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When Caleb asked Ezra to help him locate the game???
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Caleb:</b> Hey Ezra want to help me find this thing you don't know about?<p/><b>Ezra:</b> Sure thing, ex-student! I'll get Aria.<p/><b>Caleb:</b> *coughs* No, sorry... We all hate Aria now. Can YOU just come and help US?<p/><b>Ezra:</b> Oh, okay. Sounds good!<p/></p><p/></p>

           PAY                                             YOUR                                       DUES

Okay so I was reading tons of fanfictions on the way back from a college trip today. And this kriffing adorable and pure one just popped up and It’s been in my head ever since. 

(x) <– Read it here oml. It’s kriffing perfect and I love it

I really hope Hondo and Maul meet again in Rebels

Maul: I don’t believe it. 

Hondo: *Nervous sweating* ah, my friend, my friend! It is good to see you!

Maul: No, I mean, I am legitimately surprised you haven’t been murdered.

Hondo: Well, you know me! How is your brother?



Maul: *ignites lightsaber*



fantastic beast characters + text posts (pt 4)

Farewell, Pretty Little Liars.

Today is the day that we must finally say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars. With its never-ending theories and constant renewals, the PLL endgame always seemed like an intangible, abstract and theoretical concept that is just so far away, that it will simply never come. It feels so surreal to say that today is that day, which again, over the years, was never in sight. I thought watching Pretty Little Liars would just be some light, weekly, background entertainment. On June 8 2010, I did not truly know what crazy rollercoaster I had stumbled upon. Through numerous ups and downs, these past 7 years have certainly been unforgettable. If you told me seven years ago that a television show will have such a positive impact on my life, I would have laughed at you and called you dramatic. Tell me that today, and I’ll smile in appreciation at the positive influence and power a television show can bestow upon its viewers.

Not every show makes it to seven seasons, particularly mystery shows. Seven years is a long time. I started watching this show when I was 13, and I am now 19. (I realise I am probably very young in comparison to most other PLL fans!) Just to visually see this: Pretty Little Liars was with me while I was 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. These are arguably some of the most important years of one’s life. As I grew, PLL grew too, in a literal sense, as we got a time jump where the characters matured, but also in figurative sense, since the stories gradually shifted from being high-school oriented to dark and twisted themed through a demented dollhouse and a psychologically straining board game. All while PLL was on the air, I graduated from primary school and high school, started university, got my driver’s license, my first job, credit card, car, gone overseas by myself, and made life-long friendships. Achieving all that never was easy, but it was made easier by PLL. If I ever struggled in my personal development, I always had PLL to fall back upon for psychological stability and security, aside from general entertainment. A part of me sees the end of PLL as if the training wheels are coming off my bike: for 7 years, I was learning how to become a young man, and now that I finally am one, I no longer need this safety rock that is PLL in order to continue developing.

This long, personal post is dedicated to me and my seven-year relationship with Pretty Little Liars.

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