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Movie Scenes


  1. Robbie and Y/N are in a movie together and they have been friends for a long time,so when they play love interests its not awkward but they cant keep a straight face while doing a super romantic scene for the first few takes.But they get over it and-
  2. -get into the scene.They enjoy each other and then they keep wanting to redo the scene so they can keep acting cute without becoming a couple,but in the end they make it official anyways.You can change it up I just thought that would be cute ilysm 😘

Warnings: none

You sat on the couch with Robbie, watching a movie. It’s late at night, you’re both still wide awake, and it’s just you and him. No one else. His arm is around you, you’re leaning on his shoulder; the setting is comfortable.

“Do you think she knows she’s about to die?” You asked, looking up at Robbie. You were watching a stupid horror film.

“With how she’s reacting to everything, no. I don’t think she does.” He replied, looking down at you. 

You sat up, leaving his shoulder. You turned a bit so you could face him. He turned his to look at you.

“Okay, okay, what would you do if you were in a horror movie, and you were in that girl’s spot?”

He laughed. “I’d do everything the opposite of what’s she’s doing.”

You were both smiling and giggling. You looked at him, a grin on your lips. He looked at you, cupping your cheek with one hand. The laughter subsided, smiles fading. You looked each other in the eyes, and started to lean in. Lips were about to touch, when a very tiny giggle escaped from your mouth. That caused Robbie to giggle, ensuing more laughter. You both pulled away, blushing and smiling. 

“Okay, cut!” The director shouted. 

You waved your hands, capturing your breath. “I’m sorry. We’re not being professional,” you laughed some more.

You and Robbie were on set of this movie. You were playing love interests. If this were any other guy, you’d be able to do this scene easily. But this was Robbie Kay you best friend. The boy you used to take baths with when younger. The boy who’d always spend the night with you. The guy who knew embarrassing things about you and you knew embarrassing things about him. So getting into a more intimate scene with your best friend was a little weird. It caused both of you to laugh.

“I know you’re best friends and all, but we need to get this scene done. We’re done it four times now,” the director said. He wasn’t exactly scolding you two, just talking to you guys. He wasn’t upset, he only wanted to move on to the next scene.

This scene right now though, ends in a makeout session. It’s not just a kiss. Your’s and Robbie’s characters lock lips for a decent amount of time before you two pull apart and go back to cuddling.

You and Robbie start the scene over. It was now the fifth time attempting this scene. You had to do it. You didn’t want to hear the same sound effects from the ‘movie’ you were watching, and you were getting tired of saying the lines over and over again. You and Robbie had to do it.

The time came when it was time to kiss. Another reason why you kept laughing was because you were nervous. You loved Robbie. You’d been wanting to kiss him since a couple years ago when he got a girlfriend, and you were jealous of her. Since then, they broke up. But your feelings for him were still there. You wanted to kiss him, and kissing him for the first time, movie scene or not, was going to be nerve wracking for you.

But finally, his lips landed on top of yours. You kissed him, and he deepened it by progressing more into the scene. The director told you what to do. He told you and Robbie where to move your hands, told Robbie to lean more on you so you were forced to lean back a bit. He told you tangle your fingers in Robbie’s hair. Eventually, the director told you to bite Robbie’s bottom lip, and you did so. You were both so into the kiss, and so was Robbie.

The director told you to separate, and you two did. You both looked at each other, starstruck. Then you two leaned back into the original position, his arm around you and your head on his shoulder. You both said your lines, and the scene was done.

“I think that was good. How about we take a thirty minute break? That’s enough time to use the restroom, eat a snack, get touch ups on makeup and costumes if needed.” The director called out. Everyone nodded their heads, going off to do whatever they needed to do. You and Robbie both got up, not saying a single word to each other. You both walked away to a place where it was more private. Which was his dressing room. No one was in there.

“Okay, what was that? I’m pretty sure you felt something, too,” Robbie told you.

“Of course I felt something, idiot. I thought that whole tingling sensation ordeal was just in stories, but I’ve never felt that when kissing a guy.” You admitted, blushing hard.

“Do you like me?”

“You’re my best friend, of course I do,” you looked at him quickly, only then to glance away.

“That’s not what I mean.” Robbie folded his arms over his chest.

You rolled your eyes, sitting down on a chair. “Yes.” 

“Yes? Just yes?” You nodded. “How long?”

“A while.”

Robbie rolled his eyes, walking up to you. “Quit being vague and blunt.” You shook your head, blushing and embarrassed. You felt like Robbie didn’t like you back in that way. 

“What? I like you more than a best friend, and I’ve felt like for a while now. End of story. Now if you’ll excuse, I’ll be in my dressing room.” You got up from your spot on the chair. You were embarrassed. You vaguely admitted your feelings to Robbie, and he wasn’t returning them. Maybe the feeling he felt was something different. not that tinging sensation you got.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Robbie said before spinning you around to kiss you. He kissed you, his hand still wrapped around your wrist, the only lightly gripping your upper forearm. You kissed him back, getting into.

“You know… I really… liked it when… you bit my lip,” Robbie said in between kisses. You smirked, pulling that same move you did moments ago.

“You mean that?” Robbie could only nod.

You kissed a bit longer, finally separating. You and him were breathing a little harder than normal. Blush visible on both your cheeks. 

“So… what does this mean?” You asked. Your hands were around his waist, his now resting around your shoulders.

“Take a wild guess,” he smirked. You chuckled, leaning in to kiss him again. 

You were now dating you best friend.

Title: Masters company

summery: Sunstreaker feeling a little lonely, has a little alone time… though he’s not alone for long… bob’s always there to cheer him up.

warnings: big fat stinking warning on this! Bob/Sunstreaker smut! so if you don’t like the sound of it… don’t peek below the line!

AN: this is for rudimech who gave me a taste for this ship… and I love her to bits for it! don’t judge us on our kinks! I hope you like sweetie

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