only gonna tag the characters i often tag

i ventured into the lokean tag for the first time in forever just now {i may post in it but i long since stopped obsessively checking it every day or even every week bc it got stressful no joke and i didnt wanna deal with it, im far too sensitive to anything to do with Loki, so…} and wow the tag’s so sparse? whats up with you guys huh?? i remember back in the day–meaning like a couple years ago–it used to have maaany more posts per day, but i just now scrolled easily and quickly back as far as 15 days ago before stopping.

idk about whoever else used to blog about Him more frequently right along with me years ago, and i do remember the drama that used to go down a lot more often with people concerned that being Lokean was some sort of new trend/phase thanks to marvel loki, but I’m still very very V E R Y on fire for Loke and i’ll fill up the tag all by myself if i’ve gotta…i do currently agree though that for many it was just a phase, a cool thing to do because Marvel drew a lot of new Lokean recruits, which is mostly fine if people discover the real Him that way though. and people were only just discovering on a large scale that pagan/witchy tumblr was even a thing right after Thor came out in the movies.

i dunno, maybe im just out of touch with where/how often people make lokean posts these days. sometimes spiritual tags change or relocate in order to filter out bullshit or confusion with fictional characters. but yeah there’s definitely a difference from how busy things were a couple years back isn’t there? ~