only i can touch him like that

    some info about the lil jellyfish prince i’m going to make:

  • he’s actually not so lil; he’s like 6′2.
  • he’s a box jellyfish, which is w/o a doubt the most poisonous jellyfish
  • he cannot touch anyone without having some part of his skin affect them
  • his skin can actually cause temporary paralysis, fever, trouble breathing, heart problems, nausea, etc. so he’s ALWAYS wearing stuff to cover him, gloves for his hands, long sleeve shirts and pants, etc.
  • he’s very soft though. he’s very squishy.
  • his hair is the only part of him that you can touch w/o getting stung. it’s very soft.
  • he’s bioluminescent, so he can glow in the dark.
  • jellyfish don’t have brains, so he’s not exactly the smartest guy out there

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Can i have a overprotective!Genji? I....i like The overprotective bros And more if they ARE The lil' Bro. Like, Mccree is like "DAMN your bro is hot" And Genji is like "if you DARE to touch him you gonna pay" Plz? Only if you want!! I love u :3 -atte anon301

*whisper* I’ll Mcfuck you up 

Thank you for your request anon, I may have had a bit too much fun with this 


The way Alec just slams straight into Magnus once he sees him. Magnus’ little rambling about Madzie being safe with Catarina because he thinks that’s what Alec’s worried about. Alec being like ‘Magnus, no, wait, I only care about you right now’. Magnus’ shock at Alec’s confession. Them being afraid to lose one another. The “I love you”s. The “I can’t believe you’re safe and I wanna keep you safe for the rest of eternity” kiss. The forehead touch and soft breaths. The unsaid “you’re here with me now and that’s all that matters” as they hug. 

Mild Spoilers For the New Beauty and the Beast

I can’t stop thinking about LeFou subtly slipping coins to the various bar patrons to “encourage” them to participate in the Gaston song. What a great touch, Disney.

Also can’t stop thinking about Josh Gad’s performance like dude I underestimated him. He brought real dimension to a character that was previously just a prop more than a person, but in this movie he becomes this voice of reason and you actually see him start to doubt Gaston as the story progresses like yes character development!

Literally my only true bone to pick with the movie overall is the fact that Disney had an opportunity to give the Beast a name and they fucking didn’t why. You wanted to humanize his story by giving him a tragic past but you never give him a fucking name???

We’re introduced to viktor through yuri’s perspective; he’s presented as a godlike figure, this steely competitor who lives to skate and no one can touch him. And I can only speak for myself I guess but I probably subconsciously expexted that cliché like Hyperfocused Superstar Who Learns To Love but then we meet him and he’s the softest person ever? He’s the softest EVER. Like here is yuri idolizing this seemingly untouchable god and unbeknownst to yuri this god has a huge mushy crush on him?? VIKTOR, wow like loves his dog so much he loves spending time with his dog, he has a tissue holder shaped like his dog that he cuddles at the rink at practices?? His beautiful hair that gently flows in the breeze. Wow. He loves delicious food wow #relatable!! He gets excited about ninjas! He likes sequins and scarves! He just wants to fall in love and he DOES!!!! He’s so in love he’s just so full of love, he has so much love to give and he deserves to be loved equally in return and he does. He does

Finding Negan asleep with the newborn on his chest would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aawwww this is too cute :3 OMG I LOVE YOU NEGAN XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him still rubbing the back of your child to keep them in place and asleep despite himself being sleepy

-Him mumbling in his sleep, saying things like “Don’t touch my child…”, “That’s my baby…”, “I said it’s mine…”, “No Simon you can’t hold my baby…”, “Y/N, honey…tell him he can’t hold our child…”

-Him and your child breathing at the same peaceful pace

-His bat Lucille never being far of reach and you just chuckling to see him paranoid about the idea of someone trying to take your child away

-Him keeping your child extra warm as not only did he wrapped them in their blanket but he also covered them with his jacket

-Him occasionally sleepily whispering to your child that you and him love them

-Him drooling onto your child whenever he would bring them closer and he turns to the side, making you laugh

-Him always waking up in surprise whenever his arms drop to the side and instantly clinging onto your child

-Him seeing you in the corner of his sleepy eyes and calling you over

-Him just whispering to you that he’s fine and that you can leave and have fun for the day

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

i read a post about angel wings and how they’re the most sensitive part of an angel’s anatomy, and losing them would be like losing a limb but worse. it just got me really fucked up thinking about lucifer and how much he misses his wings, and how he reacted when chloe tried to touch his scars. like. i just imagine that he feels really light without them, and not really in a good way. like sometimes he can still feel them there almost??? and then i got to thinking about once him and chloe get together… like i imagine that eventually he’ll let her touch his scars. i get rly emo abt her being the only person who is allowed to, actually. but anyway, imagine him standing facing away from her, looking out one of his huge windows down at los angeles and her coming up behind him and hugging him from behind. like resting her head between his shoulders and he feels like he has wings again. physically because of the weight against his back, and emotionally because she loves him.

I’m really glad that Jisung is coming out of his shell more and becoming more outspoken. And I think some of that comes from his friendship with Chenle. Think about it Jisung has always been the youngest and had no same age friends and the hyungs usually treat him like the baby of the group. When Chenle came around he finally had someone close to his age since even though Chenle is a 01 liner and Jisung is a 02 liner, they’re only actually 3 months apart. 

You can tell from their interactions that even though Chenle is the hyung they most likely treat each other like same aged friends. Being friends with someone as outgoing and confident as Chenle has probably inspired Jisung to come out of his comfort zone little by little and that’s why their friendship is so precious^_^!

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The Hardest Thing

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  What’s it like to love Dean Winchester?

Word Count:  466

Warnings:  ANGST.  Don’t let the title fool you.  I’m having a rough day, this is just pure fucking angst.

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The Hardest Thing

What’s it like loving Dean Winchester?

When he’s with me, it’s like I’m the only girl in the world. Like he’s the sun, and I orbit him, a spinning planet soaking up his warmth and light. I hunger for his touch, his smile, his laugh.  

Not a lot of people get to see the side of Dean that I see. Sam tells me he’s unguarded around me, he becomes a new man. Sometimes when he walks in my door I can actually see the weight of the world lift off his shoulders, the tension dropping from his jaw.

The moments I get with him are precious and too far in between. It’s electric when we’re together, I get giddy and tingly all over when he runs his hands through my hair or leans in for a kiss. I still get butterflies every time he’s near.

It’s not just the physical connection that I love. There’s nothing I’d rather do than crack open a few beers, curl into his side and watch a movie with him. He brings out the domestic side of me, I didn’t even know I had it in me. I’ll cook up a meal just to watch him eat, bake him a pie just for the hell of it.

Nothing thrills me more than Dean, no one makes me laugh until my sides ache like he does. There’s not another man on this earth that makes me feel more beautiful, more intelligent, more self-confident than he does.

When he’s with me, my world is complete. I’m whole. I’m happy.

What’s the hardest part about loving Dean Winchester?

It’s the waiting. I know what he does and who he is. I know he’s good at it, the best. But that doesn’t keep my mind from wandering to very dark places.

It’s waiting by the phone, checking obsessively. It’s the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach,  the racing heart every time I hear my phone vibrate. It’s the pacing, unable to sleep when he doesn’t come home on time. It’s not knowing if you’ll see him in three days, three months or three years.

It’s the nightmares, dark and dreary landscapes where a thousand different monstrosities chase him, intent on destroying him. It’s cold sweats and panic attacks when I wake up from those terrifying dreams, the blood roaring in my ears.

Tonight, the hardest thing about loving Dean is pulling open the front door when I hear the knock, knowing he’s not supposed to be here tonight.

Tonight, the hardest thing is the devastation I feel seeing Sam on the other side of the door, his eyes rimmed with red, sorrow etched into his features.

The hardest thing about loving Dean Winchester is accepting that I have to live without him.

I want Dan spread out, whimpering and needy, griding against the mattress to get friction get grind back on Phil’s tongue. I want Dan’s moans to be getting louder and louder as he gets closer and closer to tipping. I want him to be begging Phil for more, to touch him, and the only thing Phil says is “No, no, pretty boy, not this time. I know you can cum just like this, now do it.” And I want Dan to go stiff, going silent for just a few seconds before he lets out a loud moan as his body shakes as he goes completely limp on the bed with Phil rubbing his ass and his back, telling him what a good boy Dan has been.

BTS Reaction to: Being on “We Got Married”

STILL haven’t watched this show so sorry if I don’t really have the situations right! ^.^

Jin: Prince Charming; cracking jokes so bad that you can’t help but laugh. He charms you with not only that solid sense of humour but his caring nature, culinary talent and good looks. His touches are always gentlemanly and appropriate, as is his overall behaviour. And that’s what earns him the title “Prince Charming.”

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Suga: Mostly silent so it might seem like he’s uninterested in you. But he’s really just awkward about the entire situation, unsure of what to say or how to act. As time goes on, he gets to know you better and lets you see his gummy smiles, silly side and listen to his deep thoughts.

As he starts to admire and respect you, he starts to look at you in a different way and even the audience picks up on it … You began as a couple no one cared about but ended up being the most popular ship.

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J-Hope: This mood maker makes it feel as if you’ve known him your whole life, not holding back on the skinship and flirtation. Behind camera though, he asks if you’re comfortable with this. If you are how could u not be? I would sell my soul to hold his hand then he’ll up the cheesy flirting even more.

You get to see the different sides to him; his pure heart, his sad moments and that sinful tongue of his. The episodes feature lots of screaming and off pitch singing but this draws in young couples, making them adore you and Hobi together for how relatable these dorky moments were.

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Rap Monster: Tries acting cool and sexy but that just makes your interactions awkward to watch. Eventually his clumsy nature shines through and as he watches you laugh, he realises that he shouldn’t try to keep up the “Rap Monster” front, not around his “spouse.” He starts to act like “Namjoon” instead, telling you his deepest thoughts.

He worries he’s boring you but hearing him say all those intelligent things is actually the sexiest thing and not only you but the viewers fall for him too. Lots of mothers now start to wish he was their son-in-law, and even their daughters wish so too.

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Jimin: The embodiment of that “Hello Sir” and “Your daughter calls me daddy too” meme. Can be so fluffy and soft but then greasy and flirty. Not only does he charm you but also all the mothers watching. There’s a surge of mothers “chaperoning” their daughters at BTS concerts, only to scream his name louder than them. What’s even more evil about Jimin is that he knows his power and the effect he has on everyone. He gets nicknamed an “Angelic Demon” thanks to you.

And everyone agrees.

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V: Right before meeting you, he rings Jin: “Hyung, what should a good husband do?” And employs the advice at first, until the puns were too painful for him to say anymore; “Ah, I’m sorry, I’ll stop that.”

Once he starts to just act like himself, he finds that you don’t think he’s a “weird alien” and enjoy his company for who he is, not as BTS member “V.” Even hearing you say “Taehyung” makes him shudder. The way he starts to grow meek and shy shows how he’s developing feelings for you. Your ship is particularly popular among little kids, surprisingly, who love watching you both laugh and joke and share cute looks.

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Jungkook: Didn’t talk much and was just overall very awkward, mostly bc he was such a huge fan and looking at your face in person was asdfhlaie,agn!!1! Watching him struggle on tv was too much for the boys so they showed up to surprise him one episode, revealing his crush and being flirty with you; which forces him to open up since you now know and bc “Hyung, stop touching Y/N!”

The cuteness is popular among the older viewers, with lots of grannies writing into the show to compliment the “sweet, young couple!”

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So, we know that Coppers are the worst at pymary while plats have the longest range and stuff. Is this consistent across the entire caste system? Are silvers the second best and jets the second worst, etc? And if so do other Black Tongues ever make fun of Bastion? "Look at that poor guy, that aspect is basically in front of his face and he still can't reach it". :P.

Yep! Watch him when he does spells. He has to make physical contact with a material to manipulate it. He can’t hit anything at range. He could also never do anything like Keon did with the waterfall. He can only move limited Aspects at a time.

Just don’t let him touch you. Once he can, he doesn’t have the luxury of being anything but very final and very brutal. I think this handicap plays nicely into his nature. He’s very touchy, very sensual, very visceral. He’s a surgeon. He has his spiderpaws all over everything by choice and by necessity.

I’m kind of in love with Bastion at the moment, I’ve been doing a scene with him for a while now. It’s a long scene. It may have some slightly self-indulgent bits but you know. Sometimes. You gotta have nipples.

hamilton characters as things i have said irl
  • alexander hamilton: NO I'M NOT DONE TALKING FUCK YOU
  • john laurens: tiny turtle bro how are you?
  • lafayette: i like bread.
  • angelica schuyler: touch me again and i'll pour kool aid on your head
  • eliza schuyler: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM OH MY GOD
  • peggy schuyler: *loud sobbing to in the heights*
  • thomas jefferson: i only like the stove mac and cheese. the microwave kind can go fuck itself.
  • james madison: she's making me do homework on a FUCKING SICK DAY JFC
  • aaron burr: this is taking forever help me
  • maria reynolds: call me slut one more time and see what happens, bitch
  • philip hamilton: imma be over here dying if you need me
  • george washington: i can't figure out how to livestream, help
BTS reacts to you being sensitive { they touch your sides/thighs }

Jin: *Only does it when he wants to hear you make those cute noises*
“Stop runing, I want to hear moreeee.”

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Namjoon: *Does it when you’re angry at him*
“See if you were really angry you wouldn’t have reacted.”

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Yoongi: *Tries not to do it but can’t help it*
“Sorry but it’s so cute when you make those noises.”

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Hoseok: *Does it and then teases you about it*
“Why are you like this? Cute yet so silly?”

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Jimin: *Likes to do it public*
“I don’t know, why did you make those noises Jagi? The boys want to know.”

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Taehyung: *Only does it when he is bored*

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Jungkook: *Only does it when he wants to hear the noises*
“Damn that’s hot.”

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Message me any requests!!! ~ Sav ~ 

my favorite fics [29/?]

Black with Autumn Rain by @whimsicule; 93k, read on ao3

Summary: “Thank you,” Geoff says, taking a sip of his tea. “What did you tell him?”

Louis has a sip as well, lets the tea burn down his throat too quickly, too hot, and he feels it all the way down to his stomach. “The truth. Essentially,” he replies after a moment, licking his lips, relishing the slightly bitter taste of the brew that’s never quite strong enough for Louis’ liking. At least it’s not decaf. “That my dog scented it. That I didn’t touch the body. That I came here first thing.”

Geoff nods pensively. “Did he believe you?”

“Probably not. There’s only so many people who can drown on dry land before it gets fishy.”

or: Harry is a journalist, Louis has lots of secrets and the moors aren’t exactly the ideal place to rekindle a lost romance.

You can find love anywhere, but the love I found with him was the most illogical thing I’ve ever seen. He teases me, he challenges me, he pisses me off, and somehow I can’t even consider the idea of leaving him. The only thing I can do is love him. But I found a passionate lover in him. His kisses taste like heaven, his touches make me feel loved, his smiles are the brightest when we are together. I guess that illogical can be good sometimes.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1196 // he doesn’t care about logic at all

So, as we can see from this screencap I shamelessly took of @redworld96′s post, Ciro said there will be a kiss!
Let’s look at the animator goof-off gif frame by frame, shall we?
We may assume that the goof-off portion begins when the lights in the back turn white. Since the color hasn’t been added, I’m thinking that’s the point when the animator’s silliness begins. 

She’s looking into his eyes, it’s very cute…

Faces almost touching, so cute I could squee…

She wants to kiss him…

And he starts to pull away so she’s like, “What the heckers, D?”

But it’s only so he can move his keytar out of the way I think… ;)

And THEN the lights turn white.

And we’ve seen the rest of the animator’s silliness. 

But I find it very encouraging that even before the lights turned white, Donnie was starting to move his keytar out of the way like, “You want a kiss? I’ll give you a kiss!” 

I bet it’s still gonna be passionate. :3 Though they probably won’t fall over. lol 

As a side note, I’m surprised that some people were upset or enraged when they found out this was an animator goofing off. I felt so happy that an animator would even do this, honestly. I was more like:

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and also:

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You were with the period ... cramps, dizziness and sadness did not leave you. How would shawn react?

“Stop, stop,” you grump, tugging his hands away from where they wrapped around your waist from behind, his hand resting right where your body was the most painful. You’re in the Starbucks line and, usually, Shawn would put his arm around you or touch in some way to keep you calm in the presence of paparazzi but today you’re not feeling it. The cameras probably picked up you being prickly towards him but you can’t give a fuck with your uterus trying to kill you from the inside out. 

Shawn untangles himself from around you but stays by your ear, ducking his head down to whisper “you okay? Did I do something?”

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Fandom vs Canon Norway
  • Fandom: *glaring* *more glaring*
  • Canon: *glaring* *smiling*
  • Fandom: I love my little brother Iceland so much he is my only obsession no one else can touch him
  • Canon: *trolls Iceland on multiple occasions* Aw you're so cute little brother~~~
  • Fandom: Denmark you're so annoying. *chokes him*
  • Canon: Denmark, hush, I need to talk to this rlly cute fairy and you keep scaring her
  • Fandom: *eats a stick of butter*
  • Canon: Imagine how many calories are in that
  • Fandom: *listens to classical music, sips coffee like an aristocrat*
  • Canon: *Probably listens to heavy metal and inhales coffee in the mornings*
  • Fandom: Stop worrying you're so annoying.
  • Canon: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
  • Fandom: *shows no emotion* Whatever.
  • Canon: *giggling at a stupid snapchat from Denmark whilst cuddling his pink bunny*
  • /Let's be real people./