only found out he was nominated

The Reality of a Fairytale (Justin Bieber x Reader)

           When she met Justin for the first time it was a dream come true. And when he asked for her number it was as if her wish had been granted. But when she eventually became his girlfriend it was like living in a fairytale. That is until the fairytale turned into a harsh reality.

           Justin and (Y/N) would occasionally go out to clubs, in fact that’s where they met. She wasn’t much of a drinker. She’d have one, maybe two at the most. She enjoyed dancing to the loud music. But he liked to drink and she knew that. It was never a problem for her, until she started noticing how it was causing problems in their relationship.

           She would spend most of her time on the dancefloor and he would sit in the VIP section having drinks with his friends. He use to find time to dance a few times with her, but now she had to practically drag him to the dancefloor for one. Then he started to want to visit more than one club a night. She didn’t see a problem with it since it was only twice a week that they did this, but twice a week turned into four or five nights, which she didn’t want to do.

          He had found a lot of success lately with his career. He was breaking records and receiving awards. He wanted to celebrate these achievements, which she understood but using that as a reason to drink heavily was a concern. 

           “Justin why don’t we stay in tonight?” she suggested, as they sat on the couch in her apartment.

           “Babe I already said I would show up,” he sighed. “And besides, I want to celebrate my nomination.”

           “But we’ve gone out three nights in a row,” she said.

           “Come on. This will be the last time for a while,” he said, grabbing her hand gently.

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Golden Globes: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  Can you write an African American reader actress who is dating Tom and their are walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globes?

I’m not really watching the Golden Globes, I’m just seeing who’s winning through FB and Tumblr sooooo….

You were extremely nervous, you were up for a nomination for best actress in a motion picture. It was your first nomination and you were over the moon but when the day came you found yourself throwing up a few times. 

But your finace, Tom, was a huge supporter and helped you get through the day. You sat in the chair as your style team got you ready. 

You fiddle with your thumbs as you make-up artist beat your face. “Calm down Y/N! Just enjoy it, forget about the nomination.” She said. 

You stepped out of the room and Tom’s eyes grew in amazement. “You look stunning, love.” He smiled and kissed you on the cheek. “You look great to.” You smiled, taking in how sharp he looked. “Only the best for you.” He smiled.  

You grabbed his hand and walked out with your elegant handbag. You were playing with your hands the whole car ride there while Tom secretly took pictures of you and was debating on which one to post on Instagram since they were all so beautiful. 

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* Burr × Reader
* Hamiltime
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: everything is really awkward between them and they run into each other walking and reader losses her glasses and there’s a bunch of fluff while he’s helping and Burr puts her hair curls up?

A/N: Alrighty, another done! I was actually ahead on my homework last night so I got this written! So I hope this what you wanted Anon and I hope everyone else enjoys it as well!

Word Count: 1,856


You groaned and buried your face in your hands, and skewing your glasses, as your friends got loud once more. They had a tendency to talk very animatedly about revolution, which led you to worry for their safety as well as your own. You glanced around for some way to distance yourself from them but still keep an eye out. And then you found just the way.

At the back of the room, sitting alone at a table was Aaron Burr. He had a book open in front of him, completely ignoring his somewhat-friends. You smiled a bit at the sight of him. His face was one of perfect calm, intensely focused on his book. You had always had feelings for him but you never acted on them. The two of you had an awkward air and it was probably because of your poorly disguised feelings. Still, you needed to be distanced from the crazy and closer to calm so you walked over to the table.

“Can I um…can I sit here?” You asked, getting his attention and pointing to the seat opposite.

“Y/N!” He said in surprise. “Oh yeah sure. Go ahead.” He offered. He slipped a page marker in his boom and shut it, giving you his full attention. “Needed a break from them?” He asked with a slight nod toward your friends.

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and another because i’m nice and being productive

Sure, he had given the student his number, but their phone communications consisted mostly of idle text messages and the occasional bored selfie, both of which admittedly had gotten a bit more flirty than they had been before, something that Jack should have probably stopped instead of encouraged, but hey, he’d figured it was mostly harmless.

He answered the phone call just in case, though he was almost sure that the boy had just accidentally butt-dialed him.

Rhyyyysiiiiee?” He drawled out, smirking against the phone. “Think you might’ve sat on the call button with that cute, smart ass of yours.” He joked, waiting for either the boy’s sarcastic reply or the muffled sound of ass pressed against touch screen.

What he got was much different.

“M-Mr. Lawrence, I…I…um…” Rhys voice sounded tight and panicked, and Jack raised his eyebrows in surprise. In all of their interactions, Rhys had been confident and snarky, the sassy omega student managing to stand toe to toe with his professor and his ego. The caustic, yet undeniably awed banter that the boy held with him was something the professor looked forward to, the memory of it making him smile absently through the tedium of grading papers, or sitting in department meetings. Hearing that touch of fear in the student’s usually unshakeable timbre put Jack on edge.  

“Rhys?” Jack answered, now more serious. “Are you okay?”

“I….um…n-no, I don’t think so…” Rhys trembled over the words, like he was shaking apart on the other line. Jack could hear the harsh breaths that the omega was struggling around, like it had just ran a five-minute mile.

“Rhys, what’s wrong?” Jack was sitting on the edge of his chair now, eyebrows knit in concern. Something was clearly upsetting the omega, and the alpha felt a protective urge rise through him, wanting to find and comfort his student.

“I…I-I just wanted to tell you something…s-surprise you…I thought I could just come over to your office and just…” The broken sobs tugged at the alpha’s heart, his teeth grinding against each other. Hearing the kid like this was just awful, especially when Jack didn’t know what the hell was happening.  

“Mr….Mr Lawrence…please…please help me…”

Cold dread rose up in Jack’s stomach at the trembling plea in the boy’s voice. His thoughts leapt to the other students in his class, the pack of alphas that he’d caught teasing the omega behind his back, making lewd comments and gestures and testing Jack’s patience. He’d been sure he’d nipped their little charades in the bud, but—what if he hadn’t? What if they had ambushed Rhys, cornered him and—

Jack almost snarled at the thought. If they had any hand in this, whatever was happening to Rhys, then they wouldn’t seen the end of it from Jack until they were at least expelled, and hopefully thrown in prison.

“Where are you, Rhys?” Jack was already up and out of his chair, keeping the omega on the line as he locked the office door behind him.

“O-Omega bathroom….f-first floor engineering…” The boy managed before his voice was lost in pathetic whimpers and moans. Even those were cut off when a sharp clack echoed from the other end, the call abruptly canceling. Jack swore as he took the stairs two at a time, quickly moving from the basement offices up to the first floor, stalking through the hallways towards the bathrooms Rhys had specified.

Bathrooms separated by endotype were somewhat archaic and being phased out, but in this situation, where he didn’t know if Rhys was hurt or vulnerable, Jack was grateful for the nominal protection they might provide.

As he grew closer, Jack found himself slowing down, his mind absently tugged at by something that the alpha at first could not put his finger on. But the realization hit him when he was only feet away from the door, managing to briefly halt his manic, protective energy. His eyes fluttered shut as he inhaled deeply, a new scent tickling at his nose.

It was like mulled honey and damp flowers, thick and wet in the air. Worried growls curled up in Jack’s chest as his eyes snapped open, settling his hand on the cool doorknob. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle, a dry lump forming in his throat that he struggled to swallow.

It had been awhile, but that was the smell of an omega in heat.

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