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Tinder Security PSA

Hey lovlies. If you want to keep a low profile on Tinder setting your age brackets above your friends’ age simply won’t work.

Age settings only determine who do you see. Who sees you is a whole another issue. If you are 23 years old, you will still appear on anyone who has age settings 20-30 whatever regardless of their own age.

Be mindful of that.

What you should do is, if you have Tinder Plus, go to your profile page there should be your photo in circle, your name, your location, my tinder plus and settings.

Click on my tinder plus.

Underneath there will be a section called Who Sees You. 

Select Only People I’ve Liked. 

This way you will be protected from the public eye. You won’t get Super Likes lined up but people will still super like you only after you have already liked them and you will know if they did once you match with the blue star. 

Be safe, hoes.

Kaine kicked Betsy’s ass by proving she isn’t fit for the position as Secretary of Education. She doesn’t care about students—poor students, students with disabilities, and has no idea how the public school system works. Betsy has   never taught in a school environment, never attended a public school, and never sent her own children to a public school. Not only that, this billionaire gave $2.7 million to Republican candidates in 2016 to get nominated, and her family has given over $200 million over the years. With Trump’s picks, we’re headed for an oligarchical government.

Changing Seasons At The Army Base

Character: Sooyoung (SNSD)
Word count: 2023
Summary: While volunteering for the army, Sooyoung finds herself drawn to a lonely soldier | #fluff

a/n: I hope this is what you were looking for! And I chose Sooyoung since there’s not enough Sooyoung around :/

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Though the winter had been long, the first signs of the season changing began to bloom, the days getting longer, air less bitter, flowers beginning to sprout. Spring was coming. And this was a Spring unlike any other that Sooyoung had experienced, as it was the season when Sooyoung met you.

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The surface might be smooth
sanded eggshell frictionless
only feeling
finger palm revealing
crevasses under the skin
public picture private schism
reasonable depth defying
gravity denying cliffs facing
one another only as mirrors
same story in both silvers
divided by the same
living by haunting
rattling round the void
seeing both sides
settling in neither

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There's this guy I like and I kinda know that he likes me too but I'm v scared if he is that kind of guy who acts all nice and that just to get sex? I'm scared of being used. How do I know that he is not that type? Xx

he only wants sex if he only hits you up late at night, only wants to hangout together at his place or yours and never in public, only talks on snapchat, doesn’t care or ask about your day or about you, only uses a generic nickname for you (baby, boo, babygirl, bae), every conversation turns sexual, always asks for nudes, his mood changes completely when he doesn’t get nudes or sex.

Look at the big four departments. There’s no Trump appointee for any of the top State Department jobs below secretary nominee Rex Tillerson. No Trump appointee for any of the top Department of Defense jobs below retired general James Mattis. Treasury? Same story. Justice? It is one of two departments (along with, bizarrely, Commerce) where Trump has selected a deputy secretary. But no solicitor general, no one at civil rights, no one in the civil division, no one for the national security division.

And the same is true in department after department. Not to mention agencies without anyone at all nominated by the president-elect.

Overall, out of 690 positions requiring Senate confirmation tracked by the Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service, Trump has come up with only 28 people so far.

So I’m watching the movie the Pacifier, and in it one of the character arcs who is the older boy who wants to act, and is in the sound of music.

The way this is revealed is by vin diesel stalking him after the school finds out he has dyed his hair blond and he has a nazi armband in his locker.

And it’s not a school production, so I can more or less buy every point of miscommunication (son doesn’t want to let anyone know he’s in the theatre) except for the end when there’s just a swath of actors with the nazi armbands in an alleyway waiting for the son.

Now obviously it’s only there for the fakeout, but, like, ignoring movie logic, these dumb fuck kids were like “yeah let’s just hang out outside in public with only part of our costume on– the part that makes us look like a hate group.”


Please click to enlarge! 

“I envy them their public love. I myself have only known it in secret, shared it in secret and longed, aw longed to show it—to be able to say out loud what they have no need to say at all: That I have loved only you, surrendered my whole self reckless to you and nobody else. That I want you to love me back and show it to me. That I love the way you hold me, how close you let me be to you. I like your fingers on and on, lifting, turning. I have watched your face for a long time now, and missed your eyes when you went away from me. Talking to you and hearing you answer—that’s the kick.

But I can’t say that aloud; I can’t tell anyone that I have been waiting for this all my life and that being chosen to wait is the reason I can. If I were able I’d say it. Say make me, remake me. You are free to do it and I am free to let you because look, look. Look where your hands are. Now.”

– Toni Morrison, Jazz

Things kinky spaces offer:

-Room for fetish-friendly sexual expression
-People you know ahead of time share your interests and won’t be jarred by your actions/appearance
-Consenting audiences
-A bunch of people there to look at you

So like… if you only like public spaces there’s something I need to tell you: it’s that you get off on shocking strangers, which is incredibly nasty. Your arousal depends on your ability to force yourself on them visually and get reactions from them. They can look away’ is a very disgusting and flimsy excuse.

If you think ‘don’t do kinky shit in public’ is the same as ‘don’t express your kink outside of your house’ that tells me you know fuckall about fetish.

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This is not a request haha, I love your blog and constantly check if you've posted anything hehe. I'm studying in Melbourne but am at home country for the summer break lel. So I was wondering which part of Australia you're from XD and also I saw the chocobo being native to Aussie post XD that's cute and hilarious at the same time XD imagine we can summon chocobo anytime and save money on public transport woooooh!

You’re so sweet! I’m from Brisbane myself where we are slowly starting to cook. Ugh. Just…. uggghhh the humidity!

Oh only if we summon chocobos! The cost of.public transport up here is bonkers.

Thanks, Obama

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When President Obama was inaugurated (the first time), Twitter wasn’t quite three years old. Facebook had only been open to the general public for two and a half years, and Tumblr had just celebrated its second birthday.

In a self-described effort to become “the most open and accessible administration in history,” the @whitehouse started to use these platforms to talk directly to their constituents. And Tumblr got to be a big part of that. Over the last eight years, the Obama administration launched more than 20 different Tumblrs for different departments, agencies, and outreach programs. Here are some heavy hitters:

Official Government Tumblrs

The White House (@whitehouse)

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Most notably, The White House’s official Tumblr, which launched on April 25, 2013. For almost 4 years, it has been their informational hub for current political events and activations. In keeping with the Tumblr tone, their very first post promised that “yes, of course there will be GIFs.” And yes, there were. We could not have been more excited or proud.

NASA (@nasa)

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NASA launched nearly two years later. They’ve spent 59 years exploring the universe and dropped the most amazing information and visuals right to your dashboard. They also knew how to use GIFs. It’s not rocket science.

The U.S. Department of State (@statedept)

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The DOS was actually one of the first official government Tumblrs, quietly launching in April of 2011. With a more serious tone, they kept their followers up to date with the world of foreign policy. And yes, they even had GIFs for that. We cannot stress just how good this administration was with GIFs, Tumblr. Much better than Taft’s.

Letters to President Obama (@letterstopresidentobama)

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Typed and handwritten letters to POTUS scanned, uploaded, and answered by the President himself. There are thank yous to and from President Obama, there are people disclosing their fear for the future and hope for their community, there are tears in your eyes within the first five minutes of visiting this Tumblr.

The Department of Interior (@americasgreatoutdoors)

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Maybe not the most well-known department, but the DOI has the most beautiful photos of any official government blog on Tumblr. This will remain true unless Joe Biden releases a Tumblr full of selfies within the next three days.

There was also the US Fish and Wildlife Service-Pacific Region (@usfwspacific), the National Archives (@usnatarchives) , the IRS (@internalrevenueservice), the Peace Corps (@peacecorps), and so, so much more.

Top Posts from the Community

This scientific trinity received over half a million notes. Say hello to these buddies:

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And these uh, unverified photos of President Obama making the new $100 bill in MS Paint garnered over 650k likes, reblogs, and replies.

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You want to click through to see the rest. 

This one is particularly timely. With over 300,000 notes, user @cognitivedissonance thanked Obama for ACA. Without it, they would not have been able to receive treatment for bronchitis.

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Mic (@micdotcom) posted a GIF set of a girl who sort of represented all of our feelings about President Obama not being able to run for a third term. 

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Neither are we, kiddo.

One more time, while we still can: Thanks, Obama.


Yoongi’s solo song is too R-18 for broadcast so he promotes yoonseok Hobi’s masterpiece instead

Super Excited To Announce My First Book’s Release!

The Corpse Garden is a collection of fourteen of my short stories, including four, previously unreleased tales! In addition to the new tales, NoSleep and Tumblr favorites, such as The Murder In My Backyard and I Buried My Fiance On Our Wedding Day, also make up part of the garden.

If you guys are interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for Amazon devices here.

Obviously I will continue to post new stories on both here and NoSleep, but the four unreleased stories are book-only!

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate you all!


Popstar Meme | Relationships [2/?] - Conner4Real & Ashley Wednesday

There’s moments in your life when, all of a sudden, everything just clicks into place. And you’re, like, “oh, shit! This is my person. This is who I’m gonna spend my life with.”

Playing with Fire - 07

Summary: After breaking up with you, you decide the only way to get back at your -now ex-boyfriend and avoid public humilliation is by making a deal with resident bad boy Min Yoongi: you’ll give him money as long as he pretends to be your new boy.

Genre: Romance.

Pairing: Yoongi x ReaderRating

Mature (fluff + light smut + angst)

Length: 2.8k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

A/N: so this took me longer bc i havent been in the best mental state lately and i was super tired and sad and uninspired lmao anyways life goes on and so will this goddamn story. thx for all of the lovely messages though you guys are the sweetest :(

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