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Me and my sister got drunk and did a dumb hockey meme. (part 2)


nearly witches // panic! at the disco

every team in the nhl: “we have the best fans in the league”

me: so, what’s the truth?

i had a really dramatic dream that ran like a movie trailer and it was some romantic dramedy about Sidney’s life, complete with emotional big screen soundtrack music during clips of:

• Sidney’s dad and coaches screaming at him. “Again,” he yells. “You’re not gonna get better if you keep playing like this.”
• baby Sidney being pushed over on the ice
• the flashing lights of the stadium as Sidney’s broken voiceover says “I only have hockey. If I don’t win this, then I’ll have wasted another year of my life and I can’t keep letting down everyone I know–”
• middle school Taylor running out of the Cole Harbour house screaming “Sid! You’re home!”
• Duper smiling sadly at Sidney on the benches as he says, “You can’t control everything, Sid. Life happens.”
• Sidney’s mom holding him when he’s almost too tall to be held like this and running her fingers through his hair, murmuring, “I knew you were going to grow up to be something extraordinary.” 
• Sidney’s forehead touching Geno’s as they lie in bed. Geno is cupping Sidney’s face with one large hand, smoothing out Sidney’s cheek with his thumb as he speaks to Sidney in low, soothing Russian, “I don’t want you to forget. Hockey or no hockey, I will still love you the same.”
• Sidney’s voiceover whispering, “Aren’t you scared? Of not knowing what might happen?” during clips of hockey games, violent checks, the roars and jeers of the crowd. Scene switches back to the bedroom scene, Sidney and Geno curled towards each other like parentheses, then Geno and Sidney sitting together on the docks in Nova Scotia, staring out at a clear, still lake; their hands are clasped together like a promise. Geno’s voiceover says, with certainty, “When I am with you, I’m brave.” 

And then cut scene to movie title and release date.