only i can if necessary

Someone told me recently to focus on the issues that I have an influence on. Don’t let yourself become fatigued by every new horrifying thing you hear about on the news. Don’t get me wrong, listen to the news. Keep everything in your peripheral, but work on what you can. Devote yourself to your spheres of influence. 

It’s better than staying in bed all day because your head hurts from too much, too soon, too close to home. It seems obvious, but as someone who becomes easily overwhelmed and needs to save everyone, everywhere, it really helped to hear that doing what I can, where I can, is not only enough, but preferred and necessary. I’m focusing on queer rights, healthcare, The Dakota Access Pipeline, and going to every Black Lives Matter/Women’s protest I can. 

to new writers:

My roommate and I were just talking about this, so I apologize, but I am going to go ahead and give out some UNSOLICITED ADVICE.

New writers (or old writers or any writers, really, but especially the new ones):

Please know that every. single. writer. in the history of time and space has, at MORE than one point, sat back, thought about what they just wrote, stared at the screen for a long time, and said to themselves:

Dear god above, This. Is. Stupid. 

Sometimes it comes early on. You’re only a couple thousand words in and you’re like: Wait, what is this? This will never work. Gotta scrap this one. No good. No, sir. Maybe my next idea will be better. I’ll move on to that. Or, no, no I’m never going to be a writer. I’ll leave it for someone else. I’m done.

Sometimes it comes in the middle, when you realize that you ARE in the middle and suddenly your beginning is horrifically boring and your ending doesn’t matter and holy shit, this is terrible. 

And, sometimes, it’s right at the end. When you’re almost done and it’s 24k and you’ve been nonstop writing for THREE DAYS (or worse, six months) and your hands literally hurt - like stabbing pains up your arms hurt - and you suddenly realize that this ENTIRE fic is the worst thing to ever happen to literature. It’s too long and too jumpy and switches styles at random and that is three days of your life you’re never going to get back. You look at it and think- what am i doing right now? 

Also, more bad news, this moment might happen MORE THAN ONCE. Hell, it might even happen when you’ve already posted it and people seem to like it.

I don’t know why this happens. But, rest assured, every single fic or story or poem or song, you are going to have this moment. And it’s going to seem like this is a clarifying moment. Like the rest of the time you’ve been kidding yourself and THIS is when you can finally see the truth. That you are not a good writer and this is not a good story and this is a waste of time.

Here is my message to you: THIS MOMENT IS NOT TRUE. It is not some secret you’ve been keeping from yourself. It is not your moment of clarity. It is not a divine message from above that you are wasting your time. IT IS NOT TRUE.

Don’t let it beat you. Don’t stop writing. Don’t be afraid to write. Don’t be afraid to post. Push forward and write what you love and your. work. is. not. stupid

Your. Work. Is. Not. Stupid.

It’s just a moment. And fuck that moment.

Get out there and write.

A special message to my followers or those who know me.

There is an Anon going around the ATLA fandom sending hate asks, shitting on ships like Maiko, Zutara, Kataang, and on special occasions your OTP or random ship from another fandom. Please, I ask that you don’t fall for it. Don’t buy into their baiting. Just quickly block them. They are impersonating some users on occasion like @attackfish, saying they’re them to try and start a fight. If you can, send a message to the @staff.

I may be the next person they use to impersonate. Those who follow me know I don’t go around sending Anon hate or shit on people’s ships. I am respectful and keep to myself. I only speak when necessary. The only way we can beat this person is to keep control and stay ahead of the game. 

I implore you to share this post so that we can warn everyone. This nonsense needs to stop. 

anonymous asked:

Darcy/Peter Quill 18

18.  Isolated/Trapped

“So what does hypersleep mean?” Darcy asked.  “I’m assuming from all the swearing that just happened, it’s not good, but…how not good?”  

“Well.  Milano went into hypersleep, which means…only necessary systems are on.  I can’t go anywhere, I can’t do anything.  Not even the communications system works.  We’re floating in deep space until someone finds us and picks us up.”  Peter explained, turning to look at her.  

“So…essentially, we’re fucked?” she plopped down in the co pilot’s chair.   

“Yep.  Yep, that’s my expert opinion…”  

“Is there music?” she asked, eyebrows raising.  

“Darcy…there’s always music.”  

“So it’s not a real emergency, then.”  She smiled and reached for his hand.  

anonymous asked:

{{ Please answer this privately, if possible. I absolutely love your interpretation of Chara and binged your blog, but now some of how you write Chara is stuck on me. I don't want to take any of your ideas, but I don't know if it's okay since the "Chara is your servant" ideology was in the original game, anyway. I run a roleplay blog and want to give any characterization credit where necessary. Is it okay if I include the servant behavior in my blog? Do you want me to credit you if yes?

* I can’t answer anon messages privately, sorry. But, go ahead. I can’t stop you from interpreting Chara however you want, I can only spread the idea around. So, credit isn’t necessary, but it would be appreciated if you did.

When life has become too torturous, when it has been infused with pain the way water can be infused with salt, you no longer want anyone to witness it. You don’t want to be seen. No, true suffering doesn’t want to be witnessed. It hurts too much. That’s why I’m content being as lonely as I am. No one can see me. […] Only idiots think it’s necessary to drag everything to the surface for show. Many things can only heal in darkness, out of sight. If they can ever heal at all.
—  Elisabeth Rynell, from To Mervas (Archipelago Books, 2008)
thank yoooou

Big thanks to everyone who shared/commented on my last post. I’m taking some time to figure out what the best course of action is, and whether that means sending them a formal letter with a copy of the post and some of your comments (I didn’t use their name, so I won’t use yours either), just so they can see I’m not the only one upset about being denied necessary treatment. 

I’d hate for anyone else to waste their time with this organization, hoping to be treated for a service that ultimately they won’t provide. It’s deceitful. If I can get them to put a big, fat disclaimer on their website, that’d be a win. 

thanks for being my ever-present cushion of support. After a bad day you’ve got no idea how much it means to me that I can put that level of personal detail on the Internet and know that I won’t necessarily be judged or ridiculed because of it. you’re a special group of people and I like you very much. <3 

Why I love Val.

I haven’t mentioned it here, but I’m not doing too well these days. I have a really bad herniated disk that is pressing on the nerves in my back, leaving me in excruciating pain. It is to the point where I can no longer sit, walking only when absolutely necessary, and the only pain meds that are working are the ones I get intravenous every other day.

Today was just a horrible day, but I was wearing my Sway shirt, which made me smile a little. Good and fun memories. And then Val wished me well, another reason to smile.

I’m having a procedure done on Thursday, where they’ll inject steroids and pain meds directly into the disk, while doing a CT scan, which will hopefully help. If not, surgery is then the next step.