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Happy Sarumi fest and thank you for this fantastic fanfic! :D I have few questions that bothers me for a while and I need some Niki in my life, so... What if Yata got kidnapped by green clan and met still alive Niki in green's place? What would be his reaction? Do you think Niki would blame Misaki for 'taking away his favourite toy'? And what would Saru do after discovering the whole situation(Maybye Hisui sent him a video where Niki teases Yata)? Again, Thank you very much for all your metas!

Yata would probably be really shocked to see Niki still alive (especially since if we go by the LSW manga Yata saw his body at the morgue and everything). I can see him being momentarily freaked out that this is a ghost or something but then once he realizes that no, it really is Saruhiko’s dad alive and working for the bad guys Yata would probably demand to know what the hell is going on, aren’t you supposed to be dead, all of that. I don’t think Niki would blame Yata for taking away his toy, if anything I actually think he’d be really amused like “Oh? If it isn’t my little monkey’s friend, how nice~” and probably already plotting ways he can torment Yata in order to get to Fushimi. Yata would probably be really angry at that, since I think he’s at least got a little bit of an idea of what Fushimi’s dad is like and now seeing Niki with the Greens would only make his opinion of Niki worse. Like Niki starts talking about how he can’t wait to tease his little monkey again and hey, won’t it be fun if I tie you up and send the pictures to Saruhiko, I bet he’d get real mad, let’s do that, and even though Yata’s the one captured and in danger he’s immediately angry on Fushimi’s behalf, all “If you go anywhere near Saruhiko I’ll kill you!” Niki probably just finds that funnier, like aren’t you the one who’s in a bad situation here, don’t get full of yourself, I’m only interested in you because Saruhiko likes you. Then Yata tells Niki that it won’t do any good anyway because Fushimi hates him now and maybe Niki just laughs all, “You really believed that?” and says not to worry, Saruhiko will definitely be interested in seeing what’s happened to his little friend and it’s going to be great, and Niki’s just smiling evilly the whole time he says it like he’s got the best idea for a game.

I can see Niki being the one to send Fushimi the video of himself with captured Yata, since this is a great opportunity to play with his precious monkey again. When Fushimi first gets the mail from user ‘NIKI’ he probably thinks it’s Aya or one of the Greens again trying to fuck with him and then the mail opens on its own and there’s Niki standing there in front of a tied up Yata discussing all the fun things he could do with Saruhiko’s little friend. Yata starts yelling at Fushimi not to listen to that guy and then maybe Niki makes a comment about anthills and hey, your friend here really likes fire, right, what if I pour some gasoline on him and see what happens, won’t that be fun? Then I think Fushimi pretty much freaks. Like, throwing his PDA into a wall to make the video stop freaks, and only just stopping himself because he needs to trace that video like now because he has a not-dead asshole father to kill. If Munakata’s anywhere in the vicinity he hopefully intercepts Fushimi and tries to restrain him while they formulate a plan to find where Yata’s been taken and how to get him back. Otherwise Fushimi probably runs off on his own and ends up going straight to wherever the video was sent from (or maybe Niki tells him in the video where they can meet, since he’s missed his little monkey so much after all). Either Niki’s not there and he’s left another teasing video as a calling card just to screw up Saru’s mental health some more or he is and Yata’s with him, and poor Yata’s just yelling and trying to escape while Fushimi attempts to kill Niki and probably fails utterly and gets mentally and physically pounded in the process (since I imagine Green!Niki is probably pretty strong, plus Fushimi’s already got all these issues associated with Niki’s presence that I think he wouldn’t be able to fight calmly or rationally and would be just throwing knives wildly while Niki continues to happily traumatize his child).

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SaruMi + ring, christmas/holiday, music, photograph, sunset, comfort, daydream, flower crown, letters, chains, soulmates, realization, glasses, falling, secrets (Sorry for so many, I just really love your writing)

Sarumi + Ring

“Hey Misaki,” Fushimi whispered as he slipped into the hospital room, eyes fixated on the still form on the bed, searching for some sign of change and feeling the familiar, bone-deep pain that came with the realisation that nothing had changed. “Misaki…”

    Quietly he followed the familiar path to the uncomfortable chair next to the bed, sinking into it with a groan before reaching out for the vanguard’s hand, hating how still and small it felt in his but still twining their fingers together. For a long moment he just sat there staring at their linked hands, before reaching into his pocket for the ring he had been carrying for weeks, hesitating as he stared at it…this was not how he had imagined this going, he had been waiting for the perfect moment, wanting to see Misaki’s eyes sparkling and to see his blush…but he needed to give the vanguard a reason to come back to him, a reason to live, and he took a deep breath before slipping it onto Misaki’s finger. “You have to come back to me…I want to hear your answer, I want to marry you…”

Sarumi + Christmas

   Fushimi came to a halt as he realised that there was something, or rather someone blocking the door to his apartment, eyes narrowing as took in the sleeping vanguard. Part of him was tempted to just turn around and go back to work, or to see if he could sneak in without disturbing Yata because he really wasn’t in the mood for an argument, but as he watched a shiver work its way through the smaller teen. Sighing he moved up the steps and crouched down in front of Yata, reaching out hesitantly to shake the vanguard awake, fixing a scowl on his face when the other teen stirred with a sleepy mumble.

“What are you doing here Misaki?” He asked, tone sharp as soon as he caught sleepy hazel eyes, and for a moment irritation washed over the vanguard’s face, but then he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around the startled blue. “Misaki, what the…?”

“Merry Christmas!”

Sarumi + Holiday

“Saru…” Misaki grumbled as warm arms tightened around him once more, pulling him flush against his partner, and he twisted so that he could peer up at Fushimi who was smirking at him…his breathing sped up at that expression, and he swallowed nervously. “I thought we were going to go out today…?”

“It’s my holiday,” Fushimi pointed out, leaning in to kiss the vanguard and playfully biting at the end of Misaki’s nose, chuckling when the vanguard yelped and turned bright red. “I think I’d much rather spend it right here…after all it’s been too long since I got to have you all to myself.” If Misaki hadn’t been blushing before, he certainly was now as he buried his face against the taller man, muttering insults under his breath but not protesting when he was pulled closer, and tilting his head to the side when Fushimi began to press butterfly kisses to the side of his neck.

Sarumi + Music

   It had always surprised Fushimi that Misaki was still using the headphones he’d brought him, although some part of him had clung to the sight of them hanging around the vanguard’s neck…hoping that maybe just maybe, it meant that Misaki wasn’t trying to get rid of him completely. However, he was stunned to see the look of utter devastation on Misaki’s face the day the headphones broke, shattered when the vanguard had been sent tumbling off his skateboard during a skirmish with the Blues. Normally the rest of HOMRA had to tear the vanguard away, but today he had just stopped in the middle of the fight…mouth moving soundlessly as he stared at the broken headphones, before slowly lifting his head and staring at Fushimi for a moment, letting the younger teen catch a brief glimpse of tears in the hazel eyes before Misaki was gone, practically fleeing the fight.

   It was that image, the sight of Misaki so close to tears that found Fushimi leaving work early that night and heading to the store, debating with himself the whole way…it wasn’t like new headphones would fix anything, and these wouldn’t have the emotional value the others did so the vanguard might just toss them in the bin. It didn’t stop him buying a pair, or from leaving them on the vanguard’s door later that night when he was sure he was home…and it didn’t stop him from smiling to himself when he saw them around Misaki’s neck the next time they met, even if it was hidden beneath a scowl and a familiar insult.

Sarumi + Photography

    Fushimi had always scoffed at his partner’s obsession with documenting every part of their life, unable to see why they would need photos of them doing boring things like shopping or tidying the house…and they’d had more than one argument about it. Yet right now he was glad that Misaki had never given up, that his stubborn crow had taken snapshots of every aspect of their life, filling their hard-drive and numerous albums with the story of their relationship…because it was all he had left. He had long since run out of tears when he holed up on their bed, still mussed from where Misaki had forgotten to make it the day he had…the day he had…pain lanced through his chest, the grief deepening and his hands trembled as he reached for the albums he had been combing through endlessly over the last few days. There were so many moments, tiny things that he had forgotten…the way they had both ended up covered in cake batter the day Misaki tried to teach him to bake, Misaki catching him trying to feel all the Christmas presents…too many moments, and something shifted in his chest as he let his fingers ghost over Misaki’s face, tracing the familiar grin before a tear landed on the photo, blurring the image as a sob shook him. Misaki…

Sarumi + Sunset

“Come on,” Misaki urged, yanking on Fushimi’s hand and the younger teen reluctantly let him guide him along, trying to tell himself that it was easier just to agree…and not that he couldn’t resist those sparkling hazel eyes, or the bright smile as Misaki guided him out onto the rooftop. Fushimi growled under his breath, was this really what the idiot wanted to show him? Dragging him out a perfect winning streak at the arcade to go climbing on roof tops?”


“Look,” Misaki cut him off, seemingly unaware of his irritation as he gestured at something behind Fushimi and the Blue slowly turned…and his breath caught as he realised what the smaller teen was pointing at. The city was bathed in beautiful reds and oranges as the sun slowly began to sink beneath the horizon, and his irritation faded, because right now the world was bathed in Misaki’s colours and when he turned to look at the vanguard, it was too see the sunlight reflected in the bright eyes and he couldn’t help but reach out to twine their fingers together.

Sarumi + Comfort

    Yata sighed as Fushimi began to stir again, restlessly moving his head from side to side once more, hands clenching and unclenching in the duvet as his expression twisted into one of distress. Even before his fingers brushed the other’s forehead he knew that the fever had risen again and he growled under his breath, his boyfriend had made him promise not to take him to the hospital, but if it got any higher he wasn’t going to have a choice. For now, he would do what he could, reaching out to retrieve the cloth that had been soaking in a bowl of cool water, wringing it out and gently beginning to run it over feverish skin, washing away sweat and soothing the overheated skin.

“Come on Saru…” He murmured softy, jolting when weak fingers caught his wrist and managing a weak smile when he finally caught a glimpse of dark eyes. “Hey there…”

“Hey…” Fushimi’s voice was barely above a whisper, his eyes already drifting shut even as he leant into the cooling touch of the cloth, and his breathing evened out a moment later as he settled and Misaki sighed, smiling slightly as he reached in to press a small kiss to warm skin.

Sarumi + Daydream

“Damn it Misaki!” Fushimi cursed as he rushed across to where the vanguard was slowly sitting up, blinking in surprise at finding himself on the ground and then hissing as he moved, drawing the younger teen’s attention to the nasty grazes on Misaki’s knees. “What were you doing?”

“I was thinking…”

“Daydreaming you mean,” Fushimi retorted, the older teen had been distracted all morning and refusing to tell him what was bothering him…it was why he had suggested they go to the skate park, aware that skateboarding helped to settle Misaki when he was worrying about something. But now he was regretting the suggestion as he took in the blood on the pale skin, the pain in the hazel eyes that met his gaze for a moment before looking away again and he sighed. “Come on…let’s get you up so I can take a look at your legs.”

Sarumi + Flower Crown

   Fushimi blinked when something landed on his head, reaching up to brush it away, only to freeze when Yata grabbed his hands to stop him….and didn’t let go…

“What are you doing? And what have you put on my head?! The vanguard sighed at the suspicion in his voice, squeezing his fingers before letting go, allowing Fushimi to reach up and search his head…blinking at the feel of flowers beneath his searching fingers, gently lifting whatever it was and staring at it when it came into sight. “A flower crown? How old you Mi-sa-ki?” He teased, but when Yata went to snatch it back he held on, hastily dropping it back on his head before catching the vanguard’s hands in his own. “Leave it…”

“How old are you?” Yata retorted, but he didn’t make any attempt to pull away, instead twining their fingers together before leaning in to steal a kiss. “It suits you…”

Sarumi + Letters

   Fushimi cursed under his breath as he sent a box flying in his search for his PDA, immediately bending to retrieve it as he realised it was the small wooden chest that Misaki had always asked him to leave a lone, wincing as he took in the broken hinge. Damn… Gingerly he lifted it, wondering if he could fix it before the vanguard returned, but then it swung open and he froze, staring in confusion at the dozen envelopes hidden inside…all of them addressed to him in Misaki’s scrawl. Curiosity warred with caution, and in the end, it won out and he sank down on the bed, setting the chest aside before pulling out the top envelope, relieved to find that it wasn’t sealed and carefully opening it and pulling out the single sheet of paper from within. Misaki’s handwriting really was appalling, but he had become adept at deciphering it over the years and he scanned the letter, feeling an unpleasant weight settling in his stomach as he realised it had been written during their estrangement…Misaki had been reaching out to him, pleading with him to come back or for them to at least be friends, but he had never sent it…

“Saru where are…?” Misaki’s voice cut off abruptly, and Fushimi glanced up to find the vanguard stood in the doorway staring at him with wide eyes, colour draining from his face even as red rushed into his cheeks.

Sarumi + Chains

   Yata groaned under his breath as he came too, head pounding and the sharp pain that accompanied each breath telling him that the blurry memory of a knife catching his side wasn’t his imagination and for a moment he tried to sink back into unconsciousness, at least it didn’t hurt there. However, as he moved slightly there was a strange rattling sound and a feeling of his stomach flip-flopping, and a sudden uneasiness had his eyes creeping open…wishing he hadn’t as he took in the unfamiliar room, and the fact that he was suspended off the ground, feet barely touching and he shifted again, whimpering as it tugged on his injuries.

“You’re awake.” The voice startled him, and he blinked, clearly his blurry vision just enough to focus on the strain that he had been fighting earlier. “I thought I might have killed you.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” his voice was weaker than he liked, and he growled under his breath when the man smirked at him…he reminded him painfully of Fushimi, and Misaki felt a jolt at that thought before he shook his head…no, Fushimi was many things, but he had never truly tried to kill him and right now Misaki would give anything to see the Blue, even if it meant owing him for saving him. Saru…now would be a really good time to show up…

Sarumi + Soulmates

    Fushimi wondered just what had possessed the higher powers to give him a soulmate like this…to be honest a small part of him had always hoped that he wouldn’t find his, it seemed like more trouble than it was worth…it was more trouble than it was worth, he corrected as he glanced at the man currently sleeping in his lap. Rather than introducing himself like a normal person, the smaller man had literally thrown himself into Fushimi’s life…charging into a fight to protect him, and getting himself hurt in the process, managing to blurt out his name before passing out and leaving the startled Fushimi to deal with the strain and his own personal complication. Part of him had been tempted to call for an ambulance and let others deal with the idiot, but something had stopped him…which was why he had ended up back at his flat, with a stranger in his lap, blood staining both them and his sofa and a strange warmth flooding through him as he studied the pale face.

“Why is it someone like you…?” He whispered, hesitantly reaching out and ghosting his fingers over the others face, wondering what was going to happen when he woke up…would he be happy? Annoyed? Scared? Why…why are we meant for each other?

Sarumi + Realisation

  It felt like he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t think…unable to do anything but watch as the Blue King disappeared into the distance, leaving nothing but his voice and the words that had just shredded the image he had of the older man…of Fushimi. The dull ache in his chest that had been constant companion from the moment the younger teen had left HOMRA, burning their friendship along with his tattoo, flared to life…a sharp pain that had Yata clawing at his chest, eyes burning as realisation washed over him. He had actually believed that Fushimi could have betrayed the Blues and he’d been wrong…how many other things had he been wrong about? How much of the situation between them was his fault?  He closed his eyes, every interaction they’d shared since Fushimi had left HOMRA flashed through his mind, Saru…. why didn’t you tell me?

Sarumi + Glasses

   Yata’s heart was hammering in his chest as he hauled Fushimi to safety, forcing the other teen down as the trap that the Blue had triggered went off, covering him as rubble and flames roared through the air above them…fairly sure he could smell his hair burning. He could feel the Blue squirming, protesting and he pressed him down, not trusting that there wasn’t another trap ready to go off…and not wanting Fushimi wondering around blindly again and setting something else off.

“You really need to get contacts…” He growled when he finally deemed it safe to move, rolling over and blinking as he realised the warehouse was now minus a roof. “What happened to your glasses?” He had seen them on the blue’s face barely five minutes before, and yet in those five minutes he had manged to lose them and blunder into a tripwire.

“No idea…and thanks…”

Sarumi + Falling

   The blade had left Fushimi’s fingers, a perfect throw as always, but he knew that it wouldn’t be enough…it never was, and that was why they could fight like this, without hesitation because they knew that the other could handle it.  That was why it took a moment for him to realise that Misaki hadn’t moved in time…a moment too long…and another blade fell from suddenly nerveless fingers as he took a cautious step forward, eyes widening as he watched the vanguard lifting shaky fingers to the knife in his chest, hazel eyes slowly rising to meet his gaze.


   A shaky laugh escaped the vanguard, the sound so out of place in the situation that Fushimi physically flinched…hand trembling as he reached for the smaller teen, but it was too late, crimson staining the front of the cream top and then Misaki was falling and terror jolted him forward with a frantic shout.


Sarumi + Secrets

“Saru…” Yata’s voice trembled as he stepped into the room, eyes darting nervously around as he took in the hospital room, the silent machines that should’ve been keeping his boyfriend alive. His breath caught, and it took every ounce of strength he had to move forward on shaky legs, wishing that the others had come with him…whilst also relieved that there was no one there to see him as a sob shivered through him as he reached out to grasp Fushimi’s fingers, twining their fingers together and trying not to focus on the chilling flesh. “You promised me that there weren’t going to be any more secrets…Saru, you promised…so…” Why?! Why did this happen? Why didn’t I know where you were or what you were doing?