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First Batch for Mystic Messenger cushion cover i made. Currently it only open for Indonesia but will be available for overseas order soon. Anyone interested?

*special thanks to my BFF @ladyhacques to help with this.

「ミスティックメッセンジャー」ファンアートアートをクッションカバー化。興味があれば通販にするのかな?#mysticmessenger  #luciel #수상한메신저  #루시엘 #유성 #yoosung

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To that anon they also said Magnus is older than 400 I think the guy who plays simon just said in an interview about Magnus being 600-800 old

yeah people always mistake his age because in city of glass he lied and says he’s 700/800, but actually his real age which is confirmed by both his place of birth and in city of heavenly fire is roughly 400. Harry is the only person who’s ever gotten Magnus’s age correct, probably because he was reading specifically for Magnus when he looked through the books. (The writers also got it ballpark accurate when they said “more than 300″ implying roughly between 300-400; if he was meant to be closer to 600-800, they would have had Hodge say “over 500″ or something like that.)

probably the most telling evidence is that he’s stated in both the show and the books as being born specifically in Batavia, which was known as such only when Indonesia was known as the Dutch East Indies. Batavia was established in 1619. Prior to that, it was known as Jayakarta and it’s currently known as Jakarta. Batavia is a very specific.

As a result, Magnus’ age is directly tied into his place of birth. He can’t be more than 400.

Cadillac Gage Scout

A private venture by Cadillac in 1977, the Scout was intended as a light reconnaisance vehicle, though it is highly versatile and can be turned into an anti-tank platform or command vehicle with little modification. The Scout was not particularly successful, only selling to Egypt and Indonesia, with production ending in 1987. However, marketing continues for the vehicle, indicating Cadillac is ready to tune up production at a moment’s notice.

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headcanons for Flower Tea/UkNes!!

Alrighty here are a few I came up with!

- Arthur finds it adorable that she always wears a flower

-Sekar will often steal some of Arthur’s shirts or tops because it smells like him but it’s okay because he owns A LOT

-They normally argue about stupid stuff such as what program to watch on TV but it’s normally quickly resolved with lots of kisses 

-They both get drunk off their heads at Alfred’s parties

-They both love walks in the local park with long scarves and red noses

-Arthur will only go to Indonesia in the winter because the high temperature KILLS him 

-Sekar hasn’t told Arthur that she is a country and infact imortal in fear that he might think less of her

I hope this is alright @ask-aph-indo-timor I thought you might want to see this ^^

My fanart submission for @bimawithpencil’s art/storybook! 🌺✨ It’s open for pre-order until July 31st (Indonesia only)! Go go go ‼️🔥
AUREA is an artbook that tells the story of Aurea, a child who turned into a brave lady, who hunt down a giant to save her mother’s soul. The story is inspired by Indonesian folklore called “Timun Mas”
This artbook comes with 23+ original artworks, 50++ fullcolor pages, 150 gsm, with dimension of 19.5 x 21 cm
For more information and preview, check ‘em out at:
Instagram: @bimawithpencil
If you want to order, simply fill the form below:

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EweWi : ask box will open soon!
Weebai : Nyan!

“Did you get mysterious messages?~
It’s a piece of the puzzle~”


Hey hey ! I’m opening a pre-order of Mystic Messenger keychains~

These will not be available in any event (yet)..
BUT GOOD NEWS ! They are available for overseas right now !

(Oh god my first time selling something overseas x"D )

Price : 15k (IDR) || $2 USD

1 set : 65k || $9 USD

*shipping fee has not been included yet*
only via BCA (for Indonesian) and Paypal

Min. Purchase : 1 item

If you are interested, pm to me :D

Deadline : (extended) 17 Sept 2016 Thank you very much and please help me share this~

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(Animal Ask) Burung Cendrawasih

In Indonesian, birds of paradise are called “cendrawasih.” These are birds from the family Paradisaeidae.

These rare, beautiful birds can only be found in Eastern Indonesia, particularly Papua, Papua New Guinea, and parts of East Australia. Indonesia has the largest population of birds of paradise. Only males have the attractive feathers, like peacocks.

Usually, when people bring up birds of paradise, the bird on the upper picture is what comes to mind first. The iconic image of a brown-green-yellow bird with long, fluffy, white-yellow tail-feathers. However, the bird above is just one of the many birds of paradise species. That one is the Lesser Bird-of-Paradise. There are many species of these birds!

Remember this thing? Truly a memorable proposal.

That is the Superb Bird-of-Paradise. When not doing its superb mating dance, it looks like this.

Below I’m going to list some popular species of these birds. Not all of them, though, because that’ll be too long.

Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise, it has a distinctive twin curled tail.

When there’s a lesser, there’s a greater. This is the Greater Bird-of-Paradise. It has a similar colouring to its lesser counterpart, but unlike the Lesser Bird-of-Paradise, its tail seems to spread out like a magnificent feather fountain instead of flowing elegantly down.

This is the Magnificent Riflebird.

Below is the Twelve-Wired Bird-of-Paradise. Take a look at those tails.

Ribbon-Tailed Bird-of-Paradise

Blue Bird-of-Paradise

King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise. Look at those sweet feathers.

Red Bird-of-Paradise. Unlike the Lesser and Greater birds, it has no fluffy yellow-white tail.

And finally, this is the Western Parotia.

Check out this Indonesian legend about the origin of birds-of-paradise.
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I woke up at 1am last night to hike the Ijen volcano and admire the blue fire which you can only see here in Indonesia and Island. 

The views were beautiful but I had to wear a special gas mask because I had trouble breathing.

The men working there carry baskets of yellow sulphur weighing 70 to 90kg up a steep rocky path from the crater floor a few times a day. They make 5$ for one basket and it takes them about 3 hours to hike up, get the sulphur and hike down. 

Traveling makes me realize how LUCKY I am. Thank you God and bless these hard-working men.

My name is Anna Nadia Bandura, I’m from Poland and I’m traveling the world alone, just with Taylor Swift’s album 1989. I called this project #1989TravelsTheWorld. This year I’m going to visit 20 countries and spread Taylor’s music around the world. I’m going to the 1989 World Tour in Amsterdam or Germany ( I hope so!).