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[SUMMARY: Small Jesus Fan fiction

NOTE: I usually only write Negan/Daryl cause those are my fav but this was a one time special request. Not sure if it’s good just because it’s hard writing about something that’s not your thing lol. I do like Jesus though! And I hope the anon who requested this enjoys it!]

Jesus and Lauren.

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“For your eyes only…”


Having spent 18 months recording the album we spent 10 days learning how to play it live. Looking back we should have spent a little more time on it. We played a rehearsal show for friends and family and though everyone was very nice about it, I couldn’t help feeling that they were all nervous about sending us out to tour the world sounding that unprepared. We got better by the first gig. W


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the yoonkook live or the hug during bon voyage ep1?

i chose this only because it’s 6 minutes worth of nothing but sugakookie 


I’m going to mar this with my feelings because I just have so many for this moment.

First, we have Raimundo basically throwing himself into a fight with Chase Young in Omi’s defence and using his Wudai powers for the first time, before he is even promoted to Wudai Warrior. He’s done this before with Typhoon Boom but I bet he was taught it before hand while everyone else was at the apprentice level. This bit here feels entirely instinctual.

Second, just look at Chase’s face. That is realisation and this might be because I’m a Rai fangirl, but I swear he’s thinking ‘Oh shit! This kid could actually be threat to me.’ Which is followed by a now monster form Chase trying to bite Rai’s head off. He was trying to erase a threat. This is confirmed for me in a later episode in which Chase says he won’t underestimate the monks like he’s done in the past, I think that was in Bird of Paradise.


mickeyandmandy asked: Shameless + 7 (favorite platonic relationship) & 8 (favorite familial relationship)

Mickey and Mandy Milkovich


favourite princess mechanic moments → 11/∞


Wynonna Earp Appreciation Month: favorite episode
               1x07 || Walking After Midnight