judy’s massive optimism and heart along with the scenes where Judy has lost those things perfectly. I don’t think anyone else could have voiced Hopps as well as Goodwin.

7) If you want to avoid a slew of bad animal puns, don’t look too hard at Judy’s iPod.

8) “Try Everything” by Shakira.

Originally posted by raddestboy

Written by Sia, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, the theme song which deserved an Oscar nomination captures Judy’s optimism and struggles perfectly. The song’s lyrics speak of optimism in the face of constant failure, a theme which is very relevant to Judy in the first half of the film. It also provides the perfect backdrop to the visual introduction of Zootopia as Judy enters the city on train.

9) Subtle.

Judy [after Clawhauser calls her “cute”]: “Ooh, ah, you probably didn’t know, but a bunny can call another bunny ‘cute’, but when other animals do it, that’s a little…”

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

10) This film really runs with the animal puns.

(GIF originally posted by @baawri)

Bogo [turning to an Elephant officer]: “Francine. Happy birthday!”

11) I love the way the filmmakers handled Judy’s office discrimination. She is treated just as a token bunny, someone who’s only there for PR. Except she was top of her class at Zootopia police academy: a difficult feat for anybody, let alone a bunny. But this just feeds into the biases Bogo already has about Judy: she’s not really that good, they just said she was because she’s a bunny. That plays into real life way more than it probably should.

12) Wow, I did not catch how entirely speciesist this line was until now:

Ice Cream Parlor Owner [to Nick]: “Look, you probably can’t read…”

Damn that’s speciesist.

13) Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde.

Originally posted by a-zootopia-fan

Remember how I said great voice over work is noted by not realizing you’re listening to a voice over artist? The same can be said of Bateman’s performance of Wilde, 100%. To start, Bateman captures Wilde’s surface level of sly con artists WONDERFULLY well. He’s devilish and charming in the same vein as Danny Ocean or Han Solo, and Bateman expresses this perfectly. But as the film progresses Bateman is also able to show off Nick’s layers. His troubled past, his occasional lack of self-worth and anger at the world. And the honest level never changes. It’s not like Bateman was hired ONLY for the slyness of Nick’s role and had to power through the rest, he’s able to do it all. It’s a great voice over for a great character.

14) The relationship between Nick & Judy is the cornerstone of this film. What I personally like about it is its honesty. There’s no BIG moment when these two meet, it’s a chance encounter which grows to conflict and then budding friendship so organically you don’t even know it’s happening.

Originally posted by surreal-teal

15) There is nothing even remotely superfluous in this film. Nick makes a comment about how he’s been running his popsicle con his whole life and that will come back to bite him in the butt later.

16) This pig is played by Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin’s onscreen partner in “Once Upon a Time” and real life husband.

17) The chase through Zootopia is an incredible amount of fun, especially when Judy and Duke get to Little Rodentia. The filmmakers are able to play with their concept in a visual entertaining and imaginative way, which in turn keeps us as the audience wrapped up in the world they’ve established.

Note: I’m going to take about Alan Tudyk as Duke later in the film, at a very specific moment.

18) Again, there is nothing superfluous in this film (a note I’m going to be making a lot):

Judy [after saving Mr. Big’s daughter]: “Love your hair.”

Mr. Big’s Daughter: “Aww, thank you!”

It is this little encounter (and, you know, the fact that Judy saved her life) that saves Judy & Nick from getting “iced” by Mr. Big later in the film.

19) Again, nothing superfluous in the film. As the “non-onions” that Duke stole end up being very important later on.

20) Disney is at its bets when it pokes fun at itself.

Bogo: “Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little musical and your insipid dreams MAGICALLY COME TRUE! So let it go.”

Originally posted by rinshi-chan

21) Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Nick’s face after Judy says she’ll arrest him for, “felony tax evasion,” after he brags to her about how he’s been running this con since he was a kid and how much money he makes?

(GIF originally posted by @animations-daily)

22) Again, with the idea that nothing in this film is superfluous: Judy’s recording pen becomes very important as the movie goes on.

23) Only Tommy Chong could play this character.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

Like there’s a chance he’s not even reading from a script, they just had Tommy Chong come in and told him what the movie was about and he just started talking.

24) This is the funniest part of the whole film, in my opinion.

Originally posted by officialmoviegoer

The entire DMV scene plays well not only with the concept established by the film of an animal society in a way which is funny on its own, but the continuing conflict of Judy’s eagerness, Flash’s slowness, and Nick’s desire to throw a monkey wrench into the whole thing leads to amazing comedy.

25) Did you know Kristen Bell is in this film?

Originally posted by musicallyfoxypokemon

Bell landed the role not only because of her working with Disney on Frozen, but also because she is a noteworthy sloth enthusiast (as seen on “Ellen”).

26) It is nice to see Nick freak out when he realizes he and Judy are in Mr. Big’s limo, as it shows us a part of him we haven’t gotten to look at much in the film so far.

27) Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big.

(GIF originally posted by @rocktheholygrail)

LaMarche is a noted voice over actor known primarily for his roles as Brain on “Pinky & The Brain”, various characters including Calculon on “Futurama”, and Mr. Freeze in the Batman Arkham series of video games. Here, we get to hear the veteran voice over artist do his best high pitched Brando impression.

28) This film has its fair share of nice surprises, details and twists which keeps you on your toes. The earliest of these is the revelation that the missing mammal Judy & Nick are looking for - Mr. Otterton - was in fact the one who attacked the limo driver (and not that he was the one attacked, as originally perceived).

29) This scene gives me life.

Bogo [after Judy’s witness disappears]: Two days to find the otter, or you quit. That was the deal. [Holding out hand] Badge.

Judy: But sir, we…

Bogo: Badge!

[Judy starts to turn in her badge]

Nick: Uh… no.

Chief Bogo: What did you say, fox?

Nick Wilde: Sorry, what I said was… NO! She will not be giving you that badge.[Bogo flinches] Look, you gave her a… a… a clown vest and a three wheel joke mobile and two days to solve a case you guys haven’t cracked in two weeks? Yeah, no wonder she needed to get help from a fox. None of you guys were gonna help her, were you? [Bogo starts to speak but Nick cuts him off] Here’s the thing, chief. You gave her the 48 hours, so technically we still have… 10 left, to find our Mr. Otterton. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. So, if you’ll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow and a case to crack. Good day.

30) And then there’s this…

I saw this film twice in theaters and both times I was tearing up during Nick’s backstory. Anyone who has ever been bullied as a kid for being different will relate at least a little bit to what Nick went through. And it is this scene when Nick is at his most honesty with Judy, when they become pretty good friends and form a trust with each other.


32) I did not think a Disney movie would make me jump like this (stop at 2:11).

33) This is incredibly rare for me, as someone who sees more than 60 films in theaters a year, but after Nick & Judy found the missing mammals and had the mayor arrested I had absolutely NO idea where the film was going after that. At all. I love it!

34) Nick’s face when Judy links the savage animals to being a predator…

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

35) I had a film student criticize this film not based on the merits of its story or character’s or anything, but because they didn’t understand the metaphor. He noted that it’s not a clean comparison between white people and minorities and that’s exactly the point. This film is not about the people in power vs the people who aren’t, because who’s in power? The mayor may be a lion but the most biased character in the film - Chief Bogo - is prey. Bias goes all around and it can infect anybody, no matter what you think. Even Judy, for all her merits, is biased. She carries around fox repellent all the time and even has this line:

Judy: “It’s not like a bunny can go savage.”

That’s what I love about this film. It’s universal. It’s not about one real life society, it is about all societies everywhere and how bias can infect them and taint them and it’s up to us to work against that.

36) Fun fact: I had no idea otters were predators before seeing this film.

37) Gideon Grey returns.

Originally posted by klaus-baudelarie

If only all childhood bullies were like that, but again it gets to my oft-repeated point that nothing in this film is superfluous. Gideon could have easily been the one note bully from Judy’s youth who gave her the motivation to prove him wrong, but he comes back 15 years later in the most perfect way. She sees that people can change and that people who are good now are not always good (Gideon when he was younger, Judy when she was biased). It is a really important moment for her that was established all the way in the first ten minutes of this movie. I love that.

38) Judy’s apology to Nick and the way he handles it is something I truly love about this movie and their friendship as a whole.

And then I really love the little joke at the end about Judy trying to get to the pen and can’t help but wonder: was that written in the script? Was it Jason Bateman’s improv that made it into the film? It’s just so natural I must know!

39) Okay, I think this is the last time I will give this note, BUT NOTHING IN THIS MOVIE IS SUPERFLUOUS!!! This is most apparent to me when Nick does a little thing like expressing how much he likes the berries on Judy’s farm and it becomes so important to the plot latter when they switched out those berries with the Night Howlers in Bellwether’s dart gun.


(GIFs originally posted by @bridgetjones)

41) And it’s followed up by this!

Both characters are voiced by Alan Tudyk. Because Disney just can’t let that one slide, can they? I love it.

42) Same Duke. Same.

(GIFs originally posted by @baawri)

43) The sticky note on Bellwether’s phone earlier was for Doug, the guy who mixes the night howler drug that makes animals go savage (this is the same drug who’s key ingredient was mixed from the non-onions Duke stole earlier in the film, FOR Doug).

44) At one point Doug - who is dressed in a yellow radiation suit and makes drugs for a living - lets his client know that “Woolter and Jesse” have arrived.

Originally posted by knurd-dna-denots

And yes, they did that on purpose.

45) The entire subway chase sequence is really great, because it is based heavily on the idea of action = consequence. A ram is running at the door, he gets through and hits another ram. The train goes too fast into a turn, it tips over and Judy/Nick are up a creek. It all works very nicely

46) Honestly, I didn’t figure out Bellwether was the bad guy until just before it was revealed the first time I saw this.

Originally posted by lostchel

47) Bellwether’s line about, “Fear ALWAYS works!” to keep the people in check should not be as relevant in 2017 as it is.

48) Okay, one thing I need to know: Bellwether is in jail, Mayor Lionheart is in jail, and Chief Bogo is still the police chief…SO WHO’S MAYOR NOW!?!?!?

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

49) I know this film was pretty much a buddy cop movie, but I would be totally fine with a buddy cop movie where Nick is actually a cop.

Originally posted by blueberrycarrots

Lethal Weapon where Nick is Mel Gibson and Judy is…Danny Glover? Okay, that comparison doesn’t really work, but you get me!

50) And of course…

Originally posted by livelovecaliforniadreams

I honestly think Zootopia may be a perfectly written film, and that is not something I say lightly. I made it clear above how I find nothing in the film superfluous, which is an incredible feat I think. And they did it in a way that was never boring, with entertaining characters, an intriguing mystery, and a fun world. Zootopia may be my favorite Disney animated feature film, and it’s definitely my favorite of the “Modern Era” we’re in now (The Princess and the Frog - Present). Just a great, great, great film which deserved its Best Animated Picture win at the Oscars. A true treat all around.

They claim the role of the ambassador is “ to give LGBTQ people on each team a player they can reach out to if they need support”, and as a member of that community, the person i would least want to approach is one who has a negative history regarding LGBTQ issues.  If he has changed and wants to be supportive, thats great, but i don’t think he is the person a LGBTQ person would be most comfortable speaking to. Choosing Shaw can really only benefit Shaw (from a PR perspective). I don’t see how his selection will in anyway benefit the LQBTQ players.


Secret Camelot Letters part 4 / 4: King Hunnam of Jaunt Jolie, Duchess Vashya of Glass Mountain, and Clarissa Dovey

Tedros. Buddy. I know you were just trying to put ol’ number 1 first, but honestly? You probably should’ve sent those imperiled kingdoms a letter back explaining the situation or something.