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Japan’s rabbit island and cat island(s) are islands where hundreds of bunnies and cats (respectively) live freely~ with only very few people (residents/caretakers) who stay in the island to take care of them/feed them. (=ↀωↀ=)

Rabbit island is locally known as Okunoshima, while there are about a dozen cat islands in Japan, but the most popular islands are Aoshima Island and Tashirojima. They have become must-visit tourist spots in Japan for cat-lovers and bunny-lovers! 

So, which would you prefer, Bunny Island or Cat Island? 


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[Cat Island]

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So uh, yeah, apparently this exists. A RESIDENT EVIL SHOOTEM UP. And only in Japan you’ll see cool stuff like this, smh:

“If you’ve ever wanted to take part in a zombie apocalypse, but without your brain being eaten, look no further. It’s right here in Universal Studios Japan.”

Today in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan rolled out its latest attraction, Resident Evil The Real. Here’s an inside look at the attraction, which is open for a limited time only. P

As previously mentioned, Resident Evil The Real (aka “Biohazard The Real”) is a live-action shooting attraction at USJ that uses the same practice shooting system used by police and military. Each visitor is equipped with a 700 gram “model gun” that only has thirty virtual bullets. The goal is to shoot the zombies and other creatures, eradicating the virus contagion.

The attraction is divided into two stages. The first stage has two different routes: The Raccoon City Police Department route and the hospital route. Groups of eight go through each course, shooting zombies and other monsters along the way. Clear the first stage, and you can continue to the second, which is set in the Umbrella Research Center, for the final showdown.

This makes “The Walking Dead "Universal studios attraction look like a stroll through the The Grove in Glendale, Ca.

One ticket to Japan, please, and thank you.


My favourite time of the day🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿 Afternoon coffee time😍 I got given three たい焼き (taiyaki) from my wonderful friend at work💜💕💜 She’s like a big sister😁 Gym’s closed so got home from work, brewed some coffee, prepped dinner, reheated this red bean taiyaki, poured some pure soy milk into the coffee & read 海月姫 (Kuragehime) for an hour or so💗💕💗💕💗


Earlier this year we featured an amazing plush billboard in Tokyo’s Shibuya Station shaped like the face of a giant black cat. It was an ad for Japanese shipping service Yamato Unyu (Yamato Transport), whose logo is a cute black kitty, so they’re more commonly known as Kuroneko (black cat) Yamato.

A huge pettable black cat face is already pretty awesome, but Kuroneko Yamato has outdone themselves by installing a complete, and even bigger, giant black cat in Shinjuku Station that’s also…wait for it…a giver of free presents! When you press its oversized nose the colossal kitty opens its mouth to dispense an assortment of 72 different Kuroneko-themed presents on its tongue.

That’s right. Go to Japan, skritch a great big kitty nose, receive a present. So super awesome!

“The big cat will be “awake” and spitting out presents at Shinjuku Station’s Metro Promenade from 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. every day until 4 October. After that, he goes on tour, stopping at ten locations around the country, like a giant, furry, four-legged, off-season Santa with presents for furballs.”

Watch this video to see the great big black cat in action:

[via RocketNews24]


Guinea Pig Bridge!
Transporting guinea pigs from point A to point B
Utilizing the latest guinea pig bridge technology
Conveniently and safely!


Bizarrely Realistic Japanese Robotic Buttocks Respond to Slaps

All other problems having been solved, some Japanese robot-makers are forced to turn their attention to faux-buttocks.

This is so weird. And that guy is way too into it. 

Question time: What’s the weirdest robot you’ve ever seen?

( Popular Science)

A cafe in Japan, called Tokyo’s Moomin House Cafe, has been trending in the internet for a few days now, and has been popularly known as the “Anti-Loneliness” Cafe~

The cafe provides a huge stuffed toy (called “Moomin”) to keep you company if you’re dining alone~ (or if you seem lonely (~‾▿‾)~)

#OnlyInJapan ~!

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