only fear never trying

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BRING IT - a pumped up Kirishima mix

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BRING IT (SNAKES ON A PLANE), cobra starship - oh/i’m ready for it/come on bring it

HELL YEAH, rev theory - give me a hell/give me a yeah/stand up right now

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, saliva - boom/do you want it/boom/do you need it/boom/let me hear it

DEVOUR, shinedown - you want it/you want it/you want it/well here it is/everything, everything ,everything/isn’t so primitive

BAWITDABA, kid rock - i said it’s all good and it’s all in fun/now get in the pit and try to love someone

BERZERK, eminem - say fuck it before we kick the bucket/life’s too short to not go for broke

WE OWN IT, 2chainz & wiz kalifa - i never feared death or dying/i only fear never trying/i am whatever i am/only god can judge me now

REMEMBER THE NAME, fort minor - he’s not your every day on the block/he knows how to work with what he’s got/makin’ his way to the top

“I never fear death or dying.” What use was fear to one who had died and awoken anew the next morn? Who lived in the heat of a goddess’ breast, suspended in immortal elixirs by the flower she had crafted from his soul? He who was born from love unnatural could not freely turn his back on the twisted gift of life. “I only fear never trying.”

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2chainz and wiz khalifa - we own it