only i can touch him like that

Against Regulations

Pairing: Armitage Hux x Reader

Word Count: 0.7k

A/n: once again you can thank @baensolo for this idea coming into fruition ;)

“Back again so soon, General?” You kept the air between you light to contrast the heavy days he was having.

“What can I say,” he huffed, sitting down, “the Supreme Leader needs to disparage someone often in order to feel better about himself.”

You hushed him gently, touching the area around his bleeding brow. Retrieving your kit, you went to work on cleaning the small wound.

“Talk like that will get you killed. It’s treason.” You told him only half seriously. He knew he was in no danger.

“Seems I’m not the only one who likes to go against regulations.” He smirked. The apples of his cheeks formed a soft pink, his usual indifferent façade cracking under your delicate touch. You always handled him with such care – with a fondness he had never known before you.

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Friendly reminder that

Neil Josten does not have a neck fetish.

Neil Josten has a “giving Andrew Minyard pleasure” fetish.

and Neil Josten knows that Andrew Minyard likes having his neck kissed.


“Neil kissed his neck, hoping to distract him, and was rewarded with a startled jolt. That was enough reason to do it again. Andrew pushed his face away, but they were standing too close together for Neil to miss the way he shivered.”

–The Kings Men Ch. 11.

“Neil chased water down the side of Andrew’s neck. Andrew’s fingers clenched convulsively on Neil’s sides as a shudder wracked Andrew’s frame.

Andrew tried to recover with a ground-out ‘your neck fetish is not attractive.’

‘You like it,’ Neil said, unapologetic. ‘I like that you like it.’

He bit down to prove his point and Andrew turned his head into it with a sharp hiss.”

–The Kings Men Ch. 15

Neil doesn’t go after Andrew’s neck because he particularly likes his neck (although I do imagine he’s probably fond of it). He goes after Andrew’s neck because he knows it turns Andrew on.
Sign the Petition
sm entertainment : Kpop Entertainments need to acknowledge and help treat Idol's Mental health issues

Please take 2 minutes out of your day to sign this petition. Korean entertainment agencies need to understand that their artists mental state is equally as important as their physical state. Korea in a whole needs to view mental health in a more serious light. Suicide in Korea is a huge problem, the country as a whole is built upon being the best you can be, being better than the person next to you. Getting straight A’s, having a perfect GPA, being the best in your field of work ect ect. This puts a lot of pressure on Korean citizens, and is one of the main reasons why suicide is such a wide spread problem throughout the whole of South Korea. The country has the fourth highest suicide rating in the world. 

Suicide among Korean celebrities is far less common than you’d think.  Lee Eunju, Kim Daul,  U; Knee, Jeong Da-Bin, Choi Jinsil, Choi Jin-young, Sojin, Park Yong-Ha, Jang Ja-Yeon, Ahn Jae-hwan, Woo Seung-yeon ect. They’re many different reasons for their suicide, depression being a very common one. We are all now aware that on the 18th December 2017, our beloved Kim Jong-Hyun; Lead singer from 5 member Korean idol group SHINee became the next Korean celebrity to take his own life. 

We all know that depression is very common among the A list celebrities in Korea, the likes of G-DRAGON (Kwon Ji-Yong) T.O.P ( Choi Seung-hyun) ;who earlier this year was found unconscious from an overdose on anti-anxiety medicine. Suzy (bae suzy) Suga (Min Yoon-gi) have all openly discussed their struggles with depression, but still it is not being noticed nor taken seriously within the kpop industry. There have been many reports of Idols going and tying to seek help for their mental health issues and in return they have ended up being on the receiving end of a huge scandal. Do not get me wrong, some entertainment labels do help too some extent. I know that Bighit give BTS creative freedom to write about depression, to speak freely about it. But in all honesty Korean entertainment labels do not and never have done enough for their artists and their mental health.

 Mental health is just as important if not more so than ones physical health. When an idol say breaks his/her leg, they are immediately rushed to hospital, given the correct care and help they need to fix whats either been broken or damaged right?? Why doesn’t that happen with their mental state also?? Once you’re broken or damaged inside its a lot less harder to fix, there is no clear break, no fresh wound you can place a bad aid over, it’s a lot more complex than that. They’re usually more than one reason why a person is depressed and sometimes the answer is a lot less harder to find, it could possibly be a deep set problem that he/she has spent what feels like eternity trying to forget about, trying to hide but its always their in the back of their mind. They spend every single day inside a mind that’s driving them crazy, they spend each day as a broken person because they themselves don’t know how to fix it. Like I’ve already stated Korea is a country with a society that’s built upon succeeding and pride. Sometimes asking for help does take away that pride that has been drilled into them from a young age by society. 

Entertainment labels need to start acknowledging mental health issues more, they need to make their artists mental state as important as their physical state. Instead of ignoring the issue, punishing them for not being okay, making them stay in long a hiatus to reflect on their actions, cutting their pay. Help them! Remind them that it’s okay not to be okay. Let them know that there is help available for those in need. If they ask for or show signs that they need help, hire them a personal therapists, if they are in desperate need for medical attention due to depression whether that be due to self harm, an eating disorder, medication for their problems. Go out there and find them a doctor, find them legal drugs to help. Educate yourself and artists. Hold monthly seminars discussing the signs of mental health, the opinions a person has, give them ways to help each other out. 

Mental health has never been and never will be something that needs to be taken lightly. It’s a serious issue that like today’s events has shown can be fatal. This will not bring him back, i know that. Jonghyun himself was a big believer in helping those with mental health issues. He was a kind hearted person that touched the heart of so many of us because of caring nature and need to help others. Let his legacy live on not only through his music but through this too. Lets change the Kpop industry for the better and get our idols the help they so desperately deserve. I know we wont change the industry over night, we might not even change it at all but we need to give a go. We need to prevent another tragedy like this from ever happening again. I know one thing for sure is that Jonghyun would want something good to come out of all of this, he’s finally stopped the pain he felt lets use these sad times and circumstances to help others. 

Our beloved Jonghyun, you did well. We are so proud of you, you’ve finally found you’re way out from the darkness back into the light. You will forever remain in our hearts, heaven gained another beautiful angel today. We know you’re up there looking down on us all proud of all the things we are trying to achieve, i know you’re gonna be proud of us trying to make the world into a better place just like you did. There will forever be an emptiness now you’re gone, you were are beautiful shining star for over 10 years, now you can carrying on shining up in the sky for the rest of eternity. I hope wherever you are right now that you’re full of happiness. Rest in eternal peace our Jonghyun. 

“I couldn’t function,” Adrien grinds out between clenched teeth. “It was our wedding night and I couldn’t touch you without all hell breaking lose every five minutes, and it’s like they know that Ladybug and Chat Noir were getting married and decided to wreak havoc just to spite us. I almost couldn’t protect you… and after that I had to repeatedly tell myself that you weren’t mine just so I could focus on the fight without going insane.” ……

At her prompting, he pulls away from her, only to bring their foreheads together. His eyes are still closed.

“Well, I am yours,” she tells him.

“And I, yours,” he answers.

“We’re married,” she adds.

“We’re married,” he sighs.

“And you can touch me. In fact, you already are.“

His eyes open, then, and what she sees is not her laughing, gentle Adrien, nor her playful, flirty Chat Noir. It is a combination of the two, and she’s seen this version many times before, but never has his gaze contained such electric ferocity of delight, worship, and starvation.

"Believe me, My Lady,” he purrs against her lips. “I haven’t quite touched you yet.”

Super duper incredibly fun commission for @sarahcada from her AWESOME fanfic, “Try and Try Until You…”

So a long time ago (maybe a year ago) I wanted to draw this comic about Lafayette’s grave but never got around to ironing out the details but I found these old very messy doodles of it that I thought I would post. 

Lafayette is buried in France and has American soil from Bunker Hill spread in his tomb. Posted at the head of his grave is an American flag that was said to be standing all during the German Occupation during WW2. 

Basically, I liked the idea that when America visits France he always visits Lafayette’s grave and spreads some American soil on his grave. As a symbolic gesture saying “I’m here”

So when it comes around that America joins the war effort in 1941 he fills a bottle of homeland dirt and stars his personal quest to get it to Lafayette’s grave. 

It’s not easy because things keep happening to the bottle (It gets lost, stolen, thrown away, bottle breaks,) and each time disaster strikes one of America’s allies help him resolve the issue. (Like England dumping out his secret stash of alcohol so America can use the bottle to store the soil.)

 During all of this America never tells his fellow allies or citizens' what the dirt is for and why it’s so important. The only one that knows is France and after he’s rescued from Germany he accompanies America to complete his personal quest and they share this touching moment where I would try to convey That America was there and was going to make sure France stayed free just like Lafayette did for America during the Revolution.

Rey woke with a scream on her lips. Two weeks had passed since her fight with Snoke and the Elite Praetorian Guard, but her mind lingered on the battlefield. She took a deep breath and wiped sweat from her brow.

“Bad dream?” Kylo Ren asked.

She sat bolt upright. “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know.” He was perched on a chair many light-years away, but he looked like he was close enough to touch. His scent, a heady mix of leather and amber, hung heavy in the air. “I can no more control our Force bond than you can.”

Candlelight danced around her room in the new rebel base. Her breath hitched in her throat. “Can you see my surroundings?”

“No. Still only you.”

“Good.” She relaxed the tension in her shoulders, but her forehead creased into a frown. “Snoke’s dead. I thought our bond would have died with him. He was the one who linked our minds. Shouldn’t they have unlinked?”

He shrugged. “You didn’t answer my question. What other monster visited you tonight?”

“Go away.”

“I can’t.”

She sighed. “I know.”

“Tell me.” He leaned toward her, but kept his feet planted on the ground. “What terror haunts your dreams?”

“You.” She rubbed her temples. “We’re back in Snoke’s throne room, but you don’t refuse his command. You plunge your lightsaber through my chest without hesitation.”

His eyes narrowed. “It’s not a nightmare; it’s a premonition. When I faced Skywalker on Crait … I told him I would destroy you. I intend on keeping my word.”

“You’ll do no such thing.”

“I offered you a place by my side. You refused me. You failed to see the world we could have created together.” A sneer distorted his features. “You’re nothing to me now. I’ll crush you.”

“I don’t believe you.”

He shook his head. “You still think you can turn me to the light? After all the terrible things I’ve done?”

“I know I can. You’re the one who showed me it’s possible.” She threw her blankets aside and moved to the edge of her bed. Her bare feet brushed against the concrete floor. “When we fought together in the throne room … I’ve never felt so close to anyone in my entire life. I could sense your every movement. I could read your mind. I could see the light you’re so desperate to hide.” Her voice wavered. “There is no deed terrible enough to extinguish a soul.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Even Anakin Skywalker came back from the darkness.” A single tear rolled down her cheek. “The blood of a monster redeemed runs through your veins. I’m sure you’ll do as he did. You’ll turn.”

He flew to his feet. “Snoke was right. You’re just a foolish girl.”

“Call me what you want.” She clenched her fists. Her fingertips still burned with the memory of his touch. “I’ll fight for you until the end.”

“You …” His voice cracked. “Why?”

“Because no one else will.”

I went to see The Last Jedi again and it was just as glorious as I remembered. I can’t help but wonder how the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey will develop in the third film. This scene is just an imagining of what their next encounter might look like - I’m really hoping Rey hasn’t given up on Ben Solo just yet. I think he can be turned.

Why Midoriya Izuku is the Best Shounen Main Character

Alright so I’m pretty guilty right now. I have a lot of things to sort out and I still unanswered asks and oh boy do I got a lot of fanfic writing to do before summer ends and I’m opening requests soon but JESUS Y’ALL. Im a huge fan of this series and I’ll be damned if I miss writing something for this boy’s birthday. I already missed writing my Inko appreciation on her birthday but I won’t let her down!


Originally posted by cruvcio

Woah, broad statement to say huh? Well, my friends, I’ve read a lot of manga, particularly shounens since that’s my more favorite genre, and I have to say that Midoriya Izuku has been the best main character I’ve ever read and I only hope he continues to grow into his beautiful character.

I mean even from the beginning of the manga, the way he was written was so completely relatable and realistic. In the very beginning of the manga, he was written to be this lonely boy who suffered through bullying and suicide comments and continuously kept going because of his obsession with heroes. From the very beginning, Horikoshi gave us this character that wasn’t perfect (rather was filled with psychological issues) and really at the bottom of the totem pole. I know a lot of people have compared Izuku with Naruto but at least Naruto was born with an incredibly gifted ability from the start. Izuku was literally born with nothing. In a society where there are heroes running rampant and where Izuku dreams about being a hero, he was literally born with all odds against him in that regard. Yet, through all the loneliness, through all the bullying, Izuku still stayed strong through all of that and continued to dream on his goal, only truly wavering once when All Might told him he should find a new dream (and even then, he still got himself almost killed but I’ll get to that in a bit).

And to add on to his realistic demeanor, I know a lot of people call Izuku a cry baby and make fun of his constant amount of crying but honestly? Imagine this: you were born a black sheep in society, everyone looks down on you, you dream of being something great but you weren’t born with the skills for it, someone you consider to be a friend looks down on you and literally tells you to go jump off a building and destroys a piece of you that you hold memorable, then you almost get killed but someone saves you, then you finally get to meet your idol, the person keeping you alive essentially and they tell you straight up that you should give up on your dream, then you’re devastated but you see that friend in a life threatening position so you literally sacrifice yourself to go save them even though you can’t do anything, and then instead of praise, you get all the blame and beaten down again while your friend gets all the praise, but then you end that EMOTIONAL DAY (keep in mind it happened within a DAY) with your idol telling you that you can be that person and he will help you achieve your dream. I won’t even go onto the other times he’s cried but honestly? I know if I was in his position, I wouldn’t have even stomached half of what happened and I’m sure most of you reading this wouldn’t be able to have a DAY like that without crying. I’m sure with 99% of you, at least once tears will shed. Izuku during his time has been through emotionally exhausting feats and I think it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE that Horikoshi gives us this raw character with RAW emotions. Through Izuku being this emotional, not only does it help us relate to him much more but it helps shows that, hey you can still be strong AND be emotional too. Emotions doesn’t equal weakness and Horikoshi really shows that tremendously, especially when the audience are a group of young ones-adults that are taught daily showing emotions is weak and you have to be strong and not show weakness because apparently crying shows weakness. With Izuku, all of that is stomped on the ground and it’s truly inspiring.

Originally posted by t0ukas

And oh boy, my favorite part of Izuku! So most shounen protagonists I have seen and come across are usually born or given this great ability suddenly and yes, while they have to train, they normally get the hang of it pretty quickly and are pretty op with it (I’m looking at you Natsu). Most of the time nakama power is enough to win the battle even though the power difference is crazy different. Yet with Izuku, it’s not like that at all. We are 145 chapters in and Izuku can only still use a small portion of One for All still and he’s gotten to the point where, because of his continuous idiotic use of One for All, he has the major consequence that if he uses it too much at 100%, he could lose FUNCTION IN HIS ARMS. OH YEA, PRETTY BIG DEAL AND CONSEQUENCE FOR THAT.

From what I just wrote, this was my favorite thing that was said:

Yes, folks, he not only says that once, not twice, but multiple times throughout the series. I think the most recent time he said it was during Episode 27 when he was climbing the walls, though I’m sure he’s said it in the future arcs and I forgot about it. Due to this new given status he was given, Izuku acknowledges that he is completely far behind from everyone else, he understands that he is at the bottom of the totem pole and that he has to work 10x harder than everyone else since he lost about 10-11 years to get used to his quirk. And throughout the series, Horikoshi doesn’t pull back on that, in fact he really drives it in that, while Izuku does become the greatest hero of all time, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time, training and consequences to get to that point. Even from the beginning, we were given a small glimpse of his incredible training regime and that alone just shows how much effort he has to put in and even that wasn’t enough. I won’t lie, it feels so refreshing that the Main Character isn’t some overpowered person who always gets away with his ridiculous moves, rather it’s nice that he does have consequences and that he see him actually develop into that role while he is being surrounded by others who could take that title from him.

Also, not only is he an intelligent and incredibly hard worker like holy hell, but can we talk about his personality as well? See, here is another perk about Izuku, we weren’t given some either suave person or an annoying character that makes you want to rip out your hair because they’re either too happy or too sad or too emo cringey mess. Rather, Horikoshi gave him a realist personality who thinks through, is incredibly modest and respectful, and holy fuck the most selfless character in the entire show.

I mean, we already know his intelligence and craftiness as he analyzes heroes and their moves as seen through the constant muttering he does as he watches them and his writings in his notebook

 Which might I add right now that I’m really happy Horikoshi gave him this type of analytic behavior as it makes his earlier actions have a bit more sense involved in them, like due to his constant observation he was able to use moves in combat that at least got him by in the beginning

 To also tie in with that, can I say that it is so refreshing to have a main character be a complete DORK about girls and such like that?? Like for someone who was lonely and only had much of the internet to interact with, it makes complete sense that in the beginning he’s really nervous around females or even touching them or talking to them.

Like look at how he talks to Ochako

 Or even how he reacted when Tsuyu said to put her down

Originally posted by the-friday-knight

 Or even how he reacted towards Mei when she had her chest all up in his grill.

 Not only does having this personality trait make him a total dork and cutie but it really shows that we won’t see anything super perverted on Deku’s side. Like if he’s too nervous to talk or even touch a girl in a different manner, than it really shows how respectful he is and how modest he is and how we won’t see any pervy side of Deku anytime soon, which is refreshing for an MC to be that way since most MCs have to either touch or acknowledge their love interest’s chest before they can be established as a good character.

 Though, I will say that even though those are amazing points of our birthday boy, the one personality trait of his that truly makes him a much more fitting hero than Bakugou or even Todoroki or even my baby Ochako is how incredibly SELFLESS he is. Ok ok I know that’s a common personality trait but Izuku really takes it to the max throughout the manga.

 Like when right after he was told to jump by Bakugou, his initial thoughts were based on Kacchan not wanting to get severely punished by the law

Or when he risks his life to save Bakugou from the sludge monster even though he has no quirk

Or when he risks his life once again to save Ochako even though he can’t control his quirk

 Or when he risks his life AGAIN to save All Might 

 Or when he attempts to help Ochako before her fight with Bakugou

 Or when he puts his spot in the tournament on the line to help Todoroki reconcile his fire side

 Or when he helps Iida with the Stain fight and notifies the entire class to come and help

Or when he even goes well over his power limit to save Kota and show him that heroes are good people that can hold on their own

 Or when, even though he could lose function in his GOD DAMN ARMS, he still helps the others get Bakugou back from the villains

And note guys, I didn’t even list everything. I just listed the things I could remember but there is so much more that I could have listed as well. And legit, the things I mentioned, there was no benefit in him doing that, like during the time he did them, all there were were cons for him, there was nothing positive in any of those situations for him. And yet? He still did it. He still put himself and his wishes behind to help those around him and make sure they were successful or safe, even if it meant his own life on the line. I’ve never seen other shounen protagonists push themselves this much in only 145 chapters and I think that’s absolutely incredible.

 Alright so this post is reaching to be about 2k and while I can say more about this wonderful boy, I also want to make sure that I not only post this on time but that I don’t find myself repeating the same thing over and over again. While Izuku is not my favorite character of all time, I am so happy and blessed that he is the main character of this amazing manga series. He’s grown so much since the first chapter and Horikoshi is only setting up the series more to have him grow much more and I’m excited to see how much more he grows as the series progresses. He is such a good character that is well balanced and realistic and such and I know for myself personally that I really relate to him in a lot of ways. Truth be told, it makes me actually really incredibly sad when people dismiss his reasoning for being a hero or when people just write him off as a cry baby because there’s so much more to him than just that. His reasoning to be a hero is realistic and deep enough, his emotions are realistic, his psychological issues that he faced with in the beginning shows his strength tremendously.

 Izuku is one of the best main characters and I’m so happy all of us were blessed with him on this wonderful day! Yay!!! Happy Birthday Deku!!!

 Tldr; Izuku’s face appears when you look up the definition of what a friend and a hero is.

Toughen up

Context: we’re playing Curse of Strahd, and my party was meeting in the woods with an NPC smuggler and her convoy of hired hands. Our cleric tiefling was flirting with one near the wagon over a glass of brandy when a horde of blights stumbled into the clearing.

CT (OOC): I can’t take any more damage. Can I hide under the wagon?

DM: Sure, but it’ll only fit you.

CT (OOC): That’s fine. I wanna slide under that bad boy like I’m sliding into home base, and as I go past him, I wanna cast Enhance Ability on [the militiaman beside me].

DM: That’s a contact spell. Where do you wanna touch him?

CT (OOC): I wanna slap his butt.

DM: [sighs] You are gonna be on the ground; you can’t reach his butt.

CT (OOC): Alright, then I guess his ankle.

DM: Roll for dexterity. [CT rolls an 18]

DM: You take a few steps back and get a running start, sliding under the wagon, and as you slide past [the Militiaman], you slap his ankle and cast –

CT (OOC): Bear’s Endurance. And as I do, I say –

CT: Toughen up, Brandy Boy!

Our Elf Ranger is the only one of our group who video calls into our sessions, and she’s made her character canonically hard-of-hearing because the internet connection is weak.

ER: What did she say? Fuck ‘em up? No need to tell us twice! [Launches a spray of arrows from across the clearing]

That Militiaman, who’s name we never asked, expecting we’d never meet again, joined our party later as a PC named Allistair. Needless to say, “Brandy Boy” stuck, and “fuck ‘em up” became one of our mantras.

His Warmth (M)

Word Count: 3532
Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut
Warnings: Cum-play, Biting, Lots of cute bc I’m in love with Jimin

It’s been two months since your boyfriend went on tour and you haven’t been able to see him, so when you unexpectedly wake up to him in your bed you just can’t seem to keep your hands to yourself.


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Phichit just thinks it's totally normal for Victor to be in love with Yuuri

Does anyone else think about how Phichit is just completely unphased by Victor stripping in the restaurant in China and wrapping himself like an octopus around Yuri? Like he’s just all “haha my coach is wasted! Oh, here’s a saucy picture I can post of Yuuri and Victor!”

And then when he sees the rings in Barcelona the first thing he assumes is that they quietly got married at some point since the last time he saw them and Yuuri didn’t say anything because Yuuri is terrible at staying in touch (and Phichit knows it’s not personal and loves him anyway).

I think about that all the time.

13.05 “Advanced Thanatology” Coda.

“I just need a win,” Dean says to Sam, and he can’t bring himself to look his brother in the eye and see the concern, the sympathy. Dean can count on one hand the number of times he’s admitted to Sam that he isn’t okay, and with all that’s happened he’s feeling so raw and- “I just need a damn win.”

He doesn’t believe it’ll happen.

Sam conks out somewhere along the road and Dean turns off the radio to let him sleep. That crick in his neck is gonna be a bitch, but the hunt really drained them and Dean could use the quiet. It’s just the hum of Baby’s engine and the long stretch of pavement, and that nagging, hollow feeling in his chest subsides a little when he can focus on driving. He still sees blue and a soft, soft smile like horrible replays ingrained in his mind, although he figures they’ve been fixtures there for a while. He doesn’t expect them to ever go away.

The ring of his cell phone surprises them both. He’s not waiting on a call and it’s an unknown number, though that isn’t uncommon given what they do. “Yeah,” Dean answers gruffly, the selfish part of him hoping it’s not another hunt.

There’s no reply for the first few seconds, and Dean’s about to gripe at whoever’s on the line when a voice comes through and he’s stunned into silence. “Hello, Dean,” comes two, simple words, and suddenly, Dean can’t breathe. It’s Cas, unmistakably Cas, and god, Dean aches for him.

Cas looks just as shocked to see them, lit only by the light from the dingy pay phone and turning around at Baby’s doors closing shut. Instinctively, Dean scans him for signs he might be hurt but doesn’t find any, and sees instead that his eyes are wet, all wide and gorgeous and fuck. Fuck.

They stare at each other like they’re both unsure of what to say and how to say it, but in the end it’s Cas calling “Dean” and Dean just crumpling, going to him.

“How-” Dean starts to ask until he decides it doesn’t matter right now. “Cas, you son of a bitch. Do you even know-” His vision blurs.

Cas moves first, a step into his space, slowly reaching up to thumb at Dean’s tears. “I know,” he murmurs gently and Dean can only swear and pull him close.

The lapels of the coat are starched and new, hardly wrinkling when Dean grips them tight and lets their lips touch like ocean and sky. It’s painfully familiar and he can only think home yet, at the same time, it’s a feverish rush. He died today and came back to life, but only now does his heart start beating.

“Never do that again,” he grits between kisses, goddamn furious and deliriously happy as if he hadn’t been void of emotions since he lost Cas. It’s like his world is in color again, and when Cas says “Alright,” he- Dean believes him.

He flushes and coughs when they pull apart and Sam is fighting a smile with eyes just as wet. “We were due for a win,” is all he says, and Dean reaches for Cas’ hand.

Good things do happen.

Deadly Sins- Sloth & Lust

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader is sick causing her not wanting to do anything. Convincing Peter to be lazy with her turns into a heated session.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,)

Dominant Peter is going to be a thing \^.^/




Word Count: 1,815  (Sorry it’s short my migraine is killing me and I can’t look at a screen.. I promise the next Lust post will be 2,000 words )

A/N: BTW these are my interpretations of the sins. Of course for Gluttony I’m not going to have the eat a hella ton of food. You will see my interpretations as my pics are posted :) BTW THE OTHER LUST POST IS IN THE WORKS :,)

[Reader’s POV]

   Comfort. That is all you’re feeling right now. It was one of your favorite feelings. Sadly you couldn’t stay in bed forever which you wished that it was possible. It was unlikely due to the responsibilities you have. This one morning you don’t want to move at all. Your body ached and was sore from training and a night with Peter.

“baby girl,you have to get up..” Peter’s voice making you stir in your peaceful slumber.Your body being shaken lightly.

“Five more minutes…” I mumbled snuggling against the warmth he body produced. He felt so warm and cozy. The warmth lulling you back to sleep.You gladly welcomed sleep till Peter opens his mouth again.

“You have been saying that every time I try and wake you up” his chest moves as he laughs.

“shhhh, just stay with me and we can make up a practice session later.. Please Peter, I’ll make it up to you if you stay with me all day today..”  Your leg moving up to his waist pulling him closer. A whimper slips out as you feel how hard he is. You look up to see his eyes a shade darker. His eyes gazing at your lips, his tongue darting out quickly. His lips crash down onto yours in a passionate kiss pulling your body against his.

“darling, fuck” he groans gripping onto your ass tighter. You slowly push your hips again creating a needy friction.The tight grip he had on you made you moan in his ear.

“P-Peter “ you gasp out as his lips leave a path down your neck. The feeling making your eyes flutter shut. You straddle him feeling his cock press against your clothed core. A whimper escaped your lips as you pressed your hips against his. The rocking motion earns you a slap to your ass. His hand coming down against your ass each time you moved your hips.

“god your ass is so red” he moans gripping your tingling cheek in his hand. His hot breath fans across your neck making you shiver. You begin sucking on the base of his neck. A moan slips from Peter’s lips as you turn his skin red. 

“You’re so sinful it could bring a holy man to his knees… and you darling always bring me to mine” He tears your panties off causing you to frown.

Stupid Spider strength..

“Peterrrr those were my favorite” I pout rolling us over and pushing him off of the bed. A thud signalling he fell onto the floor. His head pops up from the edge of your bed making you laugh. His curls messy making him look cute and sexy.

“I’ll buy you new ones babe” he laughs standing up walking away. Sitting up on my elbows I look at him heading to the door. Is he seriously going to leave you here?

“You’re just going to wake me up, tease me then leave?” My voice coming out flustered. He closes the door locking it ,seeing that made your eyebrow raise. A smirk appears on his lips as he slips off his sweat pants. His Calvin Kleins showing a print of how hard he really was.

“Karen turn on the Don’t Bother Us Program, then you can turn back on when I say so” Peter speaks to the ceiling.

 Your sleeping quarters at the Avengers HQ was styled like an apartment so you and Peter could feel at home. A fancy apartment but it still reminded you of Queens. Tony had windows project sounds and views so it was practically a home away from home.

“Turning on Don’t Bother Us Program,engaging soundproof walls, be safe you two” Karen’s voice then turns off. You hear a beep signaling she was offline.

“You think I was just going to walk out of here to practice, rock hard and leave my girl flustered?” His voice getting lower as his strides bring him to the edge of the bed.Peter’s figure radiated dominance as he looks down at you.

“I-I” You were the stuttering one now. Peter is the one to normally stutter but once in the bedroom hes completely different. It was a good different.

“I told you that you could bring a man to his knees,that only man will be me” Peter’s hands grip your thighs pulling you to the edge.My skin felt like heat and fire under his palms. Your chest rising and falling slowly. He spreads your legs lowering himself down to his knees. The eye contact between you two not breaking at all.

“P-Peter..” his name coming out as a gasp. Feeling his tongue slowly licking between your folds. His thumb starts rubbing your clit in small circles. A loud moan comes out from the sensation. His thumb is then replaced by his tongue as he inserts fingers inside of you. Your nails dig into the sheets as you look down at him pleasing you.

“C’mon babygirl, tell me what you want” His hot breath fanning across your core.

 Feeling your stomach tightening as his tongue flicks faster. Arching your back as the pleasure travels in your body. He slid another finger in as your thoughts started jumbling together. Curling his fingers inside you hitting your g-spot when he makes a come hither motion.

“M-more please , I want your cock inside me Peter” you beg as your legs started to twitch. Desperation clear in your voice. The look in his eyes making you on the edge about to cum.

   Flicking his free wrist his web shooter expands onto his hand. A web pinning both your hands to the headboard. His chest rose and fell quicker as he gazed at your body. You looked helpless tied up to the headboard. A groan coming from him as you spread your legs , inviting him to you. You wanted him more than ever.

“How bad do you need it” He smirks crawling onto the bed. Your eyes screwed shut while his hand slid up your legs. His hips lowering down towards where you needed him most.

“S-so bad Peter, please baby” you manage to moan out as his lips pressing kisses in between your breasts. Slowly moving back up to your neck. You gasp as he slams into you without warning. The feeling of him inside you causes you to bite our lip.

Peter’s lets out a low moan tilting his head back. All you wanted to do was to touch him but you were restrained. Peter’s hands dug into your hips as his pace started to pick up. Uncontrollable moans came out of your mouth. He filled you up just right making you pant out his name.


“Look at how your tits bounce as I fuck you” His head tilting back, his veins in his neck showing. Holy fuck. You feel his hands move as he angles your hips up. The new angle making a loud moan come out,he went even deeper hitting the right spot. Grunts coming from him as he continued to pound into your dripping pussy. Thank god for the sound proof walls, you were loud when it came to expressing the pleasure you received. Peter loved hearing you thats why he had the system installed.

“P-Peter untie me please I w-want to touch you” your voice coming out as a whisper. You felt out of breath as you looked down. Watching as he filled you up with each thrust.

“I love seeing you like this “ he whispers running his finger down your chest and down your body. Your breath hitching in your throat.

“Under my control, only I can give you pleasure like this..” he whispers as his thrust becoming slower. Panting you try to rip his webs apart with your nails. All you want to do is touch him and run your fingers through his soft curls.

“You can’t get away from me,you wanna know why?” he grins cockily. Bastard knows his new web formula is tougher. His body gets closer to you if that’s even possible. Feeling your hands become free your hand grips onto his curls. The other scratching down his back. He hisses from the pain as your nails dig into his skin.

“Cause you’re my girl” his hand cups your cheek as he thrusts into you harder causing your head to hit the headboard.

“You’re mine, you got that princess?” His hips slam into you harder and harder. Nodding as a reply you keep eye contact with him. The pleasure feeling so intense you felt like you were going to burst.

Peter tugs on your hair letting out a low growl. “Let me hear that pretty voice, answer me” he demands kissing your jaw in fiery kisses.

“I’m y-yours Peter, please let me cum” your moans and whimpers filled the air as he reached between you rubbing your clit in fast circles.

“C’mon darling, cum for me cum all over my cock” Moans come out of his mouth as his thrusts start to get sloppy. The stamina he had in him had you breathless. Your orgasm causes you to hold tightly onto Peter. Your legs trembling as it coursed through you. Him filling you with his load shortly after, collapsing on top of your body.

     Peter rolls over pulling your body next to his. Your chest was falling up and down. Both of you were panting trying to catch your breath. Your body could just melt into the mattress,exhaustion taking over you.

“Karen, please start the shower and play some AC/DC for me” Peter speaks up a bit due to his voice being shaky from his breathing.

Turning on the shower, Peter you lasted a lot longer than you did the last time should we mark it as your new record?” Karen asks waiting for a response.

He was keeping track of how long he could last?

Peter Benjamin Parker” you sit up looking at your boyfriend. His cheeks turning pink as he sits up.

“Babygirl I-“

“You’re seriously keeping track?” You laugh placing your head in your hands. He is such a dork.

“Y-You’re not mad?” He questions tilting your chin up.

“Now I want to see how fast I can make you cum and start my own record” you grin sitting up heading toward the bathroom.

“I already have a record for how fast I can” Peter stands crossing his arms over his chest with a grin.

“Looks like I have to beat you, next time who ever loses has to clean the training rooms next week” you challenge looking back at him.

“Oh it’s so on, you’re going to cum and beg for me like always” he lifts you over his shoulder towards the shower.

“PETER!” You scream out as he starts to tickle your sides. From serious to childish, what a catch.

Peter is sweet in the street but a freak in the sheets.©

trick shot (m.)

;pairing — jimin/reader

;warnings — heavy drinking | cursing | oral sex | jimin being sleazy | hoseok being an asshole | lots of pool references | just adult things

;summary — jimin’s the bartender, you’re the billiard hotshot who frequents his bar and challenges him to a clean game of 9-ball after hours. “see if you can make this shot with my hand down your pants” au

;word count — 8k

part i | part i.v | part ii

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the universe whispers in my ear
“you deserve better than this bloodstained broken soul”
and I can only think about how wrong the stars are

for my heart would have warned me to run 
but instead it saw the good person burrowed inside the bruises
instead it saw the same shadows that drift over my skin 

and it dug itself, bloody and barely beating,
to replace the empty space in his chest 
the very first time he spoke my name like it was the start of his salvation 

so tell me, constellations, I see the good in him
and if the universe thinks me so good 
what does that say about just how brightly he burns

so when his hands touch me with a gentleness he doesn’t grant himself
when he looks at me with his knuckles red and raw
I know that violence doesn’t equal damned 

and the universe whispers “darling, you can’t save him”
oh, the fates tangle their threads but this time they are so mistaken 
and I can only bring myself to swear “watch me do it anyway”

—  he saved me first, you know by Abby S

the thing is, taako is a classic slytherin. ambitious. cunning. willing to throw the whole world away for the sake of those he cares about. his only moral code is his life and the lives of his family. he will happily and skillfully lie and cheat and steal his way into saving the day, with the added bonuses of gold, fame, and his loved ones.

the thing is, l comes before t in the alphabet.

lup is a gryffindor, through and through. inspiring. idealistic. willing do anything to save the day, as long as it doesn’t compromise her morals. she’s brave and daring and fond of bold, bombastic plans. she wants to help people. she wants to set fires in empty buildings and whoop and holler.

the sorting hat shouts gryffindor for lup, two seconds after it touches her head. her robes transfigure to red and gold (like fire - she looks delighted) and she runs to the cheering gryffindor table, but not before high fiving taako, who is about to be called up to the stool.

a hatstall is defined as when the sorting hat takes more than five minutes to place a new student.

the thing is, taako is not a hatstall.

taako spends two minutes mentally fighting and arguing and screaming to take his place next to his sister - that’s where he’s supposed to be, he think-yells at the hat, not some stupid house. he’s supposed to be with lup. shut up, you wrinkled old piece of sofa leather. there is no chance of them being separated if they have any amount of say in the matter. put him with lup.

taako is sorted into gryffindor, two minutes after it touches his head. if his robes transfigure slower than lup’s did, who cares. if some people’s eyebrows raise, who cares.

taako and lup only care that they can clink their goblets of pumpkin juice together and grin conspiratorially at each other, already planning to run the castle at their short and gangly eleven years old.

the thing is, if someone fights that hard? well. gryffindor it shall be. that’s where taako can thrive.

ok important question

if i ever meet mothman can i give him a hug? because youre not supposed to touch moth wings theyre so delicate also the powder stuff on them stains like hell but mothman is only part moth so is a hug gonna hurt him or not. this is an important scientific question people

1.“How did you managed to lose a thirty years old man in a supermarket?”

2.“Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

3.“You can’t live by quoting emo bands for the rest of your life”

4. “What’s up with her?”
“March 22”
“Oh God”

5. “Why would his husband kill him?”

6. “There’s no other way of making easy money. ”

“You never thought about prostitution, did you?”

7. “And she stole my last bit of–”

8. “I may be a hacker but I’m no murderer.”
“The term is hunter”
“Don’t correct me”

9. “I’m sorry but Obama’s not coming back”

10.“You don’t drown people in public pools”

11.“Can we pass today’s ‘How to be a murderer’ lesson?”

12.“He’s gonna be fine”
“You threw him in a well!”

13.“I haven’t slept in six months, do you really want to put up with me?”

14.“Go home, you’re drunk”

15.“Stop touching my hair!”
“But it’s so soft!”

16.“We’re not going to a church with you dressed like that”

17.“I never thought of reading The Bible but I might rethink this life choice. And all my other life choices. I think I’m going in existential crisis, bye”

18.“Hello, hello! Can you hear me?”
“Stop quoting Lana del Rey, for the love of God!”

19.“It’s only interesting if you’re talking about Fall Out Boy”

20.“I’m not high, I’m just really tired”
21.“Don’t broke into people’s houses!”
“How’d you got here again?”

22.“I may be dangerous but have you met my wife?”

23.“Are you silently judging me?”

“Of course not, if I judge people I’ll make sure they hear me”

24.“I’m scared of her.”
“She’s nineteen”
25.“Don’t yell at me! When people yell at me I start yelling at people and I’m not sure you want to hear a Romanian yelling at you!”

26.“You did what?”

27.“I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, I’m saying she’s a… power digger”

28.“Can you stop crying?”
“MCR broke up four years ago, what do you mean stop crying?”

29.“The bad guy’s in jail, my uncle is in the Hospital recovering and I finally got my cigarettes back”

30.“We found her playing guitar in a Devil’s Trap”

31.“I don’t react good after earthquakes and you know it!”

32.“Why do you have a photo of you in Nazi clothes?”

33.“I’m not saying you’re too old for the internet, I’m saying you’re too old to be cool on the internet.”

34.“Why is our sink made out of jelly and why is there orange juice instead of water?”

35.“You should really start packing your– Is that my laptop?”

36.“Is your brother in law seriously Satan?”

37.“Why do the Greek Gods have a restraining order against you?”

38.“What do you mean that’s not how to get tumblr popular?”

39.“Don’t listen to them, lyrics spam is always the answer.”

40.“How ‘bout you give up?”

I think it hit at the end

anonymous asked:

So i don't know why but i was just thinking like we all know Stiles is a spaz and could trip over a flat surface but like head canon that when he dances he's actually like super sexy and graceful and it's absolutely baffling to everyone how someone so uncoordinated can actually move like he's made of liquid once he hits the dance floor. The first time Derek goes out with everyone and sees Stiles dancing his naw basically hits the floor and he can't stop staring. What are your thoughts on this?

I have always been A FIRM BELIEVER IN THIS. I just adore the image of the pack going to a club or a party - you know, finally just getting to chill - and maybe Erica pulling Stiles up onto a table (I am convinced Stiles and Erica have constant nights out on the town, you can’t crush my sterica brotp dreams!!) and poor Derek not expecting a goddamn thing. 

My number one headcanon is the first time Derek sees Stiles dancing he walks right into a glass door (probably doing some serious damage). And then he panics because Stiles is dancing like a fucking dance instructor and Derek is now the one having to pay property damage for being an idiot, and for a brief, horrifying moment, he’s afraid he and Stiles have been cursed by the new evil of the week and Derek has been forced to trade his natural grace with Stiles’ clumsiness. 

Except, from the way Erica and Scott are encouraging Stiles (where the fuck did Erica get a banner??), it seems like Stiles’ dance moves aren’t a first time occurrence. Which leads Derek into not-so-brief, horrifying moment number two: he not only trusts Stiles more than any other person in the room but he’s attracted to him. And worst of all? It’s not even a new realisation. Just one, up until now, he’s managed to chase away with arguments such as: “just because I’m feeling fond and a little gooey when he smiles like that, doesn’t mean in five minutes I won’t want to smack him in the face with the pizza box” and “his eyes aren’t that beautiful, I only think about them once a day???? like???? how into him could I really be???” 

Cut to the end of the night where Derek is sitting in the corner of the room, all sad and scared, until a hand lightly touches his shoulder. A hand that brings him so much comfort these days, sometimes it scares him more now than when it brought him no comfort at all. The hand squeezes and Derek takes a deep breath, says, “you can dance”. He doesn’t mean to say anything, actually, but he’s happy he does, even though his voice sounds small and vulnerable. Stiles is known to hold five conversations at once but Derek knows he gets scared too; scared he’s too much, scared he’s unwelcome. He can’t stand the thought of Stiles thinking like that. He’s always welcome. Always. 

“I learned online,” Stiles admits, a little nervously, like he thinks he’s giving too much away. Derek has no idea why. When he frowns, Stiles just laughs and ducks his head. “You, uh, like it?”

“I broke a door,” Derek confesses, this time causing Stiles to frown: he asks if that’s a good or a bad thing. “I think…a good thing,” Derek says. 

Stiles swallows. “So, how are your dance moves?” he asks, moving closer, waggling his eyebrows.

Derek can’t help but snort. “Poor.”

Stiles’ eyes light up like they do when he’s discovered something important. Derek wonders if that means he’s important. “Want to head back to the loft? I could teach you a thing or two.” Stiles shakes his hips a little and Derek almost raises his eyebrows at him, but instead he finds himself grabbing Stiles’ hand and leading him out of the club.

They don’t even make it inside the jeep (”I’m not leaving my baby at a club, Derek! You can come back for your car tomorrow, I’m sure you peed around it to mark it as yours anyway”) before Derek is pressing Stiles - a little frustrated, a little excited and lost - up against the passenger side door and kissing him until Stiles grins and the sun starts to come up (both literally and figuratively). 

seven years || s.s

Relationship: Sebastian Stan x AU!Reader

Summary: Sebastian has always been a small part of your life, coming and going every few years. After the countless nights you’d spend together you’d fall more and more for him every time, tonight it no exception. 

Warnings: mild angst, fluff, drinking, age gap (but it’s like a five year one), smut (18+)

Word Count: 2.4k

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Naughty Girl - Justin Foley Smut

Justin Foley x reader

Request:  Can you do smut with Justin Foley (13 reasons why) …(x reader) didn’t fuck for a week because you have problems and he catches you masturbate and he is not happy about it so he punish you…

WARNINGS: Smut, rough, swearing

Me and Justin haven’t been talking for days. He practically pushed me off of him the other day and I’m pissed. For some reason we have been arguing more than usual. Just two days ago we argued cause Justin forgot to pick me up to go to school cause he decided to drink with his friends. It’s been leaving me frustrated. In many ways. Its Saturday night and Justin keeps calling my phone and leaving message after message.

Babe I’m sorry about the other day

Baby please pick up…

I’m sorrrrrrrry!

What do you want me to do?

I can bring strawberry ice cream for you 

Babbbbbby please answer me 

I roll my eyes and put my phone on silent. I’m more angry with him cause with all this arguing we haven’t had sex in over a week and it’s killing me. I have been wanting to slap him and fuck him at the same time and I think he knows it. There is a knock at the door and I say a small ‘come in’.

“Hey sweetheart” my mom peaks in. She’s all dolled and dressed up. I do that signature dog whistle and laugh. 

“Hey mom, where are you going looking all nice” I smile. 

“Me and your father are going out for dinner surprisingly”. I look behind her and see my dad with his thumbs up. I laugh and shake my head. I follow them downstairs as they put their jackets on.

“Okay have fun you too” I say, walking up to hug and kiss both of them.

“We will, come lock the doors behind us. And you know the rules n-”

“Yes, yes, no partying, no drinking, no smoking, no inviting strangers, no going out after 12 and call you if I invite Justin over.” I say nonchalantly.

“Good girl” she kisses my check while my dad rubs my head.

“See you kiddo, be safe.”

“I will, love you”

They both say quick ‘love yous’ and get into their car. I watch them drive off and quickly close the door and jog up the stairs back to my room. I look at my phone and see more text from a now angry Justin. I huff and turn my phone off. I lay on my bed and start thinking about where we went wrong. Just last week we were making love. Making love. I start thinking about how good it felt for him to be inside me with his hands roaming my body. I start thinking about his lips on my neck. Thinking about this started to make me feel hot down there. I continue thinking about his mouth on me and found myself creeping towards my underwear. I never thought I would do this, being that I had Justin, but obviously I don’t have him right now and I need something. I peel my underwear off and start rubbing around my heat. I keep thinking About Justin and imagine my fingers as his.

“Justin” I moan. My fingers speed up and I arch my back into myself. I grab onto my bare breast under my shirt and pinch onto my nipple feeling nothing but pleasure. I keep moaning, sliding a finger into my now wet core. I’m lost in my own world as I slide in another finger. I want Justin more, but this will have to do. I continue pumping in and out while moaning my boyfriends name. I need him so bad. I’m so wrapped up in my moans that I didn’t notice my door fly open. I jerk up and see none other than Justin. A very angry Justin. He looks mad, but his eyes look like something else. Lust.

“What the hell do you think your doing y/n” 

“I-I don’t know” I say, covering my naked body with my sheets. He walks up to the bed and yanks the sheet away from me, scamming my body up and down.

“What the hell were you doing”

“It was nothing, I just wanted to try something dif-”

“You wanted to fucking finger yourself!” he says while still looking at my body. I feel weirdly exposed in front of him, but I kind of like it. 

“We haven’t had sex in a while and I have been aggravated” I say quietly, but he doesn’t say anything. He just stared. 

It was the way he stood and looked at me. Watching my every move and staring at me with those deep eyes. And I loved it. I loved the attention he was giving me. The long needed attention. It made me feel wanted and special. It was his attitude. The way he stood leaned against my headboard with his arms crossed on his chest and lip in his mouth. 

I look away feeling queasy in my stomach. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, but a feeling of excitement. I uncover my hands from my chest and fix my posture, sitting up. I bit my lip and look back at him. His eyes leaves my face and goes straight to my chest, smirking. That was all it took for him to make his way to my bed and sit down next to me.

“You like being a naughty girl don’t you?” he whispers. His voice suddenly got deeper and husky, making my lower body ache. Definitely a turn on, making me want him even more. 

“Do you like it?” I ask, biting my lip seductively as I smiled. 

“No not really” I almost frown at his response until he speaks again.

“Only I can touch you like that, and I don’t like you doing my job.” I close my eyes, trying to contain myself from jumping onto him right now. I want him badly. So badly right now. 

“Then touch me” I whisper into his ear.

“If I do, I might not be able to control myself cause I’m still angry at you for doing this” I bite my lip as I climb onto his lap and bite his ear softly before whispering.

“Then don’t”

As soon as I said it, Justin attack my lips, wrapping my legs around his torso pressing his body against mine. I moaned against his lips as I kissed him hard while his hand went in my hair and his lips moved hungrily with mine.

“Mhm.” He groaned as he pulled away slightly. Grabbing his waist, I attempt to pull down his sweats. He sits up and pulls them off. I starting bucking my bare core against him, earning grunts. I drew circles with my hips as his hands stayed firmly on my waist. I started to feel him harden under me and I smiled through the kiss. 

“Fuck this” he mumbled through the kiss. He quickly threw us over and yanked me to the edge of the bed.

“This is my job and don’t forget it”. With that he spread my legs apart with his hands on either sides of my inner thigh, spreading them as wide as he would while looking my core. He rubbed his hand back and forth and I moaned slightly while wiggling to try to feel him more. He held my body in place.

“Don’t fucking move” I bite my lip and nodded him.

“Yes baby”

I smiled at the sight of my boyfriend going down on me, his head between my thighs as he pleasured me. He rubbed his fingers again me, going up and down fast. Faster than I was. He made sure to press hard against me. I moaned and moaned even louder when he slide his long finger into me.

“God.” I moan, smiling at the sweet pleasure. I open my eyes to see him watching me as he adds another finger and curl them inside me.

“Yessss Just- my gosh!” I moan.

“What was that” he smirks. He adds a third finger and starts roughly pumping.

“JUST-” I couldn’t even speak cause of all my moans. He pulls his fingers out and kneels down further into my core. I then feel his lips touch my heat, making me grind my hips against his face for more. He starts going slow to tease me then speeds up. I wrap my legs around his neck, arching my body as he flicks his tongue harder against me. He movements started to make me whimper.

“Ha-right there, yes, fuck!” I whimper as he looks up at me while still moving his tongue. I throw my head back, not caring how loud I’m being. My small hands were in his hair, pushing on the back of his head I tensed, my eyes shutting as I moan his name again. I feel myself close, knowing I can’t hold it in.

“J-Justin, I’m ab-”

“Let it go baby.” I do as I’m told and cum while Justin licks everything up, smiling at me after. All of this just made me want Justin more than ever. 

“Justin?” I pant.

“Yes angel” he smirks.

“Fuck me.”

He throws of his underwear before grabbing a condom out his jean pocket and doesn’t give me a chance to register anything. Still at the edge of the bed, Justin grabs my hips and slams into me, making me whimper. my knees were dangling off the bed, spread apart as Justin thrust into me. I was eager for him to go harder, faster, rougher. I need all of him.

“P-please Justin harder” I moan. He doesn’t need for me to say it twice. Justin pushes himself deep into me, but doesn’t move. He just stood there, deep inside of me. the pleasure was so amazing. 

“Fuck!” I yell, my body shaking and desperate to grab something as I cling myself onto his back.

“Ju-justin” I moan, my breathing heavy. He pushes my hips back down, held them down there before he slammed into me as hard as he could, making my bed move backwards. I let out a loud whimper, my hand grabbing his.

“God! Fuck me, Justin, Harder baby!” I beg, moaning louder than ever. He held my tiny hands so tightly in his, almost crushing my fingers as he went faster, deep groans escaping his throat.

“Holy fuck!” he growled. His voice sounding so deep. He only went harder as I scratched lines into his back. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. My whole body was shaking beneath him. 

“Fuck!” he screamed. I could hear his dick slam into me with each thrust, slamming into me as deep as it could. My back slammed into my bed each time. Tears were starting to come out my eyes as I was screaming his name. I exploded and it surprised me. Justin pulled out and looked exhausted. He slowly climbed onto the bed, pulling me onto him and could barely catch his breath. He only said one thing. 

“Baby?” he pants.

“Yes?” I ask in the same state.

“I love you, but please remember to lock the door next time”. With that we laughed and then fell right to sleep in each others arms, finally back to normal.

A/N - Sorry if this isn’t that good. I hope you guys like this one! I appreciate you guys feedback :) love you