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Doctor who + chips

@leonygunawan said: HEY HEY ITS ME AGAIN SURPRISE SURPRISE!! ive come back with a genius idea of jeff x reader where jeff inflamed his rotating cuff (i googled this btw) and y/n is so excited to treat him bc y/n have always been the one that got sick or injured and jeff always treats her like y/n is a fucking queen. She would bring his books, drive him to school, feed him(?), dress him or shower him if you feel comfortable writing that part but if you don’t just leave that one thank you so much… again for writing!

Author’s Note: I incorporated only a few things because with an inflamed rotator cuff he’s not totally useless ;) And the gif really has nothing to do with the story. It’s just cute.

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Jeff X Reader

“So it’s just an inflamed rotator cuff? Nothing too serious.”

“Yep.” Jeff grimaces as he unbuttons an old button down shirt, trying very cautiously to shrug out of it. “I got some anti-inflammatory meds and I’m on six weeks of rest starting today.”

He easily shakes out of one sleeve, but barely doing so must cause him a wave of pain. His sudden sharp intake of breath startles you into motion and you hold your hands out to stop him. “Wait, wait, wait. Let me.”

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BTS when you beg them to show you the new choreography beforehand but they can’t

Kids, thank you for celebrating Hobi’s birthday so well, I’m very proud of everyone <3 Are you hyped for the mv tomorrow? And I’ll try to reblog some pictures/videos of the concert as well tomorrow night :*

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Al eonni loves all 1115 of you <3 

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Jin: [insert gif: shows you a “tiny preview”]

You: “I’m sure you just made that up. That’s not part of it, am I right?”

Jin: “Kekeke sorry~ It really isn’t~ Be patient for a bit longer, okay?~”

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You: “Oppa, for real, can’t you just show me what the new choreography will look like once? I won’t tell anyone, promised~”

Yoongi: “[insert gif: starts explaining quietly, not looking into your eyes and pouting a bit so you’ll go easy on him] Ahh I know, baby, but Bighit made us promise not to show anyone so … if I make one exception now …”

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Hoseok: [It tortures him a lot that he can’t show it to you just yet~]

You: “Oppa, what about the new choreography? You went practicing it again today, didn’t you? I know you did~”

Hoseok: “[insert gif] Ah … baby … I can show you everything, everything else~ Just not that one~ What do you want to see instead, huh? I’ll dance for you the whole night to make up for not being able to show you the new one yet~ Just tell oppa~ What do you want me to dance for you instead?”

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Rap Monster

You: “But you even showed me the song beforehand! Why not the choreography? It really doesn’t make sense [insert pouty you]”

Namjoon: “[insert gif: some smart ass explanation why it doesn’t make sense to only show you his part because it’s a complicated choreography that only makes sense when all seven members are involved]

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Jimin: feat. you as Hobi

I kind of couldn’t decide at first whether Jimin would suffer from it like Hobi or whether he’d tease you, but I went with the first option~ 

You: “[pouty like Hobi] You treat me like just any other fan, you know, it’s so mean. I can start stanning another group any time and stop caring about my boyfriend’s activities and-”

Jimin: “[insert gif: backhugs you~] Don’t be stupid, _______~ If Bighit would’ve let me, you’d have been the first person I’d have shown it too, okay?”

You: “[still not satisfied]”

Jimin: “[holds you more tightly~] Don’t be sad~ You are most important to me~”

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You: [try aegyo just to get him to show you a bit of the new dance~]

Taehyung: “Omo! I almost got weak just now~ You’re too cute~~”

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You: “[pouty and whiny] Kookie, please~ Please, please, please~ Show me something from the new choreography :(”

Jungkook: [insert gif: teases you by imitating your pouty face, almost cracks up though] 

You: “Jeon Jungkook, you little brat! Don’t make fun of me :/”

Jungkook: “Ah~ Just wait one more day, okay? Only one more day~~~”

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Abducted (part - 2)

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: it was time that you learn why you were held captive by a god. A/N: MOMMY’S BACK!!! Man I have been having the worst of both worlds but I wrote, I fucking wrote. Tumblr gotta give me a good kid sticker. I didn’t really edit it because ya know the reason you follow me plus my laptop’s on the verge of dying. Hope you like it! (ignore the text in the gif, or actually don’t imagine all the dirty you sexy little swine)

Warnings: swearing, being chained.

Word Count: 1636

Part 1

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Petrichor. The smell after the rain had kissed the earth and nourished nature again. lying on your dirty mattress it was a great comfort. From nowhere the breeze blew against your skin, you nuzzled in your blanket. Only these comforts where what you had now. For four days you had been numb and scared, but now, you were at peace with it. you knew there was no escaping, you’d have to serve Loki, you’d have to do it all without losing your strength and hope.

You inhaled deeply and wrapped your arms around yourself, the rain had stopped. Your emotions had been quite in sync with the weather for a while now, and you hated it. you wished it could always be sunny and so that your mood could be good again.

You shook your head at this thought, it was all rubbish. Just some nonsense you made up to think that you had something special. Oh, how you wished you had some sort of magic that could overpower your captor’s. then, you kept a hand on the wall you were facing and ran a hand down on it, you wouldn’t be here. The sound of the now familiar footsteps grew closer. You sat up and fixed your now rugged clothes. He gave you the same smug smile and dragged a chair in front of you.

‘so, have I finally tired the beasty kitten?’ he asked. This man surely had a thing for sarcasm and patronizing everyone. You didn’t reply and looked at him with the same uninterested face. he may have nearly destroyed new York once, but you weren’t going to be meek or submissive. ‘human-‘

‘(y/n).’ you corrected and he quirked his brows.

‘very well, (y/n). let’s talk properly now, shall we?’ he looked at you and you nodded slightly. ‘the reason you are here is because you have something I need.’

‘I am a normal person with normal abilities, I don’t understand what is this ‘thing’ of mine that you need.’ You said sharply.

‘have you ever seen signs of things and had that thing happen?’ he asked ignoring what you said.

‘yes bu-‘

‘do you have a very strong intuition?’ he raised another question.

‘yes.’ You rolled your eyes, you were getting tired of this little game of his. ‘

do you have a good eye for colours?’

‘yeah, I –‘

‘lastly, has anything unusual happened when you experienced a strong emotion?’ he interrupted you again.

‘no….’ You furrowed your brows.

‘think again. never? Wasn’t it your birthday that you were upset about and something happened causing an electricity failure?’ he looked at you.

‘it was a coincidence!’ you threw your arms in the air. ‘What are you trying to say? Huh? Do you ever talk without being all puzzle like? What are you? the fucking riddler?’ you stood up with your chain rattling with every little movement you made.

‘calm down,’ he ordered and motioned you to sit. You sat down cross legged with your arms crossed over your chest and huffed. ‘what I am trying to say is, you have powers. ones which can be used after you have practiced.’

‘I don’t have any fucking powers.’ you scoffed.

‘you do. you should’ve noticed it. after all the weather is mimicking your mood and state of mind.’ he said and you thought for a while, was it true? Did you possess some sort of power? ‘in three months, with my help, you shall be able to use them properly. Then you will be of my use and can assist me.’

‘what if I don’t?’ you asked in a low voice.

‘I will make you.’ he grinned in a manner that sent shivers down your spine. You gulped slightly. ‘you don’t really have an option here, mortal. You really don’t. look at yourself.’ He crossed his arms. ‘now, get yourself together,’ he snapped his fingers and the lock of your chain was unlocked with a click. ‘your training begins right now.’ He stood up and started to walk.

‘no.’ you said standing there and he stopped. his brows furrowed and a bit of confusion on his face he turned in your direction.

‘pardon me, but did I hear a no?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah, I want to take a shower. And I need some new clothes. It’s been days for god’s sake.’ He thought for a while and nodded.

‘fair enough. Follow me.’ You followed him to where his room was, that area looked no less than a palace. He stopped and turned to you.

‘do not touch anything.’ He warned and left. You looked at the neatly stacked books and the lavish looking furniture. Where did he get it from? God Ikea? Your musings were interrupted by a clearing of throat. You faced him and tried to look as innocent as possible.

‘what did I say?’ he asked and you shrugged. ‘you can use the bathroom, I have kept what you will require. You can go now.’ You nodded and paced to the bathroom.

The ‘bathroom’ was almost half the section of the second level of the warehouse. it had a bathtub near the old window with frosted glass, a marble wash basin next to it, the shower area was at the opposite wall and right in the middle was this table with soaps and a bag kept on it. you recognized it at once, it was your bag! You shuffled through it and took out a towel. You were going to take a nice long bath.

You were skipping when you walked out of the bathroom, the light feeling was great and the soaps the god used smelled amazing. Loki saw you and smirked, ‘silly girl.’ He thought.

‘save it for later, human.’ He said from his chair in which he used to read. ‘you practice now.’ He stood up.

‘how do I “practice”?’ you asked. He didn’t say anything but climbed the stairs so you followed him. ‘the bathroom?’ you furrowed your browns.

‘no, the other area.’ A creaked open as he said those words. You didn’t notice there was another door here. The room was big and had nothing in it. it was maybe what was used like some sort of storage back when the place was functioning. ‘so tell me, how do your powers function?’ he stood facing you.

‘I don’t know?…’ you said.

‘ah yes, they’re new…. This is going to be much harder than I anticipated….’ he said mostly to himself. He walked further keeping hand on his chin. It felt so weird, the man you were so scared of wasn’t so freighting right now. He stopped and looked at the ceiling. The idea just might work.

‘mortal!’ he called. ‘come here!’ He said and tied ribbons on the ceiling with a movement of hands. ‘try to move these.’ He said.

‘I don’t think I can.’ You stared at the ribbons.

‘one thing I learned from my experience, if you believe you can’t, you won’t, if you believe you can, you will.’ He circled the ribbons dangling in the air. ‘what do you think this power does, mortal?’ his voice was much softer. ‘feel what it can do.’ you closed your eyes and tried to feel. ‘what feels natural to you? what is that voice inside you saying?’ he moved around you speaking gently.

‘The air.’ You breathed. ‘it feels like, like a part of me.’ you felt like some part of you lived in the air.

‘good, now envision what you desire to do.’ he was close to you could tell but there wasn’t a warmth a normal human would’ve radiated. You moved, or maybe the air which was an extension of you. you opened your eyes and the ribbons blew in the other direction. It was a weak gust of wind but you could feel it. maybe it was true, you possessed something unique.

‘well done for the first attempt.’ He took a step back. You didn’t reply, you felt lighter than a feather. ‘let’s take it a step further.’ He said and you gave him a confused look. He grabbed your hand, twirled you around and made your back crash into his chest. before you made a noise covered your mouth with his big hand. ‘shh….. your emotions are what highly affect your powers.’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I want you think of all the bad things that have ever happened to you. see darkness is very strong. Tell me what saddens you.’ he removed his hand and you looked down.

‘I have always regretted opening my mouth in front of people who don’t give a shit about me.’ you said.

‘how about give and take then? I will give you something you need if you do as I say.’ It seemed like a fair deal.

‘where do I start?’ you chuckled sadly. ‘it goes way too back.’

‘why not use what destroyed you then?’ he said loosening his grip. ‘think of it, let the anger fuel you, feed off it.’ he said and so you did. all those things that made you anxious, depressed. You then let the hurt swirl, you didn’t know how it was possible but you did it. the air around you wasn’t still now, it started swirling, Loki smiled a content smile. his idea had worked. The air current was very strong, you opened your eyes and saw how you were standing between the ring of air and dust you had created. Something went wrong then, the room began spinning, you started losing balance and were starting to fall but he caught you. The wind died as your eyes began to close.

‘congratulations, human.’ You saw his blurry face but it cleared as you strained your eyes. ‘you are magic.’ You heard and closed your eyes.

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5 | No Escape

Genre: Apocolypse AU / Fluffy / Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,689

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory, mentions of death

“I don’t want to see you pointing a gun at this girl, you got that? I only I allow who should die and who shouldn’t and I don’t think she should… I think you should.”

Masterlist ♥︎ 


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6

A/n: I put a little gif in the story just so you get the idea of what it looked like, just you know, heads up. I’m sorry this is probably really shitty cause my writing has been lacking ??? For some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol but anyways hope you enjoy !

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Favorite GIF Interactions: Part 5 - American Hustle Life edition!

 Part 1-4

It’s that time again, and I wanted to share my favorite AHL moments, because they shall never be forgotten. Plus to end the spam of AHL for today. ^_^

Here we have Jungkook trying so hard to stare xD

We have a jealous Jimin in the back, butting in on their conversation, they both really liked her and were attached to her like leeches.

Evidence #1: Rapmon not only following her around, but also staring at her…a lot.

Evidence #2: Jimin being all over her every chance he got, and using the filming of the MV as an his excuse. (he’s smart!)

Evidence #3: Jimin wishing it was him xD

Suga: *can’t believe he’s this close to a Black woman, when he has only see them on TV, this is a dream come true* lmao he can’t even look her in the face!, so cute!

Look closely at Jungkook trying to touch/hold hands with her:

+ cute moment with V (he had a crush on her)

J-Hope took advantage of this opportunity xD Hugging, holding hands~

V being flirty…he could’ve just handed her glasses back to her, but…

Bts reactions: Seeing you in a bikini for the first time

A/N:The request was originally for the reader to be curvy but seeing as there are so many beautiful body types I decided to not specify it to one ❤️

None of these gifs are ours full credit to the owners


He’s gonna lay on the grease extra thick and he isn’t even gonna be secret about it. He looked you up and down and then threw you one of his signature smirks and pulled you in for a hug. It started innocent enough before his hands started wandering and you threw him a look that made him chuckle . He would let you know how good you looked constantly and stare at you relentlessly

“You look so good (Y/N)”

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He stared at you with a smile on his face but he didn’t say anything the first time he saw you. He absolutely loved it but he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable around him. Of course this only made you a little self conscious because you wanted him to say something. There was no time for such thoughts though because soon enough he couldn’t resist and you felt his arms wrap around you from behind and you were pulled flush against his body

“You are so gorgeous”

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His jaw would literally drop when he saw you. He told you how hot you looked regardless of who was around and it would make you a little shy but he didn’t care. He’s not gonna deny how much he loves the way you look at that moment. Even if you tell him to stop with flushed cheeks he’ll just laugh at your shyness and try to tone it down but you’d still catch him throwing winks your way

“And you say you aren’t perfect….”

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He is the most mature so the only time you would see how it really affected him was when he first laid eyes on you. *gif* He would quickly try to compose himself because he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable since it was the first time you wore one around him. His body language would betray him though because he couldn’t help but keep his hands on some part of you.

“You look…wow”

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He absolutely LOVED it and he made sure you knew. He’d throw in a lot of compliments like “you’re so perfect”and “I love your body”and oh man would he stare. He wouldn’t let you out of his sight and keep you within arms reach or wrap himself around you. Seeing you so exposed would make him a little more possessive of you

“Stay near me okay?”

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I can see jimin being one of two things

Either he’s gonna be:

A super shy bunny and he’ll blush as soon as he sees you. He’ll steal glances at you eventually one in a while and throw you one of his cute little smiles. He’d give you sweet little compliments every now and then

“You look really nice”

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He’s gonna be so into it. Like as soon as he saw you he’d make you blush by the way he was looking at you. He’ll keep you near him mostly because he doesn’t want anyone looking at you and he’ll tell you constantly that you look absolutely gorgeous

“Damn jagi”

Originally posted by sugakookie


He is a shy dork so he might visibly blush when he first sees you. I don’t see him saying much at first since he’s so shy but remember you have a hyperactive boy seeing more or less 90% of your body so of course he’s gonna stare. After a while you caught him looking at you while smiling sweetly

“You’re really beautiful”

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Can you do a quick jikook analysis of bts watching their live performance of 21st century girl and BSAT? Jungkook barely said anything but when he did he commented on jimin. And his facial expressions when it was their parts ahh~ my poor heart

LISTEN HON….I FEEL YOU OKAY. So Jungkook was pretty quiet throughout the video (I think they had just finished performing hence all of them looking sweaty and exhausted.) so he didn’t comment a lot except when it came to complimenting his baby Jimin (This was during 21st Century Girl btw) but even before that in the beginning when he finally decided to stand in the back the first thing he saw during the 21st Century performance is his little moment with Jimin and although it’s very subtle his lips quirk up immediately when he sees it, and actually if you pay close attention you’ll see that Jimin and him smile at the exact same time and I think Jimin tried to tone down his smile at first but he fails miserably and starts beaming like seconds later and he looks so fond and soft (he even lets out a cute huff) and it’s such a intimate and genuine reaction between them that it almost felt like I was intruding (I feel that a lot when it comes to these two tbh) but despite that I was smiling like an idiot when I first saw it. (You said a quick analysis and look how much I’ve fucking written already honestly why am I like this?)

NOW during BSAT we had our usual thirsty Jungkook (@jikookiejar mentioned in her tags that his smirk was really reminiscent of the famous smirk in the jikook birthday kiss video which thank you Sally for mentioning that and making me suffer even more.) who was enjoying those close-up shots of Jimin immensely. (Has Jungkook ever been more relatable?) but my favorite part of that reaction is when Jimin compliments Jungkook’s outfit. Now as soon as he sees this shot of Jungkook 

(gif credit)

Jimin opens his mouth to say something but he stops and immediately starts fidgeting in his seat (Now his hesitation could be because Jin was talking at that time but this was the only part in the video from what I have seen anyway that he reacted like this also did anyone else notice the way he adjusted himself here?? He pulls on his shirt and crosses his arm and it just seemed like he didn’t know what to do with his body also I swear he spread his legs a little bit.)

and then he starts to speak up once again but he pauses and seemingly hesitates again (He was struggling to come up with words real hard ya’lland Namjoon sort of saves him by giving him a somewhat safe comment. 

and Jimin goes along with it like “Yeah sure, that’s what I was going to say. Thank you for helping me out there, hyung.” (Look at his body language. He’s fiddling with his sleeves, repeatedly glancing down he glanced down for a split second in the gif above as well like ??? He just could not sit still during this part and it’s the only time that he really fidgets like this throughtout the entire video.)

Of course because he probably couldn’t help himself (Who can blame him honestly) he adds that Jungkook doesn’t just look like an adult he looks sexy like an adult. (BODY LANGUAGE. LOOK AT THE BODY LANGUAGE. Look at the way he’s playing with his bracelet, the way he looks away from the screen ALSO LOOK AT HIS FUCKING FACE, LOOK AT HIS SMILE. He looks almost shy???? like???? I honestly don’t even know how to properly explain his expression throughout this entire thing but it got me fucked up regardless.) 

*Bonus: He says the sentence in the gif above in a certain way and a second later Jin asks him if he just spoke in Satoori but he quickly denies it. Now I don’t know if he actually does or not but regardless I thought that was interesting*

WOW I HAVE REALIZED THAT I’M INCAPABLE OF MAKING SHORT POSTS. WHAT THE FUCK. Anyways I hope this is good, I know I didn’t do every single moment but honestly if you look at the length of this fucking post alone you probably realize why lmao. THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME TO DO THIS BTW. I was shook and flattered when I received this ask. 

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Also ask yourself why ppl are only excited to see a movie bc their white fav is in it and not because of the numerous talented black folks in it. Why make this movie, which again is about black characters and their stories, about the random background white guy who is only there as a plot device and to help link the story into the MCU? It's ridiculous really

People can be excited for this film on multiple levels. They can be excited to see Martin while also acknowledging that this is a milestone for representation. When they make gifsets about their fave they aren’t saying HES THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE FILM. They are saying “hey this is for me and my friends because I know all the other parts have been giffed a million times and I’ll reblog those too, I just wanna make one focused on this actor I like.” And once again it’s just about people liking things, at the end of the day none of this matters, Black Panther will come out, make a bunch of money and we will get more PoC led action movies. That’s it. What will matter is if you send a bunch of anon hate messages to someone who loved MF in Sherlock/The Hobbit and made them cry. (Also anon, Id go and read the official synopsis and realize that MF was on set for months, he’s gonna have a sizable role and I think people need to accept that, there’s nothing to be done).


chu learns how to gif: bo/dyson in 1x12 ‘dis members only’


I was watching the movie and thinking about this part. We’ve speculated about it before, but I think it’s very interesting to consider what goes on between Herc and Chuck in this scene, and what they might have been discussing in the background.

Chuck was told to suit up, but knowing his father was injured, he didn’t even bother. Piloting with someone else was unthinkable.

(It would have been risky to send him off with someone who had never been in a Jaeger before, but Raleigh was doing trials with potential copilots only days earlier, and he and Mako only had one test run - which failed - before they took on Leatherback and Otachi. So the idea of Chuck piloting with one of the “candidates” isn’t totally unreasonable. In fact, they would have had enough time to test for compatibility in the Kwoon immediately following Herc’s injury, but Stacker must have already decided that he was going to pilot Striker with Chuck and so he didn’t make any arrangements for that to happen.)

I kind of love that Stacker makes a joke to break the tension when he comes out in the drive suit with Herc by his side, since he’s hardly the type to make jokes normally, and because the tension is sort of unbreakable. Chuck is just staring at Stacker in alarmed disbelief, but you can see Herc studying Chuck the whole time, gauging his reaction. 

When Stacker walks away the opposite is true - Herc is watching Stacker (or avoiding Chuck’s gaze?) and Chuck’s eyes shift over to his father. His frown is almost petulant at first, as if he is being wronged. But then it softens into more of a concerned look (even scared?). It fascinates me because I see Herc and Chuck at the same time as both eager to consult with each other and eager to avoid the awkwardness/pain of the situation, aka continue their policy of not discussing anything. 

The focus of the scene follows Mako and Stacker and their conversation, but in the background you can clearly see Herc and Chuck migrate into their own bubble, with both Raleigh and Tendo withdrawing. (Granted it’s a more important scene for Mako and Stacker, and they are primary characters, but this is an important scene for Chuck and Herc as well and it’s really a shame they’re never at the center, not even for a few nonverbal seconds.) It’s hard to tell exactly what the nature of their conversation is - in my opinion it doesn’t look like an argument, per se, but in the very last gif Chuck does appear to be distressed/displeased. 

I’d love to ask Max and Rob what they were actually saying during this part because I feel like in order to act it out well they would have needed to improvise some general dialogue. (Unless they were just talking about lunch.)

There’s really only a couple of things Chuck and Herc could reasonably be discussing here. After Chuck learns such a big piece of information it’s hardly likely they would discuss something unrelated. (Though given them, who knows? I can totally see them having the habit of immediately changing the subject to avoid discussing anything too serious/personal. The proverbial “So how ‘bout them Yankees?”)

Given what they say during their goodbye scene, I think it’s pretty clear that they didn’t broach anything too heavy prior to that.

It’s my headcanon that Herc is reassuring Chuck. I see Chuck as being unsure 1) about Stacker’s competence. (In the novelization he says in a different scene, “Pentecost may be a good man, but he hasn’t seen combat in, what? Ten years, maybe? More?” And given his disdain for Raleigh’s five years of construction work, it seems like he has a low opinion of the ability of long-retired pilots. Though I’m sure that changed a little after Raleigh and Mako’s success against Leatherback and Otachi.)

But more importantly I see Chuck as being insecure 2) about his ability to drift and pilot with anyone other than this father. He talks big with his “my bomb run” and “I’m the only chance we’ve got” (novelization), but I think that’s just posturing and overcompensation for his many insecurities. (And possibly a bit of a savior complex born of his survivor’s guilt.)

Obviously this isn’t a gushy sentimental conversation, but the way Herc was studying Chuck’s reaction made me feel like he came out prepared to buffer/counter Chuck’s response. And I see Chuck as being mostly afraid. (Not afraid to die, exactly, but afraid of dying in a way that is unnecessary or different from what he had imagined - like without his father by his side. And afraid of failing, of course.) So I see Herc as, in the end, mostly giving reassurances and affirmations to him. But, of course, I don’t think Chuck would freely admit that he was afraid to pilot with someone other than his father.

Ugh, I would kill for this to have been an actual scene between them and not just some body language going on in the distance. 

Behind The Scenes (23/24)

Author’s note: For some reason i actually feel nervous posting this part. Maybe it is because there is only one part left now, or that for my personally, this one is my favorite part of the story… I don’t know. I hope you all like this part and have enjoyed the series so far. I don’t plan on posting the final part until maybe Sunday or Monday. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: I honestly don’t really know what genre to put it it. There is some angst, but i think overall its just “drama”…

Word count: 2715


Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Back at the dorm, V was sitting on the couch waiting for you two. “Finally, you two are back!” he exclaimed jumping off the couch. He ran towards you and plucked his coffee from what you were holding.  He ran off to the bedrooms screaming, “Coffee is here!”

Jin helped you place all the things on the counter. Jungkook, and Jimin gathered around, got their coffee and went back to the rooms. V ran back it get Jhope’s coffee. “Hobi is still a bit out of it right now. I’m just gonna go take this to him.”. Rap Monster was the only one that stayed in the kitchen.

“Hey guys. Thanks for picking these up.” Rap Monster said

“No problem” you told him.

“Y/n, if you want to go home, you can go now. Jin, I’m going out again and I’m taking Tae, Jimin, and Jungkook with me.”

“Where are you guys going?” you asked as you gathered your things.

“Uh, don’t worry about it. It’s just a small errand and I need the guys to help me.”

“Why don’t I do it for you?” you suggested

“No, that’s okay. You should go home.” Then he turned his head towards the bedrooms and shouted, “Guys! Let’s go!”

“Oh, Namjoon, when Y/n and I went out there was paparazzi.” Jin warned

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” Rap Monster said going to the front door.

The boys soon came into the kitchen. They were all dressed in dark clothing. They had already partially covered their face and hair. They left their masks pinned under their chins so they could finish their coffee.

“Okay, bye guys. Y/n, don’t forget to be here by 6:30 tomorrow”, Rap Monster said as they all walked out the door. You grabbed your things and said bye to Jin, heading for the door as well.

“Y/n! Wait!”

“What’s up?” you asked walking back to him

“I still have something that I need to tell you.” he said softly

You stood in front of him and placed your things on the counter. “What did you need to tell me?” you asked. The same vibe that was in the car brought itself back into the kitchen.

Jin started to look nervous “Um, first, do you want some water? I need some. My coffee made my mouth so dry.” Jin said fidgeting with the water cooler.

“Um, no that’s okay.”

He chugged down his glass and began to speak again. “Um, okay. Most of what I wanted to say was just that… uh… I think you’re a really great person… You’re so helpful and I really appreciate it.”

You gave him a small smile. “Thanks Jin. You don’t have to say that. I’m just trying to do a good job to help all you guys out.” You said grabbing your stuff again.

“No! uh… I don’t think this is coming out right.” At this point he looked really nervous. When you thought about it, this was the first time you ever saw Jin nervous. Based on how he was carrying himself and from what he had just said, you felt as though your stomach was doing flips. Deep down you felt you knew what he was trying to say.

He came closer to you and gently held your hands. He looked you in the eyes and said. “Okay, let me be more clear. Y/n I like you. I’ve been having feelings for you recently. It’s just, you’re such a great person. You’re so beautiful and smart and you’re so nice. You’re so amazing with jinjin. You handled the news about him being my son so well too! Despite the fact that I have a son, and that I get stressed a lot, I never feel any judgement from you. And after today, having to pretend to be a couple, I want us to be an actual couple. Y/n, I really like you. I know I’m an idol, I know I’m a father, and I know you work for us, but will you still give me a chance and be my girlfriend?”

You stayed quiet. It took you a while to take in all that he just unloaded on you.

He looked back at you, searching for an answer in your eyes.

“Jin, I, uh, I…”

You could feel him give your hands a slight squeeze as he anticipated your answer.

“Jin, I… I’m sorry Jin. I don’t think I like you back in that way.” You said in almost a whisper.

He softly let your hands fall to your sides and he turned away from you. “Uh… Okay… Just… Umm.” Then he stayed quiet. You could see him tense up and you started to feel really bad. You carefully walked over to him, “Jin…I…”

“So why don’t you like me back?” Jin asked, turning back to you. He looked really confused and a bit hurt.

“It’s nothing personal Jin. I just see you as a friend.”

“Oh, don’t give me that crap!” Jin said looking a bit angry. “Tell me the real reason!”

“Jin, that is the reason. You’re a great guy, but I don’t like you that way.” You told him, trying to calm him down. You were starting to get really scared.

“I’m not stupid Y/n. I can tell when you’re lying to me!” he said louder

“Jin I-“

“It’s Yoongi isn’t it?!?”

“What? What does Yoongi have to do with anything?!?”

“Maybe Jimin is right. Maybe you are just some little slut. I see how you and Yoongi are with each other! You are always in his room and you always sleep in there too! What happened? Did he drop you like Jungkook did? Is that why you two haven’t been talking lately? Were you getting all close with me to make him jealous?”  He was furious now and was already standing over you.

“Jin no! It’s not-“. Before you knew what happened, you felt your left cheek sting. It took you a while to process the fact that Jin just slapped you, hard. You could feel your cheek throbbing already.

“Tell me the truth!” he demanded

You couldn’t really see well anymore. Your tears were blurring your vision. Once again Jin attacked you before you knew what was going on. He shoved you and you flew into the wall. You hit the wall hard enough to knock the clock off its hook. The large clock broke its fall on your head. In the process the clocks face broke and shards of glass fell all over the kitchen floor. You could feel something warm trickling down the side of your face. The whole room was spinning from the impact of the clock.

You let out a scream when you could make out Jin’s silhouette crouching in front of you, bringing his fist behind his head. You shut your eyes and waited for his fist to make contact with your face.

However, the punch never came. Instead all you heard was grunting and punching. You opened your eyes and found Jin pinned to the floor with Suga on top of him.

Suga’s fists were flying. Each one landed on Jin’s face and chest. “You fucking bastard! Leave Y/n alone!” Suga shouted

“Yoongi!” you cried. You tried to get up and help, but you were in too much pain to move and you were cutting your hands on all the glass.

You watched as Jin got the upper hand and pinned Suga down. You saw as Jin was punching Suga. You could tell that Jin’s punches were much more powerful than Suga’s. No matter how much you tried to get up, you couldn’t. You stayed stuck to the floor as Suga squirmed under Jin trying to get a few punches in here and there.

“Y/n” Jhope called out to you. He came up to you and examined your face.

“Hobi! Please help Suga!”

“No, come with me.” He pulled you up and walked you to the hallway bathroom.

You began sobbing. “Hobi! Go help Yoongi! Jin is hurting him!”. You reached for the door knob, but Jhope blocked your hand and locked the door. He stood in front of the door knob so you wouldn’t try to unlock it. “Hobi please!”

“Y/n, no. It’s okay. Yoongi can take care of himself.” Jhope said calmly as he sat you don’t on the toilet lid.

“No, Hobi, he’s probably really drunk. His reflexes are slow!” you protested

Jhope began searching under the cabinet for the first aid kit. “This is not the first time he and Jin fight like this. It’s all gonna be okay. And if he’s drunk, then good for him. He won’t be able to feel anything for now.”

He pulled out the first aid kit. He grabbed some bandages and wiped the blood off your face. You were so focused on Suga that you forgot that you were bleeding.  

“Oh Y/n. I’m so sorry! If I hadn’t given you the silent treatment, things wouldn’t have come to this.” he looked really sad and he gave you a hug.

“I’m sorry too Hobi. I should have told you guys what had happened, instead of keeping it from you two.”

He pulled away from you and inspected your face again and your hands too. “Okay, so your cheek is a bit swollen. Don’t be surprised if you have a bruise tomorrow. Your cut doesn’t look too bad. I don’t think you’ll need any stiches.” He looks down at your hands. “Your hands are bleeding a bit. You probably cut them when you were trying to get up… You’re so lucky I’m getting of my high. If this happened any earlier I would have been no help to you.”

Jhope pulled out a few band-aids, cottons balls and rubbing alcohol. From past the door, you could hear that Suga and Jin were still fighting with each other. You could hear them yelling, but you could make out what they were shouting.

“Okay, Y/n. This might sting.” Jhope warned. He disinfected all the cuts on your hands and the one on your face. He put bandages on all of them, putting a larger one on your head.

“Well. This big cut might end up being a scar. Good thing its mostly along your hairline, it shouldn’t be too obvious when its healed. How do you feel right now?”

“Not good. My hands hurt, my face hurts, my head hurts, and my body hurts. I’m really scared. Are they still fighting? Will Yoongi be okay? Will they need to go to the hospital? What if people find out?” you began to panic.

“Calm down Y/n. We can get the manager to call a guy he knows who can take a look at all of you. No one will find out. All the bruises and scars can be covered up with make-up.”

“But what about Jin and Yoongi? Now they’ll hate each other. I didn’t mean to start any fight!”

“Don’t worry about it right now. They are getting all their anger out. We all do this all the time. After they are done, they will act as if nothing ever happened. Watch, Jin isn’t even going to be mad at you after this either.”

“That’s scary.”

He let out a sigh, “I know, but this is how we do things. Just from now on we aren’t going to leave you alone with Jin. Especially since you don’t know his triggers yet.”

You two heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Jhope asked

“It’s me” Suga said.

Jhope opened the door and let Suga in. You let out a gasp when you saw Suga. Both his eyes were a bit swollen and bruised looking. He was bleeding a lot out of his mouth. He also had a bleeding cut on his forehead. There was some blood on his shirt. There were cuts all over his hands.

You were in shock. You couldn’t believe he was this beat up.

“Are you guys done already?” Jhope asked Suga, analyzing his injuries too.

“The guys showed up. Namjoon broke us apart. He’s questioning Jin right now and the guys are cleaning up the mess. I came to check on Y/n.”

Suga looked over to you. You two maintained eye contact for a long time. You two didn’t break it until Jhope said something.

“So, uh, I’m going to get you two some ice to help with the swelling…. Y/n take care of Yoongi for me.” Then Jhope awkwardly left the bathroom.

Immediately you ran over to Suga and gave him a big hug. You snaked your way into his arm and held him tight. You didn’t care if he was still mad at you, you were just glad that he was okay and you were thankful that he fought Jin off of you. To your relief, you could feel his arms tighten around you.

“Y/n, I’m sorry. I’m so so so sorry. Are you okay? Tell me you’re okay.”

You began to cry again. “Thank you for saving me Yoongi. Thank you so much!”

You could feel him tighten the hug. He brought his hand to your head and caressed you.

You both stayed like that for a while. Then Suga let out a sigh. “Ok enough of this sappy shit. Fix me up!” He let go of you and sat down where you sat previously.

You went to the first aid kit and grabbed everything you needed. You started with his hands. He winced every time you used rubbing alcohol he, but other than that he was really quiet.

You could feel him staring at you. You weren’t too sure if he really was because you were trying to focus in his hands. Your suspicions were confirmed when you brought your gaze up to focus on his swollen, bloody lip. He didn’t say anything until you were cleaning the cut on his forehead.

“Y/n… I want you to quit.” He said blankly.

“What?!? Why?!?”

“I don’t want you to work for us anymore. I don’t want you to get hurt again.”

“I won’t do it!” you said stubbornly

“Y/n, please. Listen to me and just quit!”

“No” you continued to clean his wound.

He pushed your hands away. “Y/n please.”

“No Yoongi, I won’t do it. I can’t leave you guys. You all need me.”


“Look! I’ll stay away from Jin, but I won’t quit.”

He grabbed your face and made you look at him. “Y/n please. I’m serious, just fucking quit.”

“Yoongi, I don’t care what you say. I’m not going to quit. I’ll be different now. I’ll just do what Namjoon tells me. I won’t get in anyone’s business anymore. I’ll avoid Jin and Jimin and I won’t do anything to provoke them. I promise”

“No Y/n listening to Namjoon is one of the worst things you can do. Listen to me and quit!”

“You’re drunk Yoongi. You just got out of a fight. You’re not thinking straight. I’m not going to quit.”

“I’m not that drunk! Stop being so fucking stubborn!” He let go of you and looked at you with a stressed expression. “Y/n… He has you dealing drugs!”

“What?!? Who?!?” he sounded like he was going crazy. He was telling you something so random. You were concerned that he might have gotten a concussion or something.

“Namjoon! He has you dealing drugs for him. If you think I was so worried about you with Jin, I’m a hundred times more worried about the type of people Namjoon is making you deal with!”

“What the fuck do you mean he has me dealing? I haven’t laid my hands on anything!” you started to freak out. You couldn’t think of any situation where you came across drugs.

“What do you think is in those fucking boxes that he has you deliver?!?”

“I… I… I…”

“Those envelopes that you bring back for him is all the money that he gets from the deals. How do you think you get paid so much? How do you think we have this dorm?”

You stayed silent. Everything was connecting in your head. You bolted to the out of the bathroom in search of Rap Monster.

You found him in the kitchen talking to Jhope. “Namjoon!” you called out.

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I followed you bc I needed more cartoon gifs and screen caps in my life but you're actually great outside of that. Like you're so intelligent and well read and help me understand groups I'm not necessarily a part of. You're great 💕

Again, this is another ask I’ve kept in my inbox for literal months just because of how sweet it is!

I really am glad that my blog not only fulfilled your first desire, but has also expanded you’re understanding, too! That’s what I wanna do — Help people grow and understand the world around them better and also give them enjoyment/relief from said world!


Why Sherlock’s explanation for the fall is definitely a lie

A theory about the weird timing of the scene with Anderson

This is the fourth backing meta for the “Analyzing the rooftop scene”. However, it can be read independently as it’s related mostly to The Empty Hearse and not TRF.

I’m not stating anything new by saying Sherlock’s version is a lie, but I will give my theory about the weird timing in which we saw Sherlock explaining to Anderson how he fell from Bart’s rooftop .

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Public Service Announcement About Last Pokemon Episode

Hey, Pokemon fans! I’m new to the fandom and I haven’t been on Tumblr much over the past few… weeks? Months? Idk. Work has been hard. But I saw the last episode of Pokemon and Serena’s short kiss scene with Ash. It was cute. I really liked it and it made me giggle, but it reminded me about this blog and when I came back on Tumblr I saw a lot of non-Amourshippers being salty and a lot of Amourshippers being rude. So let me sum up a few things about the kiss scene for people who seem a little confused.

1. Serena kissed Ash

Originally posted by kagedragneel

Here’s a gif of it as proof. People keep saying it was left up to interpretation, but it was pretty obvious. The only kind of debatable part is where he was kissed I guess because it cuts to their feet before we can see.

2. Amourshipping is not canon

Originally posted by taillow-suift

Serena kissed Ash. That’s all. There are too many non-Amourshippers who are acting like it’s the end of the world. There are too many Amourshippers who are bragging about being “canon”. And both of you are bringing me down. Someone kissing Ash does not make their ship canon. They aren’t married, they aren’t dating, and we don’t even know if Ash likes her back (more on that in a minute). It’s a definitely a cute scene but as far as canon status goes, it didn’t change anything.

What does this mean?

Originally posted by rewatchingpokemon

I just thought someone needed to say these two things because honestly the fandom environment feels kind of toxic and crazy to me right now. I just logged back on for the first time in God knows how long and everyone is saying every ship besides Amourshipping has been sunk. They really haven’t. I see that a lot of the more popular non-Amourshipping blogs are getting questions about it and they keep answering with things like “What happens in canon shouldn’t ruin the fun you have shipping your favorite couple” or “We still have fan fictions and fan art” and this is all true, but I really think someone also needs to point out that Amourshipping is just as canon as it was last week. I don’t mean anything offensive when I say that but it’s something that needs to be said because I don’t think everyone understands it and it’s causing them to either cry or brag. Every non-Amourshipper can let the Amourshippers have this without giving up any validation and every Amourshipper can have it without acting like it proves something. 

Here is a picture of Bianca or Latias (no one knows which) kissing Ash and him reacting almost the exact same way.

(Yes, I know it was on the cheek while Serena’s was probably on the lips but that’s not the important part.) When this happened did everyone start thinking every ship besides Altoshipping was sunk? I really hope not. It’s just a kiss. It’s cute and it’s a nice thing to have if you ship this couple. Amourshippers have every right to enjoy it and fangirl/boy over it. But on the other hand Ash didn’t kiss back or even blush, and they aren’t dating so it’s not canon. If you don’t ship it then take solace in the fact that Ash is still very single and his lack of a reaction could very possibly indicate that he doesn’t harbor any romantic feelings or even understand the romance. 

Please share this with anyone who is confused about their ship’s canon status because of the kiss. I want to do what I can to keep our community informed and positive! I hope this helped! :)


Bollywood Photoshop Challenge (x):

10) Favorite villain
So this was a hard choice to make because I really like a lot of villains but then, I thought about if any villain had actually scared me and there was only one that really freaked me out. Also, let’s be real: psycho Ritesh was the best part of this movie.

Random Observations While Watching High School Musical

So i was watching High School Musical tonight. And it started with the scene right after Start of Something New where i was thinking something. Then i was thinking something about a scene at East High. Next thing i knew i was thinking one thing after another, whether they were random observations or my own guesses of why someone acted a certain way or did something. i followed along the movie with so i could try to find just the right scene/screenshot to go with each theory. Hope you guys are ready for a nice long post!

Emcee hooking up Troyella

External image

Remember how in the beginning the emcee said ‘someday you guys might thank me for this"? Look at his reaction right after Troy and Gabriella are finished singing. Ok, so we all know karaoke is a fun thing to do and it doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad or whatever. But let’s think about this. It’s New Year’s Eve. Figure the majority of poeple in that teen club are there on vacation. When teens/kids go on vacation with their families they spend pretty much every minute with them. Figure this is like, everyone’s little bit of time to chill with people their own age and get a break from their folks. Imagine how many people Emcee sees at the club every year. What if, in all those years, he saw how awkward these kids could be around each other? What if sometimes he looked at certain people in that club and thought to himself based on things they said or did, 'huh…those guys would be pretty good together’. So Emcee devised karaoke in the teen club and, to really mix it up, sometimes randomly (or maybe 'randomly’) had people come up to sing hoping that it would get those people together. This particular New Year’s Eve, Troy and Gabriella go up on the stage and end up not only sounding amazing together but obviously hitting it off; not even knowing it would go that well Emcee told them beforehand, 'someday you guys might thank me for this’. Look at how happy he is that he was right. After all those people he saw karaoke-ing together and never amounting to friendships/relationships/anything TROYELLA HAPPENS. ALL OF THAT PLANNING AND WAITING FINALLY PAID OFF FOR HIM AND HE IS SO THRILLED THAT FINALLY HE GOT ONE RIGHT. EMCEE IS SOME KINDA GENIUS.

Chaylor pre-HSM?
This one’s gonna be a little (ok, a lot) longer for two reasons - there are a number of screencaps supporting this and also Chaylor is my favorite OTP ever so obviously it’s gonna have more detail. Anyway this theory starts with a couple of blink-and-you-might-miss-them shots.
External image

First we have this shot outside of East High. Pretty simple, Chad’s showing off his basketball skills to a cheerleader. This could’ve come about one of two ways: they were flirting beforehand offscreen and cheerleader really wanted Chad to show her some moves, or he’s a jock and it’s basically a give-in to mingle with/show off to the cheerleaders cause they’re all popular.
External image

In this second screencap, cute girl comes into homeroom and it looks like she might be checking Chad out. (C'mon, who wouldn’t?) Is he checking her out, too? We don’t know because a, we don’t know if she’s some 'popular’ girl and jocks and popular are kinda glue and b, we don’t see his face. What we do know is, it’s pretty safe to assume he’s single (or else why would he ask Taylor out at the end?). So is Chad checking out cheerleaders/populars/hot girls and/or flirting with/showing off to them because he’s a player/flirt or is it cause there’s another reason?
External image

Here’s what we do know. This screenshot takes places directly after Darbus announces the final sign-ups for Scholastic Decathlon and mentions Taylor’s name. Since Taylor sits directly behind Chad, kind of looks like he’s glancing back in her direction and smiling. Why would he smile at the mention of someone’s name if their cliques, and consequently them, are technically nemesises? Could it be because he has a thing for said person…or that there is a thing?
External image

In this screencap right here, we see Chad smiling directly at Taylor. Considering this is when they’re finished planning Troyella’s interventions he could be smiling because he’s now thinking, 'this is so gonna work, we have the brainiacs on our side and they see it the same way, i’m getting my best friend back….’ You get the idea. Makes sense. On the other hand, if they were already secretly a thing obviously they don’t get to spend a ton of time together cause of the whole clique deal. If you were with someone, would you like to send them a smile or do a little something every chance you got? Maybe Chad’s the same way. And think about it - this is one of the very few if not the only time Chad would actually get to smile at Taylor during school hours with his friends right there with him. Coinciedence? Oh but wait, you’re probably thinking, 'generalwildcat has all these observations about Chad, where’s the Taylor part?’ Ok then…
External image

If i could make a gif outta this moment i would because then you would see that when Gabriella asks, “do you ever feel like there’s this whole other person inside of you just looking for a way to come out?” that Taylor hesitates in her response. Doesn’t seem like a big deal in the midst of the movie because she answers, “not really, no”. Here’s the thing though - why would she hesitate to answer if it should be that obvious? Was the pause to make Gabriella feel better, as though her question is valid and Gabriella isn’t just imagining things? Or is it because Taylor actually is hiding something and doesn’t want Gabriella to know? Think about it. Gabriella obviously has a crush on Troy, but that’s kinda hard for them to be a thing with their cliques all opposite of each other. If Taylor and Chad were already in a similar position they would know how hard it is. And it’s a high school relationship so how many people are super crazy worried that their relationship in high school is gonna work? Especially considering the cliquey circumstances? We see throughout each movie that Taylor always tries to help Gabriella in the best way she can and has her best intentions at heart. Why would Taylor get Gabriella’s hopes up that singing/being with Troy would work out, let alone when Taylor is unsure if she and Chad would even work out? The theory that Taylor and Chad were already a thing pre-HSM is further supported when earlier, Taylor showed Gabriella how to speak cheerleader. Again, explaining how things work around East High because she has Gabriella’s best intentions at heart. Taylor could know how to speak cheerleader because being part of the chem club she’d be pretty observant; she even observes the jocks’ comments about Sharpay in the beginning of the movie. It’s possible that Taylor picked it cheerleader speak hearing them throughout the (at that current point) two and a half years at East High. But it could also be possible that because Chad spend so much time with cheerleaders he talks to Taylor about them. A comment one of the cheerleaders made or something he thought was funny, etc. In discussing with Chad their situations within each of their cliques, Taylor could have picked up things about the cheerleaders such as certain phrases part of their cheerleader speak.
External image

That brings us to this final screencap. Jocks and nerds typically avoid each other. If you recall earlier in the movie, Chad and Taylor met outside of East High (“we’re not Charlie’s Angels, ok?”) at which point it seemed like they were half in the open and half hiding. That made sense for two reasons. Reason number one is it’s safe to assume both their cliques already knew their plan and this meeting was the laptop trade-off and finalizing the time. As a result there’d be no reason for any of their friends to worry about them being together in the open because without a laptop for the jocks, their plan is pretty much screwed. Reason number two is the rest of the school has no idea what’s going on. Those students could have one of two reactions: someone sees Chaylor and tells a jock or nerd about it (which would amount to nothing given the previous statement), or there’s already so much chaos because of the Troy singing deal. Or maybe some students just don’t care. But this time, Chaylor saw for themselves what setting up Troyella did to their friends. They look at each other from a small distance across the cafeteria and walk off together, more than likely to sit and dicsuss the situation. Right there in the cafeteria. We don’t see their conversation so we don’t know what they say to each other or how they act around each other. But the bottom line is, if anyone saw them together it no longer matters. If at any point they somehow say or maybe do something that could come across to a random person as coupley IT DOESN’T MATTER. THE FACT THAT THEY ARE ABOUT TO SIT ONE ON ONE IN THE CAFETERIA PRETTY MUCH IN FRONT OF THE REST OF THE SCHOOL CAN SAY IT ALL.

Why are Sharpay and Ryan about to walk out of East High right before first period?
External image

Sharpay was clearly on her phone, more than likely texting someone, while walking. And we know that where Sharpay goes Ryan goes. The obvious answer is that they’re meeting someone. The only question is, who? Either of their parents, maybe? We learn in the third movie that Sharpay doesn’t eat regular cafeteria food and has a special meal at lunch prepared; maybe one of her parents was dropping off a special lunch she left at home? Was there some sort of last minute theater club meeting outside? Or was it to pick up drugs or something? Seeing as how it’s a Disney movie and not a drama/soap, safe to say it’s not the last one. And since Sharpay and Ryan’s parents are very well off they probably have someone to make the twins food - better yet, since they put a lot of money into East High (how else would Sharpay get such a lavish lunch in the third movie?) Sharpay already has a lunch being prepared in the cafeteria that moment. Since musical auditions are during free period that day, it makes the most sense for it to be a last minute theater club meeting. Maybe as a way to prep the club for auditions or to scare off newcomers looking to join the club. Either way, it does make sense that someone in the drama club would text Sharpay saying, 'everyone’s at the fountain’ so Ryan, being co-president of the drama club, would be heading there with Sharpay.

Jason has a twin
External image

In this image, we see Jason exiting homeroom with the rest of the class after the bell rings. We know it’s Jason because that was estabished during homeroom.
External image

And in this image, while very blurry, it looks like we see Jason walking out of the classroom again. Now, technically we know movie scenes are shot multiple times; on top of that we have been told before (i believe they poked fun at it during the HSM pop up edition) that Ryne (aka Jason) did walk out of the room more than once. Now we could go off and agree that it’s a fun in-movie blooper. Or this can be a sign that Jason has an identical twin brother. Sure it would be weird for them to be wearing the exact same thing; and it would be even weirder that this is the only time this happens. But what if Jason really does have a twin and that’s just the only time he was ever on screen? What if Jason’s brother is actually in a different clique or only has homeroom with these people? It would explain why he’s never seen. As to why he’s never mentioned, there’s no point for Jason to ever say if he’s an only child or not. Even if he isn’t and does have a twin brother, what if the brother is really embarrassing? Don’t think a guy like Jason, who’s so high up on the social food chain with the rest of the jocks, would really want to talk about him let alone be seen with him.

Why Darbus and Coach hate each other
External image

As we see here, Darbus and Coach are just finishing their meeting/argument with Principal Matsui in his office. It’s established here that the two teachers have been butting heads since starting at East High. There could be a few reasons why coworkers don’t get along. Here’s my theory: basketball is a huge deal at East High. Matsui’s office is decorated with basketball galore. And it’s established later on in the movie that East High had some pretty wicked basketball players. Coach himself played at East High and graduated in 1981. That means between college and grad school (which he would need to become a teacher) the earliest Coach would have possibly completed college was 1987 (four years for college and minimum of two for grad school). And East High probably wasn’t even his first teaching/coaching gig so he more than likely wouldn’t have started there until after Troy was born (figure 1990). Coach says later in the movie Troy hasn’t missed practice in three years. If Troy’s a junior that would be his third year at East High, meaning Coach would have had to coach there for a minimum of three or four years. So, suppose he started at East High after Darbus was already teaching there. We have no idea for how long Darbus was at East High prior to HSM, but i think it’s safe to assume she’s been teaching longer than Coach. So what if before Coach came around, musical productions at East High were just as big a deal as basketball? What if East High was known for its spectacular renditions of plays/musicals like Once on This Island, Into the Woods, or even Grease? The most recent great player at East High the jocks mentioned at Troy’s intervention graduated in 2002; in the 2006-2007 school year, that’s only four to five years ago and still a small gap after another MVP that graduated in 1999. Imagine if somewhere in that time frame, not only with those MVPs around but also potentially with Coach starting at East High, East High got so hyped up over basketball. They obviously had a few good seasons and if the West High Knights beat the Wildcats in championship games for three years straight, East High had to have a pretty damn good basketball team. That kind of hype and school spirit over basketball could have made the theater productions an afterthought and therefore cause drama between Coach and Darbus.

Why Sharpay and Ryan sing love duets
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i have a couple of theories with this one so i’m gonna take these one at a time.
Theory 1: It boosts Ryan’s confidence/can get girls’ attention. Sharpay’s been in 17 school productions and no one has beaten her out for a lead role since kindergarten; we know those are true. However it hasn’t been mentioned if Ryan was in as many productions or if he played the male lead every time. Imagine there was a point where Ryan played only minor roles and maybe didn’t have the most confidence in himself. The latter can be believable, since he basically follows Sharpay most of the movie and continues to do so through half of HSM2. But in training with Sharpay and always following her around, he is eventually pushed enough (maybe even by Sharpay herself) to do better and go for better roles. In those better/lead roles not only does he get more time on stage and is more likely to be noticed by girls (or even guys) but he also holds his own against Sharpay. Let’s say Ryan is interested in a girl; if he can hold his own alongside Sharpay and handle himself with her in general there’s a pretty good chance he can handle just about any girl. The fact that he is also good enough to land lead roles on his own and has all that time to show off his dance moves as well probably also majorly boosts his confidence.
Theory 2: Sharapy only wants to perform with Ryan. Sharpay and Ryan trust each other; which makes sense because in retrospect who are you going to trust more than your own twin? What if Sharpay is just not comfortable performing opposite of anyone else, the only acception more than likely being Troy? We know Sharpay has a buttload of confidence and she’s a damn good performer. Thing is, with Ryan she knows what she’s getting. She has someone to run lines with 24/7 practically and they know pretty much everything about each other on and off stage. And with Ryan as her leading man, Sharpay knows she’s going to get as much time center stage as possible and he will let her shine no matter what. That may not be a give in or so easy if she were performing with someone else. Maybe Ryan is some sort of security for her, especially if he was in as many productions as her. Or maybe since prior to HSM Sharpay wasn’t going to be performing with Troy she might as well go with her own brother? It seems like kind of a long shot, but has a little bit of believability to it.

Kelsi and her music
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LOOK AT HER REACTION. TROY, THE MOST POPULAR GUY IN SCHOOL, AFTER ONLY HEARING A FEW SNIPPETS OF ONE OF KELSI’S SONGS, COMPLIMENTS HER. AND HE CALLS HER THE PLAYMAKER BASICALLY SAYING THERE WOULD BE NO SHOW WITHOUT HER. LOOK AT HER FACE PRACTICALLY LIGHT UP. As mentioned before, Sharpay was in 17 school productions. She asked how many times Kelsi’s compositions have been chosen. Up to that point it was none. Imagine going all that time, practically since kindergarten, loving to write music and coming up with all these ideas and songs for plays only to have them rejected every time. Especially if it were for that amount of time, that’s a thing that could seriously damage someone’s self confidence. It kind of did for Kelsi already because she is so quiet and soft-spoken and it almost seems like she doesn’t know how to take Troy’s compliments towards her. Kelsi, in this moment, is just so excited that someone, never mind FRICKING TROY BOLTON THE KING OF EAST HIGH, is acknowledging her talent. And she goes to the piano and just starts playing. Whether or not Troy and Gabriell Whether or not she reveals a secret offscreen is irrelevent. Second it could mean is that it doesn’t matter to her if Martha likes to learn and dance. It could mean that no matter what Martha is still her friend and that small act is an act of support towards her. It can show that not everyone at East High is outraged or shocked about all these secrets.

Coach REALLY didn’t see this coming
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When Troy and his dad are alone in the gym and they’re having their little back and forth, Coach says Troy is playmaker and not a singer. To which Troy responds, “do you ever think maybe I could be both?”. Coach is so fricking shocked by Troy’s question. It obviously never occured to him that Troy could have interests outside of basketball. In 16 years, what if all they really did talk about was basketball? Coach thought he knew Troy so well and then all of a sudden this musical stuff happens and Troy thinks he’s a singer. It is so out of left field for Coach, especially after he swore to Darbus that Troy doesn’t sing. Shows how well he knows his own son. And the sad thing is, it’s only the beginning of a wakeup call for Coach. He doesn’t seem to say or think much about Troy performing in HSM2 and he’s still caught off guard when he finds out about Troy being interested in Julliard. This concept of Troy doing something other than basketball - even LIKING something other than basketball - is just so foreign and confusing to Coach. Like, what even?

Why Troy doesn’t notice the webcam
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Look at these two screnshots. Troy doesn’t see his teammate setting up the webcam because he’s looking in the other direction. Pretty simple. But wait, why does he continue not to notice it, you ask? Two things, which are also pretty simple. First of all, most of his teammates are standing. The webcam is not at eye level with them. Therefore, if Troy is making eye contact with a number of his teammates while going on about insisting how with the team he is, he will more than likely not notice the webcam. On top of that, he could just be really into what he’s saying. Do you ever have any of those moments where you are just so passionate about something or so trying to prove your point that your surroundings mean nothing to you? Or that you’re just so caught up in something you don’t notice anything about anything? Troy could be like that; he is so focused on convincing his team that he’s not straying and that he’s with them so the webcam right in front of his face might as well be invisisble.

Why East High has posters of its basketball team
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This kind of ties in with my theory about Coach and Darbus. With only a few years apart between their MVPs (whose jerseys are also retired and hung in the gym, by the way) and having lost to West High in the last three championship games, the basketball team has to be pretty damn good. It’s probably very hard for a team to make it to the final game of the year on just pure luck. As unbelievable as it is that a high school would have such a large tribute to its basketball team, maybe this is East High’s unique way of showing support for the team. Maybe, trophy or no trophy, they already know how good the basketball team is. How good they have been. And let’s face it, the boys probably enjoy seeing their faces blown up like that. Basketball has obviously always been a big deal to East High and it’s possible that it recently became THE biggest deal. Hence all the basketball decorations, everyone fawning over the basketball players, and yes, even this giant poster in the middle of the hallway.

Troy’s secret rooftop garden
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Troy at one point in the movie said “thanks to the science club” and “my buddies don’t even know this place exists”. How did Troy get this rooftop garden all to himself courtesy of the science club and how did his friends end up finding it?
Troy is a 'hottie super bomb’. Cheerleaders love him. Sharpay loves him. It’s possible a few girls - or maybe even one girl - in the science club loves him. If the latter is true and a science girl happened to hear Troy one year saying he’d like a spot to himself (Ie: a place away from his friends/teammates or, even moreso, Coach) she shows him the roof. And just like that, Troy has his own secret spot. Is it that simple? Probably not. But i have a hard time believing than the entire science club would just give him that place no matter how popular he is. Unless there was some kind of tradeoff where Troy gets help with a science project and the science club gives him the roof. For simplicity sake, and because we really don’t know how good or bad Troy is with science, i’m going to assume it’s the former.
Who’s in the science club? Nerds? Who else is a nerd? Taylor. And she is president of Chem club, which is a type of science. So it’s safe to assume Taylor would know the person(s) from science club who gave Troy that spot. So when she and Chad talk in the cafeteria about fixing what they did to Troyella either she already knows where to find Troy or she knows who to talk to about where to find Troy. And just like that, Chad, Zeke and Jason find Troy.

Breaking free
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Last but not least we have the biggest (or maybe just one of the biggest) question in the entire movie. Why does the song officially start when Troy sings but not Gabriella? Dramatic effect and to prove a point aside, could it be possible that they had it set up both ways? i don’t know how long it can really take for two people to learn a song backwards and forwards; if two weeks is enough or more than enough time. Let’s assume for this purpose that two weeks is enough time (and we know it’s two weeks because of the time period in the movie). Troy and Gabriella could have rehearsed with Kelsi for either of them to start the song. Troy knows Gabriella has stage fright because she told him at the beginning of the movie. It would make sense that Kelsi knows about Gabriella’s stage fright as well, at least on some level. i don’t believe that Kelsi would send Gabriella on stage with stage fright and not prepare her in some way. If the three of them planned for Gabriella to start first, and she didn’t sing, that would be Troy’s cue to take over (and give his pep talk). The lights dimmed and the backdrop lowered before Troy started singing becuase Kelsi and the guy backstage knew that Troy would keep singing. They could have decided prior to the callbacks that they wouldn’t set those up unless Gabriella did start singing. And everyone knew that when Troy would start singing Gabriella would follow. Hence why the setting happened at that particular time and not before.

Those are the things i saw/theorized/observed during this last watching of HSM. i can’t think of any others that i missed, whether they’re kind of out there or just plain simple. But if anyone else sees anything don’t be afraid to add! Whether these all are even cannon or just random thoughts in my head are completely up in the air and we may never know. But it never hurts to dream once in a while. And anyway, if all of Pixar’s movies are connected somehow then there’s gotta be some truth to the in between lines/scenes/offscreen of HSM right? And with only 10 years of HSM-watching, at some point or another there’s gotta be plenty more where these came from!