only imagined

“I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it” seems even more important and meaningful now that we know about Maggie’s past. Maggie’s parents learn she’s gay cut her off, kick her out; she has had to not only imagine, but actually live her life without people who were supposed to be there for her.

And then follow up her parents with the relationships that she’s had that haven’t worked out, including one where she was called work obsessed, stubborn, and borderline sociopathic.

Imagine how much she must have been feeling for Alex at that point - to lie to Alex about her past to make Alex feel safer about coming out, to be afraid of losing Alex before their relationship even started because she has been cut out people’s lives before, and she didn’t want to go through that with Alex, who already meant so much to her.

(because “I knew we were right for each other, Danvers” has implications. Implications about the fact that maybe Maggie got to know gorgeous, badass, nerdy, secretly vulnerable Alex Danvers and thought - wow, she could be it)

Even “we should kiss the girls we want to kiss” has even more to talk about now, really. How many times has Maggie had to tell herself that she’s allowed to be who she is and kiss who she wants? And when it came to Alex, it wasn’t anything with her past or her family holding her back, it was her own voice in her head that was afraid.


Alex Danvers is exactly the kind of person Maggie Sawyer thought she would end up with even as a kid in Nebraska; she is the person who makes the work-obsessed detective take the morning off, the person who makes the stubborn woman re-evaluate her stance on hating Valentine’s Day, the person who makes a “borderline sociopath” lie about her painful past to give hope and courage in a scary situation.

Maggie doesn’t get easily attached to a lot of people, but she did to Alex because Alex is something special. The woman who can make her love Valentine’s Day.

And Alex has spent so much of her life feeling the opposite of special because of growing up with a superhero sister and she has so much love to give… these two are made for each other

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Whelp, time to panic!

*steps in front of Akane* Stop.

…Move Pekoyame. I don’t have time to fight.

..I guess you will have to find some.

….You were warned.

Peko!! *tackles Owari*

Out of my way !! *throws Fuyuhiko away with a punch*

Ughh…Fuck…! *tries to stand*

Fuyuhiko ! *runs toward him*

…*starts to runs again*



I want to say something, there is an “imagine” for a reason and it has nothing to do with misunderstanding the characters or story of Harry Potter.
Just because you IMAGINE Umbridge being a horse doesn’t mean you misunderstand her character, you only IMAGINE something.
I don’t know why this comment bothers me so much but I’m tired of people thinking Dramione shippers ignore the facts or worse romanticise unhealthy relationships.
I would never ship Draco and Hermione if I wouldn’t and now I’m saying it again IMAGINE a Character development or change in their behaviour. But if you don’t think that at some point Draco started to think about his actions or that Hermione wasn’t kind hearted enough to give people second chances you misunderstood not only the characters but the whole Harry Potter series.

Oracle of Kronos in great demand, called “little mill”: take two measures of salt and grind with a handmill saying the formula many times until the god appears to you. Do it at night in a place where grass grows. If while you are speaking you hear the heavy step of someone and a clatter of iron, the god is coming bound with chains, holding a sickle. But do not be frightened since you are protected by the phylactery that will be revealed to you. Be clothed with clean linen in the garb of a priest of Isis. Offer to the god sage together with the heart of a cat and horse manure. […]
—  PGM IV. 3086 - 3124. (Betz, The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation. P. 98.)

“Frilly Little Cakes” - a Dragon Age Solas inspired perfume oil

I do enjoy the frilly little cakes.“ ~ Solas

My custom blended fragrances are inspired by characters that I love and this one is inspired by the character Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition and his love for the frilly little cakes found in the markets of Val Royeaux. I suspect he’s quite a glutton for decadent desserts and ravishes them with abandon when he thinks no one is looking. One can only imagine how he would act if his vhenan smelled like frilly little cakes… :D

Scent - Sweet, fresh, candied strawberries soaked in champagne. Decadent buttercream icing. Cream cheese filling and subtle hints of lemon creme. Decadent and sweet, it will draw people in for more and leave you smelling completely edible.

This fragrance is a feminine.

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That promo you posted. It validates my love for SuperCorp because family dynamics are something that Lena and Kara/Supergirl have an understanding for. The with us or against us thing

i like you anon, you’re totally right…lena with lex and her mom - her mom is very you’re with me or you’re against me. kara had that with her astra in season 1. i can only imagine how much kara will hurt hearing that from alex, because no matter what she is with alex, alex is her family even when they disagree and having alex act like she doesn’t know that…must really hurt…

imagine kara just calling up lena and being all… i just really need to talk, and going to l-corp to tell her about how alex told her that she is either with the family or against them and of course she is with the family how could anyone think she wasn’t but she just really thinks something  might be wrong with jeremiah. lena sitting there trying to comfort her and offering to help because it was cadmus that affected him…man i need some supercorp bonding over their family issues

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So, when it came to catering the wedding, was Ignis in charge or helped out a bit? I could only imagine the design of the wedding cake for you two! =D

*he laughs* Oh man, are you kidding? Ignis insisted on catering the entire thing. I lost count of how many different dishes he ended up making. The whole thing was massive, and I didn’t hear any food complaints, so I guess all the guests were pleased. Between him, Coctura, Takka and Weskham, they made the cake ridiculously elaborate, down to the detailing in the icing. Ignis was certainly pleased with himself after the wedding, that’s for sure. People were complimenting his cooking right and left. Aranea even ‘kissed the cook’ and that was hysterical. Never seen Specs caught so off-guard like that.“ *he laughs all over again*

“I must say Ignis really has outdone himself with the catering and the wedding cake, in its whole flavour and design. It was a sight to behold, so many different decorated layers. And I assure you I have seen allot of cakes in my life, but this *she chuckles* really hit the cake. It was adorned with all kinds of different ribbons, in the colours of Lucis and Tenebrae. I recall that Prompto just couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. And of course, he insisted on taking a few with me and Noctis too. I spotted Noctis secretly snooping a tiny piece of milk chocolate from the cake when he got the chance. He saw I noticed, and quickly after that, he took me away for a moment. And then shared his little piece of chocolate with me. Of course, Noctis and I both insisted that we let Ignis do the honour of slicing the first piece of the cake. It was absolutely delicious!”

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do you like and/or stan any other kpop group besides bts? or any other k-idol(s) in general? btw, i love ur blog sm!💜 keep up the great work^^ ly~

First of all- thank you!! I’m glad you like it 💛💛
And oh gosh where do I start??? I pretty much like every single kpop band that has ever walked this earth haha jk but it seems like it… honestly… I think I like every band out there. They’re all so talented and so different I can’t imagine only liking one of them!
And my ult. Bias isn’t even in BTS 😪 IM A TRAITOR I KNOW IM SORRY GUYS HAHAHHA but the heart wants what it wants 😭😂

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I became a christian with nine. Two years later I realized that I am gay. Now I'm 18 and still nobody knows it. I don't know how to tell my friends and family because I'm sure they won't understand. I know it is a sin to have sex with people of the same gender and most of the time I can deal with it. But sometimes I just get really sad because I know that I will never be able to love someone I want to love. What shall I do?

Hi friend,

The best advice I can give you is to talk to God about this, because it’s something that’s so personal and is really between you and Him (and your future significant other). Talk to Him about everything you’re thinking and feeling and really meditate on His Word. Ask Him to change your heart. 

I’m so sorry, love. I can only imagine how this feels for you. I know it’s not much, but know that I’m praying for you and that I’m here if you want to talk. 

Just please keep going. Keep praying, keep reading His Word, keep living, even on the sad days. You are so loved. 

All my love,


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ive only ever gotten two shinies.. a shiny snubble in x, and a slakoth in oras.. i dont like either of those pokes tho lol,, i tried shiny breeding in 2015 but i hatched 500 eggs and no shinies.. so i gave up

oh rip :( i hate when getting shiny pokes they’re not ones u like…and egg breeding is super hard, excluding the swap breeding method

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I remember you talking about multi-language tomfoolery a while back and want to share this. I work in fast food and am fluent in sign language. I was in the drive thru but was called up front to help a deaf customer take his order. I was still wearing my headset and it beeped to let me know a car was in drive, so I answered it and began /signing/ the drive thru greeting.

that is honestly incredible and I can only imagine the moment of confusion and then realisation as you heard the silence on the other end lmao. I never thought about this kind of thing happening with sign language but of course it must.

it reminds me of all those times where you do something the wrong way around and there’s always that surreal moment where you know something is off but for a second you can’t quite place what. like putting the cereal back in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard or something.

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Lena was intoxicated by the faint smell of Kara's perfumed lotion on her skin. Every kiss, each caress were making her want Kara even more. She wanted to really taste her. All of her. Meanwhile Kara let Lena give her another push until eventually she was laying on the table with Lena straddling her. Kara was even more turned on by having Lena on top of her. Kara slipped a hand down between Lena's legs.

Lena stared down at the beauty below her. Having Kara Danvers laying across her desk was something that she had only imagined. Never thought it would actually happen. Lena was entranced by the normally shy reporter below her, with a hooded gaze full of lust. 

Kara met Lena’s gaze, her chest swelling slightly at the sight of Lena Luthor topping her. She had never seen a more beautiful woman in her life. And not just because of Lena’s regal and aristocratic features. Though Kara wouldn’t say they didn’t help. But because Lena’s face was so expressive when they were together. The normally cold and ruthless CEO would lower her mask and allow Kara to really see her. Kara couldn’t get enough. 

Lena’s skirt was bunched up around her waist from straddling the blonde on her desk. Kara’s hand wandered between Lena’s legs, gently caressing one of her thighs. Lena let out a soft moan and bit her lip in an attempt to be quiet. Kara swallowed. The lip bite, which Lena had given her a few times in the past never failed to shake Kara to the core. 

Kara teased Lena for a minute, softly running her hand up and down the insides of Lena’s thighs but never drifting to where she knew Lena wanted her hand to go. Lena, for her part, was struggling to not just scream out in frustration. Kara could see the needy look in Lena’s eyes and decided to take pity on her, finally running her fingers along Lena’s underwear clad core. Lena’s breath hitched at the sensation. Kara wasn’t even directly touching her and she already felt more turned on than she ever had in her life. 

After watching this episode and the previous episodes, I still totally can’t decipher why Mon-el gets the hate. Mon-el may have been egotistic, yes, but at the end, he always is the one who approaches Kara first and asks for her forgiveness. It’s easy to say “everyone makes mistakes so let’s just forgive and forget” but what’s not easy is for someone to turn his pride a notch lower just to make amends. In fact, I applaud him for being humble in a way that he accepts his faults and Mon-el has been rejected a lot of times now, I could only imagine the pain but he still sees to it that he doesn’t destroy the friendship that he and Kara have even if seeing her meant another stab to his heart! 💔 Why do we have to be so mean to him when all he did was to RESPECT Kara all this time?? 😔

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What would Bro's reaction be to the tape that Eddy filmed of his 'grown-up' life?

His deleted reaction was simply not to bother opening the package the tape was mailed in.

If he actually watched it though, I can only imagine he’d:

A. laugh until he asphyxiates.

B. not laugh, but systematically jot down all the new material to mock Eddy’s life.  could this have even been his end goal when sending that package full of baby supplies as if he hadn’t seen Eddy since the day he left?