only god judges


today i thought to myself, i wanna make toy franchise fan ocs but what if people think theyre embarrassing/cringey

and then i realized only god can judge me now i want them

so heres my tattletail oc (not a real toy line i know) my popples oc and my care bear cousins oc

cotton candy tattletail, pamper popple, and sweet heart tiger!!

Pretty quotes for hebrew tattoos

“מנשנש כריות”= my heart is soft but strong
“מי מתעסק זה מיקו”= live in harmony and cause no harm
“היד פתוח והפנקס רושמת”= only God will judge me
“אמא שלך מלטפת פודינג”= mama knows best

“קרבונקל”= a place that is not a home but feels like one

Only God can judge you but bear in mind that God will judge you