only giffing things which make me smile from now on

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dude seeing gifs from only a few weeks ago of sana happy and smiling and just radiant is such a stark contrast to her right now it hurts me i just want everything to be good for her!!!! now it feels like so long ago when she was smiling and hopeful ://///

it’s so depressing right? Sana is spiraling. She’s isolating herself and you can see it wear done on her more and more every clip- which is such an amazing thing about Iman- she makes you journey along with Sana as the weight of her heartbreak concerning her friends and Yousef and just- lack of being understood? I can’t wait for her to reach out and get the help she needs by people who understand her– or at least try to understand her.

I think the make-up aspect of Sana is fascinating though. As I said before, she really does wear it as an armor and every single episode it seems to get darker and darker.