only fond memories now

And it has happened again

A bomb blast.

In my country, Pakistan. 

My people, bleeding, dying.

About 69 people have been declared dead so far and over 100 have been injured.

But this one hit a little too close to home.

The park it took place in, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, it’s really close to my grandparents’ house and I’ve been going there since as long as I can remember, the last visit being only a few months ago. I have fond memories of that place. And now, it’s full of blood.

It’s always bustling with people and since it’s Easter Sunday, it was even more crowded than usual. Most of the dead and injured are young children and women. People have been separated, parents can’t find their children, hospitals are overflowing and it’s just… 

This is too horrible. Too horrible.

All I can do is pray. Please, I request all of you to pray.