only in korea ofc

There are a lot of idols who are naturally super skinny but the thing is that they aren’t the “majority”. Nobody should be bodyshamed ofc.

A lot of idols have BMI’s around 15-16 which is extremely low, I know BMI doesn’t always tell you about health and what’s healthy. I just feel uncomfortable when it’s promoted as the ideal figure especially when everything above 50kg is viewed as obese and that 39-45 kg is the ideal no matter your height.

Especially when dieting is promoted as a way of reaching that ideal. Idols always promoting extreme weight loss diets or practically starving themselves on tv and people have started viewing it as normal.

Being overweight or being underweight isn’t something somebody should want to achieve. Neither is healthy and have negative impacts on your health.

I always hear about female idols and trainees who starves themselves when they are having a comeback, combined with no sleep and constant workout. A lot of idols are so underweight they don’t even get their period anymore, suffers from fatigue and fainting.

The truth is that most idols are naturally on the skinny side especially when they are trainees. Most skinny but more “ on the normal side of the BMI range” I can agree with that. But not a lot of idols are naturally extremely underweight.

Idols looks more muscular and thicker on tv than they do in real life ( been to a few fan signs) but in real life a lot of them are scarily skinny. This also includes male idols. A few days ago I saw a post with pictures of how thin idols actually are irl, you would be shocked. I feel really bad for them.

I’m no trying to skinny shame anyone but I feel worried about all new trainees who are waiting to debut what will the future hold for them. Trainees as young as 10 are dieting and are maybe suffering from twisted body ideals and body dysmorphia at such young age. I see idols who are underweight being called fat all the time what does the future hold for these young boys and girls. We may see idols groups who average weight is 35kg in a few years.

ED’s is running rampant in the entertainment industry all over the world as we have seen many times how it can destroy people. It’s ofc not only Korea that has this problem every country have some sort of extreme standards that they want celebrities to live up too.

It’s the same here in some countries in the west were there is omens pressure on looking a specific way, are your boobs big enough is my ass to small, am I not manly enough, steroids , obsession with getting extremely muscular and ED being ignored in men, the obsession with the ant Waist, plastic surgery and fillers because girls and boys who are being told they look wrong in their natural body and aren’t good enough.

Nobody should be fat shamed or skinny shamed but it’s extremely unhealthy to promote either of those. I just feels extremely sad when I see both cases because it cause the person extremely emotional distress and complexes for the rest of their life’s. while developing diseases and problems they shouldn’t have to deal with at a young age, disc injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis and other health issues resulting from a poor diets and extreme exercise and no sleep/fatigue.

I just feel really worried about people in our horrible judgmental world.