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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 10 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Shrink

In which we meet Betsy Dobson who appears to be Molly Weasley’s long-lost Ravenclaw sister, some quality Renee time happens, Kevin’s Stoic and Mighty Demeanor has nothing on Dan’s doughnuts, and actual school happens at some point but who gives a shit (spoiler alert: It’s not Neil Josten).

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Küss Mich, NewtxReader.

Request: Hey, i was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is best friend with newt (but secretly love him) and ever since she came up to the glade she was bilingual (english and german) and one day she was bored and decided to annoy newt by only speaking german to him all the time and he learned a bit german without her knowing and one day she confessed her love to him in german thinking he didn’t understand but he did and then answered in german he loved her too and then all fluff.

A/N: ;) you got it, love. (Just a warning I’m bilingual with only French and English :( so I do not know a single little word of German except for Hello. So I used Google translate. If it isn’t 100% correct I’m so sorry.)

Maybe it’s my naivety that constantly pulls me into situations like this. Ever since I’ve arrived in the Glade with the first group sent up, I’ve known Newt was completely different from the rest. It’s something about his natural knack for leadership and his compassionate yet badass personality that pulled me in in the first place. Yet, it’s my naivety that keeps pulling me back to him in this way. Newt is my best friend and I wouldn’t ever want to ruin a friendship yet my naive little mind wanders to every possible fantasy about him and I see a relationship hidden here. I see him and I together. I see him and I in love.

I watch him from my own spot in the gardens, hoodie stripped off and around his waist as he bites his lip in concentration. He’s hunched over, the sun beating down against his sun-kissed and sweat-drenched self. Basically, I’m drooling.

“Hey!” I hear from behind me and feel a light tap on the shoulder to see Fry Pan glancing down at me with a sly smirk.

“What?” I ask and nearly jump a few feet into the air at the shock.

“When you’re done checking out Newt for the billionth time, can you bring over some corn for the Bonfire tonight and do it soon.” He says and keeps the same smirk on his face as he turns to walk away. Pretty much everybody in the Glade knows about my feelings for him. Everybody except him. It’s not that hard to tell honestly.

While I start on the corn, my mind starts to wander again not caring if anybody makes fun of me for my crush. I daydream often about Newt, about things like kissing him and just mundane things about him that I love so dearly. Thomas says he thinks I’m obsessed.

“Hey, Y/N.” I hear Newt’s familiar voice call from in front of me and he waves, making his way over, “What are you doing?”

I open my mouth to respond but then shut it, an idea sparking in my mind. Maybe I should mess with him (Newt and I have an on going prank war/joke thing going on. We’re always messing with one another and pushing each other’s buttons. Trust me, this is super common behavior for us both.)

“Ich bekomm gerade Maiskolben für die Küchen.” (Translation: I’m getting corn for the kitchens) I say and chuckle softly to myself at the perplexed look he shows to me in shock of the sudden language change. He knows I speak German as well as English but I never do it with him.

“English. Please, kid.”

“Ich würde lieber nicht.” (Translation: I’d rather not)

He just shakes his head at me and laughs along and I take the moment he looks down at the ground to look at him, taking in all of his beautiful features. I love his eyes. I love his subtle freckles, the kind you don’t see unless you’re real close. I love him. He’s beautiful. Inside out.

“You’re a lot of trouble you know that, Y/N?” Newt says in a teasing voice and looks up into my eyes. I simply nod and focus back on the work, needing to rush this over to Frypan.

We pile everything into the wooden basket Frypan put down for the corn and I lift it up in my arms, ready to go over to the kitchens.

“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out during the Bonfire tonight like usual? Maybe go to our usual spot out in the woods?” Newt asks me and an instant smiles invades my face.

Ever since Newt and I became close friends, we skipped Bonfire nights. Not because we dislike them but simply because we like only each other’s company far more than the entire glade smudged into one area, forced to socialize with the Greenie. We have a spot out behind the Deadheads, it’s a meadow and you can perfectly see the sky from there. We usually just sit and talk for hours or look at the stars. Maybe dance (even without music) and I’ve kissed him there once. It wasn’t like I was making a move on him back then but, we were both curious one day and never had kissed somebody before (clearly). So, it came up in conversation one night in the Meadow and we both wanted to as long as we still kept friends afterwards. It wasn’t a full blown makeout session. It only lasted about six seconds actually. I just remember how it felt to be kissing him, his lips were soft and warm. It was slow and passionate. But when we pulled away, I was ripped out of fantasy world and dropped into reality. The reality where we were only friends. The reality where it was only a little bit of platonic experimentation in the dead of night. In the reality where we live on borrowed, ticking down time in the Glade.

Everybody here acts like we’re dating and I could see why, even though nobody knows we’ve kissed. Sometimes he’ll run up behind me and snake his arms around my waist, sometimes he’ll sneak up on me and throw me over his shoulder running around the Glade with me in his grip like a complete shucking lunatic. My permanent nickname is “kid”. He gives me piggy back rides to work when I’m groggy in the morning and we’re always together. I can see why many of them think we should be a thing yet, we aren’t sadly. No matter how much I want it. We never will be.

“Ich würde es gerne tun.” (Translation: I’d love to.) I say with a beaming grin in return and he smiles back, despite not being able to understand me I think my smile got the general point across.

“See you at the meadow, kid.” He says and laughs, patting my head as if I’m a child.

“Halte den Mund, halt den Rand, Halt die Klappe. Ich bin älter als Sie!” (Translation: Shut up, I’m older than you!)

I steady the basket of goods in my arms and walk across the Glade to deliver these to Fry, shaking my head at my younger best friend. Isn’t he just a ball of sunshine?

By the time bonfire time rolls around, I’m already making my way over to our usual meeting place. Newt is like a sweet escape from this place. I know all the pain the Glade has put him through, for god sakes I sat by his bed as he healed from his suicide attempt for a whole month. If it’s hurt anyone the most, it’s him. But he helps me escape from the dark place memories like those take me to. I look into his eyes and feel all the dark klunk mellow out for a few moments. He’s my sunshine.

“Hey!” He says as I find him laying down on the meadow floor, laying down on a blanket I presume he stole from the Medjack hut as per usual on meadow nights.

“Hallo.” I say and try not to laugh keeping the German speaking thing going with him today. I’m very fond of the fact that annoying each other is a past time of ours.

“Still keeping up the German thing. Jesus, kid, you don’t give up do you?” He asks with a small laugh and pats the empty spot next to him for me to lay.

“Nein, tue ich nicht.” (Translation: No I do not.)

I lean back against the ground, shutting my eyes as the night breeze blows over our heads. We both sit in silence, staring up at the sky that is dazzling with stars tonight in complete awe.

“The sky is beautiful.” He whispers, almost to himself.

Since he can’t understand me, I take it upon myself I secretly admit things to him… even if he won’t ever know what they are. What harm could it do? It’s no like he will know.

“Du bist wunderschön.” (Translation: you’re beautiful.) I say softly and turn my head to face him, observing his every detail.
If it wasn’t so dark out, I’d swear he’s blushing right now.

After another long pause I speak again, but this time it’s more. This time it’s all I’ve wanted to say to him for years.

“Ich habe einige Sachen, von meiner Brust zu erhalten. Ich war nicht ehrlich zu dir,”
I continue on without moving an inch, “Ich liebe dich. Ich habe immer.” (Translation: I have some things to get from my chest and I haven’t been honest with you. I love you. I always have.)

Newt pauses, his breath hitching in his throat and I can visibly see the change in his demeanor. Why’s he acting different? For a few minutes he stares at the sky with an empty eyed stare, scaring me senseless. What’s wrong with him? He eventually turns to his side, facing me, our faces nearly touching.

“Ich liebe dich auch, Y/N.” He whispers as he holds my face in his left hand, his thumb softly caressing down my cheek.
As the words leave his mouth my heart nearly stops.
(Translation: I love you too, Y/N.)

“You understand me?” I ask in utter shock at two truths I’ve come to realize right now.

One: He’s understood German this entire time.


“Ich habe dich geliebt, seit wir hier auf der Wiese geküßt haben und ich glaube ehrlich, du bist die schönste Person, die ich je gekannt habe. Du bist so lustig und du bist mein bester Freund. Ich würde abstürzen und ohne dich verbrennen.” He speaks eloquently and fluently, not stuttering or stopping.

(Translation: I’ve loved you since we’ve kissed here in the meadow and I honestly believe you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. You’re so funny and you’re my best friend. I would crash and burn without you.)

I almost start crying right here, his words, the ones I’ve been wanting to here for the most of our friendship finally are said aloud.
He looks into my eyes and I almost melt, he’s been hiding all along. Just like me. We’ve both been pining after each other for two years now, not knowing we loved each other back.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask in a hollow voice, still shocked as he comfortingly strokes my hair out of my face.

“I was afraid, Y/N. Aren’t you? You only told me when you thought I had no idea what you’re saying. I just-I love you. I don’t want to hide it anymore.” He explains in a hushed tone as I nod softly in agreement.

He’s not wrong. The single reason I said it was because I didn’t think he knew what it meant. Little did I know, he’s fluent in German.

“Küss mich.” I whisper softly and he props himself up on one elbow, a cocky grin spread on his face. (Translation: Kiss me.)

“Wie könnte ich das ablehnen?” (Translation: How could I refuse?)

He leans down and slowly presses his lips into mine, the familiar warm feeling from all those years ago returning. Yet this time it’s changed. His lips aren’t soft anymore, they’re chapped and rough. (Probably due to the lip-biting habit he’s developed since the last time we kissed) However, I don’t mind. Not a bit. My arms drape around his neck lazily, pulling him against me closer as I kiss back with a surge of eager confidence.

I pull away from him, as he tries to keep kissing and realizes in embarrassment that I’ve stopped and his face flushes red.
Instead of dwelling on it, he slumps back down on his back, pulling me with him so I’m resting half-on him on my stomach with my head on his shoulder.

“Ich liebe dich.” He murmurs to me and smiles into the kiss he plants on my forehead.

“Ich liebe dich auch.” I whisper back, my heart swelling at the moment.

(Translation: I love you)
(Translation: I love you too.)


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whats another weird ship that you can make people like? I'm sure you have ideas

Lee groans, not the good pleasure-thick kind, and Burr sighs and says, “You shouldn’t have gone and got shot then,” righteous.

Indignant, Lee bites the exposed skin at Burr’s neck.  “I didn’t plan to get shot.  Nobody goes to a duel expecting that.”  He pauses.  “You should have gave me indication that Laurens was going to, after you conversed with Hamilton.”

Burr doesn’t mention that he did tell him.  He’d tell him again, but he doesn’t care — it’s over, now — and he’s otherwise occupied, moaning as Lee thrusts in him.

“Maybe you wanted me to get shot,” Lee pants, biting down on the pain from his side, his dark hair falling in his face as he leans over Burr.  “Maybe you hate me, too.”

“I don’t hate anyone,” Burr says.  Lee is a little crazed, now, even more so.  “I only did my duty.”

Lee scoffs.  “You only agreed to be my second because you hate—sorry, dislike, Washington because he ignored you,” he says, grinning, “and because you wanted to show off in front of Hamilton, because he’s ignored you too.”

“I did not.”

Lee leans in, whispering in Burr’s ear.  “C’mon, you can tell me.  I’m not your General anymore, I’m dismissed.  You can tell me what you really want.  No consequences.”  He kisses Burr, something rare, pulls away with Burr’s lip between his teeth.  “You wish I were Alexander.”

Burr doesn’t say anything, he closes his eyes and wraps his legs around Lee and pushes down on him.  It makes Lee squeak in mix of pain and pleasure, and Burr focuses on that instead.

“Maybe Laurens should’ve shot you in the mouth,” he says.  Lee doesn’t disagree.

Drummers// Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do one where Josh has a crush on y/n, a drummer in their opening act, and he’s like mesmerized by how she plays and stuff💜💜


Josh’s POV

               “Josh!” I heard Y/N call, as she was probably scrambling down the hallway trying to catch up to where I was walking. I was making my way to the stage, they had a drumset out there and I wanted some quick warming up before the show tonight. “Wait you long legged titan, stop walking!” She squealed, causing a small smile to adorn my lips. She was a fair amount shorter than I was; so for every step I took, she would take 3.

               “Yes my dear?” I stopped and turned, just in time to catch her as she jumped on me; ending up bridal style in my arms. “Did you just want me to carry you?” I laughed, holding her close as I resumed walking to the stage; except now I had the cutest girl in the world in my arms. Wasn’t I lucky? Don’t get me wrong, I love her. I have since Tyler and I met her band a couple years ago. I just never told her how I felt; and anytime she’s around I turn into a bumbling, awkward idiot. You see my problem now?

Cute girl in my arms + bumbling idiot Josh = An embarrassing, terribly life ruining moment just waiting to happen.

               “Take me to the stage, and let me show you some beats I thought up last night.” She smiled up at me, I swear her smile could light up a room. “I was laying in my bunk last night, right? I couldn’t sleep so I started tapping some stuff and I was like…this is it. This is amazing. Josh needs to hear it.” My heart fluttered at her words; she thought of me when she couldn’t sleep. No you idiot; she found a drumbeat and you’re the only other drummer on the tour. “I didn’t want to wake you, but now I can show you.” She slid herself out of my arms, grabbing my hand and leading me to the drum stool. I sat down; feeling her weight fall onto my lap as she placed drumsticks in my hands, wrapping her small fingers over my large, calloused ones. “I’m so excited.” She whispered before starting to drum, my arms following her movements. This moment was perfect; a beautiful girl on my lap who had the same passion for drumming that I did.

               “That was amazing.” I wrapped my arms around her waist once she was done, trying to savor the moment. The beat she had come up with was nothing less than perfect; and her passion amazed me. I loved watching her night after night, swinging her hair, smiling wider than I’ve ever seen someone smile. She had a zone she transported to when she performed; it was amazing to watch night after night.

               “Josh did you finally get the balls to ask her?” Tyler yelled; walking out from backstage. My eyes widened as my cheeks burned red. It wasn’t a secret that I fell for Y/N quite hard. It also wasn’t a secret that I flirted with her, and according to everyone else she flirted back (I didn’t see it though, she was just being nice).

               “Ask me what?” Y/N asked, turning her head to face me as I let go of her waist, trying to find a nice way to get her off my lap so I wasn’t stuck in this situation. “Josh don’t try to get out of this; I know you’re hiding something. You go all silent and red when you do, so what’s up? You can tell me.” This had to be the only thing I disliked about her; she could read me like an open book.

               “Uh what Tyler meant was I had been talking about asking for a drumming session with you for a long time. He must’ve thought I initiated this.” I let a fake, awkward laugh pass my lips. It was obvious that she didn’t buy it, as she gave me an unimpressed look before standing. Rolling her beautiful eyes and walking away. Mumbling something about how I could tell her anything. It wasn’t until she was out of sight when I let my head fall into my hands, groaning loudly.

               “So you didn’t ask her out yet?” Tyler mumbled, walking over to me. “I’m really sorry man.” I knew he had good intentions; Tyler was my best friend, he would never do anything to sabotage my happiness.

               “Its fine, I just hope she doesn’t hate me.” I whispered, pushing myself from my spot as I began making my way backstage; I needed to lay down for a bit. Relax before I found a way to fix this. I walked down the near silent hallway—until I passed Y/N’s dressing room; where a soft sob could be heard, causing me to stop. I knew I shouldn’t be snooping, but the sound broke my heart.

               “I don’t know what I did; one second we were having a great time. He even cuddled me closer after, and the next he’s outright lying to my face.” Did she really think that? “I don’t know what he’s hiding, but I feel like I’m being led on and I hate it.” My heart sunk, I felt like I was about to cry myself. Whoever she was talking to was in the middle of answering when I quickly made my way back to the my dressing room; falling on the couch and internally yelling at myself until I drifted into a light sleep.


               “What the hell?” I heard someone yell from above me; it was Y/N’s singer, and jeez she looked angry. “You are the lowest of the low scum on this earth I can’t believe you. We all thought you liked Y/N, hell we wondered if you two were dating. But you lead her on?” I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake myself up (even though the yelling had woken me up quite a bit already).

               “It’s not like that.” I groaned, sitting up on the couch. “I love her. I just don’t know how to tell her.” I got an angry eye roll from the singer in front of me.

               “Yeah sure. Are you certain you don’t mean you love another girl? Like the one who’s always in your snapchats and selfies?” I had to hold in a laugh when a picture of my sister and I was shoved in my face.

               “That would be my little sister Ashley thank you very much.” I pushed the phone from my face as I stood up; it was now or never. If I wanted to have any chance of ever dating the girl of my dreams I had to act now. I made my way swiftly through the hallways; refusing to stop until I found Y/N.

               “Y/N!” I called, she was sitting against the wall directly side stage. Head on her knees; she was still angry at me or something. She didn’t look up from her knees at all, not even when I sat right in front of her. “If you won’t talk, then listen. Please?” She lifted her head a little bit, only enough for me to see her red rimmed eyes looking at me with pain. “I was never leading you on; never. Tyler asked that stupid question earlier because he knew I was planning on asking you out for a long time. Like since a month after we first met. I got flustered and said stupid stuff because I’m an idiot when I’m around cute, amazing girls.” I was cut off by the feeling of a pair of lips pressed roughly into mine. A kiss filled with longing and suppressed feelings. It was amazing.

               “I’ve been wanting to do that for too long.” Y/N laughed as she pulled back, wrapping her arms around my shoulders; face snuggling itself into my neck.

               “Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked quietly, and awkwardly. Hoping she wouldn’t outright reject me. Especially not after what just happened.

               “Only if you’ll be my boyfriend. Oh jeez; that sounded so much smoother in my head.” We both began laughing, holding each other closely as Tyler yelled in accomplishment and pride somewhere backstage.

                “That’s sick!” Tyler’s words caused another wave of giggles to come over my amazing girlfriend and I. That feels nice to finally say; Y/N…my amazing girlfriend.

Match (Kyungsoo)

So like…here’s the +2k words scenario that I told you guys about. Thanks to the zero people who replied to that post for making a decision. I really appreciate it.

Warnings: May contain some triggering event. Read with caution. ♥


“Ugh!” I grunted as I threw another punch at the punching bag in front of me. Another, another and another was thrown. There were beads of sweat running down my forehead and cheek.

I was so focused on beating the crap out of that punching bag that I didn’t hear the door open and footsteps making their way towards me.

“Your punches are weaker than a five year old’s.” a cold voice spoke. I let out a low growl, throwing a specifically hard hit when I heard that before turning to him with a glare. He had a devilish smirk on his face, knowing he’s got me roused up.

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why do people think it's cool to hate on children? like this "they're loud and obnoxious" is literally used by child abusing scum to justify their disgusting behaviour.. and children depend on adults to take care of them like why can't people who dislike them just not have them and stay away and NOT CONTRIBUTE to child abuse by their "fuck children" rhetoric fuck i want to kick that nyc-conservative's face now

My only question is why you would send such a perfect message on anon lmao. I agree completely


After thirteen hours, I came to know the thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker took away her own life. Somehow, I thought she represented girls in high school or maybe even teens in general. Just like any other teenager going through life, many unpleasant things happened to her. Anyone can relate what she went through, even myself. At some point in life, I experienced many awful things to the extent where I also thought of ending all the pain and suffering to the world—to my world at least. However, this is not the solution to the problems that we face.

Going back to the series, what I like about this is that it sheds light to what regular teenagers face everyday most especially at high school. They highlighted relevant issues such as bullying, violence, and rape. However, the only thing that I strongly disliked is how the effects of suicide are depicted. For me, the implications were: you exist, you matter or you are loved once you are gone. Though, these are not true. You exist, you matter and you are loved most especially when you are alive and in this world. Often times there might be instances that you don’t see people show it or hear people say it, but you are.

I am not entirely against the series but I believe there is a wrong message that is unintentionally sent to those who are watching. I believe the word that I can use to describe this is triggering. I have finished the series and even I get the message. I just hope people would not misinterpret the message the show is trying to send.

If you’re capable of hurting yourself or thinking about suicide, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT watch this series. It would be more helpful to seek professional help or even talk to someone. Always remember that YOU’RE IMPORTANT and SOMEBODY CARES. You don’t have to face everything alone.

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OH HELL I CAN'T DECIDE between this one: “So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing on?” and this one: “If I see another couple holding hands, I’ll… I’ll-” :3 thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Beeeeeeeeeeeeells! love ya

Awww Gri I love you too babe! I mixed the prompt and put a dash of Allydia in there for you and it got BIG, I hope you like it! All my love and gratitude to @mahnaxmahna​  for the beta work on this you’re amazing!

Stiles hated valentine’s day.

“No, that’s not true. It’s not like I hate it, okay? I just think it is a day made up for capitalists to earn money. I mean there is a whole section of the market just for it? It’s flower shops, food companies, teddy bears, restaurants, hotels, and a lot of our entertainment section is directioned to a day of the year made for us to spend money. It’s ridiculous.”

“You know that you actually sound like a whiny bitch without a date, right? Trust me on this Stiles, you don’t want to be that bitch. You want to be the fierce bitch who get’s the girl, or the guy, or the non binary person. Sometimes your pansexuality tires me. I mean, I have to cover all the bases, while you aren’t getting on anyone’s bases,” Lydia told him for tenth time.

They were lazing around Lydia’s office, waiting for the last print of pictures to decide which one they would put in the current issue, but their photographer was late. Stiles was currently lying in Lydia’s expensive couch that was indeed more comfortable than Stiles bed, while Lydia had her legs up on the desk. Perks of being the Editor in Chief and the creative director of the QUEER magazine.

“Right, why not throw it in your best friend’s face that he’s not getting laid, or getting loved. And also insult his sexuality in the process. Someday I’ll believe you and file a lawsuit against you, Lyds.”

“As if you would ever sue me. First, you know you would lose because Allison would kick your lawyer’s ass in the next generation, and second, you love me too much to risk it. Talking about Ally, I want to tell you something, but I don’t know if you can keep your bloody mouth shut.”

“What? Lydia? You can’t just look to me and say, look I gotta tell you something but I can’t. I have anxiety and I’m also very curious and nosy, you know I need to know, and I need to know now! Besides I would never tell anyone your secret.”

“You would. If it was anything related to Ally, you would sell my soul in a blink of an eye.” She gave him a meaningful look and he had to yield.

“Okay, you’re right. I would tell Ally. But she’s my sister Lydia, it’s like my duty.”

“I’m not criticizing the fact you put my girlfriend first Stiles. I would never get between you two, you know that, but I want this to be kept secret. I need it to be.”

Stiles sat up and took a second to look at Lydia, really look at her, and he noticed a emotion so rare, that it was almost like a pod person had taken control of his best friend’s body.

Lydia Martin was insecure, and there was only one reason for her to feel like that.

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What you said abt the handful of louies... I got curious and went lurking and they get like... R*pe threaths and shit. Not that harry stans dont come @ other boys stans lol we know damn well they do but besides ztans and these louies ive seen only 1 liam stan being critical of him. Anyways what i mean is that harries tend to be extremely disgusting when facing critics it makes me wonder how many ppl secretely hate him. Sorry for my english

Your english is perfect, mi amor. And death/rape threats? That’s what they’re resorting to? M8…………… can feel a certain way about someone disliking Harry Styles without being a raging cunt about, hoooooly shit. Just block them and go instead! 

WORTH THE HYPE: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC is a popular brand, but not one that I’ve ever been super in-love with, I generally find their products are a little over hyped and often just popular because of the name attached to it… MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, however, is extremely worth the hype and quite possibly the best concealer I’ve ever tried. Overtime I’ve found many concealers that I love, but there has always been one performance ridden quality that has disappointed me. With NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer it was the shade range, with Bobbi Brown’s Concealer it was just a little too creamy and as for It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye it creased so easily. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer however, ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it gives the best coverage I’ve ever found in a concealer, all you need is the tiniest pin sized amount to cover dark circles, discoloration and pimples. The formula is perfect; not too creamy and not too dry which means unlike most concealers it can be used for the whole face and on any imperfection. The staying power is great and lasts on me for over eight hours without showing any signs of creasing or fading, but you do need to blend quickly as the product sets to a matte finish in under a minute. The shade range is great, but not perfect (very typical MAC) but there is a shade that matches my super fair skin, so I’m happy. There is only one thing that I dislike HATE about this product and that is the packaging. The “pump” container, although hygienic dispenses far too much product (you really do only need a tiny amount to cover) I feel that a squeeze tube container would have been more appropriate. Overall I LOVE this concealer, it gives the most amazing coverage, can be used all over the face and is (so far) the best I’ve tried.

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I find it super charming Dyls support for his girl and I really wanna like BRobb as an actress but she's on my list of actors I want to punch in the face during a movie. I'm giving Girlboss a shot but her character is super annoying which only make me dislike Britt's way of acting even more.

Im actually intimately familiar with the character Britt plays, I was big on eBay for a bit and remember the story vividly when she got ran off.  I’m interested to see, but that girl is sooo not likable.  I will say though that if they can get past the kind of crassness of Sophia and into the more sassy, straightforward and plucky thing that Britt will play it well.  I’m expecting it will take a couple of eps, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.  And the Tucc!

An Open Letter to the People of Ireland (And anyone else who wishes to read) - A Letter from a Gay Irish Teen

People of this country,

Hi, my name is Luke, I’m 16 years old, I’m in 5th year in school and I’m from Wexford. I’m also gay.

To many, that’s normal, thank God. I’m seen as a normal human being with emotions and feeling and wishes and dreams. I fall in love, I have my heartbroken. I have my likes and dislikes, my regrets and dismays. My gains and losses. I am a human.

Growing up gay in Ireland is an ordeal in itself. I’m sure you the reader can think of teenage discos, where everyone dressed up, the girls in skirts probably too short, the guys all huddled in a corner “doing the rounds” to try and find a ‘shift’. We’ve all been there, let’s be honest. I was there not too long ago. Now, imagine being gay in that situation. 

Growing up gay in Ireland is something that really has only happened with this generation. It’s a journey that we are facing, often alone with very little help. Gay teens all over this country are left feeling alone, extremely isolated with no one there to help.

School really doesn’t always help the situation. As a 5th year student and completely out gay person, I know exactly what school life is for teens in Ireland. From birth in this country, the word “gay” is dreaded and feared. Being called “gay” is the worst insult anyone can come up with, a word that comes up at least 300 times a day. If you’re in secondary school, I want you to listen tomorrow and see how many times you can hear it being said as a negative. I can guarantee that you will hear it at least once.

S.P.H.E. class is possibly the most awkward class in the average students week. Thirty hormonal teenagers sitting in a classroom watching a a woman giving birth on the screen. Sitting in a classroom, learning about sex between men and women. Yet gay kids are left in the dark about sex. Yes, valuable education can be learned, such as the use of protection and STIs, but LGBTQ students are left with very little or no information about topics that specifically apply to us, a recipe for disaster.

Homophobia may be a dying trend, but it’s not gone. With “gay” being a horrific insult, and the presence of “hardy boys”, it’s bound to be there. The types of homophobic bullying that occur are horrendous and happen to most out gay people. Heck, I get it myself. Last Saturday, I was at my friends 18th, and while me and my boyfriend were trying to sleep on the sofa, the “hardy boys” came in and started calling us ‘queers’ and ‘fags’. We felt we had to leave the room because people couldn’t sleep. Fortunately,this was a once-off incident. Gay teens across Ireland face this crap everyday. Everyday. At school, at home at work. Everywhere.

In just under three weeks, the people of Ireland will take to the polls to decide if they should legalise same-sex marriage. If you are able to vote, and are undecided about how to vote, vote yes, if not for couples who want to marry now, but for us, the LGBT youth of this country, who have no say in a decision that has a massive impact on OUR future. If you are going to vote no, I ask you to reconsider. I know I want to marry someone I love, and everyone should be given the right to love. The right to a life where people are seen as humans. The right to be seen as normal.

Go raibh míle maith agat,

                                       Luke Nolan.

The story of Kane-san and Kunihiro (part 1)

☆ I received the permission from 蛇野らい to translate their comics, so here’s the first installment of a four-part story! The artist is also on tumblr: hebino!

[PIXIV LINK] Here, I am only providing the text translation. Please rate and bookmark their artwork if possible! Also, aside from the comic, the set contains a bunch of really nice and funny drawings, so please check them out.

☆ More info about what I do: here.

Synopsis: The story uses one of Kane-san’s quotes at the citadel as basis and from there, a misunderstanding happens between him and Horikawa.

Characters: Izuminokami Kanesada, Horikawa Kunihiro, Heshikiri Hasebe, Nikkari Aoe

Warning: None (yet). Completely SFW.

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velvetportraitsmedia-deactivate  asked:

hello Aaliyah ... I wanted to ask you how can I glo - up ... and what can I do to glo up ? I'm an 18 - year old young black male ... any tips on beauty or anything regarding bettering and upgrading myself ? 🌹

Hey 💖

An incredible transformation has everything to do with the internal reality, it has nothing to do with external reality like this world falsely believes. If you have an unhealthy diet it will reflect in your skin; if you have an unhealthy belief system, it will reflect in your character; if you have an selfish mind set, it will reflect in your actions or most commonly lack of action; if you lack love, it will reflect how much love you receive; if you lack spirituality, you lack great purpose; if you lack God, you lack life. Anything in external reality means nothing if you are lacking in the inside, if it’s not given by God’s grace it loses it’s worth quickly. 

I can’t tell you how to live your life, for that would not be fair. I can only give myself as some sort of example and you can take from that what you wish:

  • I’m a Vegan
  • I drink Herbal Tea religiously, my favourites are - Apple and Cinnamon, Lemon Ginger and Honey (Pukka), Green Tea (Pukka, it actually tastes nice compared to other green teas), Sage and Lemon Grass, Blackberry, Chamomile and Honey. 
  • I read a lot (a lot, a lot) I couldn’t even give you how many hours because I don’t stop, reading comes extremely easy to me so I don’t find it draining, where as others get distracted easily. So just read as much as you can. 
  • I don’t watch TV, I think it’s a waste of mind and life, unless it’s insightful
  • I get up early, sometimes as early as half 5 (I have nieces that get up extremely early) so I have to plan my day out to make sure I have enough time for myself
  • I love walking, I walk everywhere - for fun, it’s so amazing 
  • I say Hi and Good Morning to everyone, not only because it’s polite but it’s nice to know that you are welcomed by people in the city you live, also I found it helps with confidence in terms of your identity and communication
  • Spend time with children, they really teach you how to live life how you’re supposed to, they remind you of who you really are. Honestly when you’re down go and hold a baby. 
  • Spend time with old people alone, they’ll really open up to you and give you true wisdom about life, they’ll remind you how important life really is
  • Learn to love the rain, I know it sounds random, but people won’t even go out if it’s raining which is pathetic. Loving the rain brings a form of purification to the soul, sometimes I actually miss the rain.
  • Solitude is so important I can’t express how much, you will never know yourself constantly surrounded by others. You will take others belief systems, likes and dislikes, interests, even faults on as your own, never developing your own, lacking development in your own identity which eventually leads to depression (other’s also means social media)
  • I only listen to music that has true soul meaning, that’s positive or poetic, none of that crap people listen to that doesn’t even make sense, you can almost feel your intellect throwing itself off a bridge
  • I write a lot, a lot, a lot - In my journal (with my face on it lol)
  • I study my own Natal Chart, I’ve learnt so much about psychology, myself and healing.
  • Read some form of spiritual/sacred text - you don’t have to be religious, I don’t even have a religion. It could be something as simple as poetry or philosophy, you learn a lot about yourself when you look to God as St Teresa of Avila said “ We shall advance more by contemplating the Divinity than by keeping our eyes fixed on ourselves… I believe we shall never learn to know ourselves except by endeavouring to know God, for, beholding His greatness we are struck by our own baseness, His purity shows our foulness, and by meditating on His humility we find how very far we are from being humble… It is no small pity, and should cause us no little shame, that, through our own fault, we do not understand ourselves, or know who we are.” 
  • I would not be where I am now without God, so it’s only right for me to praise the Lord for all the wisdom and blessings he has given to my soul
  • Being Humble is extremely important, this world lacks that so greatly. I think there is nothing more destructive to the soul than a body that lacks humility. People praise themselves on their humility, yet are quick to call someone a ‘hater’ after a little bit of criticism. Criticism is a sign from God that you lack humility, for otherwise you would not take it as such, either you would regard it as a way to improve yourself or ignorance on the other’s behalf. 
  • Saying Thank You is extremely important, when you wake up and when you go to bed.

I can’t tell you how you need to transform, for you are you; and I am I. I’ve read about 100 books at this point, so for me to say in simple context how to grow immensely would be merely impossible for wisdom and knowledge play an obvious part in the minds development. The more you read and experience life the more you will grow. There is a clear difference in intellect, wisdom, character and abilities in those that read books and make an effort to use their knowledge to good use in day to day life than those that don’t. You will see the difference within yourself before anyone else does, that’s a true sign of soul growth - you no longer depend on other’s for your own development. 

beard stuff

so ive been growing this beard for awhile now, a few months at least. It started as an attempt to make myself as gross as possible ended up being a thing I kind of enjoy. Not to mention a point I wanted to make was “hey I can do this and any other thing I want”. Its really nice to feel like you have control over at least one aspect of your oh so short life.
A weird thing ive been finding is the amount of people who dislike it and are really vocal about wanting me to change. Im having trouble finding the reasoning behind it. 
Why pay any attention to anything im doing if the way I look is effecting the way you enjoy it. Why do people bother watching my videos if the only thing on your mind is whats hanging off the bottom of my face. It changes nothing. Its just a face transmogrification.

Stop worrying about the way other people look and just do your own god damn thing.

/first world problems

Imma be honest; I wanted Trump to win.

Not because I particularly like him or his policies.

Not because I particularly dislike Hillary.

Not because it would particularly affect my life; I live in the Caribbean, after all. Any changes would be indirect, at most.

Nope, none of those. I wanted him to win for one reason, and one reason only.

I wanted to see the faces of every idiot who **believed the BS**, who looked the other way when Trump supporters were physically attacked, who swallowed lies and half-truths whole.

Nothing more, or less, than plain old **schadenfreude.**

Luckily, they’ve provided riots, so I can turn on the TV and harvest all the **delicious salt **at once.

No, wait, the press said those are just “protests”, even though there are people busting windows, last time I heard. In fact, one lady on MSNBC said that Team Trump would doubtless be protesting if they lost, but it’s okay when Team Hillary does it.

But somehow, I doubt that Team Trump would **burn Hillary in effigy**, like those nice folks in Oakland.


Cancer. My baby sister had cancer. Fourteen year olds are not supposed to get cancer. I felt as though I had fallen out of a tree and landed on my back – I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to trade places with her, to give her a normal high school experience that wouldn’t be blemished by her body’s attempt to destroy itself. She didn’t deserve that, not sweet, kind, good Prim. - Based off the song “Skin” by Rascal Flatts

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