only fangirl or fanboy

Happiness Lies Within the Fandom
  • Friend: If you could make anything happen to make your life happier, what would it be?
  • Me: *Internally fangirls at the mere thought of being able to make Rick Riordan write a book with Nico, Will, Cecil, & Lou Ellen*

Scotty x Uhura is Cannon.
Spock x Uhura is NOT.

One is built upon years of service together, mutual attraction, and admiration for one another. 

The other is built on a teacher/student bond, and is garbage.
It only exists to serve those fangirls and fanboys who want to see Spock kiss, and the new Uhura actress make out with someone.

And those who’ve seen the ORIGINAL series, and movies, know what rubbish this pairing is.


ok but have you seen marco reus play football? have you seen the unmatched admiration from not only from internet fangirls but also from fanboys supporting top clubs around the world and local fans and commentators and analysts and even his teammates? have you seen the youtube tutorials on how to imitate his freekick top spin and hairstyle?

have you seen how he held together the team when everyone started to think that we might be in bigger trouble? how he signed a new contract when everyone wanted him and when bvb management was applying for a license to play in the second league? how the team found a new energy and saved the season? the amount of confidence he showed in his decision when our other top players were considering a move including our captain mats? how he talked to the media about bvb’s bright future and how no one believed him? and how the positivity has spread to everyone else now?

that’s where the hype comes from.