only he's not that tall

For some of the boys out there who are feeling insecure about their bodies, I want you to look at some Olympic athletes:

Mo Farah, 10000m gold medal winner. He’s quite small and doesn’t have huge muscles. But he’s still a champion

Lasha Talakhadze, weightlifting gold medal winner. He’s not skinny; he clearly has body fat and a rounded face. But he’s still a champion 

Kōhei Uchimura, gymnastics gold medal winner. He’s muscular, but is only 1.61m tall (5ft 3″). But he’s still a champion 

So what I’m trying to say is that men and boys are often given expectations to be muscular, thin and tall - the diversity in male Olympics athletes shows that you absolutely do not need to be all/any of those things to be valid. You and your body are valid no matter what.

Evidence against the argument that Superman's disguise wouldn't fool anyone:
  • Dolly Parton once lost a Dolly Parton look alike contest to a drag queen.
  • Charlie Chaplin once failed to even place at a Charlie Chaplin impersonator contest.
  • Hugh Jackman went to comic con as Wolverine, only 2 people noticed him and one told him he was too tall.
  • Christopher Reeve use to go to a restaurant in costume when filming Superman. When he went in the Superman costume he was mobbed by people all the time. When he went in the Clark Kent costume no one realized he was Christopher Reeve.

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

Yeah but do you guys realize how many headcanons can come from Rogues at christmas

- Mr Freeze being actually allowed outside of his cell b/c it’s cold enough

- Harley belting out Christmas Carols starting from November 30th to January 2nd

- Edward asking christmasy riddles instead of his usual riddles

- Jervis making santa hats for everyone which they accept but on the sly check for mind control chips just in case

- Bruce lowkey making sure they get an actual christmas this time

- Killer crocs tank decorated with painted snowmen and santas

- Ivy hanging mistletoe over every entrance and then pulling Harley under every single one

- Firefly being kept away from the christmas tree because he might get a bit too enthusiastic with the bulbs

- Jonathan having to hang the bulbs by the top of the tree b/c he’s the only one tall enough to reach them

- Harvey trying to decide between a candy cane stripe tie or a reindeer tie

- Oswald decking out the iceburg lounge with tinsel and holly, complete with only the Michael Buble soundtrack

- Joker joining Harley in singing the Christmas carols but in a slightly more inappropriate manner like


Arkham xmas headcanons

V3 where everything’s the same, but one day Hoshi needs somethin’ outta a high cabinet and Amami just goes “okay” and puts him on his shoulders. theres this secret bro code that’s established between them and when the coast is clear amami just hoists Hoshi up on his shoulders. “he likes to feel tall”. Thats the only thing that ever happens between them

Another Brief Summary of the Fallout 4 Companions

Cait: “i punched my way into this mess, i’ll punch my way out”
Codsworth: the only reason you’re naming your character Erectus Maximus
Curie: the most lovable incarnation of the “robot gets a conventionally attractive body to feel more human” cliche ever
Danse: are we human or are we having an existential crisis
Deacon: Special Ability – Blinded By The Nips: once a day, this character completely forgets their clothes and stuns all nearby npcs
Hancock: *fatally stabs a man* of the people for the people amirite
MacCready: hasn’t showered in seven years. he’s only tall because he’s standing on five inches of pure dirt
Nick Valentine: *raises glass* “here’s looking for Shaun, kid”
Piper: Blue-skidoo, we can too!
Preston Garvey: hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m the last minuteman, be the general maybe?
Strong: “that’s my secret. i’m always looking for the milk of human kindness.”
X6-88: Basically Hal 9000, now with a sprinkling of extra personality and 50% more murderous intentions
BONUS! Dogmeat: has found something and refuses to lead you to it because you left him at the red rocket so you could take nick with you. how could you. he’s sad just look at his face

I realized Ive never used anything similar to this color pallet before so I decided to try my luck with a sort of crystal wing moth alien :P

If I decide to keep him his name will be Siobhan and he’ll also only be a few inches tall c:

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What are your favorite courferre hc? I'm desperate hahaha

• Combeferre kissing Courfeyrac’s forehead all the fricking time.

• Courf is so short and Ferre is so tall that the only time he can kiss Ferre’s forehead is when Combeferre’s sitting down and he’s standing up, so he does it everytime it happens.

• Courf is just barely tall enough to kiss Ferre’s cheek if he stands on his tiptoes.

• Sometimes Ferre stands on his tiptoes when Courf tries just to be an asshole. Courfeyrac does not appreciate it.

• There have been multiple occasions where Courf has dragged a chair across the room and stood on it to kiss his stupidly tall boyfriend.

• When they’re sitting on the sofa Courf will sit sideways and stretch his legs across Ferre’s lap and lean forward and wrap his arms around his neck. Sometimes it’s more like clinging to him but Ferre never complains.

• Always touching somehow, whether it’s holding hands or Courf leaning his head on Combeferre’s shoulder they are always touching

• Even though Courf puts a lot of time and energy into his hair every morning, by late afternoon it’s always a curly mess and Ferre is always brushing it out of his face for him.

• Ferre only partially regrets falling in love with someone whose motto is “I’m gay, I need glitter” because Courf does not take that lightly.

• Combeferre calls Courf “love” and Courf melts every single time everyone can fight me about that.

im sorry but i had to (i hc that dwyer is actually really tall but only looks normal height cause he has terrible posture)


 Okay PSA for artists who are going to draw some Otayuri:

YURIO IS 5′4″.




I see SO MUCH Michemil art where the height difference is super small because Michele and Emil are only, wait for it, TWO INCHES APART. (Michele is 5′10″ and Emil is 6′0″)


Note: if this is adult!ice then feel free to draw Yurio towering over Otabek 

~mod (ANGER Y) Crispino

that one headcanon where kirishima is tall and bakugou is... not

right so uhm this is something @fahreecha and I came up with

and it’s like a ‘what if tall and buff third year kirishima’ and well it escalated and here we are… so yeah

  • kirishima having a growth spurt and outgrowing bakugou both in height and muscle mass during their third year
  • bakugou being pissed as hell because everything is a competition with this guy (he only grew like 2cm tall but goddamn kirishima now stands like a head and some taller than him.. bakugou doesnt understand how the fuck that happened)
  • MUSCLE monster kirishima (because why not also i’m legit so weak for kiri and his muscles like ugh) but still the cinnamon roll we all know and love.. still as sweet as a puppy
  • kirishima towering over bakugou and he’s huge that they can barely see bakugou when he’s standing behind kirshima (the only thing that lets people know bakugou’s there is because he’s super loud)
  • kirshima and bakugou walking next to each other on the streets.. and there’s this muscled, tall as fuck kirishima with tiny bakugo
  • people who don’t know kirishima is afraid of him at first but he smiles a lot, says hello to people, helps the elders and is generally nice so nope not scary at all
  • meanwhile tiny bakugou who can compete with sailors with that cursing, tiny ball of rage and anger, will totally explode someone in the face if they piss him off
  • (people learned not to judge by the cover especially height)
  • bakugou being hella bitter about the height difference
  • kirishima just laughs because bakugou is adorable
  • bakugou blowing up when kirishima looks down on him while they’re talking
  • kirshima using his quirk and slinging bakugou over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes every time bakugou is about to explode someone before making a run for it
  • *kirishima with bakugou slung over his shoulder* “I’m sorry pls excuse us. bye”

and also

  • “There, now we’re eye-to-eye” *grins*
  • bakugou’s face explodes in a nice shade of red and tries to explode kirishima (kiri just laughs and maybe hugs bakugou too because he’s kirishima)
  • like wrapping his arms around bakugou from behind and putting his head on top of bakugou’s
  • “Hey, can you grab that thing on top of that shelf”
  • kirishima obeys ofc and grins at bakugou (baku tries not to die because why the fuck is this tall idiot so cute)
  • bakugou using kirishima as a shield from the sun
  • “bakugou, it’s hot.”
  • *enjoying the shade* “well that’s not my fucking problem is it?”
  • “bakugouuuuuuuuuu”
  • kirishima is too big he can basically cover bakugou with his body (bakugou gets squished sometimes is2g)
  • (tol kiri being all hard muscle but also really warm and baku secretly loves it when they cuddle.. when he’s completely enclosed in kirishima’s arms… and feels safe… but hell will freeze over before he admits it.. he’s got a reputation to maintain okay hahaha)


  • because kirishima is now a giant haha his clothes are now really big but they’re also super comfortable so bakugou likes to wear them

okay that’s all bye 

also please talk kiribaku to me? im desperate hahahahaha

BTS react to a short GF

hi:) how would bts react when your gf is too short?

Jimin: Oh God, I think he would be over the moon if his girlfriend was short. Being short himself he already gets teased a lot in the group, and I think he is a little self-conscious about this, but around you he would feel like a giant, and he would love every second of it. He would love the feeling he got every time you asked him to get you something you couldn’t reach, and he would feel a little better about himself.

*Smiles proudly after you asked him for help*

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Rap Monster: I think Namjoon would also tease you a little about your height, but only because he himself is actually really tall. He would look at you fondly, and would love cuddling with you, but whenever you got mad at him and started walking around getting frustrated, instead of taking you too seriously he would have to control his laughter, because you looked far too cute to be intimidating. He would be the type to pick you up in his arms, or over his shoulders, even letting you sit on his shoulders if you were in a large crowd and couldn’t see above the heads of people.

*cuteness overload while you are somewhere in the room flailing your arms angrily*

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Jin: I think he would panic slightly whenever he sees you standing on a chair or on the counter trying to reach up to things, thinking it is too risky and dangerous, and you could get seriously hurt if you fell, so he would immediately rush to your side and bring you down to the floor, placing you securely beside him before he can reach up to get you whatever it is you wanted. You’d thank him with one of your million dollar smiles, and would kiss his cheek, while he would make a mental note of leaving the packet of biscuits on a lower shelf for the next time you want it.

*kisses you back after you have kissed him*

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Jungkook: I think our young Kookie here would find you really cute, and even if you were older than him he would still treat you like you are younger, if you get what I mean. He wouldn’t even wait for you to struggle to get something, he would get it for you before you could even reach up for it, for his body and mind would be in complete synchronization with yours. He would get frustrated sometimes if you refused to let him help you, because in the end you might end up getting hurt, but he would always be there to comfort you and kiss you better.

*sees you reach for something without asking him for help* “GAH this girl”

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V: I think V would purposefully place your favorite snacks on the highest shelves just so you’d have to ask him for help to find them. He would love feeling needed and powerful, and would think you looked absolutely adorable every time you shyly approached him to ask for help. The other boys soon picked up on this habit of his, but he begged them not to tell you, so he could keep on feeling useful forever.

*waving to get noticed by you so you can ask him for help* “Need help jagi? I’m here!”

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J-Hope: I think J-Hope would probably be the biggest tease about it, he would most likely make jokes at your expense, but always with good humor. If he noticed you were hurt by his words, he would immediately apologize. He would probably refuse to bend down to kiss you, making you struggle on your tiptoes to reach his face. He would probably buy a little stool for you to carry around the house so you could reach things whenever he wasn’t there to help.

*teasing you but being so cute about it you just can’t get mad*

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Suga: I think Suga would think you are adorable, he would watch you from a distance as you struggled to reach something on a high shelf, and wouldn’t move for a while, enjoying how cute you looked. He might chuckle to himself, maybe even taking a secret picture to add to his secret folder of fanboy pictures of you doing cute or stupid things. Eventually he would get up and help you, smiling down at your blushing face.

*wacthing you struggle while he smiles and dies of too much cuteness*

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.

Imagine: Y/n meets Leo (young) on set of your guys new movie (make it up lol) your really nervous because Leo has been your celebrity crush since forever. This was your first job so that made your even more nervous. After meeting each other and going over scenes you guys start to grow a friendship. Goofing around on set etc. you guys are always hanging out off set the papz and people think your dating. You guys think it’s funny. Over time things get lovey dovy when he asks u on a date. From then history

Requested: Yes

Notes: tfh (twitter fan handle) yth (your twitter handle)

On Set

“Hi, I’m Leo,” he extends his hand out to you. “You must be y/n.”

You ball your fists at your side to stop your hands from shaking. You’re in absolute awe of the male towering over you – you’d only seen pictures and never imagined he’d be this tall in public. For as long as you can remember, you have found Leonardo attractive and have been inspired by his flawless acting. The fact that he’s standing across from you is a dream come true – except in the dreams you have, he’s usually gazing at you with loving eyes but you’ll take this.

When your agent called about this role, you couldn’t believe it. Much of your time has been dedicated to your acting career and finally, after many sacrifices you have landed your first role – the role of a lifetime staring across Leonardo DiCaprio in the much anticipated Kids of the City. All morning you’ve been sick with anxiety, even contemplating faking sickness to get out of running lines with him this afternoon.

And now, all these hours later you’re glad he didn’t pull out of it because now he’s standing at your hotel door looking oh so heavenly.

His eyes dropped to your balled fists. “Do you want to punch me?”

You feel your face and ears heat up in embarrassment. “No… I was just… I had an itch,” you fumble nervously with your words and wish the ground could swallow you up but quickly hold your hand out to him. “Pleased to meet you, Leo. Please come in.”

He casually waltzes into the suite leaving you at the door to put yourself together and when you turn, he’s sprawled onto the couch with his script opened watching you expectantly.

“Do you want anything to drink?” you blurt out.

“A soda’ll be great.”


You dash into the kitchen and back into the living room and are mortified to find him flipping through your script.

“Uh… what are you doing?”

“Cool notes,” he replies without looking up. “When did you get the time to write all of these?”

“I have time.”

He laughs through his nose and smiles. “Have a seat, y/n,” he pats on the empty side of the couch. “I promise I don’t bite.”

Cautiously you take your seat but nudge him slightly. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he drinks his soda then places it onto the coffee table. “Let’s do this.”

You clear your throat and open the script to a bookmarked page. “Oh my God, I-”


“I read the right line,” you quip in a defensive tone.

“You shouldn’t be nervous, you sound scared,” he pauses. “Are you scared of me, y/n?”

You slow shake your head.

“Are you just nervous? Because I am and I feel like we should just put the scripts down,” he gently pulls the script from your hand and places it onto the table, “and get to know each other better. You start.”

You rack your brain, trying to think of the perfect thing to say – you don’t want to reveal too much but you also don’t want to say something that doesn’t interest him.

“Okay then I’ll start, I’m Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio and I’m half German half Italian.”

Of course you know that, you know almost every fact because for a long time you dedicated your time to stalking him.

“Your turn.”

“Okay, my name is y/n and I’ve never had Starbucks.”

His mouth drops and he almost looks offended. “You’ve never had Starbucks? How? And why?”

You laugh, maybe this is what you needed after all. “I guess I never came around to having it.”

“That is sad, y/n… very, very sad.”

“Whatever, it’s your turn!”

The rest of that afternoon is spent goofing around your hotel suite. After almost an hour on the couch, you both become restless and Leo takes his cellphone and starts prank calling random numbers leaving you both in stitches. When that gets tedious, your turn your bed into a trampoline as you both belt out the wrong lyrics to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit and when you’re finally worn out, you order pizza. Seven o clock hits and no lines have been read.

“I guess we’ll have to do this tomorrow.”

He smirks, “Which part?”

“Reading the script, duh!” you close the pizza box and push it away. “I think I’m over my nerves now.”

“Are you sure?”

You nod your head and laugh. “A million percent sure, after this I don’t think I’ll ever feel nervous around you ever again.”

“You shouldn’t, I’m a good guy,” he winks then pushes off the couch. “It was fun, y/n, and the fun shall continue tomorrow.”

You start pushing him towards the door. “No, tomorrow we’re serious!”

When you reach the door he turns to you, ruffles your hair then walks out of the room leaving you confused.


“Are you sure about this?” you whisper aggressively.

“Y/n,” he whispers back with the same aggression. “Loosen up, this will be fun, okay?”

You roll your eyes. You don’t know how you get yourself into these situations with him. If you’re not turning your co-star’s dressing rooms upside down when they’re on set, you’re hard at labor pranking the crew. This time, you’ve filled water balloons and guns and have recruited a few extras to help you ambush the cast and crew once filming is done.

“Have I ever led you astray?”

“Well let’s see…”

“Don’t answer that,” he smiles and walks to you, draping his arm over your shoulder and pulling you towards him. “You always have fun of me, you laugh all the time… you have a good time.”

“Oh shut up!”

He laughs then hunches over. “Now help me carry this bucket to the trailers.”

You all hide behind the trailers, waiting to attack.

“Have you ever shot a water gun before?”

You shake your head. “Nope.”

His expressions have gone from shocked to indifferent. According to him, you haven’t lived which is why he’s always getting you involved in all his scheming. Just the other week, he was talking you running around the set, screaming into people’s ears. The week before that, he had you both performing for the cast in-between takes.

Of course you’re not excluded from takes. Just the other day he had you in tears when he stole your pet guinea pig and wouldn’t tell you where he hid it. Then there’s the constant farting in your face – that you didn’t appreciate much.

“Do you need practice?”

“I guess… it’s not like I’ve ever shot a gun before.”

“I’ve never done that either,” he smiles then his eyes double in size. “We should do it next week.”

“Not going to the shooting range with you,” you shake your head.

You both push off the floor and he stands behind you, his body pressing against yours and when he speaks, his hot breath hitting the crook of your neck causing you to lose your poise. You don’t concentrate on anything he’s telling you, just on how his body feels against yours, and how hot his breath is and his big hands touching yours. You’re brought back to earth by the sound of loud cackling.


You’re mortified to see that you have shot a passing crew member and they don’t look too pleased.

“I’m so sorry!” you call after him but he doesn’t turn back. “Leo! You’re getting me in a lot of trouble!”

“You’re having fun!” he says between laughs. “Aren’t you?”

You both then start laughing like mad men.


@LeoDupdatesNYC: Leonardo with y/n at Starbucks today

@tfh: @LeoDupdatesNYC say it ain’t so!

@tfh: @yth stay away from Leo

@tfh: @yth is so beautiful

@tfh: @LeoDupdates do you know what they ordered?

@tfh: Leo and y/n make the cutest couple!

@tfh: officially jealous of y/n!

@tfh: @yth you’re not his type so give up

@tfh: I ship @LeoDiCaprio and @yth so hard!

@tfh: so is Leo dating this girl or is it just a rumor?


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romantic Dinner With Y/N!

He’s the most wanted bachelor in the world; she an up and coming actress, so Leonardo DiCaprio and y/n are nothing less than a match made in acting heaven.

The rumored couple was spotted enjoying a discreet dinner date at New York’s Nobu before leaving the restaurant together.

According to onlookers, the pair couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. “Leo kept leaning closer to y/n, whispering things into her ears. It was obvious they were on a date and were very in love with each other.”

The onlooker also says that the pair couldn’t stop laughing. Last month a source revealed that the hunky actor has in fact been dating the up and coming actress for a while.

“They had an instant connection, not a day goes by without them talking and when they’re together, they’re inseparable,” the source exclusively revealed.

After the romantic dinner, the couple sped off in Leonardo’s luxury Porsche. We’ll keep you posted on more from the pair.


“Hey, y/n,” a paparazzo calls as you step out of the car. “Are you meeting Leo in there?”

You keep your head down, just like your publicist had told you to do and try your best not to punch the nosey photographer.

“How’s it like dating Leonardo? Is he romantic?”

You reach the door of the restaurant and are greeted by an auburn haired waitress who leads you to your table where you join Leo.

“Y/n!” he exclaims excitedly, pushing off his chair to greet you open arms.

You smile, it’s always a joy to see him. With the shooting schedule, you two have barely had time together and in just a little over a month, shooting is wrapping and you’ll no longer be seeing Leo every day and that saddens you.

“This one photographer just wouldn’t leave me alone.”

He pulls the chair for you to sit. “Oh don’t worry, he also bugged me. Kept asking me if I was dating you.”

“Well we’re friends.”

“Just on screen lovers,” he says with a proud smile.


“Forget the online articles!”

“And the manipulated pictures,” you add with a laugh. “They’re all fake.”

“Except for the one where you’re kissing me.”

“We were going over a scene!”

He laughs. “They don’t know that.”


“Kidding! I’m just kidding, okay? Who cares what they have to say anyway? You and I both know that we’re friends… right?”


“Just… friends,” his eyes drop to the menu and the topic’s never brought up again.


“Hey, y/n?”

You turn towards the door of your trailer where one of Leo’s pals is standing.


“Come outside for a while.”

“I’m still removing my make-up…”

He rolls his eyes. “Don’t, you look fine.”

You also roll your eyes, you know it’s nothing that can’t wait and therefore don’t understand why he is pushing so much.

“Five minutes!”

It’s the last day shooting, a little bittersweet but to distract everyone from the sadness, the director organized a party for the cast and crew. It’s hours from now so you don’t understand why Leo has sent for someone to call you. The last time you spoke to him was five minutes but he seemed slightly nervous – more nervous than you were the first time you met him.


“Chill!” you throw your make-up remover to the dresser and walk out your trailer. “Where are you taking me?”

“Just follow me.”

You keep walking to the end of the lot, and when you finally stop it’s in front of an extravagantly decorated table. Red roses scattered all over, two candles lit with two desserts placed on the table – a nervous Leo standing next to the table with a microphone in his hand. He looks to someone behind him and suddenly a guitar tune fills the space.

You cover your face with your hands and shake your head.

Wise men say only fools rush in…” he sings into the microphone, off-key in true Leo style.

You laugh throughout his rendition of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. His actions are exaggerated, sometimes he breaks when he starts laughing but finally, he stops in front of you singing the last line.

“For I can’t help falling in looooooove wiiiiiiiiiith yoooooooooooou!”

You laugh, clapping your hands and fighting the tears.

“Will you go out with me, y/n?”

You throw your arms around him. “Yes!”

Everyone around you cheers and claps and for the first time, you kiss – for real this time.

A/N: I’m sorry this is bad, but I’m only just starting out on this whole imagine thing. Hopefully you like it! One done, a whole lot more to go! Don’t forget to keep sending the requests!

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Antis are now saying they don't believe you saw Louis because you said he was only 170 cm tall (5 ft 5). He's clearly a few inches taller than that for goodness sake. You just sound like a besotted Larrie with all this 'he's so tiny' crap. He's only two inches shorter than Harry so are you saying H is only 5ft 7?

Antis can think the fuck they want, am I stuttering?
I have no idea what your 5. whatever are, he didn’t look taller than 1.70, maybe 1.72 and guess what ???? That’s not short?! When we say he’s tiny, that has not even much to do with stature?? And also guess what? There’s nothing wrong with being short?
Go be besotted in your lane, you’re an anti yourself, you moron.