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Could I please ask for a Dean scenario? (preferably fluff)😊

Bonnie and Clyde

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1140

Summary: You promised to meet Dean at the drive in theater for your first date, but you forgot you had another boring commitment that same night. You tend to have a dramatic way of going about things. 

   Here I am… Sitting here with a blind date I completely forgot about until he called, instead of doing what I hoped to be doing tonight, with the person I hoped to be with.

   It was my best friend’s idea to get me a blind date, and it was my date’s idea to invite his snooty friends. So here I am in a casual green cotton dress and adidas, while these people are sitting across from me in designer shoe, suits and dresses…

   They talk about things incomprehensible to me; not for them being too complicated, but rather too boring. They brag about their most recent car, or gossip about the most recent celebrity scandal.

   I would much rather be with him right now…

   Hyuk and I had been playing a long back and forth game of flirting with each other, so I was quite surprised when he straight up asked me out.

   “I-I…. I’m sorry Hyukie I must’ve not heard you right? What was that?”

   He flushes slightly but still keeps his chill composure. “I asked if you wanted to go see a movie with me? At the drive in theatre? They’re doing a showing of old movies, and “Bonnie and Clyde” is playing at 10:00 pm… So..”

   I giggle a bit. He’s so frickin cute, does he even realize it? “Hmm, “Bonnie and Clyde” eh?  I think that sounds doable.”

   “Yeah?” He says with a relieved smile.

   “Yeah.” I say back with a smile, and we lock eyes. His gaze is so comforting…

   “A-Alright then,” He looks away smiling harder and grabs his stuff. “I’ll see you there then?”

   “Yes Hyukie, you can count on it.” I say with a confident smile.” He gives a bright eye smile and takes off.

   Yet, It’s 9:57 pm. And I’m sitting here not even participating in the conversation. I completely forgot about this commitment in the first place, so that goes to show you how ‘excited’ I was about it. They’re not even looking at me…

   What… What am I doing here exactly? The drive in theatre is only walking distance from here…

   I have the most perfect guy waiting for me at a drive in theatre, and I’m sitting here with a bunch of snooty strangers in a stuffy restaurant.

   What would Hyuk say if he saw me right now? Sitting here, so out of place…

   Suddenly I start to hear the tune of Hyuk’s “Bonnie and Clyde” playing in my head, and it grows louder, and louder, until all of the boring small talk surrounding me is drowned out.

   I want us to be more than friends… So again… What I am I doing sitting here…?

   I stand up and the napkin lying on my lap slides down and to the  floor. I look down at them and see for the first time this night, they’re actually looking my way. “I’m leaving.” I state boldly.

   My blind date’s friend speaks lowly but loud enough that I can hear him, “She’s the rebellious kind, hm? Don’t worry, not your type anyway.” I see my blind date look a little annoyed but not hurt.

   I start to run out of the restaurant, but I turn around and run back a little. I’m technically ditching him without any explanation, so I feel the need to say something more. I look him in the eye and can only think of one appropriate comment.

   “I’m sorry.” I quietly tell him. But all the while I can’t stop the anxious grin from spreading across my face. Nah, I’m not sorry.

   I’m going to make it Hyuk.

   I run out and onto the street, happy I wore comfortable shoes. I giddily run up the evening street, passing underneath street lamps, and bypassing small business neon signs. I can’t stop smiling, and jubilant little laughs escape my mouth. Just the thought of getting to see him has me acting on such childish impulses, and brimming with innocent joy.

   I see the corner need to make it to the drive in theatre, and I cut the corner sharply trying to make good time. I see it, and I run even faster, knowing I’ll have to take a moment when I get there to catch my breath. It seems as though the movie has only just started, but there are so many cars pulled into the theatre. I feel like crying out in frustration.

   Then I get a crazy idea. Kind of dramatic too I might add.

   I run through all of the cars, and step up on the stage. Not feeling any fear at all, only focusing on finding Hyuk, I step in front of the giant projection screen. Although I’m not big enough to block a good portion of the film, I am noticed, and people start to yell. All I can do is rapidly dart my eyes around though, trying to make sure the one person I want to see me does.

   Almost dead ahead I see someone else stand up, and hear more yelling from the cars behind them. When a lighter scene starts to play behind me on the screen than the previous one, I break out into a goofy smile. It’s Hyuk, and he’s chuckling to himself.

   I run ahead to his car, and bear hug him. “I almost didn’t make it, but I’m here!” I quietly exclaim.

   He laughs and shyly hugs me back. “Y’know Y/N, you certainly have a flair for the dramatic.”

   I pull away and sit in the passenger side of the car, and Hyuk follows suit getting in the driver’s side. “Who me? That doesn’t sound right.” I say and give him a sarcastic smirk. “I just have a different way of doing things. You saw me right? And I saw you. That’s all I really cared about honestly.”

   He laughs heartily yet quietly, and looks at me with a gentleness that I always find alluring. He interlaces our fingers, and I look up to find we’re both blushing. “I’m glad you’re here..” He says and caresses my cheek.

   I look down shyly smiling, and place my free hand on top of his. “I am too… Hyukkie?”

   “Mmm?” He hums contently.

   “What are we…? Are we… More than friends?” I ask a little nervous.

   I look up and Hyuk looks vulnerable for a moment. His eyes were wide, and his cheeks flushed. He looks down at our interlaced fingers, and brings our hands up to kiss the back of mine. “We’re whatever you wanna be baby.”

   My heart leaps at the new endearment, and I leave it at that knowing I have nothing to worry about. I lay my head down upon his shoulder and look up at the screen to see the old movie playing in front of us, as the stars gleam above us.

I hoped you liked it!!  This was my first time officially writing for this angel, and seeing as how you’re a Dean stan I was scared of ruining this lol… So I’m sorry if he seems ooc! I was inspired to do this kind of dramatic scene after watching La La Land <3 (I have an issue with putting a bunch of song references in my writing as you can see XD)