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There is going to be a little bit of a nostalgia journey down here. Back in the year 2008 (i was 15-16), i came across @mithen ‘s fanfics on livejournal, and if you were in the fandom then, you know that their fic was often times accompanied by amazing artwork done by an artist that probably doesn’t post publicly anymore. the upside was the art was amazing, the downside was i was too intimidated to ever draw mithen anything based on the fic because why would my shit be any good compared to Rai’s art.

its now 2017, and you know, life is too short to not show appreciation for the people that inspired you. So here is a drawing based on Music of the Spheres. It doesn’t really conform to any particular scene, but i always had this in my head when i was reading it.

Pinstripes as an homage to Rai always giving Bruce lovely pinstripe suits.

Fast Food Restaurants from Best to Worst
(Note: Only includes fast food restaurants that exist in areas of the United States which matter, or ones that I’ve been to. If you want to argue with me you can get some taste)

  1. KFC
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Sonic
  4. Johnny Rockets
  5. Dunkin Donuts
  6. Starbucks
  7. Subway
  8. Panera Bread
  9. McDonald’s
  10. Boston Market
  11. Domino’s
  12. Krispy Kreme
  13. Sbarro
  14. Five Guys
  15. Popeyes
  16. WingStreet
  17. Arby’s
  18. Dairy Queen
  19. Jersey Mike’s
  20. Quizno’s
  21. Taco Bell
  22. Burger King

This isnt directly related to Elsewhere U, but imagine a story of a Liminal Space denny’s - where both the Gentry and mortals can go to dine
A dennys on the side of a highway - you can never quite remember which one, but you always find your way to it on the nights when you want to - that’s only open in the evening and night hours, where humans aren’t the only ones who come to dine

A place that, If you try to go during the day, and somehow manage to find your way to it, it’s broken down and abandoned.

A place where you cant see the cooks, and the server’s back is hollow

A place where, If you’re unlucky enough to stay til dawn, you may find that you disappear in the sunlight

A denny’s that bridges the worlds, and serves any hungry soul that comes asking, though whether your soul is being served or fed is up for debate

Crucially, the Denny’s is the only fast food joint inside the rough triangle formed by the two highways and the train tracks that contain Elsewhere U and a good part of the countryside around it. When the sun rises it takes everything in it to…wherever it goes. (Somewhere shimmery, say the people who tried to look through the windows from the parking lot. The ones who were inside never say anything else at all). The change in your pockets turns to wet leaves when the sun rises. But the food is safe, or at least as much as it ever is. And the coffee is very, very strong.

2 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,687 
sorry it’s shorter than usual

warnings: swearing, violence, blood, choking (not in a sexy way) & talk of kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome 

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Two hours, they’d been gone. Two hours, that you’d been left all alone. Most people in your situation would think about leaving, about running away. Not you. Something in your blood told you to stay put. What kind of Stockholm Syndrome was this madness?
Jungkook had let you have full roam of the house, an interesting concept considering only hours beforehand you were their prisoner. Their werewolf prisoner. Even after 120 minutes alone with your thoughts, your mind couldn’t process that you weren’t you any more, that you weren’t human any more. Distracting yourself from the unanswered questions you managed to take a good look at your surroundings. The house itself resembled something from a TV show, the walls were decorated with eccentric wallpaper prints and there wasn’t a spec of dust to be seen in the entire building.

Walking into the brightly coloured lounge area you jumped out of your skin and a piercing scream almost escaped your lips when a man you didn’t recognise stood in the doorway. He looked down at you in surprise, though he didn’t budge an inch. There was no denying he was handsome, apparently a running theme in this household, dark chocolate hair adorned his soft features, his eyes were large and feline like, hiding beneath thick eyelashes and an abundance of negativity.

Who the fuck are you?” He spat as he clasped his hand around your neck, slamming your back into the nearest wall.

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Part One: I'm Not Feeling Like Myself Today. (Swap Meat S05E12)

Episode Summary: A teenage nerd conjures and body switching spell and changes bodies with Sam. But it’s more than just a bad version of “Freaky Friday” for you and the boys when you find out the purpose behind all of it.  
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,981.

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RAMADAN MUBARAK to anyone who is fasting, whether Muslim or not, and to the Muslims not fasting and the non-Muslims experiencing Ramadan even if they’re not fasting. So, RAMADAN MUBARAK to just everyone. Let’s all love and do good.

And with that, I shed the light on the oppressed minority of non-muslims in some Islamic countries that are not allowed to eat in public as “it’s offensive to the ones fasting”, and to the closeted ex-Muslim youths living in Muslim households that are either obliged to fast or to eat little in secret. So, let’s just celebrate Ramadan in our different ways, whether you consider it a tradition and part of your cultrue or a big religious experience. Let Ramadan be the month of good deeds and fasting, not only from food and sexual activities, but also from bad deeds and ill manners.

I note that I’m an ex-Muslim who chooses to fast and pray during Ramadan. Let’s all be happy this month !

Sw: 260 (my heaviest)
Lowest weight:130
The photo on the right was Halloween 2015.
My cw:190

I was struggling with my weight mostly because I ate alot of junk in 2014. For 2 years I lived with my husband at his parents house his mother was mentally abusive towards me to the point where I’d stay in his 70sqft room and only ate fast food so I wouldn’t have to come out and socialize with any of his family.

Now that we have our second place I’ve taken control and have been eating healthier and working out 5-6 times a week. I’m so much happier.

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hey!! im here to request this drabble game!! (ps i love ur recent "city lights"! keep on the hard work!! :D no pressure lol) idk how this works so u can ignore this if I dont this incorrectly but: Kai and maybe the color pink? (fluff maybe if u can) thank you!!

//Well, apparently I’m garbage at writing anything less than 1k, so here’s this lol (and thanks! I’m glad you liked City Lights ^^)

Title: I’m Yours
Genre: fluff
Request: Jongin + Pink

“What are you doing?” you asked, sliding onto one of the mismatched bar stools at Jongin’s kitchen counter. His warm brown eyes flickered up to you for a moment before returning to the pepper he was cutting.

The knife fell across the vegetable at a rhythmic pace, Jongin’s grip steady and strong. You couldn’t help but admire his hands - as a matter of fact, you didn’t even have to hide the fact that you were openly staring anymore. Jongin was well aware of just how much you liked beautiful hands. You’d complimented his far too many times now, but he was used to it, just like you’d gotten used to his odd quirks over the years.

Kim Jongin was undeniably the best friend you’d ever had. Your other friends were in and out of your life, but Jongin stayed consistently by your side. He was the one person you could count on in your life, and he was there for you every time you needed him.

Lately, you’d been horribly busy with your job and barely had time to relax. Today was your one day off in a long while, and of course Jongin had rushed to help you out, inviting you over for dinner, which you appreciated immensely. If you’d been on your own, it would’ve been another night of ramen and popcorn for sure.

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I am real fuckin’ wary of f/annibalfest and I beg y'all to be careful before spending between $160 and $400 on such a small con. It’s one thing to be new at scheduling conventions. I have no problem with people ironing out bumps along the way. But their attitude towards people who ask for transparency before they contribute A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY makes me nervous.

Like. If I wanted a bottom tier ticket I’d be spending $320 for my wife and I. If we spend the weekend in Toronto that’s $60 there and $60 back, a hotel at a cheap price would run about $150 for the weekend. At the very cheapest. To feed ourselves we’re looking at $55 a day if we eat only fast food.

That’s over $600 for a small, startup convention for two people who live pretty close to Toronto. And that makes me super nervous.

I’m not saying the planners are bad or wrong, or that you shouldn’t go. I’m just saying you need to think about where your money is going, and demand transparency when people admit they’re new at something while asking for your money. I’d like to see an itemized list of where money is going. I’d like to know exactly who is planning the con - the full team. I’d like them to pick a PR person to answer inquiries who doesn’t make people feel like assholes for wanting to know where their money is going. I worked in management for years y'all, no matter how annoyed someone is? As a customer service rep you don’t get to be annoyed right back. It gives a bad rep to the brand that will turn potential buyers away.

So. Just think about it. Be careful. I don’t have room to put up everyone that flies from England is this falls through. And the last thing I need is to be stuck in Dash Fyre Fannibal Con fighting Scott Thompson for a cheese sandwich.

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Gosh, I hope you feel better soon. *Sending get well wishes and love*

thanks so much,,, i’m really unhealthy so this kinda stuff is very frequent i never eat good foods and today i literally only ate fast food so my body is punishing me,.,more than usual,,,

dannymay day seventeen

A different take on today, but honestly I will jump on any chance to talk about Wesley Weston.

ao3 link here:

prompt: background/real life

Wes sat at the Nasty Burger, observing the crowd. As usual. His eyes flitted over tables, noticing where everyone sat and filing it away for future. He didn’t know when he’d use that information, but someday. Though Wes’ main person of interest was Phantom – sorry, Fenton

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