only have energy to look at this stock image and laugh

For the heck of it, I decided to rewrite and expand on my idea of how Coran figures out dealing with Slav.

The multi-armed alien is curled in a tight little ball under a console in the Lions’ hanger when Coran finds him, having been tipped off by Yellow and the muttered sound of dire predictions.

A strange fellow this Slav may be, but he knows how to deal with the sight of someone having bad nightmares, and very gently taps a hand clamped over an ear with one of the cold bottles he’s carrying. “Easy, it’s just me,” he says when that draws a yelp and a frenzied attempt to curl up even smaller. “Come out of there and rehydrate before you sweat yourself to nothing.”

“I have only a twelve per cent possibility of being able to die of dehydration in my current condition,” Slav mumbles, but slinks out of his hidey-hole nonetheless. 

The bags under his eyes are pretty spectacular.

Coran gently waves the offered bottle in front of his face, and Slav eyes it suspiciously before snatching it and cracking the seal, sniffing at the spicy-sweet contents. “Belai? Why would you keep this in stock?”

He shrugs. “It’s a good idea to be stocked for everything,” he says as if that actually answers the question instead of dodges it, and pretends not to notice the very obvious change in the way Slav looks at him.

Maybe he answered more accurately than he wanted to. Oh, well.

He takes a seat on a mechanic’s stool and his slithery little drinking buddy clambers up onto the console and takes a swig. “More bad dreams about other realms?” Coran asks once Slav has had enough that the question won’t send him into a complete frenzy.

“Oh, my, yes. Always. So many. And the percentages of them happening are so high. There is a ninety-eight per cent possibility that our rescue mission on Rurikora will end with seven children dead and ourselves in captivity. Eighty-six per cent-”

“Slav. Have you ever tried not thinking about the likely timelines?” Coran asks, and Slav looks up from his bottle with a head-tilt that reminds him of Allura when she was a toddler.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, try imagining something completely outlandish. Like… Pidge becoming Queen of the Turimonquans.”

Slav blinks at him, then snorts out a barking noise that sounds like a laugh. “But that only has an-”

“Don’t tell me the percentage.”

“W-what? But you said-”

Coran thinks, tapping a fingertip against his own bottle. “Tell me… tell me what her coronation outfit looks like.”

And that, he discovers, is the secret. Never talk about the percentages. Percentages bring anxiety, and an anxious, stressed Slav is a bundle of nervous energy that drives the entire crew off the handle. 

So instead, every time Coran gets that itch up the back of his neck that means a certain alien is somewhere in the Castle having a breakdown, he quietly fishes a couple of bottles of Belai out of the cooling chambers, digs Slav out of wherever he’s hiding-

-and they talk.

About other timelines, mostly. Worlds that never happened, or have the slimmest chances of happening. But never in percentages. Instead, Coran always asks for visions, images, what Slav sees as his mind reaches out into those pathways that wind before and behind them.

“There is a timeline where we all really do end up becoming space pirates,” Slav says as he rolls his bottle back and forth between his paws.

“Yeah?” Coran takes a drink. “What are you wearing for your pirating outfit?”

“For some reason, I have many, many earrings. I do not understand. It seems very inefficient to have so many earrings.”

“Maybe it makes you look tough.”

“Hm. I have always wondered what it would be like to be the frightening-looking one for a change.”

“I don’t understand how you can put up with him,” Allura mutters when she notices the alien curled up peacefully beside him in a snoozing lump. “If I have to kick him off the piloting controls one more time, I’m going to scream.”

Coran absently pets an ear, and Slav mutters in his sleep, not about probability, but about energy sails and swords. “Just have to give him the right outlet, that’s all.”


high school supercorp au. kara struggling to keep her superpowers at bay around the pretty super nerd. kara hasn’t grown into her hero image yet & lena hasn’t grown into her name.

There’s a giant leading me to God knows where
I’ve got news, I’m going my way
Fighting, and I feel I’m getting somewhere
All is right, all is right.

From high atop the water tower on the very edge of town, a shadow sat, pushing up her glasses as they fell slightly down the bridge of her nose. Just below, an entire city stretched out toward the sea, the lights bleeding into it, which then bled into the horizon, into the very sky itself. Down by the boardwalk, someone was throwing away old bread and cotton candy while the gulls gulped them down with contented caws that got lodged in their noses. The smell of the freshly cut, end-of-summer lawns wafted through the night, perfuming the last night of summer break perfectly.

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Democratic Nomination 2020

so I figured I’d give my hot take on 2020 Democratic nomination because why not?

No Country for Old Men:

Jerry Brown: Brown’s name, to my shock, has come up a few times. The first a most major problem is that Jerry is ALREADY 79 years old, and will be in his 80s by 2020. Not to be grim, but it’s mathematically unlikely for a man who is 82 on taking office to live to serve two full terms, even one term would be a gamble. Past the mathematical issue, Jerry is a household name in California politics but over 40 years has never managed to build up a base of support outside is home state. Best known as “Moonbeam” two flopped runs for President hint how round 3 would go even if he was 10 years younger.

Bernie Sanders: It’s pretty clear that Bernie is at least thinking about another run at the Presidency. His problem is in the same as Brown, if slightly less intense. He’s 75 right now meaning he’ll be 79 election day 2020 asking people to vote for a President who will be in his 80s in office is a tall order. I realize that age for whatever reason didn’t hunt the 70 year who eats trash, never sleeps and hates work outs, but I feel like a nearly 80 year old can’t get away with it. I’ve heard many of his supports saying he should run on age alone. Past this Bernie failed to connect with black and latino voters in 2016 and has made a few notable missteps since becoming a mega political figure. More and younger progressives are interested in running and the fandom around Bernie is unlikely to relight with the same flame in 2020, even if it did, it was not enough in 2016, he needs to widen his support outside of white liberals and college kids to win the primary.

Joe Biden: again age is the biggest single problem he’ll be 78 years old on election day 2020, and like Bernie it’s pretty clear Joe is at least thinking about it. Again I think asking voters to have a President in his 80s is a bridge too far. Though the health of the sitting President might be a factor, if Trump very unhealthy lifestyle plus the horrible stress of being President leads to Trump looking sick, weak and unhealthy after 4 years, even a older man who was slim and fit and sharp might benefit next to a fat slow unhealthy mess. Though it might also serve to highlight the risks of an older President. Past age Joe has no geographic or Ideological base. While remembered with a level of fondness by Democrats, his image is as something of a drunk uncle (I know he does not drink) who’s fun and says what we’re all thinking. I’m unsure that translates and the warm fuzzy feeling people have about him as a member of the Obama team I don’t think boost him much. His last two tries to run for President were total failures and his 2015 non-run didn’t show very impressive polling for a sitting VP

Hillary Clinton: While much younger than the 3 other people in this camp (she’ll be a youthful 72 come 2020) and younger than Trump, she’s a woman and as we saw in this campaign women are badly punished for showing signs of age. It seems fairly clear Hillary does not want to run. Her running would set all the former Bernie people’s hair on fire and generally the press would have a field day printing nasty stories and playing the 2016 primary all over again along with “have the Democrats learned nothing?” all pretending that Hillary didn’t win the popular vote and is super out of touch, blah blah blah. What’s more many of her hardcore supporters suffered a soul crushing loss and might not have the energy to gear up for a 3rd bitter battle to the nomination, while many feminists who like Hillary but aren’t worshipers likely feel it’s time for a new younger woman to try to take down the glass ceiling

When you’re famous, they let you do it:

Kanye West: he said he will run for President, if he means it, or remembers saying it, who knows. A lot of people will say in the age of Trump we should count out any rich or famous person. However this over looks that the Republican Primary voter and the Democratic Primary voter are very different. The later is more likely to be college educated for one thing, as well as ethnically diverse and think experience is important. Getting back to West, he’s generally seen as a huge egomaniacal crazy person. His troubles with mental health are public record with his very public break down in November 2016 (and some other things). His ego and weird need to pick a fight with the First couple of hip hop Jay Z and Beyonce has made him a messy and controversial character even with-in Hip Hop and the black community. What’s more is November trip to Trump Tower and on stage weird pro-Trump rant are unlikely to go away. Also there’s the in-laws, his wife is someone a lot of people love to hate, and his step-mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner has gotten a lot of well earned stick for being a Republican Trump supporter and rather tone deaf on most issues.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He has a history, low key granted, as a Republican, has not really voiced any support for any policies or issues. On the plus side he’s handsome, can laugh at himself and seems generally likable and well liked. That said there’s no proof he’s smart in any way and much of his history has been playing over the top characters and then over the top characters making fun of the fact that he’s the Rock. All of which might give Democratic votes Trump flashbacks. If he can speak clearly on issues and takes progressive stands on things he’ll have an outside shot, but if he can’t sound like an adult and draw a line under the guy who stars in the Baywatch remake he has no hope

Mark Cuban: As boorish and bullying as Trump, with vague political ideas that mostly circle around Ayn Rand and discount libertarianism Cuban is unlikely to get Democratic voters hot. Voters will likely also dislike his early softening on Trump after the election. That said Cuban has clearly made a lot of money, a lot of Democratic Primary voters loath Trump and might wish for a candidate who only bullies, attacks, and mocks the object of their hate, his money and experience with politics before now puts him above Johnson or West but behind the next guy

Mark Zuckerberg: One of the handful of business people in the 21st century to be a household name. Young, tech friendly he and his company seem the very embodiment of white millennial ideas of diversity and inclusion. Sadly for the Zuck the place one might expect him to most popular, with people under 35 who are on-line a lot is the place he’s the least popular. Justified or not a lot of people get a creepy big brother vibe from Facebook and Zuckerberg has become something of a Hollywood stock villain type, with Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor just being a retread of his performance from The Social Network. indeed that movie is a major problem for Zuckerberg, he’s a villain and a creep in a hugely popular movie all about him. Zuckerberg is and always has been a slightly awkward, slightly off nerd, and lacks the charm to fight off attacks that he stole Facebook from someone, he’s too California tech kid to be relatable for much of America. That said weirdly Zuckerberg might play well with older voters who didn’t see the Social Network, don’t understand the problems people have with Facebook and see a young, fairly good looking young man who built a company they know and likely use, who’s used his money to do good stuff, who has a charming and beautiful wife and a multi-ethnic family, basically a kind of anti-Trump. Outside of the story of how Facebook started I’ve never heard any stories of him being a jerk on a personal level, and while we laugh at him feeding cows, some people like when the big city liberals come out and get their hands dirty.

The (White) Dude abides:

Steve Bullock: Freshly re-elected in a bad year for Dems out of a Red state. All sounds good, but the state is Montana, who’s Democratic party is hardly reflective of the national party. In a party headed to the left it’s unlikely a western conservative will get people off. past this he has no national name recognition, and his last name is a British slang term for a testicle, something the internet will love

John Hickenlooper: a two term governor of a key swing state that Democrats need to win, Hickenlooper has a fairly progressive record, will likely make stoners and college students happy because his state has legal pot (even though he didn’t support it, that’s likely to be a detail glossed over by 2020). counting against him is that he’s largely unknown outside his state and political nerd circles, and he has a frankly ridicules name and is skinny and odd looking. A strange looking man with a very weird lass name, politics can be piety that way.

Terry McAuliffe: another governor from a key swing state, but like Bullock and Hickenlooper with very little name recognition outside is own state. Past this McAuliffe will have been out of office for 3 years, the 2017 race is likely to get far more attention than his race and if Tom Perriello replaces him, he’ll have been beaten in what looks and feels like a Clinton Bernie rematch, with Perriello as Bernie, close links to the Clintons will likely get him tarred as a corporate Democrat.

Still feeling the Bern:

Tulsi Gabbard: A lot of ink has been spilled about Gabbard, but she’s young, very pretty, multi-ethnic from a minority majority state with a military record. Her support for Bernie endears her to a block of his voters. However, she’s just a Representative, no one since Garfield has jumped from the House to the Presidency. Again remember Democratic Primary voters different from Republican ones. Her support for Assad has won her alt-right fans, but both those facts will likely be horrifying to most Democratic voters. It’s unclear if she’ll be able to use her status as a minority and woman to hide from attacks based on past homophobia and islamophobia. Finally her early meetings with Trump, her statements about Russia and Putin and the bridges she burned down with non-Bernie supporters in the party are all likely to hurt her badly

Elizabeth Warren: Likely the only person the American Left liked more than Bernie going into 2016, and her being a lady and feminist well known for forcefully speaking her mind warmed her to one group Bernie struggled with, Feminists. That said Warren likely suffered damage by sitting out the 2016 primary as long as she did, hardcore Bernie supporters feel betrayed and did nothing to win the hearts of Clinton fans. Past that Warren’s tone and attacking passion has made her a hate figure for Republicans but not widened her appeal past the left of her own party.

The Senator from somewhere

Sherrod Brown: A populist leftie in a key swing state. Downsides being he sided strongly and early with Hillary, thus is “no longer a progressive” to Bernie supporters. Much ride on if Brown can be re-elected in a state that is getting redder all the time, his raspy voice has never lent itself to rising oration, and it’s a little unclear what he brings to the table, despite his best efforts he’s never captured the left of the party’s hearts and minds the way Sanders and to an even greater degree Warren did before 2015.

Chris Murphy: having been in room with Chris Murphy, Chris Murphy thinks he should be President. He’s young, good looking and has laser focus on one easy to understand policy idea that is fairly popular with base Democrats. Sadly for him, that policy is gun control. While nothing he’s saying is radical the NRA will do anything to stop him, and his campaign will likely get attacked early and often by Newtown truers fueled by Alex Jones. bluntly Murphy is not a great speaker or a very interesting guy, nice enough but likely to struggle in any state without be cities with gun crime problems, like say Iowa or New Hampshire.

Cory Booker: He’s young, he’s black, he’s hot. Sadly for Cory every time he opens his mouth people want to hear Obama. Booker lacks Obama’s speaking skills and has failed to impress basically every time he’s gotten a prime time shot at the mic. Past that he doesn’t have a lot of accomplishments to his name, For whatever Reason Bernie supporters went after him hard early in the year for voting against Bernie, if this is a sign of the progressive reaction to him or not is hard to say. Booker seems to be skating on Street Fight 15 years later. Past that Booker is a single man, in politics being young, handsome, and always single makes people talk

Mark Warner: Senator from a key swing state, looks like he was sent from casting to play the President some time between 1940 and 1964. This hinges a lot on what the next 4 years looks like, Warner is not the fire breathing Trump slayer a lot of Democrats want right now, but will they still want that in 2020? Will Warner slowly become a national figure based off being the face of the Congressional inquiry into all things shady Russian and Trump? who can say, if not Warner is too bland and boring, if he’s the claiming face of justice slowly wading toward the truth, thats a leg up

Al Franken: Funny, witty, and good on the attack. Al is the kinda guy millions of liberals are turning to every week, the grandfather of political humor in the style of the Daily Show, as well as of left wing TV (MSNBC’s Maddow got her start with Franken on Air-America Radio) It’s the world he help build that’s keeping millions of Democrats sane. However most of them don’t know this, Al’s more or less been on ice since getting elected though his first book in 12 years might help people rediscover him. Another problem is Franken has been in comedy for 40 years, jokes that were funny and/or off color in the 1970s are surely offensive now, so there are surely hours of clips of Al saying racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic things as joke on SNL and later stand up and in his often crassly funny political books from the 1990s and 2000s

The Ladies doing it for themselves

Tammy Duckworth: A lot of women were put out and also made spitting mad that a sexist monster beat a woman for the Presidency and want a woman badly. Duckworth is a war hero with an inspiring story, a fresh and new face in the Senate. Sadly for her, her disability will surely be an issue, it wasn’t in her Senate race because she was running in a deep blue state, against someone who also had a disability and couldn’t walk well. However a FIT President is important and the standard to be a fit woman President was clearly higher, people won’t be comfortable with a President who has to sit to talk to world leaders. Past that she’s never been a great public speaker and would face “well she’s been a senator for what? 15 minutes?” criticisms

Tammy Baldwin: A strongly feminist Democrat from a state Democrats normally win but lost in 2016 and want back badly. Having heard her speak she’s not amazing but pays the bills. Sadly for her she’s a lesbian, her sexuality, the electability of same, would likely take over her campaign, with people gun shy about “identity politics” it would likely handicap her against more well known candidates.

Amy Klobuchar: One of the longer serving Democratic Women in the Senate, Al Franken’s other half, a well established member of the establishment liberal wing of the party. She likely will suffer by not being as well known as others, she’s also awkward both physically and in speech, funny she’s just a little big too nerdy, to nasally, plus as an establishment woman she’s likely to rub Progressives the wrong way

Kirsten Gillibrand: Young, beautiful, experienced in the Senate and having built on a rock hard anti-Trump record, one of the one’s to watch, the connections to Hillary (a blonde NY Senator holding Hill’s old seat) likely will get those hardcore Hillary supporters behind her, but also runs the risks of setting off progressives, her hardcore anti-Trump stand and not having jumped into the Clinton campaign as forcefully as some may help

Kamala Harris: A lot of people see her as grown in a lab as an admixture of Obama and Hillary. Young, Beautiful, smart, well spoken, black multiethnic and coming out of the State that is framing itself as the anti-Trumpland. Kamala has downsides of course, first being no one is gonna know how to say her first name, but if Obama got over it so will she, second the “what she’s a been a senator for 5 minutes?” her race is likely to get people talking about “identity politics” though she’s managed to make a good case on that, likely her time as Cali AG will bring the wrath of some parts of BLM but we’ll see how much that matters

Too Slick by half

Andrew Cuomo: Governor of a major anti-Trump strong hold, managed to score some out of state progressive brownie points with a very public free college plan that had both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton next to him. However Cuomo is loathed by the progressive base of his state’s party and is seen by basically everyone in the know as a low-key political mobster, his New York sleaze factor is unlikely to go over well in Iowa or New Hampshire (just ask Chris Christie)

Gavin Newsom: Still young, still pretty Newsom has waited a long time to get from “rising star” to Star but he’s almost there, just has to manage to win the California governorship, but that seems pretty likely. Newsom has the record of granting gay marriages at the unthinkable time of 2004 which likely will buy him support of the LGBT community (or at least it’s professional activists) likewise he’s been pro-pot something likely to endear him to college students, much will depend on what he does with real power once Governor, and many will say that he’s only been in high office a year. Past that many again see Newsom as “establishment” making him not very popular with the left of his state party, how much this will be translated outside of Cali, if his slick California air and style will play poorly in eastern rural early primary states is hard to say
Alpha Wolf - Jonsa Oneshot

It started with his own anger and uncontrollable need to assert dominance over these unworthy lordlings - these pompous pricks that presumed that they need only flash their lands and titles under his cousin’s nose and she’d be chomping at the bit to be wedded and bedded once more. But now, now it had grown into something quite different, Jon mused with a smirk as he made his way to the training yard.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do some smut? Like anything I just want to read some of your writing in smut form. Please and thank you!

This request caused some controversy for me… I really wasn’t sure if I could/wanted to do it. But there are a lot of things I post on my tumblr that I don’t upload on other sites like or AO3. Because if I did that…. why would anybody follow me… 


Anyway, I gave it a try. Shoutout to Nick Swardson for the inspiration. 

Nico had been friends with Jason Grace since they were both thirteen years old. He had moved into Nico’s neighborhood and had never stopped bothering him since. So when they both were accepted into the University of Chicago, it made sense that their relationship would only strengthen over time. It took all of Nico’s energy to convince the man that they should most definitely not be roommates during college. Which is why when Jason got crazy ideas, Nico tended to make up any excuse he could think of. However, on one late January night, Nico was cornered like a newborn calf. 

“Let’s get messages.” 


“Why not?” Jason whined through the phone. 

“Because I don’t want some stranger rubbing me up with rose oil, that’s why.” Nico answered while balancing his phone between his shoulder and his ear as he unloaded his dish washer. 

“But dude. These massages are amazing. They jerk you off at the end.” Nico felt a wave of disgust roll through him. The image of some doe-eyed girl trying to jerk him off made him want to hide back in the closet he had just came out of. 

“Why would you ask your gay best friend if he wanted jerked off by a girl during a massage?” Nico hissed into his phone. He could practically hear Jason’s eyes roll through the speaker.

“Dude, I checked. They totally have a same sex option. Come one. It’ll be your early Christmas present.” Jason reasoned.

“Just what I wanted.” Nico deadpanned. “Anonymous sex. How did you know?” 

“That’s the spirit! I’ll pick you up in an hour! I have reservations!” 

Before Nico could point out that his answer was clearly sarcasm, the call ended with a click and Nico groaned in frustration. He briefly considered the pros and cons of getting a message/hand job from a stranger. The words of his other good friend, and old crush, Percy Jackson rang in his ears. 

“You gotta get out there, Neeks. Make out with random people. Sleep around. It’s college!” 

Nico groaned again. Since when did he take advice from Percy fucking Jackson. Nico was rounding twenty and he still hadn’t been with anybody…. sexually yet. He was a little embarrassed to admit it at this point and often took on the ruse that he was a sex god in all sense of the word. 

He was not. 

Nico glanced at his phone and bit his lip. He was so sexually frustrated he might stab himself before his twenty first birthday. Maybe…. this would be good for him. After all. Nobody besides Jason had to know. And Nico had a ton of blackmail material on the boy to keep him quiet for a lifetime or two. 

“This is sketchy as hell.” Nico forced out through chattering teeth as he stood next to Jason starring up at the seemingly abandon building. Windows were boarded over, and bricks were falling out from the walls. 

“It’ll be fine.” Jason proclaimed and walked toward the clearly haunted structure. 

“I honestly don’t think it will be. We’re going to be drugged and sold into sex slavery.” Nico noted. Jason laughed and opened the door that was surprisingly unlocked. 

“No way. My friend told me all about this place. It’s legit.” 

Nico swallowed the growing lump in his throat and cautiously followed his friend into the building. There was electricity so at least Nico had to give them that. Abandon offices filled with boxes were carpet bombed throughout the building. Nico looked up and noticed that the ceiling lacked… well, a ceiling. There was no tile to cover the water and gas pipes that formed a labyrinth above him. The pipes groaned up the pressure of the building and leaked a suspicious looking yellow substance. 

But the worst part, Nico decided, was the door at the far end of the hallway that Jason had led him to. 

“This is it!” Jason said motioning to the door like it was his third grade art project that had won third place. 

It was a plain, office door. But taped to the front with duck tape was a single piece of notebook paper with the word SPA written in pencil. 

Nico shot Jason an unamused look and Jason ignored it, pulling open the door and shoving Nico down into the buildings basement. 

Nico staggered down the stairs and made his way toward a well lit room at the bottom. When he finally made it, his jaw fell open with a small pop and his eyes widened to take in the ridiculous scenario. 

At the bottom of the clearly haunted, run down building was an entirely new, renovated, Japanese spa. There was a waterfall that ran along the far wall, a giant aquarium full of fish, soft, white carpet, and Japanese print wallpaper. At the far end was a huge receptionist desk. 

Jason shot Nico a knowing look and walked toward the desk to check them in. 

“Hello.” Jason said as if he were in the grocery store. “We have appointments under ‘Grace’. One standard for me, and a special order of man meat only for my pal here.” Jason slapped Nico on the back and Nico felt his face turn red. 

“Okay.” The receptionist responded not blinking an eye. Her long red nails clacked on the keyboard in front of her as she looked up Jason’s last name. Nico stood in awkward silence as the girl pulled up their reservations. The lobby only had two other guys in it. One in a suit and another who looked like he just wandered in from the street on accident. 

“Oh…” The receptionist muttered. 

“What? What’s wrong?” Jason asked, his hand hauling as he pulled out his credit card. Yes. They took credit here.  

“It seems like our only male worker hasn’t shown up for work.” She explained. Jason nodded understandingly and put his credit card back in his wallet. 

“Oh well. Let’s go Nico.” Jason answered. A flash of panic crossed the receptionists face. 

“Hold on! We have a stock room worker who said he would be willing to do it if it’s an emergency.” 

“It’s not an emergency.” Nico muttered the same time Jason exclaimed, 

“Sounds great!” 

The receptionist smiled and lifted herself out of her fancy desk chair. 

“Let me just go and double check with him than.” And she disappeared into the back room. Jason had helped himself to the pure, white fluffy robes that the women had left for them. 

“I am going to kill you.” Nico muttered. Jason shrugged. 

“You gotta get some action some time.” Jason reasoned. 

Nico heard voices from the back like a hushed argument. Back and forth like a tennis match. Nico’s brow furrowed as he glanced at the doorway the receptionist had disappeared into. The hushed voices paused and a mop of blonde hair peaked around the door and glanced at Nico only to disappear again when he noticed Nico was watching. 

A few moments later the receptionist came back out followed by a girl who looked to be about twenty something with caramel skin, auburn hair with a feather tied in, and a sweet looking face. The girl flashed Jason a smile and motioned for him to follow her to the back. 

The other person following the receptionist was a blonde man who looked a year or two older than Nico himself. He was tan, blonde, and freckles dotted his face. His steel blue eyes regarded Nico nervously. 

“Hi.” he said wringing his hands nervously. “If you uh- wanna follow me this way.” the blonde boy had a pleasant sounding voice. Not too deep or too high. 

Nico followed the poor boy to the back room where he led him into a smaller room with a message table, lit candles, and loads of scented oils. 

“I’m Will. I’ll be… taking care… of you today.” Nico almost rolled his eyes. This guy was more of an awkward virgin than Nico was. 

Will instructed Nico to lay down and Nico didn’t put up a fight. He was having a very, ‘this might as well happen’ day. Not that the boy wasn’t cute. He was. But Nico would rather his first hand job be more romantic and less… paid for. 

Will massaged his lower back, moving his thumbs in a circular motion as he worked his way up toward Nico’s shoulder. Nico melted under his touch. The man clearly knew what he was doing when it came to massages. 

He worked his way up Nico’s shoulders and back down his spine. Nico felt him massage his ass gently but hesitantly. It almost ruined it but before Nico could dwell on it, he had moved onto his thighs. Rubbing oil dangerously close to his crotch. 

Nico groaned and Will leaned down. 

“Uh- you can… get on your back now.” Nico lifted his head and regarded the blonde with half lidded eyes before turning over and resting on his back instead of his stomach. Nico watched as the boy messages his collar bone, his chest, and inched his way down toward Nico’s fast growing member. 

God, that blonde would look great on his knees. 

It was going great. Nico’s body warmed up like it was made for it, and his dick stood at attention painfully. 

This boy, Will, was teasing far too much. Why didn’t he just do it? Nico was about to go insane until he glanced up and realized that Will was nervous. His eyes clouded with uncertainty, his hands were hesitant and his body language screamed uncomfortable. 

Nico rolled his eyes and sat up pushing Will away gently. 

“Move.” Nico growled, half agitated by the constant pressure building in his groin. Will glanced at him, somewhat shocked. 

“No please. This is my job. If you don’t get off… I may get fired.” Nico didn’t really feel like fucking around with this guys nervousness and let his hand travel down to his aching dick as he grasped it tightly at the base. 

“Than watch and learn.” Nico muttered. Will’s eyes widened as Nico gazed at him through lidded eyes once more. His vision blurring at the edge from the instant relief. If this boy was gonna watch, he might as well take advantage of it. 

Nico began moving his hand along the underside of his shaft, his body arching in response. He hooked his fingers exactly how he knew he liked it and gave slow, even strokes. Nico let out a breathy moan with each stroke. 

Will watched him with fascination and adjusted his pants. Nico felt a surge of courage as he grasped the base of himself and teased his entrance with a stray finger. With ran his free hand through his hair and glanced up at Will. The other boy was watching him with a glassy expression and was palming his own dick through his jeans. 

Nico smirked and motioned for the blonde haired boy in a ‘come hither’ motion. 

Nico saw the boys breath hitch and glance toward the door before walking toward Nico and placing his hand on his hips in a way that held more confidence than when he first started the message. 

“You’re so hot.” Will muttered as Nico worked his pants down with his feet and began palming Will through his boxers. The other boy groaned and buried his face in Nico’s neck. 

“Fuck.” he said with a shaky breath. He looked down at Nico, and moved his hands toward his dick. 

“Let me help.” Will whispered. Nico groaned and took one hand and placed it on his member and took his other hand and led it toward his ass. Encouraging him to let a stray finger or two slip inside. 

While Will was playing Nico like a finely tuned instrument Nico busied himself with relieving the incredibly attractive boy in front of him. 

He grasped Will firmly and got right to work. Working his hand fast and steady as Will began to finger him harshly and stroke his dick with the same pace. 

Nico threw his head back and moaned loudly. Arching into the boy as he came. Will jerked him off through his orgasm and Nico felt his own hand get splattered with warm seed as Will came in his hand. 

Both boys gave the other a few more gentle, lazy strokes before collapsing on to the massage table, panting harshly. 

“Holy shit.” Will muttered. 

“You’re gonna have to get used to that.” Nico responded. 

“I’m just the stock room boy. I don’t do this. But I owed Lou Ellen a favor.” 

I gave Will a curious look. 

“Lou Ellen is the receptionist and the owner. Also one of my best friends.” 

Nico nodded and tried to pull himself back to his senses. 

“So you don’t jerk off strangers?” 

“No.” Will answered with a chuckle. “Unless you count just than. But… you were too hot to resist.” he admitted. 

Nico laughed and rolled off the table, reaching for his robe. 

“So… can I get your number?” The blonde boy asked. Nico looked up in shock and studied the boys face. 

“Really?” Nico asked. Will nodded and Nico smiled. He grabbed a pen off the table and scribbled his number on Will’s arm considering his palms were dirty. 

“What’s your name?” 

“Nico. Nico di Angelo.” 

Will smiled like he had just passed the hardest test in the world. 

“I’m Will. Will Solace. 





A Petty Cold

Originally posted by 17-percent

Member: Hoshi (Seventeen)
Word Count: 1,468
Genre: Fluff
A/N No one asked but here’s a fluffy fic as a present~ -Admin Ay

 It was a rainy Sunday evening and you weren’t really planning to do anything. So rather than doing something productive, you decided to get comfortable and watch whatever re-runs of The Maury Show was on. Even though drama was not really something you favored in your own life, you had to admit, the outrageous behavior of the people on the show was rather entertaining. You were just about to find out who the father of the little 4-year-old kid was until your phone buzzed.

 You sighed as you answered the call. “Ugh, what do you want, Chan? I’m in the middle of–”

 “(Y/N), HELP! Soonyoung is dying!” The obvious alarm in Chan’s voice caused you to shoot up from your couch.

 “What do you mean ‘dying’?!”

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Swiss Time - Chapter Two

Robert leaned against the bar and lit a cigarette, scanning the busy gaming floor.  The meeting with Christian had gone well.  The man obviously understood the business, but more importantly, at least in the singer’s mind, he understood musicians.  Was one himself, in fact.  There had been a good vibe from the start, and the connection was immediate.  It didn’t always work like that.  A rowdy group playing roulette began to cheer, bringing a smile to his face.  He studied the fine lines of their formal attire and glanced at his own, expelling a long stream of smoke.  Christian had assured them that they were always welcome at the casino, regardless of what they chose to wear, but Robert couldn’t help feeling a little out of place.  His eyes flickered to his right, taking in Jimmy’s pastel, patchwork trousers.  Christ, if Pagey can get away with those bloody things, I’ll be alright.  A glass of wine appeared in front of him, and he nodded at the uniformed man that had delivered it.  He took a sip, his gaze shifting back to the controlled chaos on the floor.  “Where are the chicks, man?” 

Jimmy shrugged, holding up a finger to order another Heineken.  “I’m sure Christian can accommodate us.”  His mouth curved wryly.  “But you have to be eighteen to get in here, so you might be disappointed.”

“Right.  Think you’ve got that backwards, mate,” Robert countered, spying auburn waves near the slots.  “Well, I’m going to have a look around.”

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Everything I found wrong with the new Powerpuff Girls

I stayed up all night and watched the entirety of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series (that has been released so far) and here is a review about what I think, what I found wrong, and with pictures!!

Here it goes…

I personally found it quite easy to watch, it was entertaining enough that I didn’t loathe having to watch the next episode and was actually looking forward to it (however some fellow animator friends disagree and found it too hard to watch.)
On a few separate occasions the show had moments that made me actually laugh out loud, which isn’t something cartoons do often.

Where do I start. Almost each episode had it’s own animation error or two. The episodes that I didn’t catch an error in would be faulty in another way such as design quality or general lack of quality.

Animation errors caught so far (including those seen on tumblr)…
-Bubbles has an animal on her head and her pigtail clips in front of it for a shot before going back behind it for the rest

-New villain Pack-Rat’s hand clips behind his neck for a frame or two before clipping back to the front where it was

-The line art on Blossom’s hand and part of her bow/head is discolored for a moment

-A pipe in a trash dump seems to be “floating” in front of the piles of trash

-A stock image of sand dunes is unnecessarily used for a scene. Said sand dune stock image is edited to look original or fit the scene via moving the foreground upwards and applying a gradient and playing around with contrast, as pictured below on the right in an attempt to recreate it myself.

-When Buttercup comes on-screen from off-screen one frame is partially uncolored

-The perspective of a few shots is flawed where new villain Man-Boy hops forward and looks super tiny, mere moments later he looks much larger

-Bubbles’ mouth disappears for a frame… 

-Man-Boy flexes his shirt off but it doesn’t rip or anything, just disappears…

-The back shadow of Princess Morbucks’ crown flickers between orange and yellow…

I don’t know if I should call this next bit an animation error or a design flaw because it’s kind of both…
-A policeman and policewoman are in cars chasing burglars, Bubbles catches the burglars’ car with them in it and throws it into the police station, where the same policeman and policewoman are sitting at the desk, despite being in the cars mere seconds before.

There were quite a few design flaws…
-4 group members of a roller skating gang have the exact same design, 2 of them have the same colors, the other 2 have different colors but not quite so different, more like they plopped them into Photoshop and used the Hue slider on separate parts

-A monster character got mutated /further/ into a bigger monster, and didn’t look anything like the original character, aside from two traits that looked like they were slapped on just so you knew who it was

-A meatloaf monster went from two eyes, to one eye that was an olive with a toothpick through it, to two eyes again, Buttercup blasted it’s head off while it had the olive eye, then it regenerated with the two eyes again and Buttercup remarked “Great. Now it has depth perception.” but it did mere moments before the olive suddenly appeared

-A design for a monster changed between it’s first and second sighting in the episode

There were also a few plot flaws…
-A new villain “Pack-Rat” makes an appearance as the villain for the episode, without any introduction or previous background given, in the episode after that, he gets a thorough introduction as if you are seeing him for the first time

-Blossom exhibits a “green lantern” type power in several episodes where she can create objects made of energy, such as a latex glove that covers herself completely, by episode 10, Bubbles and Buttercup suddenly discover this “new” green lantern type power for themselves, but suddenly Blossom has no knowledge of this power, and is upset that she doesn’t have that power, by the end of the episode she gets it but…c'mon…10 episodes later you’re going to pretend something never happened?

Familiar characters…
-Miss Bellum was supposedly written out of the show because “she wouldn’t be a good influence” however I have no proof of that I just heard it from a friend. BUT she DID only make one appearance in one episode where they made up an excuse for her not to be present for future episodes. This excuse being her vacation days had stacked up and she was going to take all 1000 of them. They still featured her in the cartoon, and had her voice and everything

-Familiar villains such as Mojo-Jo-Jo, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him, so far have only few appearances in the show
–Mojo makes a brief appearance in episode 3 as a side bit, but doesn’t become an actual villain for the episode until episode 11 and 12
–The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Mojo, and Him all make appearances in episode 11 and still aren’t really the “main” villains, except Him provides the conflict for the episode but only shows up a few times in the episode briefly
-Princes Morbucks is a lot more prominent as a main villain, she is the villain for the 2nd episode, and was alongside all the other original villains in episode 11
Aside from those appearances, all villains for the other episodes are new ones

The show’s “new” style…
Okay. While watching the show, I got the feeling that it’s trying to pull inspiration from shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Clarence, and even some of the new Nicktoons. It feels like it’s trying to be just like every new “modern” cartoon with the rounded edges and quirky bits, everything feels familiar like I’ve seen it before.
They’ve ACTUALLY SHOWN (pictured below) that they’re capable of mimicking the old Powerpuff Girl/UPA style, and it isn’t just a lack of research on their part.

However, they’ve chosen to go with this “hip new modern cartoon look” that all cartoons seem to have nowadays, instead of this beauty pictured above.
***one of the producers, Bob Boyle worked on Clarence, Yin Yang Yo, and Wow Wow Wubzy, as well as an art director for Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom, which explains the “modern cartoon” style look, AND the ABILITY to be able to PRODUCE the oRIGINAL STYLE.

Cringe-Worthy meme/popular lingo and “modernized” moments…
-Rap battle
-Bubbles saying YAAAASSS
-Bubbles says “I can’t even!” Buttercup shows confusion and Blossom says, in annoyance, “ohhh like ‘she literally can’t even’”
-Bubbles says “No me gusta” and makes the “No” rage face
-And the sad, but understandable, replacement of the original “Powerpuff Hotline” with iPhones for each individual girl that ring with the original Powerpuff Hotline face when they’re needed

Other things…
The color design is also awful, lots of loud, over-saturated colors that hurt the eyes. And there are many oddly timed moments and out-of-place things that go on, as well as a ridiculously fast pace at times, and random costume changes between shots without explanation as to why.

I’m sure I didn’t catch EVERYTHING but these are things I witnessed casually, i.e. just by watching it, not going through frame-by-frame and nit-picking trying to find these flaws. (aside from the animation errors I was already aware of thanks to tumblr)

Their audience…
I wouldn’t give this show as much flack as I am if they were marketing it to children, because then it would make sense that they’re modernizing it and making it so much like cartoons these days. However, and I could be wrong on this, I’m pretty sure they were trying to market it to millennials, people who are familiar with the show and have grown up with it.

If they weren’t marketing to millennials, they would’ve introduced characters like Mojo-Jo-Jo, so all the new kiddies could know who he is. But they never made any introductions for any characters from the original show, they just showed up as if you’re supposed to be familiar with them. If their aim was, in fact, for millennials, then the modernization doesn’t make a lot of sense, if we grew up with it and loved it, we don’t want to see it in some new modern light, we want to see it for what it was. It’s possible they’re confused about their audience and trying to meet expectations for both kids and millennials, but your audience isn’t a good thing to be uncertain about when you’re writing and producing a show…

All in all, despite the awful laziness, repeated mistakes, and lack-luster performance, I didn’t find it un-watchable, and I actually had a fun time watching all the episodes, and laughed out loud at a cartoon for the first time in a while.

★ ★ ★
TL;DR! I would not call this a great show by any means. I would call it…watchable, and sometimes funny, but mostly a disappointment.
★ ★ ★

They also alluded to that famous painting Nighthawks and I’m kind of rump-rustled about it because I’m like HOW DARE YOU REFERENCE A GREAT PIECE OF ART IN THIS ABOMINATION but it’s cool they’re trying to include small references like that, I believe they  also made an allusion to “the dip” from Roger Rabbit as well, except it was a vat of tie-dye the PPG were going to be dunked in to become fashion-disasters. (note the villain that did this was fashion obsessed)

And that’s all! Hope you enjoyed my thorough review. I’ll probably make further posts about new plot/design/animation errors I find in future episodes.

Animal Energy: The Fox


  • Cunning. The trickster. Stealth. Planning ahead. Mischievousness. Success. Magic. Mystery. Understanding yourself. Insight. Making opportunity. Spellwork and ritual. Wisdom. Active spirituality. Activating the dormant. 

General Description 

  • The fox was introduced into the Eastern states of Australia in the 1800s to assist in sport hunting. Now it is one of the most widespread of feral animals in the country. There are more red foxes in Australia then there are in the U.K. The red fox is opportunistic and feeds on mammals, reptiles, insects and birds. It will not always eat what it kills. As well as predating upon native wildlife, it also competes with many marsupials, birds and reptiles for habitat. The fox is an additional pest because it predates on livestock, such as young lambs. The fox is mainly active at night and dens in logs / bushes / hollows. Litters average at around four cubs. In Australia, fencing and fox baiting has been attempted in some states to some success. 

Lessons and Challenges

  • Fox has powerful energy, as can be seen by its ability to adapt to any situation no matter what the circumstance. From the harsh outback of Australia, to the suburbs and industrial areas of the Northern hemisphere, the fox is a modern success story - and for that reason also a bit of a pest. Fox teaches us the pros and cons of what it is to be truly successful. Whenever we make a ‘home’ in a new place, fox shows us that there are great losses and gains in finding our niche and our place in life. Success presents many facets, not all joyful and rewarding. Fox teaches us to understand our relationship to success - real or imagined - and then to integrate all the facets of it. 

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All I Want For Christmas Is You

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true oh
All I want for Christmas is you

Marinette looked at the small Christmas tree in her apartment and sighed. It had been a mistake moving out of her parents’ home just before the holidays. At least there she could be surrounded by loved ones. Instead it was her, Tikki, and her projects. When she first decided to move out it had seemed like the best plan. She was up all night, her parents were bakers and started their day early. Everyone was constantly trying to be quiet for the other and over time it just became tense. Moving out was really the best idea and where she was moving to better still.

That was until Alya got transferred to an office in Munich. Alya’s German wasn’t even that good! Yet her journalism skills had her working for the Associated Press, and they needed her skill and energy there. Nino had joined her less than a week after she’d moved and Marinette couldn’t have been happier for the couple.

That was still okay though. She had her boyfriend at least. Or well, her almost boyfriend. Oh who was she kidding! Her and Adrien were in this weird quasi-relationship thing that needed to be sorted out because they were partners, best friends, and had been tiptoeing on exactly what they wanted to do with their relationship!

She was Ladybug for goodness sakes! She needed to pull up her spotted panties and act like it! Marinette was all ready to get the ball rolling on the conversation of what ‘they’ were, but Adrien had pulled the rug out from under her by saying he was living the country for a while. It wasn’t a bad thing really. Adrien and his father were working on repairing their relationship and when Gabriel said he was going to be in Manila for the next several months to oversee the new line Adrien had volunteered to go with him. It was a good way for him to observe the business side of the fashion company, though of course he would be pulled in for some modeling as well. Adrien didn’t mind any of that though.

Still it was now December and Marinette was feeling a lot more lonesome that she had expected to feel.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need, and I
Don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don’t need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace
Santa Claus won’t make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day

Marinette was knitting on the couch, Tikki sitting in front of her in a cookie coma. On her laptop Christmas music was playing and the image of a fireplace was keeping her company. It was relaxing knitting, her design sketches forgotten for the moment. She had picked out a particular ball of blue yarn and knew who she would be making a hat for. It had been an age since the truth of Adrien’s first gift from her came to light, but she had never touched on the topic since. Now however as she missed the man with a smile that could light up a room, she felt the urge to make a companion to the scarf that likely needed to be retired.

Soft music, crackling fire, light snoring and the clicking of knitting needles. A peaceful scene for anyone that from the outside would observe it. It was not so peaceful inside Marinette’s mind. The conversation still needed to happen, and with him not being here all the worse case scenarios were playing out in her mind. She didn’t realize she was crying until Tikki’s drowsy voice came to her. “Are you alright Marinette?”

“Hu? Oh, oh yeah Tikki!” Marinette rubbed her face with the heel of her hand. “I’m just cold. I should put some stocking on.”

“Oh, okay,” Tikki said, not sounding convinced as Marinette carefully put her knitting to the side. “Maybe you should play a game,” the kwami suggested pointing to the game system.

In all honesty Marinette didn’t feel much like gaming, but it might be a good distraction. “Okay!”

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you

“I’m so glad things are going well there,” Marinette said with all the enthusiasm that she could muster.

“But,” Adrien asked, not missing a beat. That was the disadvantage of knowing each other so well.

Marinette gave a short laugh. “I just miss you, that’s all.”

“I miss you too Marinette,” he said earnestly over the phone.

I won’t ask for much this Christmas
I won’t even wish for snow, and I
I just wanna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe

“Marinette, thank you so much for helping us with the decorations,” Sabine said from the other side of front of the bakery.

Marinette turned her head, having just tapped the nail that put the mistletoe over the doorframe of the front entrance and grinned at her mother, then slowly stepped down. They had waited until the shop was closed for the evening to get all the garland and other decorations out from the storage. It was one of her favorite activities to do during the month. Tom and Sabine had been slowly pulling out the decorations, but today had been the big day for them to make the shop look as Christmasy as possible.

Pulling the ladder away she looked out the door. Tom had finished up putting greenery on the outside of the bakery. “Papa, it looks great out here!”

“Thank you sweetheart,” he said as he came inside, giving her a side hug in the process. “Are you staying for dinner?”

“I,” she paused and looked up as she saw small fluttering white lazily falling from the sky. “I probably should head home. It looks like it might actually stick tonight.”

“That it might. A shame. You could stay the night you know.” Her mother was nodding her agreement and Marinette was tempted.

In the end she shook her head and soon left her family home, for the first time that she could recall hating the snow falling.

I won’t make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won’t even stay awake
To hear those magic reindeer click

“Are you making a list Marinette?” Tikki asked, looking over her shoulder.

It was a list of sorts, but not a Christmas list. It was a pro and con list on telling Adrien how she felt. She knew something needed to happen, and she also knew her worries were exaggerated, but with only Tikki to confide in it was hard to think about any of this rationally. So she was making a list and any time she wrote something in the con list she’d go to a second page to write out why she thought it could happen and how likely it was. Because the things she wrote down would not happen with the Adrien she knew. They were by and large a product of her insecurities and imagination. Even if Adrien did not see eye to eye with her, he would never… ‘send a letter to every design house in Europe denouncing her’ or other crazy notions. The list would be burned later that night in the kitchen! Hopefully she would be done with the project before midnight.

Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Oh, Baby all I want for Christmas is you

Okay, she had been handling things pretty well, or so she thought, but tonight she went to bed early and cried herself to sleep. The whole day had been one reminder after another of those she was missing. A shirt she thought Alya would like in a store front, a street musician she would have loved to tell Nino about, and all too many things that just reminded her of Adrien. It was pathetic. In the end all she wanted was a hug! Tikki patted her cheek in consolation and that just made her feel more guilty because honestly Tikki was a delight to have around and honest to goodness one of her dearest friends, but she wasn’t human. But it was more than that she realized because even with her parents it just wasn’t the same. Though if she did go to the bakery wanting a hug she would have gotten it and she would have felt better, but she didn’t have the energy for that.

All the lights are shining
So brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's
Laughter fills the air

The day had been bright and sunny, but slowly the sky had darken. Even still there were lights everywhere. This was Paris and one had to hunt for a dark corner in this city even at the best of times. During Christmas it was nearly impossible. The air was crisp and everywhere people were bustling about. As she passed her old neighborhood park she looked at the statue of her and her partner and smiled.

Around the statue were kids playing tag, or parents sitting nearby and watching, or older people bundled up enjoying the fresh air before it got to be truly night. The murmuring of voices and the laughter of children warmed her heart. This was what Ladybug and Chat Noir protected. This was what the holiday season was about. This was one of oh so many things that made her happy.

And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells ringing
Santa won’t you bring me
The one I really need
Won’t you please bring my baby to me quickly

Marinette leaned on her balcony looking out at the city. It was one of the things she couldn’t live without. What was Ladybug without a secure place to swing out from after all? It was impossible not to know it was nearly Christmas by now. Even if her own apartment wasn’t decorated all the sights, the sounds, even the smell of the city told her it was the holidays. In the distance she thought she could hear people singing.

Earlier in the day she had seen a horse and carriage for tourist to ride in. The carriage looked like a sleigh, with the wheels nearly covered and bells on the reigns. It had been the catalyst for her impulse to buy a single golden bell herself. At the moment in the cold of night, looking out at the sky she held it even as she looked up passed the rooftops to the sky, trying to find a star to wish upon. If only there was a way Adrien could come back home sooner.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just wanna see my baby
Standing right outside my door

It was cold and she knew it was unwise to stay out on the balcony all night. She turned to go back inside and was shutting the door when she heard a soft thump and the darkness she could see though the glass was blacker than Paris ever could be at night. With a gasp she pulled the door back open and there standing before her was Chat Noir.

“Adrien!” she cried out wrapping her around around his neck as she nearly tackled him. The cat themed super hero was ready for such a response and was steady enough on his feet to not stumble back at all, simply wrap his arms around her back. “When? Why? How?”

Adrien chuckled even as he detransformed. “It was my father’s idea,” he said to her, rubbing his cheek to the top of her head. “He suggested a few days ago I ought to come home. At first I thought he didn’t want to spend the holidays with me, but then…”

Marinette pulled back to look at him as he looked down at her. All of the sudden she felt nervous and scared and exhilarated. “Then…?”

Adrien smiled at her. “Then I realized he wanted me to have the best Christmas possible, with you!”

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

The kwami’s were cuddled up together in the black and green stocking that was nailed to the wall near the Christmas tree. While the two humans were doing the same on the couch with a large blanket covering the both of them. Adrien was wearing his new stocking hat, and Marinette was now properly wearing the bell she had bought. On the laptop screen was an old Christmas movie there were not watching.

“Do you think anyone would understand?” Adrien asked in a groggy voice, a near whisper in her ear.

Marinette shook her head slightly. “No, but when has anyone really understood us? Our relationship is just that, ours.”

“Agreed, just we will have people asking questions.” Adrien was doing his best to stay awake Marinette could tell.

“I don’t know, we can try explaining it to the important people. Alya, Nino, our parents. As for the rest of the world…?” She shrugged.

“Just as long as you’re okay with people making assumptions,” Adrien said, obviously not pleased with that himself.

Marinette sat up a little bit and turned to look Adrien in the eyes. “I won’t be okay, but I also have better things to worry about. Let them think we’re a couple, in a way we are. If they want to believe we’re engaged or whatever so be it. You know, and I know what our relationship is now and that’s all that matters.”

All I want for Christmas is you, baby

“Partners in life, no matter how unconventional the world sees our relationship.”

“It might be queer.”

“It might be platonic.”

“But it’s our partnership.”

sins cannot be undone

it’s ramadan, which always, always sends me into a spiral of depression and self-hatred b/c people keep telling me to ~*~forgive~*~ and i keep having to plug my ears with my middle fingers because i’m not ready stop pushing me

so i’m doing what i’ve been doing the last couple of years and that’s purge all the negative feelings using whatever fandom i’m currently latched onto lol (also on AO3 now)

In which the good guys win, the bad guy goes to jail, and Adrien Agreste is left to pick up the pieces.


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Love (literally) Takes Your Breath Away

As promised here is a Byron x MC HANAHAKI AU

(tagging @incorrectmidc as per request :D)

(Also, I destroyed myself writing this) (quite lengthy at 7k words)

Summary: an illness takes over the King of Stein. He coughs out flowers due to unrequited love and is advised to undergo an operation - at a great personal cost. 

The first time they had met, the Princes Elect of Wysteria had been wide-eyed and awed at him. It had been during a ball to celebrate her election. She had been doing her best not to stare. He could still remember how she had blushed when he had complimented her speech and how she had stammered her gratitude before disappearing behind her Royal Adviser.

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Orientation - Mulder/Scully college AU

Title:  Orientation

Fandom: X-Files

Summary: Punk!Scully and Hipster!Mulder meet during orientation.

Notes: I just got into the X-Files (only took me 20 years) and I discovered this adorable college AU that came from the mind of punkscully. Long story short: I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of awesome fan art and joy and then this little story just fell out of my head and onto the page. Shout out to littledeerling whose art made the words come. 

They meet at an orientation event in a large hotel ballroom filled with 100 other students. The Orientation Counselors — over caffeinated sophomores in garish neon orange t-shirts — set out the rules. You are to go up to as many fellow students as possible in fifteen minutes. Shake hands, exchange names, ask each other one question, answer, move on. 

Mulder moves towards the small girl with the rocket red hair, torn Nine Inch Nails shirt and knee high boots. He caught a glimpse of her in the auditorium, intrigued most, not by her piercings or the nautical star tattooed the back of her neck, but by the caduceus patch crudely sewn to her messenger bag.

She sees the aliens first. Tiny green heads floating against the brown background of a knit sweater, some of them blocked by a name tag that reads “Hello My Name is: Spooky.” She looks up into the face of a lanky young man with messy brown hair and thick hipster glasses. She smiles despite herself because with one glance she knows this guy doesn’t give two shits about what other people might think of him. She appreciates that. 

She introduces herself as Dana. He introduces himself as Mulder. 

“Is that your first name or your last name?”

That’s you’re one question?” He teases. 

She rolls her eyes. So far the orientation activities have been a mix between hokey and corny and she’s not sure how much more she can take. 

“Well, my stock question is ‘what’s your major?’ I guess you can pick which one you want to answer.”

“It’s my last name. And I’m majoring in psychology.”

“Wow, now I know two things about you. Careful, Mulder, the orange shirts are likely to shut us down when they realize our conversation has moved beyond the superficial.”

He casts a quick look at a group of orange shirts, too wrapped up in their own conversations to notice any rule breaking.  

“The neon gestapo doesn’t scare me. I’m older than most of them anyway.”

“I thought you looked more like an upperclassmen. How’d you get dumped with us babies?”

“They require transfer students to—hold up, I haven’t gotten to ask you anything yet.”


“Last name?”

“Scully. Pre-med.”

“I didn’t ask your major.”

“I figured I’d give it to you as a freebie.”

“But that still means I get to ask one more question right? It’s only fair.”

“Better make it quick. We’ve been found out.”

He glances over his shoulder, matching her gaze. Sure enough, an orange shirt is making his way towards them. He turns back to Scully, looking directly into her very blue eyes. 

“Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?”

She laughs. Is he serious? He frowns. She realizes he is serious, extremely serious and genuine. She feels terrible and instantly drops her smile, trying to match his intensity, staring into his deep hazel eyes. Fuck the orange shirts, he deserves an honest answer. 

“Logically, I’d say no. Given the distances needed to travel the reaches of space and the energy requirements would exceed a space craft’s capabilities. Not to mention how many laws of known physics would have to be broken—“

“All right, break it up you two.”

“Annnd busted.” She keeps eye contact with Mulder.

“You think if we ignore him, he’ll go away?” Asks Mulder, smirking.

“Come on you guys, this is supposed to be fun.”

“Emphasis on supposed to.” Says Scully, voice dripping with such pointed sarcasm that Mulder can’t help but chuckle. 

More orange shirts surround them, gingerly pushing them in opposite directions, Scully moves easier than Mulder. She gives him a tiny wave before she finds herself face to face with a fellow freshman. 

“Don’t worry, champ,” an orange shirt says, clamping his hand on Mulder’s shoulder. “You’ll see each other plenty more this weekend.”

“Don’t call me, champ” says Mulder, sliding out from under the orange shirt’s grip.

They don’t see each other that weekend. 

Scully ditches the Saturday night freshman mixer. She catches a ride with some fellow punks to see a Ministry cover band at a shitty club in Baltimore. She drinks cheap beer and looses herself in the pounding music. She ends up administering first aid to a 16 year old kid who busts his head open in the mosh pit. His older brother thanks her by buying her Jagerbombs for the rest of the night. On the ride home, they have pull over so she can puke on the side of the road. She screams into the cold night because it makes her feel alive. Just before sunrise she stumbles into her dorm and collapses into her bed. Images of little green alien heads dance on her eyelids as she drifts off to sleep.

Mulder skips the mixer too. There’s a sighting of mysterious lights hovering over a small town in Canada. He spends his night analyzing grainy photographs and posting his theories on UFO & conspiracy message boards. They say it’s flares but flares don’t hover, it’s clearly a craft. The truth is out there. He climbs out onto the fire escape and looks at the stars. A cold breeze kisses his face and hair and he feels alive.He falls asleep listening to Coast to Coast AM. In his dreams he sees a flash of rocket red hair.

They don’t see each other until a month later, when Spooky Mulder has a hunch and needs a microscope. Rumor has it Dana Scully owns a good one.

Happy Place

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1285

Summary: The reader gets hurt, but pulls through when Sam tells her the first snowfall of the season in on its way.

Warnings: mentions of injury

This is for Angel’s Winter Challenge by @poemwriter98 ! :) I chose the prompts “Being really excited for the first snowfall” and a quote which is bolded down below. ;) I loved writing it, so enjoy! :)

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mouth full of white lies (1/3?)

Summary: The Time War has taken its toll on the Eighth Doctor and he’s exhausted and bitter and very suspicious of the blonde stranger who lets herself into his TARDIS and seems to know him. (Time War!Eight/Dimension hopping!Rose)

AN: For the lovely badwolfrun​ on her birthday! Happy Birthday MK! Sorry I couldn’t get this all the way finished for your birthday but I wanted you to have at least some of it on time!

Eight/Rose, 2122 words, all ages


The Doctor piloted the TARDIS to a planet that was as far from the battle he’d just led as he could manage. Technically, he was supposed to go back to Gallifrey for a debrief and to get his next assignment but, as far as he was concerned, they could wait a day or two for him to recoup. Romana would understand. At the very least, she would let him have the time and not berate him for it too much when she inevitably called him back to the war room.

As soon as his ship materialized with a bump and a rattle, the Doctor ran a soothing hand over the edge of the console before stumbling to his armchair and collapsing into it. It had been a rough go of it for both him and his ship. They needed rest and time to recuperate but those things were luxuries that couldn’t be afforded during war.

There was a dried streak of blood on his cheekbone and another, fresher wound near his left temple that was still tacky. He should go to the medbay to clean up, he knew he should, but he couldn’t bring himself to move from his chair now that he was seated.

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Words | Kai | 01

Pairing: Kai x Reader
Genre: CEO AU/ Angst

Summary: Words do hurt. 

Part: 1 | 2 |

Stop looking so pathetic. You really don’t think that I’ll go out with a brace face like you right? Please tell me you’re joking. God, even I wouldn’t stoop that low. “

“Shut up!” You yelled, throwing the bottle of whatever you were intoxicating yourself with.

The bottle hit the wall hard and shattered onto the floor.

It was another one of those nights where you would drown yourself in alcohol and self-pity. Another night of you recalling on your pathetic past.

Who ever came up with that saying of words not hurting was absolutely wrong. They did hurt. Badly.

Words have the power to completely destroy a person and all it needed was a vessel that could shoot them.

In your case, that particular person was Oh Sehun.


To be honest, you were the one that the school deemed disgusting. With a face full of acne, a mouthful of braces, and a pair of the most unfashionable pair of glasses, any chances of gaining popularity at a school based on looks and money was practically nonexistent.

You didn’t have a lack of money. Quite the opposite really, your mom practically ruled the fashion world. You would think that you would actually have the fashion sense and looks, but apparently those genes didn’t pass down to you. You mother, instead of worrying about your looks despite making it with hers, cared only about your education. Saying, that the mind matters more than the face.

If only your mom was one that cared about image more than knowledge.

To say that you were bullied was an understatement; you were tortured. You were practically the easy target for bullies and the school’s laughing stock. Your main group of bullies included the devil with a charming smile, Oh Sehun. He had other accomplices like the resident playboy, Kai, and a few others. They ruled the school. Everyone was intimidated, yet fascinated with them. They also ruled the hearts of many girls, including you, at one point.

Actually, you wouldn’t have been in the situation you were in if you hadn’t spoken too loud. You weren’t always friendless. During your freshmen year, you had met Minseok,a shy senior who was a little chubby, but still cute. He was practically your only friend and you confide everything to him.

One day, you were in the library with him, eating lunch, when the topic of your crush came up. You should’ve made sure that the two of you were alone before you had blurted out everything to the elder. Apparently one of his friends overheard and told him everything.

You could remember how he had cornered you into the intercom room and confronted you about them. You could remember how you had admitted to them. You could remember how he and his little troupe broadcasted the whole encounter to the whole school. You could remember how he had called you disgusting and pathetic. You could remember that arrogant smirk he had.

At the time, Minseok had been your comfort, but soon he had to graduate and you were left alone to fend for yourself. You spent the four years enduring the torture and humiliation from the whole student body, while focusing all your energy on your studies.

Eventually, once you graduated from that hell called school, you went abroad for college. You had made a promise to yourself that you would never affiliate yourself with any one of them again. Staying in Korea, you would face them among occasions, since you were also elite in the social ranking.

Of course, if they had known who your parents were really, they wouldn’t have treated you that way. While your mom was the fashion icon, your father was the proud CEO of a big-name company that your older brother would be taking over. That whole group would practically die at the hands of their parents, if you had told your parents and had them cut ties with their companies. Except you didn’t.

Oh how you wished you did.  


You had went and studied abroad at a good college, but along the way, you had given up into partying and ditching school for a little bit of fun. In America, you weren’t considered disgusting or ugly; quite the opposite actually.

You could say that you grew into your looks. Your face had cleared of the heavy acne you had and replaced it with an almost clear complexion. Your teeth had straightened out and you had gotten into contacts. You had lost most of the excess fat and the lack of fashion.

If one were too look at you now, they might think you were a supermodel. Your hair was sleek and the perfect condition. You had mastered the art of makeup. Growing out of the worn out Sketchers, you grew into a pair of Louis Vuittons. You had changed into a totally different person.

Eventually, your mother asked you to come back to Korea and ceased your reckless behavior.

Now here you were, a college dropout, drowning in alcohol.


Maybe you had finally tapped into your privileged roots, but your mother was not having it.

Maybe that’s why your parents trusted you to study abroad. They had expected you to come back the same, but you sure didn’t. Your own mother couldn’t even recognize you when she had picked you up from the airport.

Now you were stuck in the car with your mom and the heavy silence.

Breaking the silence, you decided to ask your mother exactly why you back in the last place you wanted to be.

“Why am I back here?”

“Well, since you’re not going to live up to what was expected of you, we-“

“You mean Father.”

She gave you a stern look, but nevertheless, she continued.

“We have decided on a better course for you to follow. Honestly, I think this would be perfect for you.”

“Yeah and what is that “course” Father has decided on?” Your tone laced with fake interest.

She gave a curt response.


You scoffed. “Yeah no thanks,”

“Sadly you have no say this time. Your father and I have decided on a perfectly good suitor for you. He’s well established, charming, and, of course, a perfect opportunity for your father.” She stated. “You’re meeting him tonight. I expect you two to get acquainted with each other. Develop some type of relationship with him to fool the media, even if it’s fake. It’s all just business at the end of the day.”

“I thought you wanted me to grow up and find someone I love, not marrying me off to some privileged douche bag.” You countered.  

“I believed that you wouldn’t have to walk this route for your future, but your recent behavior proves otherwise. Don’t be too disappointed, darling, you won’t have to lift a finger as long as you’re married to him.” You mother replied.  

“This is despicable and I hate it.”


“Are you even going to brief me on him, Mother?”

Currently, you were being prepared to meet your future husband.

“His name is Kim Jongin. He’s the son and direct heir of the Kim Cooperation. The Kim family is another prominent family, along with ours. Joining both of our families’ enterprises would be a win-win on both sides,” Your mother stated, lazily flipping through a Home & Style magazine.

You rolled your eyes. You had to admit, you saw this coming from a mile away. Ever since your little spiral down, it was expected for you to find a rich bachelor, marry him, and expand your family’s business. But something was off. The name sounded familiar, but you couldn’t quite match the name to a face.

Once your makeup and hair was done, you were put in a sleeved red dress that showed your figure nicely. With a matching pair of black heels, you were ready for the meeting of your “fiancé”.


“Remember to smile and hide that attitude.” Your mother’s words rang in your head.

Walking into the expensive restaurant, you took in a quick breath. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Key word, maybe.

“Reservation?” the hostess asked.

“Someone under the name Kim Jongin?” You asked. She nodded and smile.

She lead you to the center back of restaurant. You could only see the back of his head, but he already looked flawless. From the back, his hair was already neatly styled and slick back. He was dressed in a velvet tuxedo and from the nape of his you could tell that he had bronzed tan skin.

Taking careful and graceful step, you took balance steps towards him. As if feeling he felt your coming presence, he stood up and turn around. And God must you hate you.

You could recognized the flawless face of Kim Jongin any time. Of course, anyone would  their tormentor’s face.

Swallowing your disgust, you faked a smile.

“You must be Y/N.” He said in a charming tone.

“And you must be Jongin.” Your tone a little too fake.

You could tell by the delighted tinkle in his brown eyes, that he didn’t even recognize the girl he helped destroy.

Like a gentlemen, he helped you into your chair, before slipping into his own.

“I hope you liked Italian. I didn’t know where you would liked to go,” Jongin said.

“Italian is fine.”

Pushing down your inner hatred of the male, you began your dinner with him.


After a few icebreakers and awkward responses. The two of you had found a stable ground.

“You must have been popular in school with your charming attitude.” You stated nonchalantly.

He dismissed the comment. “Actually, I was more of the quiet kid. I really didn’t do anything everyone else was. Like they say, the ones who are more silent seem to be more successful.”   

Setting down your fork, you started straight into his eyes.

“Oh really? What school did you attended?” You asked him.

“SM Academy.”

Placing a small smirk on your lips. “What a coincidence. I went there too.”

“You might not remember. I was really quiet. Actually I think you might remember me.” Staring into his shocked eyes you continued.”I was the one you destroyed, tortured, and tormented.” You stated with a hint of malice.

Standing up abruptly, you griped the glass of wine. Letting the wine flow onto his perfectly styled hair, you watched as it dripped down to his velvet suit.

“You might not have recognized me, but I still know you, Kai”  

Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 3

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: comments would be lovely. I still have no idea what I’m doing.

Chapter 1 |  Chapter 2

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[Interview] The man off the road "Hedwig" Kim Dongwan

Returning to be judged on “Hedwig” once again after 3 years, Kim Dongwan says he can, for the first time, completely get into the character called Hedwig. While saying he likes “Wig In A Box” and Tommy’s “Wicked Little Town” more than before. The songs where he boldly recites Hedwig’s grief, the songs that speaks up for her struggles.

Q: What were you thinking of when you cut across the seats while singing the ending song last night?
A: To walk quickly or slowly. If I started walking too late, it’ll be difficult for Nuna (Lee Cheuhak), should I have walked a little faster? Haha. I couldn’t sleep last night so I’m in a daze now. I couldn’t sleep after the performance ended, I think I fell asleep around 3am? I fell asleep really late, but I woke up early because the kid staying above me was playing the piano.

Q: Why couldn’t you fall asleep? Because you were thinking of the play?
A: Partly because of that, seems like I can’t relax properly if I have a late show. But, this time round, my clothes are quite shocking right? (In this season, Kim Dongwan appears wearing a bikini crop top, high-waist shorts and stockings with huge dotted patterns.)

Q: You wouldn’t see the clothes and wig as something simply meant to make you look pretty. (laughs)
A: The costume designer and makeup artist said this. Everyone is obsessed with the idea that Hedwig has to be pretty but actually, Hedwig cannot be pretty. Hedwig is a female ostracized by society. So when the costumes were being made, I was possessed by something and I asked them to make it look even more mysterious and then..haha.

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