only i get to call him eggy

I made my best friend watch Kingsman and her comments about the movie read like shitposts

- about harry: “he is the alpha daddy”

- mocking merlin: “geT in ThAAa PlAnE”

- about Valentine: “discount morgan freeman with a lisp”

- she forgot Percival’s name and started calling him Periwinkle

- “Lancelot isn’t very cute and neither is Periwinkle.”

- about eggsy: “daddy in training”

- *starts screaming when harry gets shot* MCXCUSE ME BITCH YOU CANT JUST KILL DADDY

- “what kinda fuckin name is eggy?”

- about roxlin “they only ship them because of the ‘yes, merlin’ line”

- “he’s like 20 and he’s like 50…*whispers* i love it”
Golden Circle - Ficlet 3

So instead of continuing to reblog the same post everytime and getting it so long no one is interested in reading it, I’ll post the others fluff filets in separates post and then post the thing as a whole on ao3 once it’s done.

This is for @gentlekingsmen the Queen Smol who wanted a golden wedding ring on Eggsy’s finger as the only gold circle in the sequel. Her devoted subject, of curse I’ve had to write it. Ficlet one and two can be read here

A big thank you to @insanereddragon who interrupted her lazy day to read over what I had written. Tagging a few peeps @dianyx @secondarysushicorps @lady-mephistopheles @agent-eggy @awesomehartwintrash @hulahoopingingthesand @bouncybrittonie there are probably more but I forget -.-”

Golden Circle - Percival

“Oi, Percy!”

He would have ignored anyone else that dared called out to him with such familiarity, but Eggsy reminds him so much of James in his exuberance that he lets him get away with nearly everything. In fact, he thinks the only time he wouldn’t forgive the young man and side with him would be if he ever hurt Roxy, but considering the two are best friends, he doubts such a scenario will ever happening in real life.

“What is it Galahad?” It’s weird to call him by what used to be Harry’s title since he’s known the other man, but it’s easier than it is to call his daughter Lancelot.

“Do you mind if we spar another day?”

Whatever lazy spell had been on him after being subjected to two hours of horribly boring ceremony to crown their new Arthur evaporates quickly over his worries for the young man at the question.

Eggsy’s the one who had wanted to spar with him, who had been bugging him for weeks just for Richard to teach him some of his moves. Because while Percival is renowned as the best sniper Kingsman has ever had among their ranks, he’s no slacker in close combat either. He usually wins any friendly and not so friendly matches, with the exception of when he faces Harry or Merlin. James would have outmatched him too, but he had usually let him win because he preferred to see whatever price Richard would ask for his victory.

Even if he’s let Eggsy pester him into accepting their upcoming match, he has to admit he is genuinely curious about the outcome. The young man’s background in gymnastics alone is a sure guarantee that their fight will be interesting.

All those thoughts are the last things on his mind as he looks over Eggsy, wondering if he’s concealing an injury under his suit or if he’s been sent on a mission.

But Eggsy doesn’t seem to be hurt in any way, doesn’t seem anxious like he always is before leaving for a mission.

No he only looks happy.

He might try to keep what is his professional expression, but he doesn’t quite manage to keep the beaming smile off of his face and he can’t do anything for the little flush of contentment on his cheeks nor the glint of satisfaction shining in his eyes.

Not even the gleam of gold on his finger can outshine his glow, the only reason Richard hasn’t spot the ring at his first glance.

Without wanting to, he starts rubbing his own ring, remembers how him and James had pretended to be sick for three days after getting married in secret, just because they didn’t want to removed their rings for as long as possible.

It had meant cashing in a few favors owed over the years, but it had been worth it.

He can’t say he’s surprised to find out Eggsy is as reluctant as he had been to remove the ring from his fingers.

What really shocks him is that Harry has managed not to tell anyone of his plans before asking Eggsy and that neither have yet to yell the happy news from the top of Big Ben or something.

They might be private people, but they aren’t exactly subtle about how much in love they are.

Looking at them has always been bittersweet to Richard, a reminder of what he lost, but today, as he draws Eggsy in a quick hug and congratulates him, he feels no sadness, no jealousy.

Today, as Eggsy clings to him a bit before letting go, overcome by his own emotions, today, he feels at peace.

There is still good in the world, there is still love.

And as long as he breathes, Richard will fight for it.