only for the gist of the quote

Hi everybody! I’ve gotten a couple of requests for this post, so I thought I’d finally put together my process for making a weekly spread!

Disclaimer: This is simply a system I find to be simple and doable for everyday life. By no means is this the only way or the best way to bullet journal! It’s just a way that I find to be realistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

Before we start: most of my layout is based on @studypunked’s and the moodboard I used was made for me by @sapphiccstudies! 

Supplies I used: Hardcover black Moleskine (grid paper); Green Mildliner; Pilot Hi-Tec-C 05 gel pen; Pony Brown stickers; Clear tape

Step 1: Decide on a color scheme! I always choose a monthly theme (for example, January’s was outer space and March’s was plants). Then, for each week I choose a subtheme! (ex. the first week of January was moon phases.) Then, I choose a Mildliner color that matches the theme. This week, I used a pink moodboard with green accents, so I used a green mildliner! 

Step 2: Weekly planning

I list the week number at the top of the page, and underneath that I put the dates within the week. (This has no purpose other than making me feel organized.) Then, below that I like to make a little monthly calendar (because it’s surprisingly often that I need to know what day of the week a certain date is!) Finally, below that I have a weekly schedule. This is where I write the dates of any tests, quizzes, projects, holidays, birthdays, etc! Generally, these are transferred from my monthly event calendar.

Step 3: Weekly tasks

This step makes my job pretty easy throughout the week! It’s as simple as listing the date and then making check boxes next to any tasks for the week. (This way, I don’t have to worry about much on days when I’m busy.)

Step 4: Finding images

Finally, the weekend rolls around and I’m ready to get into the fun stuff! Usually, here’s where I scour Google Images (I like to use the keywords ‘tumblr’ and ‘aesthetic’ along with my chosen color and theme) for pictures, but this week was easy for me thanks to a moodboard :)

Step 5: Drawings

After choosing my images (usually three, but it’s summer and I don’t have many tasks so I used six) I draw some stuff that goes with the theme in anywhere there will be empty space. Sometimes I also look for quotes and get a little prwctice with typography!

Step 6: Arrange and paste images

I play around with the layout of the images until I find the arrangement I like best, then use little loops of scotch tape to paste them down (usually straight but sometimes crooked if I’m feeling artsy)

Bonus Step: Add Stickers!

I only sometimes do this, but the gist of this is “put them wherever you want, but not too many because stickers are expensive.”

And Voilà! Here’s the finished product:

Context: I don’t remember the player classes because this was a while ago. I’m also not 100% sure on races, for the same reason. But neither of those are really significant to the story. (Also, it’s worth noting that this is only the gist of what happened because this particular D&D game was almost a year ago and I obviously can’t remember every quote) Anyways, my character had found a secret door under a river and was trying to unlock it. Earlier in the game, we had found a town and I managed to either abduct or use my charisma to charm many townspeople to join me, so I had a following of at least 7 NPCs. The rest of my party had moved on ahead while I messed with the door, and had found a field filled with monsters. One of the girls (player 1) got down to 1 HP because they were so dense and needed extra support. However, I believed there was something important that could help us behind the door, so I was going to keep trying to open it.

Player 1 OOC: oh my god I’m going to come over there and fight you just help! we need your townspeople

*She sent her character back to the town to heal up and then drag me back into battle*

Player 1 IC: Come on, we need you to help us.

Me: But there could be something behind the door, if I can just find a way to open it. It could help us get past all these monsters.

Player 1: The door won’t open. Just come with me and we can look at the door later.

*My character glares at hers.*

DM: Roll for charisma.

*nat 20*

DM: Your glare deals 1 damage.

Player 1 OOC: But I only had 1 HP!

DM: And you just lost it because of this really intense stare.

With a Little Help from My Friends.

Finn Balor/OC- Reader has a little problem that Finn helps her out with.

Warning:There aren’t really any, except for pure smut so yeah.

Hey anon I hope you enjoy this. I wasn’t sure if this was what you exactly wanted but hey I tried my best. Also side note, Finn is my favorite so if yall have request for him please send them in.

@vebner37 @the-geekgoddes

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Like seriously he spent the time with everyone in line to chat and answer their questions. He wanted to know where we’re from and he really answered everyone’s questions in a detailed manner. I really appreciated that!


and if there’s something going on there–

(This is all being transcribed from memory so I can’t vouch for perfect quotes, so please don’t quote me exactly!)

First things first–we can’t really ever know, but clearly something made Sherlock rescue Irene, (re: his sword–that was probably pretty gory!) But Irene probably gets into all sorts of trouble all over the world, knowing she’s got Sherlock on a lead [implying that Sherlock would come and rescue her if she gets into too much trouble.]

He also said maybe they get together and tear a room apart.

They’re the only two ‘bad’ enough to deserve each other (memory’s fritzing there but that’s basically the gist).


He repeated though its one of those things that we can’t ever know.


We also got a picture and an autograph with him with my Japanese Sherlock comic which was great.

Hilariously enough I was in line struggling with this giant framed picture of Irene and Sherlock with a piece of her wallpaper.


if you post any of the following things!!! I only follow 130 people so my dash is very slow at times and i’m always online so i need a load of new blogs to follow<3

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ok idk that list just shows how much of a disaster my blog and I am lmao but still!!!! feel free to follow me if you don’t mind a slight array of post themes (clearly), i mostly post nice photos but will 100% go through phases of things in the above list lol but if you post just one or multiple of those like/reblog this post and i’ll check out your blog, probs follow and queue from u

thank u baby dolls!!! <3

22 Movies That Will Make You Happy To Be Single

Closer (2004)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Apparently, people love cheating. They cheat when they’re in love, and they cheat when they’re falling out of love, and they just cheat, cheat, cheat. People are terrible, basically.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Are we all just doomed to keep repeating the same relationship mistakes? Are relationships so painful that we need to actually erase their memories away? I don’t know, but sweet sassy molassey, I’m weeping.

Waiting to Exhale (1995)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Someone fetch me my fainting couch. This movie is so triumphant in its message of women being the most powerful thing in the universe that it’s dizzying. Basically, men are just there, and women need to stand together. Watch this with a bunch of your friends, and bring plenty of snacks. It’s a doozy.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: At least when you’re single, you won’t have a sadistic step brother and sister betting on who can destroy your life first.

Love Actually (2003)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Even though this is technically a romantic movie, it’s actually super depressing. What love actually is turns out to be a kid in a long-distance relationship, a couple who cannot speak the same language, a married couple on the brink of divorce, and a pair of newlyweds whose BFF is trying to ruin everything. Love is horrifying, actually.

Revolutionary Road (2008)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: I don’t know why Kate Winslet is in so many movies where love is terrible, but she just is. Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you’ll be happy, in general.

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: If you’re in a relationship, chances are that woman you’re messing with on the side will kill your pet rabbit, stalk your family, and try to murder you all. Watch this with some red wine and hide all the knives.

Waitress (2007)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Men don’t solve your problems. Only you, and your delicious pies, can solve your own problems. The basic gist of this movie is that while men are often a nice distraction, eventually, you’ll have to do you, and that is great

Chasing Amy (1997)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Aside from the obvious issue of this movie assuming that you can change someone’s sexual orientation, the moral of the story is, of course you cannot change someone’s sexual orientation. And trying to do so will basically leave you a shell of a person.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: To quote Tom’s little sister, Rachel (Chloë Grace Moretz): “Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn’t mean she’s your soul mate.”

An Education (2009)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: People lead secret lives and will probably try to ruin yours, is basically the message of this film.

Obsessed (2009)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: This is basically the Beyoncé and Idris Elba version of Fatal Attraction, and it is filled with delicious amounts of crazy. All of which will make you happy to not be married, or in a relationship with your married coworker.

Unfaithful (2002)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Well, I suppose the argument could be made that if you’re married, you can have an affair with a hot Parisian dude. But to that, I’d say, “Maybe that hot Parisian dude will end up dead.”

Once (2006)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Oh, unrequited love. You think you’ll get lucky with a one night stand, and then, next thing you know, you’ve bought a girl a piano and you’re flying off to London to try and get back together with your ex. Love’s a bitch.

American Beauty (1999)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Oh, boy. Well, here’s the problem with white picket fences: The paint will eventually crack. In this case, we have a cheating wife, a lusting husband, a daughter who falls in love with a boy who loves plastic bags, and a 16-year-old cheerleader who’s a closeted virgin. Yep, you’ll be happy to be single after this one.

Blue Valentine (2010)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Nothing will make you happier to not be in a dysfunctional relationship than watching the marriage between Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling) disintegrate. Watch this movie with tissues and watch it alone.

Not Without My Daughter (1991)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: You think you know your husband. You really do. But the truth is that you really don’t know a person until they take you and your daughter to Iran and then try to kidnap you both.

Fear (1996)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: What happens when you meet a cute dude at a rave, then let him fingerbang you on a roller coaster? Well, basically, he goes psycho and carves your name into his chest. Nicole 4 Eva

The Twilight Saga (2008-2012)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Hear me out before you light the torches and sharpen the pitchforks… This series is basically saying that you have to abandon who you are to be in a relationship. And that will make you happy to be you, and not be with a vampire, regardless of how hot and shiny he may be.

Thelma & Louise (1991)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Basically, when you get married, you’ll eventually develop an itch to go on a road trip with your BFF. Once you’re on that trip, some truly terrible things will happen that lead you to return to what is essentially a single life again. Everything comes full circle, and you cannot escape the lure of the single-ladies-on-the-run life.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis (Heath Ledger) boned, and life was a cowboy yippee-ki-yi-yay time. Then, they got married to two nice ladies, and everything went to hell. See where I’m going with this?

Titanic (1997)

Why you’ll feel lucky to be single: If Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) had been single, he never would’ve had to share that door. Just saying.

anonymous asked:

Hi! May I ask where is stated that Sirius was a player while he was a teen? I can't seem to remember if it was in the books, but every story, one shot, imagine etc. mentions it. Maybe I should go reread the books again? Thank you anyways!

I answered a similar question a while back: (x). The gist of my response was that I found these three quotes:

  • “[Sirius] always got the women.”  (From Remus Lupin’s Pottermore profile)
  • “[Sirius] was very good-looking; his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance neither James’s nor Harry’s could ever have achieved, and a girl sitting behind him was eyeing him hopefully, though he didn’t seem to have noticed.” (From OotP, Chapter 28)
  • “Sirius was too busy being a big rebel to get married.”  (A JK quote from the Edinburgh Book Festival, 2004)

And those quotes are really the only canonical/semi-canonical quotes that I could find linking Sirius and romance. None of them directly state that Sirius was a player in canon, but you’re right that it’s a very common characterisation in fan-created works. :)



Im trying to compile concrete examples for this podcast ep me and neen are supposedly doing about Rihanna and other non-technical vocalists we enjoy and S&M came on in the gym this morning and I was like thinking about how one time I picked up this book about the production of mathematically perfect pop songs and how.. I think it was S&M, but like ester dean crafted the hook and each of dean’s songs actually has like three hooks but anyway. This has very little directly to do with Rihanna the vocal stylist. Re: this song specifically I’m weirdly obsessed with how she says “i like it like it” in the main hook where she’s repeating it like it just gets to me every time i hear it and i have no idea why and I don’t even like this song that much bc of the production and i think the chorus is kinda bad but the hook and that part in the hook..

but actually it is directly related because taking both of these tangential thoughts together its like pretty obvious that vocals - and not technical vocals but rather timbre and idiosyncratic delivery - are way more important in pop music than people really consciously think because everyone always gets down on the vacant lyricism and the formula of it all … and ummmm duh it is formulaic because so much of this is written by formula and factory design and max martin has almost arithmetic rules etc etc … But then naturally it comes down to delivery because delivery can save subpar lyricism and songwriting (and uplift both) but poor delivery will drag down anything its meant to deliver

When I googled this book I was thinking of this article covering it had the gist of what I think when I think of Rihanna: “the words are more like vocalized beats than like lyrics, and they don’t communicate meaning so much as feeling and attitude… they nudge you closer to the ecstasy promised by the beat” first i find it interesting that they say vocalized beats bc that’s the clear inextricable infusion of hip hop into pop music? and also the quote as a whole is not only Rihanna as a singer but also Rihanna as an artist and celebrity/personality… As all three she sells you perfectly effortless attitude and people try to separate the three i.e. “she’s a better fashion icon or social media personality than singer” but her success in each area is like triangularly contingent on excelling in the others 

“an arrow can only go forward by first being pulled back.”

I love that quote (there’s more to it but that’s the gist). I found this arrow at HomeGoods this week and knew the perfect purpose for it.

My first medal, medals from my best race, longest race, and last two races.

I had in my description that I was only looking for hookups with guys. So this one guy messages me and he was cute so we started discussing if we could meet up for a friends with benefits kind of thing. So I said we’d have to meet at a public place first because I ain’t about that getting murdered life. He responds that he can’t and that we’d have to meet at his house. I’m said something to the gist of um why? And he says because “i’m on house arrest. Lol”. So I asked what for and he said, and I quote, “just assault”. Needless to say I blocked him immediately

ADHD-friendly rant; Supreme Court edition

In light of recent events, and the fact that people are talking about the electoral college, now seems like the time to talk about what I argue is the biggest constitutional flaw in the US. The political judiciary.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time arguing that constitutional theory should incorporate these rules, which are really two sides of the same coin:

  1. Never politicise an unelected office
  2. Never elect an apolitical office

The second one normally comes up in the debate about reforming the office of Governor-General in Commonwealth states, but I formulated the first rule specifically with the US judicial system in mind.

Judicial office should always be apolitical

In fact, it is apolitical in pretty much any other democratic country in the world. Judges are expected to perform their duty “without fear or favour, affection or ill-will”. Judges are even expected to never openly state political opinions, just to avoid the perception that they might be biased. The fact that you talk about conservative and liberal judges is absurd.

Donald Trump will be naming the next Supreme Court justices. In any other democratic country, this wouldn’t be much of a problem. Because he wouldn’t be able to find a judge that shared his political beliefs. Because Judges aren’t allowed political beliefs. A Supreme Court justice should be interpreting the law based on established common law principles, not on what they personally believe is right.

It undermines the rule of law. Dicey, a famous UK constitutional theorist, once stated “an Englishman is ruled by the law, and the law alone”. In my opinion, this is the only useful thing he ever said (I’m not a fan), but I would adapt the quote to be “free people are ruled by the law, and the law alone.”

The rule of law is freedom from arbitrary power. It means that laws are passed by democratic governments and interpreted by impartial judges. If the law is decided by judges’ personal political opinions, there is no rule of law.

It’s undemocratic. This is the gist of the “never politicise an unelected office” rule. The reason that Supreme Court judges cannot be fired or have their salaries lowered is to prevent political interference. This is the same in most democratic nations. Except if the judiciary isn’t apolitical this system doesn’t protect the judiciary from interference; it just keeps past political interference in place until that judge dies.

I accept the theory behind judges being able to strike down laws if they are inconsistent with a Bill of Rights, but I don’t accept this system if those judges can strike down laws based on whether they, personally, disagree with the policy. That’s not their place; they are not elected.

Tl;dr: If the highest political decisionmakers in the land are nine unelected people who cannot be removed from office and are legally entitled to decide cases based on their own political views, you do not live in a full democracy. The Supreme Court is a dictatorship by committee. And Donald Trump’s worst legacy will be the irrevocable decisions he makes about who will make up that committee.

Letter from Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac (March 7, 1947)
Dear Jack:,

I am sitting in a bar on Market St. I’m drunk, well, not quite, but I soon will be. I am here for 2 reasons; I must wait 5 hours for the bus to Denver & lastly but, most importantly, I’m here (drinking) because, of course, because of a woman & what a woman! To be chronological about it:

I was sitting on the bus when it took on more passengers at Indianapolis, Indiana – a perfectly proportioned beautiful, intellectual, passionate, personification of Venus De Milo asked me if the seat beside me was taken!!! I gulped, (I’m drunk) gargled & stammered NO! (Paradox of expression, after all, how can one stammer No!!?) She sat – I sweated – She started to speak, I knew it would be generalities, so to tempt her I remained silent.

She (her name Patricia) got on the bus at 8 PM (Dark!) I didn’t speak until 10 PM – in the intervening 2 hours I not only of course, determined to make her, but, how to DO IT.

I naturally can’t quote the conversation verbally, however, I shall attempt to give you the gist of it from 10 PM to 2 AM.

Without the slightest preliminaries of objective remarks (what’s your name? where are you going? etc.) I plunged into a completely knowing, completely subjective, personal & so to speak “penetrating her core” way of speech; to be shorter (since I’m getting unable to write) by 2 AM I had her swearing eternal love, complete subjectivity to me & immediate satisfaction. I, anticipating even more pleasure, wouldn’t allow her to blow me on the bus, instead we played, as they say, with each other.

Knowing her supremely perfect being was completely mine (when I’m more coherent, I’ll tell you her complete history & psychological reason for loving me) I could concieve of no obstacle to my satisfaction, well “the best laid plans of mice & men go astray” and my nemesis was her sister, the bitch.

Pat had told me her reason for going to St. Louis was to see her sister; she had wired her to meet her at the depot. So, to get rid of the sister, we peeked around the depot when we arrived at St. Louis at 4 AM to see if she (her sister) was present. If not, Pat would claim her suitcase, change clothes in the rest room & she and I proceed to a hotel room for a night (years?) of perfect bliss. The sister was not in sight, so She (not the capital) claimed her bag & retired to the toilet to change —- long dash —-

This next paragraph must, of necessity, be written completely objectively –

Edith (her sister) & Patricia (my love) walked out of the pisshouse hand in hand (I shan’t describe my emotions). It seems Edith (bah) arrived at the bus depot early & while waiting for Patricia, feeling sleepy, retired to the head to sleep on a sofa. That’s why Pat & I didn’t see her.

My desperate efforts to free Pat from Edith failed, even Pat’s terror & slave-like feeling toward her rebelled enough to state she must see “someone” & would meet Edith later, all failed. Edith was wise; she saw what was happening between Pat & I.

Well, to summarize: Pat & I stood in the depot (in plain sight of the sister) & pushing up to one another, vowed to never love again & then I took the bus to Kansas City & Pat went home, meekly, with her dominating sister. Alas, alas —-

In complete (try & share my feeling) dejection, I sat, as the bus progressed toward Kansas City. At Columbia, Mo. a young (19) completely passive (my meat) virgin got on & shared my seat … In my dejection over losing Pat, the perfect, I decided to sit on the bus (behind the driver) in broad daylight & seduce her, from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM I talked. When I was done, she (confused, her entire life upset, metaphysically amazed at me, passionate in her immaturity) called her folks in Kansas City, & went with me to a park (it was just getting dark) & I banged her; I screwed as never before; all my pent up emotion finding release in this young virgin (& she was) who is, by the way, a school teacher! Imagine, she’s had 2 years of Mo. St. Teacher’s College & now teaches Jr. High School. (I’m beyond thinking straightly).

I’m going to stop writing. Oh, yes, to free myself for a moment from my emotions, you must read ‘Dead Souls’ parts of it (in which Gogol shows his insight) are quite like you.

I’ll elaborate further later (probably?) but at the moment I’m drunk and happy (after all, I’m free of Patricia already, due to the young virgin. I have no name for her. At the happy note of Les Young’s 'jumping at Mesners’ (which I’m hearing) I close till later.

To my Brother
Carry On!
N.L. Cassady

anonymous asked:

So how does one decide whether a religion has been "closed"? Is there an official board somewhere that announces when this takes place? What if I declare European Paganism as a closed religion? Or are only religions practiced by non-white people available to be "closed"?

Well, fortunately there’s no such thing as a single European Paganism, otherwise your contempt would leave many us without a religious practice.

Generally speaking, a religion is determined closed by the people of the culture from which that religion comes.  If those people no longer exist and/or if the historical line of inheritance was broken, then the religion is usually open, such as the various Celtic polytheisms, Kemeticism, Religio Romano, etc.  There are some religions that may welcome in newcomers outside of their cultures under specific circumstances, like Shinto, but those circumstances are determined by the authorities of those religions and not the newcomers themselves.

It’s not that religions typically practiced by people of color are the only ones that can be closed.  Closed religions tend to be, but aren’t always, associated with communities that have faced some sort of oppression, and while white people certainly aren’t the only ones that can be racist, it just so happens that much of the imperialism that went on and still goes on is perpetuated by white-identified people.

Cultural identity is not always so easy as “skin color = cultural identity.”  What about someone born and raised in India who has pale skin?  Are they less Indian because their skin color is less common, even if they were born and raised there no differently than any other Indian child?  Or is a person of color born in England somehow not English but is only allowed to identify as the culture from which their ancestry may be rooted, even if it was centuries ago and this person actually calls themselves English?  This isn’t addressing how privilege associated with certain skin colors operate within certain cultural paradigms, but I hope you understand the gist of what I’m getting at.

A religion is closed when authorities within or the people of that religion declare it so, no matter how many sarcastic quotes you use.

- mountain hound

im-that-one-weird-kid  asked:

"Well behaved women seldom make history" by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich has had serious problems with people using her quote without permission and twisting its meaning. Can you make a post explaining her book and have her named as the source from now on?

She is named as the source, and I ran it by her when I launched the 1 year anniversary poster. Now that things have settled down, I’m even mailing her a copy (as she’d requested). :)

The quote comes from an obscure academic paper she wrote on Puritan funeral rites. It was a specific response to most scholarship at the time only talking about women as an oppressed minority. With it, she pointed out the “hidden ones” who’d been well behaved and forgotten by the history books. That may be an oversimplification, but that’s the gist of it.

She also seems to have made her peace with the phrase being out of her hands now. She wrote, “[t]he quotation is way beyond my control at this point, so I am sometimes amused, sometimes aghast, but never worried about how it gets used.  That seems to be the way of our internet world.”

(sorry for the late reply, I’m finally catching up on a huge backlog of email)

some thoughts on Daryl/Norman

So i’ll stop reblogging Norman/Daryl/Caryl stuff (for a few minutes at least) 

After writing my Levity post yesterday, i’ve been stuck in a thought process for the whole day. Can’t get this shit out of my head now. So I guess that means I’ll write something. I do after all have this all month Write-A-Day project thingy so I suppose this counts. 

I was thinking about something I heard Norman say about Daryl once. I think it was the NYC Comic Con, and I really haven’t heard it mentioned alot. The panel was asked if there were things the actors knew about their characters that others didn’t know, and that they used while playing them. And Normans answer was interesting. 

I don’t have his exact quote but it was something along the lines of him saying that A) he takes alot from h is own life when playing Daryl, which sort of makes some sense when you think about how protective he tends to be of the character and how he’s portrayed. And B) that he thought that Daryl had a lot of humiliation in his life, like with his first kiss and stuff like, having to do with his brother. Like I said, I can’t remember the exact quote but that was sort of the gist of it. 

It was interesting to me because not only did it give a little insight in Norman but because of the way the character is portrayed in his personal interactions. 

I kept thinking about this because I’ve heard others say how there was a moment in the reunion hug scene when it looked like he wanted to kiss her. And I think that may be right on target. I do think he wanted to  But I believe that he lacks the confidence in himself to do it. Which is very sad and heartbreaking to me. And its something I hope he can overcome as well. And I think he will. As soon as he learns to really trust himself. 

Because I mean he did hug her like there was no tomorrow didn’t he? For a guy so allergic to touch this was a big deal.

And this is what I believe that Norman is excellent at portraying, those little nuances of character when it comes to Daryl. You can just see it on his face. Its incredible. 




or reaction…

is emotional

and heartbreakingly beautiful..especially this last look he gives in this beautiful gif (which I did not make, cannot make these and I can’t remember whose it is I apologize…)

This look destroys me every time I see it..cause you can clearly see the love, the vulnerability (which Norman says he feels free to show around Mel) and the uncertainty and insecurity clearly on his face. It’s quite beautiful and may only be seconds long but its wonderful. 

He, like Melissa is incredible when when it comes to this stuff. Sometimes it gets lost in his popularity looks and things like that, but the man can act. And like Mel, it seems to come very naturally without forced effort. You see the reason its so fluid and organic here because there is alot of Norman in Daryl, and alot of Daryl in Norman. Even if the character seems light years from NR’s personality, the inner workings are very similar. 

And I LOVE watching it onscreen. :)

My road ID arrived. I love it. The quote is from an ultra book I like. Of course pain can be your body’s warning…not discounting it. The context of those quote helps (definitely not about injury. Different world), but the gist is exactly that. Pain only hurts. In those moments, when your legs burn, your feet hurt, you want to quit, remember it only hurts. That’s it. You can push through.

I don’t feel like my explanation does it justice. It’s from Scott Jurek’s book.