only fast food

“money doesn’t buy happiness” is so dumb !! yes it does!!! if u have money ur able to get nice things and go cool places and eat good foods & that’s happy!! what’s not happy is staying at home & eating only fast foods which make u miserable anyway so! this is a capitalistic society set up in a way that the basic premise is: Get Money, Be Happy

The problem with a day where you are Focused on What Needs To Be Done, for me anyway, means that The Focus defeats regular meals and I do something dumb like take my precious adderall early and so I’m not that hungry and I only eat a bunch of baby carrots and a sandwich over the course of the day and then late at night suddenly I am RAVENOUS.

But the good thing about such a day is that because I am Focused I can remember there’s a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich in the back of the fridge and it is begging to be microwaved. 😋

I hope this looks alright ahh

@ask-aph-fruk drew some representations of states, and since I visit New Orleans a lot, Louisiana caught my eye. So thanks to her for letting me draw him!

(Those are supposed to be tarot cards, by the way.)

If you can’t read what I wrote:

“Look at these cards! Hurricane season’s goin’ be real bad!”

“I hope the line isn’t too long at Raising Cain’s.”


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139 - “Flip flops or high heels?”
… Considering I’ve never worn high heels, I’ll go with flip flops. This is more of a question for @teenbrendonbot honestly

140 - “Mac or PC?”
… PC. I can’t stand Mac.

141 - “White chocolate or milk chocolate?”
Well, I haven’t eaten white chocolate before. So milk chocolate?

142 - “McDonalds or Burger King?”
The only real fast food is Taco Bell.

(Incase you’re wondering, he’s definitely thinking about food. Sorry Steve!!)

GOT7 As Guys You See In College

JB: The one guy who is literally gives off the “don’t-talk-to-me” look. Doesn’t look like he wants to be there always giving off that cold vibe/bitch look face. Yet once when friends he’s this happy go lucky type guy. Willing to pick a fight with the professor on certain topics in class discussion.

Mark: The really quiet one in class but manages to find friends in that class by talking about something. Will be the one who has his Netflix playing whenever he’s “doing work”. The one that you see outside his dorm sleeping next to his door because he either lost his keys or got locked out.

Jackson: The really healthy guy. You always see him on the way to the school’s gym and always carrying a gallon of water everywhere he goes. Promotes healthy living 24/7, willing to go broke just so he can have organic food products. Will only indulge in fast food once a week but spend 3 hours at the gym the next day. Somehow passing his class with flying colors.

Junior: You see him in the library 24/7 always doing his work and trying to get ahead in his classes. Makes sure his friends are doing their work but you’ll see him at every frat party that weekend. Doesn’t need to worry about doing homework or anything that weekend because he already did it during the week

Youngjae: The one musician who is carrying his instrument everywhere he goes. Will perform wonderwall every single day, could do any other song but prefers to sing that one song. Definitely the loud one in class even if the classroom has about 20 people he still will be the loud one but with a hint of awkwardness.

Bambam: The one that has better clothes than you and everyone on campus. Will keep up  on the latest fashion trends. Probably has 20x’s more clothes now then when he arrived at school. Always friendly with everyone but will start a fight if someone says something stupid. Not paying attention in class, always on his phone unless it’s the class that he actually likes. 

Yugyeom: Hyper 24/7 will be with his group of friends in the same spot every single day. Very sweet to everyone he meets/talks to will definitely try to befriend you before the two of you go your separate ways. Constantly playing loud music that people on his dorm room floor can hear it. 

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So I saw a post on Facebook about chick-fil-a and the sjws were going off about how it's homophobic and people who eat there support homophobes. Ummm I support the LGBT community and still enjoy chick-fil-a. It's the only fast food place around that serves chicken nuggets made from real chicken. Those sjws are the type of people that make us leftwing people look bad.

honestly, you can find something wrong with just about every major corporation. the only way to avoid corporations and brands that aren’t 100% perfect is to go live out in the woods ala hillary clinton in chappaqua. i’m sure the same people LOVE their iphones, yet apple is a master at tax avoidance.

honestly, the whole chick-fil-a thing is just… like… some people have fucking WAR in their countries… like… 

little things, i guess!

  • officer is left handed. his handwriting sucks too because he never really did school.
  • he pretty much only eats fast food.
  • takes everything wayyy too personally.
  • doesnt really talk either! if you can get more than ten words out of him hes either really pissed or actually warming up to you (which is a looong process). he normally sticks to short responses because he doesnt articulate very well and hates embarrassing himself. he also likes to look cool and he thinks fumbling over his words isnt as suave as it might be for a rick lol. 
  • has maybe one closeish friend that hes known for a few years. another guard morto that i like to be able to mod. 
  • loves attention esp from ricks. it’ll go to his damn head though
  • super likes having the upper hand in a relationship. 
  • acts tough but probably couldnt win a fight without his gun. or a blunt object
  • supermortyfan gave him a fidget cube and hes always clicking away at it from inside his pocket. probably doesnt want anyone to know he has it either
  • officer is just a made up title. this is mostly for all yall :P

The Nasty Burger is, oddly, one of the only fast food joints in Amity Park. Heck, it’s one of the only restaurants in Amity Park, period. There’s a McDonald’s on the outskirts of town, a small local Italian restaurant in the middle of the town, a local pizza place next to that (run by the same family), and a Burger King, another pizza joint, and a Panda Express in the mall food court. They get decent business, but either way most people just prefer to eat at home.

The kids, though, they all go to the Nasty Burger. It’s closer than the McDonald’s, cheaper than the Italian place, and not as crowded as the mall options. Sure, it’s crowded, but the high school teenagers are really the only ones ever there.

So, the Nasty Burger actually has a decent menu. There are, of course, burgers of all kinds, including a build-your-own option. Fries are a must-have, as are chicken options. They have a pretty decent salad selection, too, which is good for the vegetarians of the town. There are even fish options, and at one point they offered hot dogs (though they weren’t very popular and have been discontinued).

Ironically, the Nasty Burger food is actually really good. No one quite knows why it’s called the Nasty Burger. Employees only shrug. Even the manager is unsure. The website is not helpful in the slightest. No one knows, and no one will ever know.

(There was a petition at one point to change the name from Nasty Burger to Tasty Burger. It went no where.)

But the food – the food is great. It never disappoints. And so, it continues to bring in business. It’ll never be on a top ten list or recognized for its food, but it’s good enough for the hungry teenagers of Amity Park.

i want iris to find out about barry being the flash on her own, and instead of doing a big confrontation about it, she should just be really passive aggressive with a plethora of sarcastic puns to throw at barry

“hey barry i was going to ask you to have dinner with me but i heard you only like fast food” *death stare*

“hey barry do you want to watch a film? what about fast and furious?” *death stare*

“why isn’t this video playing? oh no my flash player must be out of date” *death stare*

“i better back this article up- hey does anyone have a flash drive?” *death stare*

A Sick Day in the Life

Pairing: Dan, Phil and Reader are friends idk

Send us requests:)

“Urrrgggghhhhhh what’s happening ? Why does my body hate me?” You pushed yourself up onto your elbows. Your head is swimming, your nose is more blocked up than a man on a strict fast food only diet and you haven’t been this tired since you jogged for 10 minutes that one time in an effort to get fit. You flop back down on your bed and make yet another entirely inhuman noise. It’s 1pm and the sunlight is spilling through the tiny gap in the blinds. Last night was anything but restful. Between the constant struggle of trying to breathe and the pounding headache, sleep did not come easily.

Just as you were considering crawling back under the blankets forever, there’s a knock at the door. You quickly shove your head under the pillow and make a sound that roughly translates to, “What do you want, can’t you see I’m dying here?”. The door opens and Phil’s ever cherry face pops around. “Rise and shine, sleepy head,” her chirps walking across your room and opening the blinds, releasing the tidal wave of midwinter sunlight.

Dan knocks on the open door as he walks in with his usual cuppa in hand. “Hey chicky, how are yo- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU LOOK LIKE DEATH WITH A HANGOVER” he cuts off as you emerge from under your cocoon. “Gee Dan, thanks, ‘cause that makes me feel soooo much better” you say, pulling the blankets back over your head. “Oh c'mon, I didn’t mean it” he says, walking over and setting his mug down on the bedside table before sitting on the edge of your bed. Phil, meanwhile, busied himself by tidying up your room like the actual mother he his. You always thought it was funny how Phil had no problem cleaning up after you or Dan, but he never cleaned up after himself, its just one of his quirks.

“You’ve got to get up and eat something,” he says as he picks up the comics that carpet  your floor, with obvious concern in his voice. “Nunugahbggshh,” you reply, your face buried in a mountain of pillows. “Well since you out it that way,” Dan jokes, trying to make you smile. “But seriously Phil’s right, come and eat something.” Although you are quite hungry, you have no desire whatsoever to leave the fortress of softness you have created around yourself. Dan knows that, so he simply leans over and tucks the blankets around you, burrito style and picks you up easily. You sometimes forget how strong her is because he’s, as he puts it, a giant nerd. You start to protest but soon give up as you just don’t have the energy.

Dan carries you to the sofa in the lounge and drops you gently. Phil appears beside him with a thermometer in one hand and cough syrup in the other. “Open,” he commands, not unkindly as he gives you a spoonful of syrup. Then he placed the thermometer in your ear and then checks it. “38,” he reads, forehead creased in concern as Dan walks back into the room with a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea, settling them down on the table beside you.

“Looks like we’re having a sick day,” Dan said, pulling another blanket out of the press beside the lounge and plunking down beside you on the sofa. “But you’re not sick,” Phil starts but quickly realises that there’s no point in arguing, Dan was already committed to the idea. You eat the oatmeal Dan made for you, it has honey and cinnamon in it just the way you like it. “Disney movie marathon?” you asked Dan, between mouthfuls. “Disney movie marathon,” he replies, picking up the remote and switching over to netflix. Phil gives in, getting his own blanket from the press Dan visited earlier and joining you and Dan on the sofa. The rest of the day was spent in a croaky sing song to every Disney princess film on netflix, with toilet, tea and snack breaks.

Before you know, its 11pm and you’re wrecked. You unravel yourself from the blankets and go take a shower. When you walk into your room you’re greeted by Dan and Phil in the matching pajamas you bought them for Christmas last year, camping on your bed. “What-” you start, but quickly shut up because the thought of cuddles with your favourite boys would be perfect right now. You snuggle down between them and fall asleep quickly, Dan’s fingers running through your hair and Phil’s fringe falling against your face.

At some point that night they must have gone back to their rooms because you wake up sprawled across the bed, feeling better rested than you have in a very long time. You get up and tread out to the lounge to see the pair wrapped in blankets on the sofa, covered in cold sweats and tissues lying in their laps. You try to hide your laugh, unsuccessfully it must be said. “Disney movie marathon?” you ask lifting an eyebrow. “Oh shush” Dan replies.

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what is kim seokjin’s ideal type?

what would kim seokjin’s lover really be like?

▴ Accidentally spills all over clothes

▴ That they’ve probably stolen from him

▴ But he wouldn’t mind

▴ He would just tease you about it

▴ Accidentally hits him in his sleep

▴ Wakes up too late

▴ Never changes clothes (everywhere from bras to pants to underwear to binds)

▴ Always the same one

▴ Lectures him on feminism

▴ Lowkey turns things into debates without meaning to

▴ Maybe works a little too hard at things that don’t pay off

▴ Doesn’t give a shit about gender

▴ Needs reassurance

▴ Lets anxiety get to them about little things

▴ But he would always apply logic to your anxiety

▴ And would always calm them down

▴ Likes boys in makeup

▴ Can’t keep track of group chats

▴ Doesn’t trust people to hold their phone

▴ Accidentally drops their phone all the time

▴ Easily distracted by animals

▴ Makes a lot of to-do-lists

▴ Never sticks to them

▴ Only really likes fast food

▴ Stresses out about tests and quizzes

▴ Lots of “it’s gonna be may” jokes

▴ Memes no one has even heard of

▴ Only listens to live versions of songs

▴ Keeps up with celebrities they don’t even care about

▴ Every day is a lazy day

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