only for making it a png

I like how Riddler is the only one who has a note on his door. Like he’s not very dangerous physically like the Joker or Killer Croc– but the staff wants him sedated on a regular basis…

Probably can’t stand listening to his riddles all day long.

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I love love your icons! Could you please make an icon tutorial?? I'd love you forever

thank you! recently i got a couple of requests for an icon tutorial so i decided to make one. i’m sorry for any mistakes in advance. please like or reblog this if you find any of the followings helpful. feel free to send an ask if you have any questions or find any of this unclear. so here’s how to go from this:

to this:

you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6 but works with other versions too)
  • a screencap or picture (preferably HQ)
  • a psd or basic coloring skills
  • some calming tea (you’ll need this the most)

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Commission for Minnie & Lily.

These art their FFXIV characters, I just found I seldom use green colors on clothes before when I do this commission, it was a little bit fresh for me to choose the color.:D


I decided to give the image form into png from now on, I would announce the details after I finished the next commission in recent.

Stay turned. ;)


Since there are too many people in the high priority line at this moment, the waiting time get longer and longer, and need to wait about several months just like the general line.

Because I can only do commissions one by one, I usually can do 10 images a month including the commercial artworks.
If you are still interested in my commissions, please make sure you can wait before you fill the commission booking form.

Thank you for understanding.


Commissions OPEN

If you are interested, please check the info below.

[ Commission Board ]

**the waiting list is super long now, please make sure you can wait before you commission me.**


            .。.:*・゚ ❅ .。.:* ADOPT AUCTION *・゚ ❅ .。.:*・゚

I have this baby skele in mind for a while now and since I’m in need for money I thought why not trying to sell some designs ? So here we are!

~All of my adopts doesn’t have determined name, gender, age or backstory, it’s all up to you.
~Once you win the auction, you’ll get the full *.sai and *.png files.
~You can change the design SLIGHTLY. But of course you can create more outfits on your own for your new baby.
~Don’t EVER RESELL IT, PLEASE. It would make me really sad.
~You only need to write “SB” in the comment section to start the auction. The next person that will bid will comment the increased price, and so it goes unless someone Auto Buy directly !
~ONLY BID IN THE COMMENTS, DON’T REBLOG. Bidind in a reblog won’t count
~Paypal only

・: ❉ :・゚~~~Status~~~゚・: ❉ :・


Auto Buy:40 USD
Starting Bid:10 USD
Minimum Bid increasment:1 USD
End date:1rst may 

Yes this skele doesn’t have any hands or feet. It’s perfect for lazy artists.MP me if ou got any questions!

Flat lay graphic tutorial

I’m going to teach you how to make this, which is a slightly altered version of a panel from my most recent graphic:

So I started making these graphics a while ago, and although a few people have asked me how I make them, I’ve only ever given really simple instructions so this is going to be a more detailed walk-through on how I make these graphics. Basically, I’m obsessed with them, I’ve made several variations (x, x, x, x) so there isn’t just one way or a correct way to make them. 

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VN Update: Shits fucked up. Basically I first used gifs timed with audio and this worked well with what I was doing but the gifs only played once and for some reason they won’t replay. “A simple fix” I thought to myself “I’ll just make them loop and then use a simple command to cut them off at the right time” NOPE Now they played at random times in the animation if replayed with in the game. Well here’s the oh so very simple fix for that or what I like to call: “PLAN C” Using Photoshop to save each individual frame of the animation into .pngs and then using Sony Vegas to save it into a .wmv with the aforementioned audio, then converting it into a .ogv with a random website so it can run in Tyranobuilder (Ren'Py for dummies) See? simple!
Logo Design Promotion Just $5 - Delivery In One Day | eBay
Who is your target audience?. Logo name. Once you are satisfied with the logo, I will send you full resolution files in. I will do revisions but as final you can only getone design with several formats. | eBay!

Logo Design Promotion:

How it Works
Place an order and make a payment through PayPal.
Answer to these questions.
Logo name
What type of business do you have?
Who is your target audience?
What’s your slogan?
What colors are you interested in?
Brief description about the design
A sketch or a sample if you have
We design your logo and send it to you within 3 maximum business days.
You can make any changes, UNLIMITED and FREE of charges.
Once you are satisfied with the logo, I will send you full resolution files in several formats, and a source file ( AI, EPS, PDF,PNG, JPEG,).
Please note
After finals there are no any changes! if you want changes please make new order
I will do revisions but as final you can only get one design with several formats. if you want more versions you have to pay extra

Scale your Pixel Art without Blur

This is a little trick for those who wish to scale their pixel art and don’t own photoshop (which can, apparently, do it), and without any blur, as you can see in the example above :

The original pixel 

The scaled pixel 


Warning : This tutorial use MS Paint, which doesn’t handle transparency. If your pic uses a simple transparency (only the background is transparent), like in this example, you can easily make it transparent again in SAI (I’ll show you how). However, if your pic use more complex transparency, you’ll loose it on the big picture.

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icon tutorial

as requested by anon yesterday, asking about how i made my tumblr icon on the above. so here i am, creating a little tutorial for you. i bet everyone knows how to do it already tbh, it’s nothing hard and i made it as simple as i can.

and the picture i’m using is from SU CAN FLY. so if you want to try it out, you can choose any picture you want!

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I’m in the process of relocating to the other side of the world, so I’ve opened and revamped my character commissions.

Here’s what you get:

  • Basic Portrait £20 - broad strokes, a bit rough around the edges, important detailing only, background from main image.
  • Portrait £25 - more details and textures, clean edges, roundels/halos, sympathetic background colours.
  • Tarot Card £45 - a tarot card of your choice for your character, featuring angles, art-nouveau inspired linework, and metal effect decoration. 
  • Process Gif £2 - chuck an extra couple of quid my way and I’ll remember to make regular PNG saves of the piece and compile them into a fun little gif for you, and is posted at the best quality tumblr will allow for that particular image.

Please note - the prices are the minimum hourly wage for the UK


  • I just do portraits, that’s it. I won’t draw anything else.
  • No fetish, furry, mecha etc.
  • Have visual references ready - screenshots, face claims/fan casts, your own art etc.
  • I will aim to have it finished within a fortnight.
  • PayPal only

I will send you a sketch so you can check details and give me time to make adjustments. Once you are happy with it, I will send you an invoice to be paid upon receiving your finished commission.

Contact me through tumblr  to request a commission


Bow  down  you  clowns,  answer  to  me.
Show  them  what  you’ll  be  for  the  great  Conchita 

busto 2.0 is the lgbt representation we need

-not confined by the gender binary
-also not confined by linear time, space, or reality
-is canonically a blb (busto-loving busto)
-proudly expresses blb attraction which can only be stopped by physically crashing into terrain barriers
-explodes into massive, unreadable sculptural polygons, defying heteronormative expectations surrounding physical existence
-has created a pocket dimension with fellow bustos, the known end goal of the Gay Agenda

anonymous asked:

I do hope that I'm not bothering you but may I ask how did you do the transparency thing for Zen's picture?? Thanks!

Hey Anon! It’s no bother at all!

So a lot of people seem to have been wondering how the transparency thing works on Tumblr - here’s how:

Rule of Transparency: Always export in PNG - it’s pretty much the only format compatible with tumblr that allows transparency.

Let’s break it down to the most basic idea of transparency here -

*Note: When you’re scrolling over any picture on your dashboard, the background is white. When you click on a picture, the picture enlarges with a black (or grey) background.

So if you want something to be hidden when viewed on dashboards but appear when clicked, follow these steps:

1) Place your subject on a semi-transparent / transparent background. Colour the subject and then lower transparency of the colour layer to about 60%.

2) Create a background layer below the character layer. Fill the background with a colour of your choice and reduce the opacity to about 30%.

3) Create a semi-transparent black layer (85% opacity) below the background layer - this is so you can see how your piece will look like when the background is dark (i.e. how it will look like when you click/tap on the picture on your tumblr dashboard).

*Note: At this point, you should turn on the transparency of your white base layer.

4) Now for the fun part - create a layer for all your effects! Put the layer with all your effects under the background layer and make sure all your effects are done in 100% white colour (#ffffff).

*Note: You can play around with the opacity of the effects to give varying degrees of depth (e.g. grass further away vs. grass nearer to the foreground).

Also, remember to mask out the effects behind the character (because the character’s body colour is transparent and it’d be freaky to see lightning right through the character unless that’s your intention)

5) Final touches - create the lighting on your character!

Your character might look a little flat when it’s on top of all the excitement in the background - create lighting on your character to make sure it blends into the surrounding.

How: At this point, you can only add highlights to the character, so create a layer under the “Character” layer, but above the “Background” layer.

Paint highlights onto your character using 100% white (#ffffff).

5) Frame your character or add your final adjustments before the export.

6) Remove the white AND black layer in your file.
(i.e. “Layer 0″ - White layer | “Sample Black Background” - Black layer)

6) Save.

Save your file as a PNG.

*Note: If file size exceeds 2MB, the PNG will automatically be converted into a JPEG, and the whole transparency effect disappears. So be sure to resize your file / compress it to ensure it fits within 2MB.


This is what the final effect should look like.

Lightning brushes
Grass brushes
Cloud brushes

Vectoring Photos in Illustrator

requested by holmosexuality

This is a tutorial on how to vector photos into single colors, meant for those with a general knowledge of Photoshop but are only just starting out with Illustrator.

If you find this helpful, please like or reblog. And if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!

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anonymous asked:

Can you make a tutorial on how to animate?

There is a very brief and basic guide here:

Note that FireAlpaca only produces a sequence of PNG files. You need to combine them together with another program like Photoscape (free download for Windows) or AlpacaDouga (online at ). 

If you use AlpacaDouga, after you upload your frame images, the red rectangle with white letters “Create a GIF animation” is a button to create the GIF,  the preview slideshow is not the animated GIF output. 


lavenderlorrainebaines  asked:

hi there! i know you're all quite busy, so there's not hurry at all, but i wanted to request some 200x100 icon resources if i might? textures and borders, or together, preferably without the url here thing (which is the only sort i can seem to find at the moment). for anyone who has the muse to make them! i'd find them easiest to use as pngs but psds are ok if you'd rather. thank you bunches dears !! i hope you have a wonderful day !!

HERE is a mediafire link to #6 png icon textures and borders made by me. They’re all sized 200x100, but all differ in style. They can work for both gifs or rp icons. You can use these for whatever you want, and you don’t have to give me credit, just please like/reblog if you’re using. 

Examples under the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

i'm sorry to ask this but how does your edits never look over sharpened? i always save my images with the best quality possible but when a resize them to 540px and sharpen they always look ugly .-. i'm curious cause yours are always smooth.... how?

aw don’t be sorry!! i only edit pics w resolutions higher than 900-something px, i save my edits as png, i try my best not to overdo the colouring and i make sure to fade the smart sharpening to like 25-40% depending on the quality of the pic and oh also make sure the height isn’t bigger than 810px (so like the maximum size is 540 x 810px) cos tumblr will resize it