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were you two close before you started doing unsolved? have you gotten closer since starting? did you think the show would take off so much??

R: We had done Test Friends before Unsolved and we also sat next to each other from the time we were interns to now. So, yeah, I’d say so. As the show has progressed, I’ve definitely gotten to the point where I can appreciate how much I HATE him… jk we’re pals. I did not think the show would take off the way it has, and I’m thankful that there’s now a community of people who not only enjoy the show, but also, a community of people who I relate to. I just think that’s so cool, thanks for that. 

S: Yeah, we were always in close proximity to each other at work and have shared interests, so we’ve always gotten along. Beyond enjoying spookythings we also have a mutual appreciation for things like popcorn and the motion picture Speed Racer, a movie Ryan loves maybe even more than I do.

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Halloween Polished Commissions CLOSED

For the month of October only, I’m offering Halloween Polished Commissions! They’re like regular Polished commissions but with an array of various costume themes. The above image is an example of the ‘plant’ theme.

Price: $30 (+5 for custom theme)

How it works:

1. Send an email to titled “Halloween Polish” with an attached character reference (must be MLP species) Note: You can use pony maker as a reference

2. In the email, you have 3 options for choosing a theme. Random, which means I will use a random number generator to choose a theme, Pick a number from 1 to 34, which will decide which theme you get, or Custom Theme for if you already have a theme in mind that you’d like. (This costs an extra $5)

3. Pick a style. You options are: Sexy, Cute, Elegant, and Scary. (Or leave it to me if you can’t decide)

4. I will then respond with what email to send your payment to (I use paypal, but if you want to pay by card let me know and I’ll send you a link to my donate button instead)

5. Confirm when you’ve sent the payment to me, and then wait for your commission.

NOTE: I’ll try to get a majority of the commissions done by Halloween but may not make it in time for all of them. I’ll still finish them of course, just know they may be a bit late for the spookday.


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I was kinda thrown off when Matt called Shiro "sir" and by how awkward he was at first... Maybe because in a lot of fanon of the two they were close friends. Now I'm wondering how even after 6 months locked in the same room Matt still calls Shiro sir while Keith is so casual with him. (Only calling him "sir" twice, and in a lighthearted/joking way too.)

Honestly, I wasn’t. This goes back to something I’ve seen a lot in Voltron, which is basically that–a lot of fans get so attached to fanon, it becomes harder to kind of reconcile this idea they’ve built up with canon? Don’t get me wrong, headcanon can be really fun and it’s cool to see everyone’s different interpretations. But the fact is, Matt Holt had about two lines and the only times Shiro ever mentioned him in the present was to comfort Pidge. He never is shown grieving on his own or desperately doing everything in his power to find him the way Keith did with Shiro. It was obvious to me these two had a much closer relationship from day one. 

I mean, compare Keith’s heartfelt reunion to the stiff and awkward start that Matt and Kuron got off to. You can’t tell me there isn’t a blatant difference in the depth of these two relationships 

I used to get asks like–But what if Matt comes back and Shiro just pushes Keith aside and spends all his time with Matt? And I was always just so confused by that?? There was literally nothing to back those assumptions aside from this notion that well, if it’s popular fanon, then it must be true. The fact of the matter is, Shiro is someone who keeps a comfortable distance from people. 

He doesn’t isolate himself like Keith, but he never lets his walls down for the rest of Team Voltron, never bares his weakness to anyone but Keith. Matt thinks of him as another officer first and foremost, and he just didn’t have that deep connection with Shiro everyone thought he did. We’re talking about someone who seems estranged from his family and brought Keith to the Kerberos launch to see him off. Which again, emphasizes just how important Keith is in Shiro’s life.

[BTS] how taehyung would cum

(requested! I guess this is a series now, I’m glad you guys like it )

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* vocal vocal vocal vocal vocal. you can’t fuck around others, that’s just asking for being caught.

* a lot of swearing, baby boy can’t hold it back.

* “F-fuck you’re so tight.”

* strong grips, anywhere he can reach. likes to feel what’s his - appreciate his girl.

* waits for you, because he’s still a gentleman even when pounding into you.

* “You close? Come on princess.”

* more of a name person, the neighbours knowing your name before your face.

* if you’re on top (he’s up for anything you love) the positions will be swapped as soon as either of you are close.

* “Only I can make you cum.”

* bites his lip a lot, maybe close his eyes but he’ll probably love watching you.

* often cums inside or on your folds. he’s uncontrollable when he’s cuming.

* does delve into a daddy kink, normally when he’s been away for a while or he needs to release some stress

Hey so guess what guys 

When you do a home inspection a good 75% of what they inspect is various things which are a) directly electrical or b) run on electricity, which means what you should not, as a home seller, do, is TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY TO THE UNIT.

My poor home inspector was like “Well, I can look at the windows and doors…and if you hold the flashlight I can check the water in the bathroom…”

I mean, I will say, regarding electricity, the bedroom has five separate sets of outlets and the living room has eight, so I will not need to strategically deploy as many power strips as in the place I’m currently living. 

Upshot is that with the exception of anything electrical, the only issues with the unit are a super gross fridge the owners have promised to clean, two leaky windows, and one window that was open and, when I tried to close it, nearly murdered me by DROPPING STRAIGHT DOWN. My poor realtor almost had a heart attack. It was like something out of The Omen. 

So later this week I get to do Home Inspection #2….

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okay so i've tried to read about genetics, and i want to design fankits for bramblestar and squirrelflight, am i correct in saying the toms would be tabbies or ginger, and the mollies would be tortoiseshell and tabby, or did i completely misunderstand something here

you’re pretty close!

1. all red cats are tabbies. so you need to take into account what kind of tabby squirrelflight is, and whether it’s dominant over bramble’s pattern. So if squirrel is mackerel and bramble is classic, then most of the kits will be mackerel. All kits can inherit tabby pattern from both parents regardless of gender

2. mollies are only going to be either torbie (tabby tortie) or tortie, since they inherit two color genes 

3. you can also add in dilute colors because both parents can carry, so you can also have cream tabby boys or dilute torbie/tortie girls 

so for example if we have - 

brambleclaw - black classic tabby

squirrelflight - red mackerel tabby 

boy - red classic tabby

girl - mackerel torbie 

New preview of the game to compensate all the negativity! Aria exploring the library.

First of all, I’m really grateful for all the support and kind messages I received. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Despite what happened, I think this is a lovely community. I hope we can learn about this experience and other devs can avoid a similar situation.

I decided that the best thing I can do now is close anon questions until the release of the game. It makes me really sad but I think this is the only way to solve the problem. I’ll close them in three days, this friday.

Of course, we will inform you about the release when we have news about it. Until then, please support the translators! Without their help you wouldn’t be able to play in english, only in spanish. They have to translate every map and every event of the game, it’s a lot of work. The game has 151 maps and many dialogue, it’s not a small game.

I’m going to start answering all the messages today or tomorrow! Thank you for all the lovely messages, I even received beautiful fanart! I don’t have words, thank you ;;

Thank you for following the development of Aria’s Story!

Preview to “Holding Out For a Paladin”

This is only the first chapter for story on Archive enjoy which luckily I can post on my phone!


“Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?”


Sirens are blaring through the ship as the Paladins of Voltron run through the halls. Sentries following them as Lotor’s Generals lead them like a pack of wolves.

“This way!”

“Come on we need to hurry!”

“Coran, is the escape pod ready?!”

“Waiting for you in the Hanger!”

With hurried steps the Paladins find the Hanger as Lance looks to see the sentries and the generals following closely behind. He looks to see the others getting the members to quickly enter the escape pod. Lance looks back to see the sentries and generals are still coming quickly.

Lance growls annoyed as he demands, “Everyone in! I’ll try to see if I can hold them back!”

“Wait Lance! No! Everyone is almost in,” argues Allura as she shows another alien into the pod. When she looks up she sees Lance already leaving the group. “Pidge, Hunk please help him.”

“On it Allura!” agrees Pidge as Hunk nods.

They exit out the door as they try to hold back the sentries though it’s not enough. Lance looks as there’s still more aliens as he says, “Go! I’ll finish this off!”

“But-,” starts Hunk before suddenly both him and Pidge are pushed into the escape pod as Lance sees some aliens go in, but the sentries and generals are closer.

Lance looks back at his team as he takes a deep breath as he forms his rifle shots the escape pod’s door keypad as the doors begin to close quickly.

Hunk wondering what’s taking Lance so long looks up to see take the shot as he yells, “Lance! What are you doing?!”

His shout brings the attention of the others as they take a sharp intake of breath wondering what could possibly going through his mind right now.

“Lance! You idiot! Hurry up!”

“Get in here!”

“You can still make it!”

The shouts and pleas for him to go through that door went quiet in his ears as he looks at the the door. He couldn’t possibly fit through but something can. He looks down at the Red Bayard… Keith’s Bayard.

He looks at the Team as they try to rush to keep the door open as he says, “I’m sorry.”

He looks away can’t baring to look at of any of their faces as he throws the Bayard in the pod. He hears the pod flying away with the muffled yells and cries of his teammates as he looks to see the generals look at him with amused looks as Acxa grabs his wrists and forces him in a kneeling position as he hears footsteps.

Blue meets Yellow as Lotor greets with devilish smile, “Greetings, Blue Paladin… I believe we haven’t been properly introduced.”

Dance (Hoseok drabble)

ASK: can i get j-hope and a lap dance?

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You moved up and down against his skin, causing him to swallow, his eyes didn’t move from your body and that only made you smile harder.

Your thin lingerie was the only thing separating (barely) your skin from his, and you twirled around his seat on the chair, his eyes still following you with close intent.

Hoseok.” You let out in a little breathy moan that intermixed with the soft music that you were dancing to in the background, and hearing his name leave your mouth caused him to choke on his breath.

“Do I look good, baby?” You cooed, coming in front of him again and swaying your ass to the beat, coming down against his straining tent in his pants and grinding on it in circular motions, keeping in tune with the music.

“Fuck, yes.” Hoseok lifted his hips up, causing your to buck against his shaft, and you giggled at his excitement.

“Always so eager, baby.” You swayed upwards, turning around to face him with a sultry look on your eyes, and Hoseok held your gaze.

You wrapped your legs around his lap, grinding against his chest for a minute before you began to lower yourself onto his lap, watching his adam’s apple bob in distress.

“Do you wanna touch me?” You purred again, grabbing at his two hands that had been awkwardly hanging to his sides as you finally placed your ass against his mound in his jeans, causing him to hiss.

“Yes. Please.” He shut his eyes hard then opened them again, taking in your baby pink lingerie set that held your body in all the right places, and you giggled again, bringing his hands to slowly trace up the sides of your body, watching as he bit his lip so hard you thought he’d draw blood.

“Well in that case…” You brought one of his hands to your mouth, letting his finger tease as the entrance of it, wetting the tip with your tongue, and Hoseok looked like he was gonna pass out any second.

“You’ll just have to be a good boy until the songs over.” You tossed his hands to the side, watching as his face hardened, a pout forming as he watched you step off him with puppy eyes.

“Don’t pout at me, just try to enjoy the show, baby.” You giggled, turning around and bending over to expose some of your skin to him, and Hoseok sucked in a long, hard, breath.

You clicked the play button on a new song, your body feeling the vibrations as you started to dance for him, and Hoseok was fixated again.

This was Hoseok’s favorite show, after all.

Just Like You Lyric Video Analysis

Okay, here we fucking go.

Louis Tomlinson’s song, made me cry. still makes me cry every time i listen to it. Its heart breaking. He sounds so sad, and desperate for someone to finally hear that he’s upset. 

He sings things like:

“Headlines that I can’t stand.”

“But you only get half of the story.”

“Nobody cares when you’re boring.”

“I’m just like you, If you only knew.”

“Can’t I just be the same.”

“Let me be the same.”

If that isn’t obvious enough, lets talk about the fact that he had to fight his label to release Just Like You, released the song, INDEPENDENTLY with absolutely no radio or label campaign, on NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY. 

Still not enough?

On October 16th 2017, George Michael’s “Freedom” documentary aired on TVon Chanel 4. In the documentary we get a close insight on George’s homosexual relationship with his boyfriend, who died of AIDS, later he was forced to ‘come out’ by THE SUN newspaper, he lost a legal battle with SONY, had to buy himself out of the contract with the label, and his mother died of cancer- ALL IN THE FIRST FEW YEARS OF THE 90′s.

The day after this documentary, the Just Like You official lyric video is released.

In this video, there are various snippets of news articles shown in the background, all carefully chosen. Some include phrases such as “composer”, “same-sex”,”glad to be leaving”. One of the main articles shown, is the one about GEORGE MICHAEL and his battle with the SONY label. There are articles referring to the LGBT+ community, blacklivesmatter, eating disorders, racism, mental health, sexually abused women and people treated poorly by the music industry.

Some fans are noticing how in the line “I wanna lay where she lays” in the lyric video, the “s” is separate from the ”he”, claiming its another hint to Louis ‘coming out.” Others also debate over whether or not, the female eyes that accompany the line in the lyric video are Brianna’s or Eleanor’s or some other ‘partners’. 

Many will be kept up all night de-coding the hidden messages within the video, and I’m sure more “evidence” will be collected by tomorrow morning.

What I wanted to point out, is that while we’ve all noticed that  he is trying to tell us something he obviously can’t say out loud in a blunt way, there is MORE to it.

Look at the video.


What is usually associated with messages sent in that format?

It’s almost like a cry from someone who must remain anonymous. Someone who is held hostage and is sending out a letter, or someone who is sending out a threat and doesn’t want to be found out.

Now, my point in this is, Louis is so so so smart. He thought this whole entire process through. The whole thing is carefully orchestrated. From the newspapers used, to the newsletter/magazine print format of sending out a message, to the lyrics, to the dates when its all released.

It is pure genius. Utter and complete mastermind genius.

I love him so much I can’t describe it. He deserves to be happy, and to be heard. And the fact that he is trying to show us all -whatever it is, whether it be that he’s under pressure from the music industry, or that he’s homosexual or other- makes me really proud of him because he’s so strong, and he’s trying to fight.


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Roman Reigns for anon (I’m sorry if this isn’t good 🙈 and I don’t really know much about anxiety attacks


Reader is having an anxiety attack after one of her matches and even though a few other superstars try to help, the only person who can calm her down is boyfriend Roman Reigns: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


The further I walked down the hallway, the more narrow it seemed to get.

It was like I was in a movie where the walls slowly started closing in on you, until they were inches away.

With my hand over my chest and my breathing increasing more and more, second by second I finally came to a stop and rushed over to the wall feeling the coldness of it on my back.

It was happening again.

My anxiety was acting up.

I slide down until I could feel the floor underneath me.

Why did this have to happen now?

Why here?

One thing I don’t have to question is what brought this attack on.


Worrying about simple things really.

But I can’t help it.

Luke tonight I landed wrong and that slightest mistake could’ve cost me everything I’ve worked for.

I know cause it’s happened to many.

I contributed a slightly noticeable limp from it and just from me going over it, replaying that fall got me in this situation.

It’s funny cause something so small caused something so big.

“Y/N..?” I heard the voice of Nia, call out to me.

Funny thing is I could hear her clearly but I couldn’t see her the same way.

Everything was just so blurry.

“Is she okay?” Another female voice asked but this one sounded as if it was off in the distance.

No I’m not okay. I wanted to scream out but couldn’t seem to form the sentence.

I felt Nia gently stroking my arm. “She doesn’t look like it. I think you should go find Roman, Emma.”

Oh, that’s who the other voice belonged to.



Emma rushed through the hallways, as fast as her legs would take her, turning corner after corner in search of the six foot three man.

She didn’t know what was going on with Y/N but she knew it wasn’t anything to take lightly.

From the look of her at least.

“Roman.” Emma called out after she landed eyes on him a distance away. “It’s something wrong with Y/N.” She finished slightly out of breath.

The tall Samoan looked over at her worry immediately washing over his face.

“What happened he asked?”

“I… I don’t know, but she’s sitting on the floor, with her hand on her chest. I doesn’t look good. I don’t even think she’s breathing properly.” Emma rambled not even realising Roman was already far ahead of her.


“Baby. What’s wrong?” Roman said running over to Y/N the moment he found her with Nia.

He watched as his girlfriend tried her best to speak but was only able to get out, “Anx…”

“It’s your anxiety?”

She gave a nod in response.

“It’s okay baby.” Roman said in a soothing voice, pulling her close to him. “Deep breaths.”


After a few minutes of Y/N trying to regulate her breathing and it being successful Roman eased back so he can get a better look at her.

“See.” He said wiping away a few tears, from her cheeks. “It’s okay. Whatever you’re worried about is fine.”

His eyes met with his girlfriend’s and he could tell she was slowly but surely coming around.

“You’re okay.”


Hope this was okay cause like I said I don’t know much about these situations


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I've seen a lot of HC or fic about Penny getting jealous of guys getting too close for comfort to his gf... but can u do 1 the other way around?? Where the reader is jealous of other chicks flirting with Penny. (He of course has no concept of understanding the others chix intentions, so he is innocent.) Like a girl wants to touch his ruffles and Penny is like "uHhh why u do thAt??" But he likes the readers jealousy a little once he catches on ;-)

  • Tbh, I think this would only really happen while he’s in his human form cause hot damn. Women in Derry would have no respect and just throw themselves at him, unless he were to be in his clown form of course
  • When you’re both out, you quickly notice the many glances Pennwyise gets so you cling onto his arm a little more which gets him confused because he can smell something “off” on you
  • He eventually notices that some people are looking at you(he doesn’t realize it’s him)so he growls and pulls you away.
  • But he finds it a little weird when women “accidentally” bump into him, they send him winks, look him up and down, etc.
  • At first you’re angry and insist that you go another direction, but he pulls you back because he doesn’t realize why you’re so upset and you can clearly see everybody eyeing him
  • You get closer to his chest and he thinks that you might just be feeling aroused, so he smirks and pulls you into a dark alley where he pushes you against the wall and starts making out with you
  • But he stops when he can still smell that scent on you, and it keeps on bothering him so he asks you about it.
  • When you fess up and tell him, he scrunches up his face because only you’re allowed to do that??? And this is even’t his other form which looks a lot better than this ridiculous human one???
  • When you’re at home you know you can’t be mad at him because he had no intentions of those things happening, so you just let it go while he’s still a bit iffy(and in his clown form)
  • Rather than being concerned, he’s a bit amused about it because he never really imagined you’d be the one like this…but he sure does like it
  • Pennywise goes over to you and no matter what you’re doing, he carries you and wraps your legs around his waist before taking you to your room and laying on his back on the bed
  • He lets go of your legs and widens his own before saying “Well, get on with it and show me who I belong to then.”
  • Just this time, he’ll let you have control and mark him as much as you want

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Can I get an angsty reaction where they can feel you losing interest in the relationship and finally addressing it? Gimme some salty fanfic tears!!!!

Okay, forgive me, but this was so specific. I needed to bend your ask to a “break up, but then you sort it” reaction. I didn’t want to repeat the same story seven times, haha! 

Also, I’m exhausted and will be posting these separately (because I’m extra and have an awful habit of writing too detailed reactions…)

Jin & Suga Reactions: Close Call

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“Tell your mom I said hi!” Jin only cast a glance over his shoulder in acknowledgement before returning to the conversation on the phone. Slightly put out, you cradled your coffee in a tighter grip.

When he hung up, you asked, “why didn’t you tell her I said hello?”

 Jin still didn’t look at you, “I did.”

 “No, you didn’t. I was standing right here.” 

“She heard you over the phone.”

 “Oh. What did she say?” 


“You haven’t told them about me, have you?”

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i have been starving you of Mitch

so here is a sneak peek of the next The Recruit that I literally just finished writing. good things happen when the Yankees win. It’ll still be a little, I want to write like two or three more chapters before i begin posting TR again, but I thought i’d give you all something. 

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also can someone get me a gif of Mitch and Katrina kissing? no? that’s cool. the sneak peek is under the cut. try not to yell.

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The supermarket in which I work at have decided to stay open until midnight. The first week we started closing later I did one close shift and someone decided to steal a bag full of stuff at 11:55pm. So if that wasn’t enough to say I don’t want to work late while there’s only females working, my boss decided to say she’s not gunna give me shifts cause I won’t work until midnight.
I have university exams coming up and can’t stay at work that late right now. Apprently being available for 16 hours of the day isn’t enough either..

Safe - Derek Hale

Paring: Derek x Reader

Warnings: none that I can think of

Requested? No

A/N: I don’t know if I should make a part 2 of this, so please let me know.

I didn’t quite know how I had gotten myself into my current situation. One minute I was on my way home from a pack meeting and the next I was being shot at by hunters. Only I would get myself into a problem like this.

Not deciding that the fight was worth dying for; I took off, sprinting as fast as my werewolf speed and legs could take me, I rounded the nearest corner of a building that was closed but still had its outside lights illuminating the sidewalk and took off down a dark alleyway – probably not the smartest choice, but it seemed like the safest at the moment; as long as they can’t see me.

Pressing my back flat up against the brick wall I tried using my enhanced hearing to tell if they were still on my tail. My stomach did strange gymnastics and my legs and chest filled with a flood of anxiety when I could hear that they were, indeed still trying to find me.

Pulling out my phone, I sent a quick text to the pack group chat hoping that at least one of them would read it, after all it was quite late at night.


Quickly shutting off my phone, I listened in on the hunters once again.

“Come on wolf girl, you can’t hide from us forever.”


Closing my eyes, I could feel myself turn into a trembling mess. I was not about to go out by a couple of amateur hunters. This is NOT how I was going to die.

I could hear them fast approaching the alleyway and slapped my hand over my mouth to cover the sound of my heavy and rigid panting.

“You can run, but you can’t hide. Don’t be stupid.” One chuckled darkly.

Staying in place I listened to hear heartbeats. One… Two… Three. Only Three heartbeats meaning there was only three of them. I can easily take them.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out into the light that slightly illuminated the alley taking the hunters by surprise.

“I don’t hide. You do realise how stupid it is to try to fight a werewolf right?”

“It’s not stupid if you have weapons that can kill one.”

“That only works if you know how to use those weapons, I, however, know how to use my own,” I smirk flicking my wrist up, showing my now formed claws.

It wasn’t long before I took a swing at the hunter closest to me, sparking up a tough fight. Within a few minutes I had already knocked the two youngest hunters out leaving it to be a one on one match between the smartass hunter and I. In a split second he stabbed me right through the stomach with his wolfs bane laced knife.

My hands instinctively reaching for the wound, I fell over my own feet and landed on my back on the ground. I quickly pulled the knife out and pressed my hand to the wound before lifting my face up, eyes meeting the hunters who was now looking over me.

“I warned you wolf girl, you were stupid enough to not listen and now I get to kill you.”

He slowly pulled out the gun that rested in his waistband, looking at it with a wicked expression.

“I only have one wolfs bane bullet left in this gun, and I’m going to put it straight through your heart.”

Closing my eyes, I waited for the shot to ring out through my ears, but it never came. Instead a loud thud along with a grunt filled the silence before I heard a familiar voice speak.

“Nice try asshole,” Derek.

Opening my eyes, I saw Derek swiftly knee the guy in the face, knocking him out before he rushed over to me. I tried to sit up before I was quickly pushed back.

“Hey, hey easy now, you’re going to be okay.”

“I was starting to think nobody was coming.”

“Well you’re lucky I checked my phone before I went to bed.”

He quickly ripped a piece of fabric from the bottom of his shirt off before lifting my hands and pressing the fabric on my heavily bleeding wound.

“Use this to help keep pressure on it,” he whispered, before sliding one arm under my legs and the other around my back. He slowly lifted me into his arms. My eyes becoming heavy and threatening to close.

“No, no, hey y/n stay with me, I need you to stay awake while I take you to Deaton okay, hang in there a little longer.”

Willing myself to stay awake, Derek arrived at his car, unlocking it and placing me in the passenger seat before running around to the driver’s side and quickly turning on the car, speeding off to the veterinary clinic.

“Thank you Derek,” I croaked out, my throat tinging with pain every word.

Offering me a side smile, he gently placed his hand on my knee.

“Don’t thank me yet, we’ve still got to get that wolfs bane out of you, but for now; you’re safe.”

“I’m always safe with you,” I whispered, before my eyes became heavy and I was overcome by darkness.


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(For Markiplier Monday) Being one of the Jims' S/O, and it's the first time in a while that no one but you and Jim are in the house, so you decide to take advantage of that ;) Then the other Jim comes home earlier than expected, and after hearing you scream his name, he guns it up the stairs thinking you're in trouble. He slams the door wide open to see his brother and you in a very compromising position. He turns beat red before slamming the door closed, effectively ruining the mood for you.

I’m both snickering and feeling bad for that Jim. That would be mortifying, and I can only imagine he’d be feeling lonely as a result too. *Cuddles the neglected Jim*

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hey! to the young female bisexual, I'm just your age as well and I've never doubted that I'm bisexual. for as long as I can remember (pretty much since kindergarten), I've always known I like girls as well, but I haven't really fancied a girl like I have fancied a boy. & I know that it doesn't make me less bi. I'm not out of the closet, only mentioned that I'd be fine w dating a girl to sum close friends. and it's probably not that, just haven't met a special somebody yet haha. sending love xx


one time i saw adore delano hold up a lighter 2 her pencil for a couple seconds before doing her eyeliner in a makeup tutorial and afterwards i tried it but i held it 2 close and i accidentally set my whole eyeliner pencil on fire. that was the only pencil liner i owned and i haven’t replaced it yet, meaning until then i can’t be goth at all

Listen, there is something to be said about “Latinx” characters like Raven Reyes and Scott McCall. How amazing it is to see powerful, strong, kind, and brave Latinx characters. 

We cling onto them for representation of our community, write endless headcanons about how they keep their culture close to them, little traditions that they may have. And they’re important and I love them dearly but at the end of the day the show’s where these characters come from have NEVER addressed their heritage. 

That’s why shows like Jane the Virgin, One Day at A Time, The Flash or Sense8 are great because they show how being Latinx affects our life. How it intersects with our decisions, experiences, relationships, etc. I only speak for myself but I can say with no doubts that if I was not Latina I would be a completely different person, the person I am and the way i view things would simply not be the same. 

So shout out to t.v. shows that actually hilight Latinx characters backgrounds.