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There is going to be a little bit of a nostalgia journey down here. Back in the year 2008 (i was 15-16), i came across @mithen ‘s fanfics on livejournal, and if you were in the fandom then, you know that their fic was often times accompanied by amazing artwork done by an artist that probably doesn’t post publicly anymore. the upside was the art was amazing, the downside was i was too intimidated to ever draw mithen anything based on the fic because why would my shit be any good compared to Rai’s art.

its now 2017, and you know, life is too short to not show appreciation for the people that inspired you. So here is a drawing based on Music of the Spheres. It doesn’t really conform to any particular scene, but i always had this in my head when i was reading it.

Pinstripes as an homage to Rai always giving Bruce lovely pinstripe suits.

Fast Food Restaurants from Best to Worst
(Note: Only includes fast food restaurants that exist in areas of the United States which matter, or ones that I’ve been to. If you want to argue with me you can get some taste)

  1. KFC
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Sonic
  4. Johnny Rockets
  5. Dunkin Donuts
  6. Starbucks
  7. Subway
  8. Panera Bread
  9. McDonald’s
  10. Boston Market
  11. Domino’s
  12. Krispy Kreme
  13. Sbarro
  14. Five Guys
  15. Popeyes
  16. WingStreet
  17. Arby’s
  18. Dairy Queen
  19. Jersey Mike’s
  20. Quizno’s
  21. Taco Bell
  22. Burger King

This isnt directly related to Elsewhere U, but imagine a story of a Liminal Space denny’s - where both the Gentry and mortals can go to dine
A dennys on the side of a highway - you can never quite remember which one, but you always find your way to it on the nights when you want to - that’s only open in the evening and night hours, where humans aren’t the only ones who come to dine

A place that, If you try to go during the day, and somehow manage to find your way to it, it’s broken down and abandoned.

A place where you cant see the cooks, and the server’s back is hollow

A place where, If you’re unlucky enough to stay til dawn, you may find that you disappear in the sunlight

A denny’s that bridges the worlds, and serves any hungry soul that comes asking, though whether your soul is being served or fed is up for debate

Crucially, the Denny’s is the only fast food joint inside the rough triangle formed by the two highways and the train tracks that contain Elsewhere U and a good part of the countryside around it. When the sun rises it takes everything in it to…wherever it goes. (Somewhere shimmery, say the people who tried to look through the windows from the parking lot. The ones who were inside never say anything else at all). The change in your pockets turns to wet leaves when the sun rises. But the food is safe, or at least as much as it ever is. And the coffee is very, very strong.


From pan_n_ice on instagram!

2 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,687 
sorry it’s shorter than usual

warnings: swearing, violence, blood, choking (not in a sexy way) & talk of kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome 

Originally posted by dangerously-jamless

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Two hours, they’d been gone. Two hours, that you’d been left all alone. Most people in your situation would think about leaving, about running away. Not you. Something in your blood told you to stay put. What kind of Stockholm Syndrome was this madness?
Jungkook had let you have full roam of the house, an interesting concept considering only hours beforehand you were their prisoner. Their werewolf prisoner. Even after 120 minutes alone with your thoughts, your mind couldn’t process that you weren’t you any more, that you weren’t human any more. Distracting yourself from the unanswered questions you managed to take a good look at your surroundings. The house itself resembled something from a TV show, the walls were decorated with eccentric wallpaper prints and there wasn’t a spec of dust to be seen in the entire building.

Walking into the brightly coloured lounge area you jumped out of your skin and a piercing scream almost escaped your lips when a man you didn’t recognise stood in the doorway. He looked down at you in surprise, though he didn’t budge an inch. There was no denying he was handsome, apparently a running theme in this household, dark chocolate hair adorned his soft features, his eyes were large and feline like, hiding beneath thick eyelashes and an abundance of negativity.

Who the fuck are you?” He spat as he clasped his hand around your neck, slamming your back into the nearest wall.

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Flower Shop AU

AU Made by starydraws on Tumblr.


Star rubbed her head, her face heating up at nothing. She groaned as she put her blonde hair in a ponytail.

She knew she was sick, from her cough to sore throat. Her eyes were watery and walking seemed to be a problem.

Star then rubbed the freckles on her cheeks, feeling them heat at her touch.

“UGH! ” Star sighed. “ I’m sick so I should stay home… But then again… I don’t want Marco at the shop by himself…”

Marco, the teenager that she helped, ran his grandfather’s shop while he was in retirement.

The shop wasn’t much. Marco could run it by himself. But, Star loved seeing his face everyday

Yeah, she wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she did carry a heavy crush on the boy ever since high school. And him walking up to her one day and asking for help in his grandfather’s shop let her be closer to him too.

Now they were proud to call themselves best friends.

Star gave another sigh as she grabbed her bag and walked out her apartment, closing and locking the door behind her.

The flower shop, David’s Petals, wasn’t far from where the sick girl lived. So she didn’t have to use her bike to get there since she still didn’t have a car.

Star felt sweat on her brow as she walked, her legs even more wobbly each step she took.

When she finally got to the shop, she slung open the door and plopped down at a waiting table.

“Star?” A deep, gentle voice spoke to her, feet pitter pattering on the ground as they moved towards her. “Are you okay?”

Star looked up to see Marco. Her heart skipped a beat.

He looked the same as he ever did. Handsome.

His hair was brushed to perfection and his black pants were pressed perfectly. Under his white apron, a green shirt rested. Marco’s brown, chocolatey eyes stared at her in concern, a cute little mole cradled under his right eye.

“You okay, Star?” he asked once again, his face brimming with worry.

“I’m fine… ” Star said in a raspy voice.

Marco looked at her suspiciously, his eyes boring into her blue ones. She gave an unnoticeable gulp with a wobbly smile plastered on her face.

“Okay.” Marco said, still staring at her. “Go wash your face. There’s sweat on your eyebrows.”

Star nodded as Marco walked off, releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding.

Standing up from the table, the girl went to the bathroom upstairs and stared into the mirror. Her reflection stared back, doubt singing in her eyes.

C'mon, Star. She thought, taking a deep breath before turning on the water and splashing the liquid in her face. You are fine. You are fine. You can make it through this day.

Turning off the water, Star gave another look at her face. The bridge of her nose to right under her eyes was a noticeable pink, her blue eyes watery. Red tinged around her nose, making her sniffle.

She brought her hand to her forehead and frowned at the burning sensation under her fingers. Star inwardly groaned, hoping her fever would ease throughout the day.

She walked out the bathroom, her legs shaking.

As she walked down the stairs, she felt them shake violently, making her fall.

“AHHHHHH! ” the girl screamed, grabbing hold of the railing before she could tumble further.

“ Star! ”

Star looked up to see Marco grabbing her bridal style and taking her down the stairs.

“ Marco… ” Star whispered.

“ Are you okay Star? ” Marco asked, looking down at her.

She gave a nod, the pink on her nose and cheeks getting redder.

“ What happened? ” Marco placed her in a seat, letting her relax. “ How’d you fall? ”

Star really didn’t want to leave the shop or be a bother. So she lied. “ I tripped. ”

Marco sat down at the counter, staring at her suspiciously. “ If you say so, Star. But to be careful, I just need you to fill out the orders of flowers. We need to get them to those people. ”

Star nodded, standing up only to be told to sit back down.

“ I’ll bring the paperwork to you, Star, ” Marco said, grabbing a stack of paperwork from behind the counter and putting it on the table. “ There is no need for you to move. If you do need something, just call for me. Understand? ”

Star frowned before nodding at him.

“ Good. Stay put while I do the rest of the work around here. ”

And Star did just that. Stay put. But she felt guilty about Marco doing all the work for the shop. Well, she was doing work but he was doing the most work.

Every now and then, someone would walk into the shop and say the ordered some flowers and ask if they could get them. Marco, who would be organized, frantically ran to her to receive the paper. Only for her to frantically search for it.

Finally, it was Marco’s break and since it was rush hour, no one wanted to come to a flower shop. Only fast food places where they can grab a bite to eat and get back to work.

Star felt a tickle in her throat that she tried to stifle. But it didn’t work.

Star quickly covered her mouth as she went into a fit of coughing. Each time she got a breath, she would just cough even more.

“Star?” Marco called to her from the counter.

Star looked up at the boy before coughing once more for good measure.

“Are you okay? ”

That was probably the millionth time he asked that. And this might be the millionth time Star would lie.

“ Yes…”

Her red eyes widened as she heard a deep sigh. Marco had pushed himself up to his feet, now walking towards her.

Once he got to her, he leaned down and stared at her.

Star gulped as he slowly brought his arm up to her face. She instinctively closed her eyes tight as his hand got it closer. Finally, she felt soft yet rough fingers on her forehead.

“Your temperature is way to high. ” He whispered softly, dropping his hand onto her cheek.

She slowly opened her eyes to see Marco’s chocolate brown ones staring right back at her. He had a concerned look on his face.

The doorbell rang, signaling that someone had entered.

“ Oh! Am I interrupting something? ” asked a feminine voice.

Marco’s eyes darted behind him to see a girl with blonde hair, a teil strand blending in with her eyes.

“ No. ” Marco said, leaning up from Star who was red with both fever and their once close proximity. “Star, go home. You have a high fever. I’ll be over to take care of you after we close.”

“But… But… The shop! ” Star whispered, bringing her voice lower.

“ I can take care of the shop. Go home. You are too sick. I want you to get better. ”

Star stood up and stared at Marco who was staring at her. “Okay…”


AU Is not by me. It is by starydraws on Tumblr. It was this cute little comic.


Copy and pasted from Random Starco One-Shots on FFN.


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Frenemies  (part 2)

Description:  Archie begs the reader to join his and Jugheads road trip, and then ditches last minute.

Word Count: 2108

Pairings: Jughead x Reader

Read Part 1 Here!

A/N: WOW. I am so shocked that SO many of you liked Part 1 of ‘Frenemies’ so much! That inspires me to write so much. It makes me feel so good when I get a notification that someone has liked/reblogged/commented on my post! Thank you so much! 

You threw your luggage into the back of Jugheads battered pickup truck, climbing into the passenger seat and settling in. Jughead climbs into the front seat, and you already feel uncomfortable with the close proximity between you two. You try to nonchalantly shift closer to the door, but he notices and snorts.

“Don’t worry, I know you may think so but you won’t die from breathing the same air as me,” he says and you bite your lip, keeping your retort to yourself.

“I thought we were trying to be civil?” you ask, lathering on the sweetness to your otherwise salty tone. He sighs, and you both lapse into a somewhat uncomfortable silence.

You reach over to turn on the radio, but Jughead gently slaps your hand away. “Uh, what are you doing?” he asks.

“I was going to put on music, you know, so we didn’t have to sit in this stuffy truck and only hear one another’s breathing.” You say, and he puts on a hurt face.

“Hey hey hey, my baby is not ‘stuffy’. She’s perfect” he says, patting the dashboard of his truck, and you let out a slight laugh. “Woah. Did (Y/N) (Y/L/N) actually laugh at a joke I made?” he puts a hand over his heart, faking surprise. You roll your eyes.

“Don’t get used to it. I’m cold and dead inside. Those laughs happen once in a blue moon.” You say, this time making Jughead laugh.

“Sure they are, sweetheart.” He says, and you stiffen.

“Don’t call me that. Remember, we’re only doing this to spite Archie. Not because we’re actually friends.” You say, and cross your arms. He holds up his one hand in defeat, keeping the other trained on the steering wheel. Glancing out the window, you watch as you leave Riverdale behind, and sigh. You realize now that there’s no turning back.

Jughead puts on music instead. “You were right. It’s hard listening to you breathe.” He say’s bitterly, and your head snaps over to him. He keeps his eyes focused on the road, and you slouch in your seat. You both fall into completely uncomfortable silence.

Sleep overcomes you soon, and you lean your head to one side, closing your eyes and letting the rhythm of the road lull you to sleep.

“(Y/N)! I’ve been calling you for five damn minutes. If you don’t get up now, I will not get you any food while I’m in there.” Jughead shakes you, trying to wake you up. Your eyes flutter open, realizing where you are, you look up at him from your position slumped over in the front seat.

“Where are we?” you asked groggily, rubbing your eyes. Jughead only smirks.

“I knew you’d wake up with the mention of food.” He hops out of the truck, leaning against the side waiting for you to get up and out of the vehicle. “We’re at some roadside diner. I can already tell it won’t be as good as Pop’s but I was hungry and this is the only non-fast food place I could find.” He says, mentioning your distaste for fast food. You smiled slightly at this.

“Well thanks.” You say, before getting out and both of you making your way into the diner. It was dimly lit, with very few customers inside. It was after the normal lunch rush, you figured, glancing at the time on your phone. “How long was I asleep?” you ask, both of you making your way to the booth furthest in the back.

“About three hours.” He says, shrugging. You feel a pang of guilt for leaving the boy with no one to talk to. Maybe it was because you were refreshed from your nap that you felt this way, realizing that you normally would never feel bad for him.

“You could’ve woken me up.” You say softly, figuring that was a good excuse for ‘I’m sorry’. He chuckled.

“And what, force myself to listen to you complain for that long? No thanks.” He said teasingly, but it still struck a nerve in you. You rolled your eyes.

The waitress came over to you then, handing you both a menu and asking if you’d care for any drinks. You asked for a coffee, with a cup of water on the side. Jughead ordered a chocolate milkshake.

“I want to compare it to Pop’s” he murmured, looking back at the menu to figure out what he was going to get. “I’ll probably stick to the burger and fries combo too, really trying to prove that Pop’s is better.”

You snorted, mentally deciding on chicken tenders and waffle fries. When the waitress comes out with your drinks, you tell her your orders and she takes the menus, throwing a couple straws down on the table for your drinks. You sip your coffee, making sure it’s not too hot.

“This isn’t too bad” you look up from your lap, realizing that Jughead was talking about his milkshake. Without a second thought, you take your straw and stick it in the milkshake, taking a sip. “Hey!” he protests, pulling it away from you. You smirk.

“You’re right, not too bad.” You say, and he frowns.

You both sit there in silence, waiting on your food. Once it comes, you still don’t speak until you both have already bitten into the food.

“Okay, this isn’t good.” Jughead says, referring to the obviously overcooked burger. You chuckle, taking a bite of your perfectly cooked food.

“Well it’s good I didn’t get the burger.” You say, and before you know whats happening, he grabs two of your chicken tenders. Before you have time to grab them from him, he licked both of them, making sure you didn’t take them back.

“Ha” he said, and you kicked his shin under the table.

“That’s so unfair. You took half of my chicken I only took a sip of your shake.” You huff, and he shrugs.

“Sucks to suck” he says, eating them quickly. You frown, and continue eating.

Once the two of you were finished, you each paid for your respective meals and left. Climbing back into the truck, you both took off, already bickering about what station you were going to put on the radio.

“There should be a reservation under ‘Andrews’”, you say again to the front desk lady “Two single rooms.”

She clicks her nails on the keyboard, before shaking her head. “Nope, it’s a one room reservation with a double bed.” She says, popping her gum loudly. You huff.

“Well, can we switch to two single rooms?” You ask and she shakes her head.

“No vacancies left.” She says. You mentally curse Archie in your head, reminding yourself to send him a strongly worded text message later.

“That’s fine. We’ll just take the double” Jughead says from behind you and you laugh.

“Um, no we won’t” you state matter of factly.

“We will take the double. It can’t be that bad. Plus, we aren’t spending any of our own money.” He says, and you cross your arms. He talks to the front desk lady, gaining two key cards before slinging his backpack over his shoulder. “Let’s go, (Y/N).” he says, and you roll your eyes, but follow him anyways.

You get to your room, and open the door. Looking inside, you realize that it’s a bigger room than you expected. There’s a double bed, with a tv mounted on the wall across from it. A couch is pushed up against one wall, with an ottoman in front of it. The bathroom was huge, with double sinks and a jacuzzi bathtub. Your eyes widen.

“Archie must’ve spend a lot on this.” You say, and Jughead nods, setting his stuff down next to the couch. You lay down on the bed, and you could’ve fallen asleep right there. “This is the softest bed I’ve ever felt” you moaned, closing your eyes.

You felt the other side dip, and opened one eye to look. Jughead laid next to you- a respective distance away- and nodded. You close your eyes again, but just as you’re about to fall asleep Jughead moves, shaking the bed, causing you to open your eyes. He slides off, looking for the tv remote. You sigh, sitting up and making your way into the bathroom to get into your pajamas and curl up into bed.

By the time you exit the bathroom, Jughead was laying on the couch, taking a pillow and a spare blanket from the closet and making a makeshift bed. He changed while you were in the bathroom you were guessing, his top bare. He had one arm behind his head (which still had the beanie placed on it) and the other arm was raised, flipping through the television channels. Your face turned red when you realized that he wasn’t fully clothed, and you looked away.

“What’re you doing?” you asked, and he shrugged.

“You seemed uncomfortable with us sharing a room, so I took one for the team and gave up the comfy bed.” He says, glancing at you and then back to the tv screen. You frowned, feeling bad for him.

Instead of saying anything like you wanted to, you flicked off the bedside light, crawling into bed. You laid there for a few minutes, watching as Jughead finally found a tv station to watch. From his position, he had to crane his neck slightly to see, and he was too long for the couch. His feet stuck out over one of the arms. You sighed, feeling immensely guilty.

“Jug, switch me.” You said, and he looked at you, oddly at first because of the nickname you called him, and next because of your request. “You are too long for the couch, and I don’t even want to watch tv. You’d be able to see it perfectly from up here.” You explained, sleep lacing your voice. He laughed.

“(Y/N), I’m fine. Really. Just roll over and go to sleep.” He says, turning back to the tv. It took every ounce of energy you had left in you, but you rolled out of bed, standing in front of him.

“Switch me.” You crossed your arms over your chest. He laughed again.

“No, I’m good.” You stomped your foot at his reply. You were fully aware that you were acting like a spoiled 12 year old, you were just grumpy from lack of sleep.

“You’re not sleeping on that damn couch.” You say, and he looks up at you. The blue light from the tv illuminated his face, and your heart skipped a beat. You frowned, looking down at the floor, wondering what is making you say and do all of these weirdly nice things to the boy you loathed for the past seven years.

“The only way that I am not sleeping on this couch is if I sleep in the bed. And you are also not sleeping on this damn couch.” He states. You purse your lips, thinking.

“We could make a wall of pillows in between us then.” You say “It should be simple enough. And I don’t move around too much at night.”

He thinks for a second, then nods. “Alright, fine.” Standing up and grabbing his pillow, he makes his way over to the bed, grabbing a few extra pillows from the various furniture along the way. You just stand there, watching him as he climbs onto the bed. “Well, are you going to help me?” he asks, and you snap back into reality.

You both line the pillows down the middle of the bed, going underneath the covers. ‘Can’t risk it’ you thought, adding some extra pillows here and there. You leaned back and nodded, satisfied with your work. You take a glance up at him and notice he’s already staring. His eyes snap away when you catch him looking at you.

“Let’s just go to bed already” he grumbled, and you agree, both of you laying down.

All you could notice once you’ve both gotten into bed was your close proximity to each other. The pillows didn’t help, not one bit. You could still hear his shallow breaths, still feel some heat radiating off of him. You could still see that damn beanie, and right below it his closed eyes. He looked peaceful when he slept.

‘Stop (Y/N), what are you doing?!’ you think, mentally slapping yourself across the face. This is the boy you hated. The one who picked on you, and said all those mean things. The one who bickered with you over just about anything you did.

So why was your heartbeat not slowing down?

a/n: and there it is, part 2! 

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jimin scenario | my lie for you (pt.2)

part one | part two | epilogue

♡ He’ll keep up this lie to keep you smiling ♡

genre: angst, romance

word count: 6.0k

warnings: mentions of alcohol

For a while, Jimin really is over you. He’s over you unknowingly breaking his heart every day. He’s over you keeping him up every night, stuck in an empty fantasy. He’s over you making him fall in love over and over again, sinking deeper, hurting harder, giving more. And he’s over the flings with girls that will never replace you. He’s over the parties every night, rebelling against his parents just to please you. He’s over the lie he’s sustained for five years to keep you smiling, while you remain cruelly oblivious.

But quickly his resolve begins to fade. He begins to wonder how you are, what you’re up to, how life is with your new boyfriend.

It shouldn’t have been this easy to slice you out of his life. You should have put up more of a fight. But now Jimin finds himself spending school breaks with Namjoon and Yoongi, slowly losing all sense of the friendship he once had with you, and slowly losing his mind.

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Am I the only one who noticed this? Did any of you see Jay's Insta story singing the eng version of yatch, talking about some girl looking like "Halle" and some redbone. What he know about red bones? 😂😂😂

Yeah I seen it & I was thinking “No jay…no.” -A

Uhh…Here! Take this!

After several weeks of thinking it over, David finally decided to take a vacation day and go to town. He felt horrible leaving Gwen there alone but he desperately needed a break from those kids. They were driving him up the wall, he only wanted to show them to joys of camping but they refused no matter how hard he tried. Once he made it into the small town he went to the only fast food restaurant. The Quartermaster’s cooking was getting old and he was craving a cheese burger. Setting his food tray on the table he went to the restroom, he returned and began to eat.

David was just about to get up and throw his food away when a looming presence stood over him. He was greeted with a very angry blonde man, sweating nervously he smiled, “May I help you?”

The blonde cleared his throat, “I should be asking you the same thing. It seems as if you have eaten my food.” He put his hands on his hips and stared down at David angrily.
Starting to connect the dots by seeing his own food on the next table over he gulped, “Your food…” The blonde nodded. “I am so sorry! I’ll pay for your meal, oh my goodness ‘Im so sorry!”

He just laughed, “No payment necessary. Go on a date with me.” He thought the flustered, apologetic man was quite attractive, and in reality he could care less about the food. Holding out a hand he grinned, “Daniel.”

David was shocked, a date? He supposed it was better than spending half of his monthly salary on his own mistake. Cautiously, he took Daniel’s hand, “David,” he said slowly. He had an unusual aura and feeling about him but Daniel wasn’t not good looking, one measly date wouldn’t be too terrible.

“I’ll pick you up at seven tomorrow night,” Daniel ripped off a piece of napkin and jotted down his phone number, “Text me your address, see you soon cutie.” And with that the mysterious blonde was gone. David was partially stunned, did that really just happen? Well the number was real so it must have been.

The rest of the day went more smoothly and he was able to actually enjoy himself. It was getting late so he headed back to Camp Campbell, he hoped the campers didn’t miss him too much. And that Gwen was still alive.

change my mind

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin; jikook/kookmin
Genre: Fluff (a lot), college au, friends to lovers
Length: 7k words; 3 chapters | crossposted on ao3

“I don’t do relationships,” Jimin spills in the fresh air of the fast food – a mixed smell of hamburgers, ketchup and french fries surrounding them. “I enjoy the conquest and the flirting part better. Relationships are always so boring and predictable. Not to mention most of the times fake.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes and laughs, pretending he doesn’t feel his heart clench and slightly sink inside his chest.
“You’re helpless.”
Jimin smiles at him, and it’s almost unfair. “Call me realistic.” he corrects, taking a greasy thumb till his lips to clean it out of the oil of the food. He repeats the same action with the rest of his fingers. Jungkook has to divert his gaze, scared he might end up staring too hard.
He snorts with a made up irritation.
“I call you a pain in the ass.”

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. It’s written with white chalk on the blackboard hanging by the wall a few tables across him. It quotes “love story, 1970” in a smaller calligraphy right beneath the sentence. Jungkook dwells in the words for a while. He observes the vintage posters pending from the newly painted lilac walls around him with a forced interest, as he taps with long fingers on the plastic cup of cola he ordered.
Bullshit, he decides.
What is even supposed to mean? That you can’t mess up because you love someone? Or that you can’t say sorry, because if someone loves you they instantly forgive you, it doesn’t matter what you did?
Either way, bullshit. People give too much credit for things just for being old.
He sighs, the scent of fresh paint invading his lungs. It used to be baby yellow. The walls. Before the place was just a normal coffee shop and not a fast food with a coupled bookstore.
“It’s not going to work out,” Jungkook remembers Namjoon saying when they were passing in front of the place being renovated, “people will have greasy fingers from their hamburgers. How will they touch the books like this? The covers will be all disgusting after some time.”
Jungkook just shrugged back then. He doesn’t really remember if he agreed or not. But, it turns out Namjoon was wrong.
There is a glass wall separating the bookstore from the fast food, so the smell of french fries and cheddar won’t mix with the scent of newly printed copies and fresh ink – also, people has enough sense to clean their hands before moving to the books section, so, by far, the recent business seems to be going very well.
Jungkook can’t decide if he prefers the prettier environment it became after the reform, or the calmness it used to have before the appealing design of modernity attracted an alarming number of people.
Probably the calmness, since it wouldn’t take so long for Jimin to change a wrong order. The waiter had somehow mixed it with someone else’s, getting the boy a double chicken with extra cheddar when he had asked for a steak with barbecue sauce and cream cheese.
After opening his hamburger, Jimin had grimaced with the funniest – and maybe kind of cute? – nose scrunch ever. “I hate cheddar.” He stated, as if it wasn’t obvious by the utterly disgusted expression on his face.
Another discovery for his on-making list of things about Park Jimin.
“How dare you?!” Jungkook had brought a hand to his chest at the declaration, just for the sake of accentuating drama. “I trusted you.” He choked out in fake offense, hoping to hear the older boy’s laugh.
Unfortunately, he had been given only a faint chuckle followed by a roll of eyes and a “You’re an idiot, Jeon. I’ll be right back.”, before Jimin got up from his seat and disappeared on his walk till the counter, in search for the right order.
They’ve known each other for five months now – not that Jungkook is counting, it just happened for them to meet on the exact same day the latest movie of Avengers was out, so it also just happened for him to have the day tracked in his mind. Coincidences of life.
Anyway, it’s little time – Jungkook knows –, and it was definitely not enough to deepen their relationship the way he wished – but, nevertheless, it’s nice. They are past the awkward silences and the weird topic’s conversations it has some time now, and it isn’t like they are the most intimate people in the world, but yeah, they have some intimacy. Enough that Jungkook has grown used to regularly tease Jimin about his height or – this one Jimin hates the most – his fingers.
He bites the inner part of his cheek in order to repress a smile at the memory of Jimin cutely glaring at him with rosy cheeks when Jungkook told him he had baby hands for the first time. He tries not to think about it for too long though, scared he might blush just as hard as Jimin did that day.

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Part One: I'm Not Feeling Like Myself Today. (Swap Meat S05E12)

Episode Summary: A teenage nerd conjures and body switching spell and changes bodies with Sam. But it’s more than just a bad version of “Freaky Friday” for you and the boys when you find out the purpose behind all of it.  
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,981.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons for an alpa parent have to take care of their three alpha kids by themselves while their omega is out of town.

(For sake of humor, I’m gonna say that the Omega left during a school week.)

Alpha Parent Watching Alpha Children HC’s:
• The Alpha would wake up to their three pups crowding around them, all complaining of hunger and asking for breakfast and almost demanding something the Omega regularly makes.

• The Alpha, not much of a cook (or at least not one to the caliber of the Omega), cooks up a resplendent breakfast of eggs, bacon, cinnamon Pop-Tarts and milk for each pup before pouring a cup of black coffee for themselves and patting themselves on the back for one mountain climbed.

• After wrestling with each pup for a half hour about their mother throwing a fit if the Alpha let them out the door in whatever calamity of an outfit the pups came up with, the Alpha settles them into the minivan and drives them all to school.

• Realizing he forgot to make them a lunch, he cheats and buys them all McDonalds and reminds them to not tell their Mommy that he didn’t make them a loving, homemade lunch with a post-it note reminding the pups how much the Omega parent loves them. The pups stop listening halfway through because they’re too excited for burgers and fries for lunch.

• Pups dropped off and safe, the Alpha goes to work, popping in on his boss to explain the situation before making sure to get extra work done so he can leave earlier to pick up the pups and see to their after-school activities and homework and get them home in time for dinner.

• All is going well until 2:30 when the Alpha rolls up to the school. One Alpha pup is sick from eating too much McDonalds, the other two are hyper excited because they’re only imagining the fast food feast they’ll have for dinner. The Alpha packs them all in for transport to their respective after-school activities.

• One pup is rushed to the soccer field and the Alpha thanks the Omega soccer parents for agreeing to keep watch over the pup while the Alpha escorts one of the other pups to his karate lessons. These, of course, require the Alpha to stay and so they stay to watch while trying to soothe their remaining pup with the stomach ache.

• The pup proceeds to vomit all over the training area mat and the Alpha politely pays for clean-up before rushing the two Alpha pups home. While soothing the pup with a stomach ache and making sure the other pup is doing their homework, the Alpha gets a phone call. They need to pick up the other pup from the soccer field.

• The Alpha ensures a neighboring Omega teenager will watch the pups before rushing to the car and racing to the field. They pick up the last pup who’s crying because they lost against the other team in practice. To cheer the pup up, the Alpha orders them a pizza.

• Driving home, the Alpha serves all the pups their dinner (along with some baby carrots from the fridge so they have some form of vegetable), makes sure their homework is all completed, and is completely wiped out by bedtime, having read bedtime stories to the pups. The Omega returns home from their busy day to find the Alpha curled protectively around their three pups and helps the Alpha up, but not before getting a hug and a murmured praise for all the work the Omega does.

Torn (T)

Summary: You’ve known Chanyeol for 12 years and been friends with him for 7. You’ve chosen not to study abroad only because of him. Moving in with your best friend was supposed to be a dream come true, but it only created an avalanche of feelings, frustrations and cravings. Will you be able not to fall for him in the end?

<-Previous chapter                                                                     Next chapter ->

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol | ft. TaeHyung, Wendy, Lisa

Word count: 2815

Genres: Fluff, Angst, Humor, future smut

Notes: I will update this every Tuesday. enjoy :)

It seems like waking up it’s never something mundane for you lately. It is repetitive, because you do it as everybody else every morning, but it looks like, each time, it’s different and more times than never, it’s unexpected.

When you open your eyes the first thing you notice is a strange weight on your body and a hand firmly pressed on your abdomen. You tiredly turn your neck and see Chanyeol’s face, his nose snuggled I the crook of your neck. He seems to be still sleeping, which surprises you. You carefully extend your hand to pick the phone from the night stand and open it to check the time.

“10:30” you mumble and your head falls back on the pillow.

You don’t have classes until 12, but you’re not very certain about the other’s routine. You’re supposed to meet with TaeHyung in front of the faculty’s gates and afterwards go with him to a “restaurant” that you suppose it’s only a fast food in reality. The reality is always darker than dreams. You’ve tested it on your own skin.  

Needing to brake the embrace, you try to push Chanyeol aside, but his body is too big and heavy.

“Yeolie…hey, wake up…” you whisper and gently rock him back and forth.

Mumbling some unintelligible words, he finally opens his eyes and looks in a daze across the room and then at you. He lazily rubs his face and the stubble is visible in many spots.

“What time is it?” he grubbily asks, pressing his face into your t-shirt.

“10:35 now.” you say.

“Crap!”-he says and immediately stands up from the bed, almost falling on the floor from getting his foot stuck into the sheets- “How the fuck did I sleep this much. I never sleep this much. Never. Crap!” he continues and brushes his hands through his raven hair “I’ll miss the first class. Heck, I was supposed to be on my way to school.” he shouts.

And even though his very confused and scared state is not supposed to be funny, you still giggle, receiving a pillow thrown at you in return.

“Don’t laugh and why the fuck didn’t you wake me up earlier? The heck, Y/N, don’t stand there and laugh like an idiot!”

His usually deep voice is now particularly husky and adenoidal, which makes you even more amused.

“Because I woke up when you woke up. I’m not a medium. If you want to get to class, you better hurry.” you say, knowing that probably later he would admonish you some more.

“Fuck!” he yelled and brushed his fingers through his hair once again. “I don’t even know why you slept here!” he says while pacing through the room.

“I fell asleep…calm down.”

“Calm down? I’m never late, especially during the second day of school.” Chanyeol says and kicks the bed with his foot.

And this is how the morning started both of you, for one better and for the other worse. And maybe somehow good for both of you.

After a couple more minutes of hearing Chanyeol cursing while getting dressed from his room, while you were patiently waiting for him in the living room, and after some other 30 minutes of getting ready, you finally get to school where TaeHyung is already waiting for you.

“Hello, hello! How ya doin’?” he says and you kick him in the chest.

“Hi! Good. I slept well.” you say.

That was the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while and you wonder if it’s all because of Chaneyol. You try not to think too much about it.

“Oh, is someone guilty for that?” he asks and gives you one of his weird, boxy grins.

“No…” you say, embarrassed that he is probably right.

You feel a buzz in your pocket and pick the phone, already knowing that the message could be from one of these two people: your mother or Chanyeol. This time was Chanyeol, with a freakishly lengthy message. For him, anyways.  

“That must be a very funny conversation.” Tae says and you finally look at him again, still smiling.

“Uhm…not really.” you say.

“Okay, if you say so.”

TaeHyung grabs you once again by the shoulders and you only giggle in response, directing you towards the entrance. You finally get to your first class, held in quite a big classroom, like the ones you see in movies and you both go to the back of the room, especially because the place is surprisingly crowded.

“Wow, people really want to learn. “ TaeHyung says.

You see approaching your spot a girl dressed in a nice floral dress and blonde hair and you must admit that she’s really pretty. She stops exactly besides you and clears her throat before she finally speaks:

“Hey! Is this spot free…there are a lot of weird dudes everywhere else.” -TaeHyung immediately bursts out in laughter, almost as to prove her point regarding the guys.

“Hi! Yes, sure.” you say, kicking Tae’s foot with quite a bit of force.

“I’m Wendy, by the way.”

“Y/N and this one is TaeHyung.” you say, trying to give her a bright smile.

“Nice to meet you.” she says, but your friend hasn’t yet to stop laughing like an idiot. “Uhm, is he alright?”

“Yeah, just a couple more kicks and he’ll be just fine.” you say.

You hit him in the shin one more time and it seems like the pain is stronger, because he stops laughing and starts to massage his injured body part.

“Auch. You are barbaric. Nice to meet you, Wendy!” he finally says and shakes her hand a little bit too forcefully.

And this is how you’ve made your second friend, without even wanting to. Now, to the fancy lunch there aren’t going two people, but three. You were right to think there wasn’t going to be any restaurant involved, but a fast food near the school. Nonetheless, you didn’t complain, especially because TaeHyung payed for half of your food, saying that this way, there’s equality.

When you get home, you are exhausted and the last thing you need is a still angry Chanyeol in your living room, looking at you as if he wants to kill you.

“This was the shittiest day ever.” he says, kicking a sock with his foot. “And the fuck is a sock over here…you’re dirty, really.”

“Mine was fine. I’ve told you about TaeHyung.” you say and sit right next to him “But today I met someone else, a girl, Wendy. You know, she’s really pretty.” you continue, aware of the effect your words will have on him.

“You must present her to me.” he says with a smirk.

“Of course. What do we have to eat? You said before we left that you’ll be in charge of cooking.”

“And you in charge of cleaning and your room already looks like a mess. You know you’ll have to wash the clothes at some point, right? And I won’t do it for you, for that matter.” he says and you roll your eyes at him.

“Sure. But you still have to cook.” you say.

“And you to clean, yourself and the rest of the place.” he says and comes to grab you by the middle, pinching without mercy your skin.

“Auchhh! Stop it!” you squirm under his touch, but he doesn’t let you go.

His hold is even stronger and more painful and you try to kick him in the foot to make him let go of you. That doesn’t have any effect, so you punch him with your elbows in the belly. He finally lets you go and now the pain is spreading in your entire lower region.

“You’re nuts. Nuts, do you hear me. I’m sorry for the idiot who will marry your egotistical ass.” you say, rubbing your sides.

“Why pity her? She’ll have her reasons to stay.” he says and smirks.


“You’re getting closer.” Chanyeol says.

You jump on him and hit him with your hands in the head, but he quickly immobilizes your arms, leaving you defenseless.

“Why are you doing this? You know I’m stronger than you.” he says, squeezing your hand even harder.

“I give up, you jerk!!”

The evening goes on normally, without any other altercations and this time both of you sleep in your own beds, even though you don’t want to admit that you miss the warmth of his body next to yours.

During the weekend, TaeHyung suggests for the three of you to meet up and because you know you’ll probably have the apartment all for yourself on Saturday, you invite them to your place.

You’re quite excited and anxious in the evening of their coming and Chanyeol can obviously sense that.

“So, you want me so badly out of the house because you’ve found someone to do some fun stuff with?” he asks you from the bathroom.

“No. My two “friends” are coming over. That’s all. Why do you have to make everything so…dirty?” you ask him.

“Because you need to have sex. Seriously. This is not healthy. And if I give you the approval, you can go ahead and you know, do the business. Even a threesome is good.”

“Jerk!” you yell at him but Chanyeol only laughs in response.

“You’ve been in the freaking bathroom for an hour. You’re worse than a girl.” you say, and go to him to hit his butt.

“Auch! Well, if I want to get some tonight, I must look good, don’t you think.” he says and finally he comes out of the place he could call his second bedroom.

“I hate the shirt.” you tell him.

“You know nothing about fashion.”

“Well I know that the color is ugly. And the design. Dear God! With that no chick will want to fuck you.” you say and poke your tongue at him.

“They all want.” he says.

You both hear a knock at the door and your heartbeat accelerates. Before you could make it to open it, Chanyeol has already opened it.

“Hello! Welcome!” he greets them. “I’m Chanyeol. You must be Wendy and you TaeHyung. Nice to meet you.” he says.

“Hellooo! Nice place, Y/N.” TaeHyung says as he gives you a bear hug when you come near them.

“Well, I’m leaving. Don’t destroy the place.” Chanyeol says and exits without another word.

“He’s hot.” Wendy says when the door is closed. “Your boyfriend is freaking hot and cute at the same time. And so tall.”

“He’s actually not my boyfriend. We’re only friends. Best friends.” you say and can’t help but blush at her words.

But when you see their shocked face, you start laughing. In reality, what you find why more surprising is the idea of being together with him.

“You’re lying. You’re red.” TaeHyung says.

“I’m red because both of you thought we are together. We’re not. Not all best friends turn into freaking couples.” you say and throw yourself on the couch.

“Well, at least have you done, you know, stuff?” he asks and you can only roll your eyes at him, still incapable to get rig of the rosiness.

“You’re an idiot.” Wendy says and sits right next to you. “So, what’s in stock for today?”

“Well, we could watch a movie-” you say.

“Or, we could watch a stupid movie and take a shot every time someone says something for the millionth time.” TaeHyung says, obviously very proud of his idea.

“A shot of what? Water?” you ask but only then you notice the plastic bag on the floor.

“Vodka. And some beer. But vodka is better.” he says and puts the bottles on the small table.

“You’re out of your mind.” you say but don’t try to contradict his idea.

You’ve never gotten smashed or remotely drunk, so this is a start for you.

The middle of the night catches you unsure of how you’ve ended up with the head on TaeHyung’s lap and him sleeping with his head fallen onto his chest. Or how Chanyeol and Wendy ended up on the other corner of the couch, still making out, like it was their last day on planet earth. You are feeling dizzy and disoriented, but even in that state, you can’t suppress the jealousy that is beginning to envelop you. You’ve never really seen him kiss anybody, but now, when one of your supposed friends was straddling your best friend and one of his hands were down her skirt, you just needed to puke from various reasons. Way too clearly you can hear the light moaning sounds coming from Wendy and some guttural ones from Chanyeol. Something keeps your eyes glued to the scene in front of you, even though you don’t want to look at them anymore. It somehow hurts you, but there’s not time for pain because you rashly run to the bathroom when you feel a bitter taste in your mouth.

After a long couple of minutes of sitting before the toilet bowl, you hear footsteps coming towards you.

“You need help?” you hear TaeHyung ask you.

“Nope. I think the entire content from my stomach is right here…” you say.

“Come here.” he says and brings you into a warm embrace. “It’s going to be alright…you should have told me that you’ve never drank.”

“I was embarrassed.” you mumbled into his shirt. “Are they still, you know…”

“Yeah. Don’t pay attention to them, okay? You should sleep. I’m going home…” TaeHyung says and makes a move to break the hug, but you don’t let him do so.

“You can sleep here…it’s too late and I suppose you’re drunk too…”you say.


“Pretty please.” you say and you feel like he has accepted your request.


You have fall asleep immediately and wake up late the next morning, with TaeHyung sleeping glued to your back, one foot thrown over yours.

“Tae. Take your foot. I can’t feel mine.” you say.

He doesn’t hear you, but you really don’t want to wake him up, so you try to make your way out of the bear hug, without disturbing him.

“Success!” you say and lay both your feet on the floor.

You’re about to go to the living room, when you remember the scene from last night. “Shit!” you mumble and then you hear TaeHyung shift in the bed.

Y/N…am I alive or dead?” he asks you.

“Alive. Unfortunately.” you say, turning to look at him.

You are unsure what to do. Stand like a fool in the middle of the room or go to the bathroom or living room?

“I can’t remember much. Maybe just you puking.” he says and stands up, his legs quite shaky. “I have a headache. You?”


“Crap! Just slap me when I have such more amazing ideas.” he says and come to hug you from behind, lying his head on your shoulder. “Why are you standing like that? Hmm…”

“Well, in the other room there’s probably Wendy and Chanyeol and I just don’t want to see them-I mean, I might be wrong but…”

“I don’t remember a thing, God! Chaneyol came and had sex with her?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know.” you say and move away from him. “You stink. Badly.”

“You too. Come on. What’s the worst that can happen? See a pair of boobies, a dick and maybe another vagina.”

“Yuck! TaeHyung. Don’t be disgusting.”

“It’s natural.”

“Yeah, like letting your drunk friend fuck your other, probably sober, friend. What friends are we?”


You don’t say anything else and finally step into the hallway and quickly into the living room, where you can see only Wendy and not Chanyeol. And for your surprise, she’s fully clothed.

“See, she’s fine.” TaeHyung says.

You go straight to her and even though you know you are being brutal, you do wake her up, just to make sure that everything is alright.

“Y/N? God, I have such a bad headache and it’s all your fault, TaeHyung! You’re such an idiot!” she says and throws a pillow towards him, but it only falls on the ground.

Her eyes are bloodshot red and her breath stinks, but other than the obvious things, Wendy does seem alright, as alright as a hungover person can be.

“Are you okay?” you ask her.

“Yeah, dizzy, but fine.”

“And you don’t remember anything from last night?”

“Oh, if you’re talking about your friend, Chanyeol, nothing more than kissing happened between us. And I’m pretty sure about that.” she says and you can only sigh in relief.

At this point, you’re not totally sure whether or not choosing to stay in Seoul with Chanyeol was the best idea. Because until now, nothing has been going as smoothly as you thought. And Chanyeol has remained the same person, not changing one bit. After last night, your certainty is even shakier than before.

Extra notes: I didn’t think that I would upload this today, but I I had written most of it, I just needed to proof read and change a few things here and there. As I said, Chanyeol is inspired by my best friend and most of the fights or things he says, are taken from real life events. Anyways, at some points is harder than it seems to write about my relationship with my bf, which I know is far away from great, but I got used to him and him to me. End of the ramble. 

Feel free to tell me what you think about it, I very much appreaciate feedback :)