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Wedding and pop-corn - Batmom x Batfamily

So I decided to combine those two requests, because they’re very similar, and it’s not my thing to write two stories that are basically the same thing :-). So here for Batmom and Bruce’s wedding and all of that ! IT’S SUPER LONG SORRY !! It’s been a while since I wrote such a long fic…I just didn’t wanna make two parts… Hope you’ll like it

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The angry (or rather, annoyed), loud and deep voice of their father stop them all right in their track. It isn’t often your Bruce raises his voice like so, but sometimes, your boys just push him too far. 

Like right now. 

You were all in the biggest living room in Wayne’s Manor, enjoying some family time for the first time in ages ! It was rare that you could hang out altogether outside of the Batcave…

But things weren’t going like you wanted them to go. 


You had wished to spent some times with your sons, husband and the man you came to consider your father, Alfred. Watching movies, eating junk food, drinking too much coffee and soda…It started out so well. 

You guys were all sitting in a gigantic couch, with tons of things to eat and drink, and a movie to put on…Unfortunately, said movie was Dick’s favorite, and the young man seemed unable stop himself from saying every lines in the movie before they actually happened. 

You and Bruce were used to him doing that, as he’s been doing it since he arrived first in the house, when he was barely eight years old. The first time he said a line before a character would say it, he looked at you two worriedly, afraid to be annoying…And of course it was annoying, but he was so damn cute, that you let him do it. And some things never change. Even though he was know a almost a man, you still let him do it, because to you, he was still your baby boy, and he was still as cute as ever. 

Jason never cared either, because usually, when it was movie night, it meant cuddling against you or one of his brothers (rarely against Bruce, because of stupid pride), and he’d never admit it, but he didn’t care one bit about the movies you’d all watch, as long as he was with his family. Oh yes, of course he’d never admit it, it’d ruin his “tough guy reputation”.

Tim would usually doze off on your shoulder, or if your shoulder was taken by one of your siblings (only one shoulder available unfortunately, the other one was always automatically reserved for his father), then he’d fall asleep on one of them instead. The poor boy always had so much trouble sleeping, than when there were truly calm moments, like your movie nights, he just couldn’t stay awake. 

But Damian…Oh Damian hated Dick’s habit. And apparently, this evening, he was grumpier than usual, not even twenty minutes into the movie and he started to argue with his older brother about him “having to shut up because he’d like to enjoy the damn movie !”. Of course, because Dick loved the way Damian would get all worked up about something that silly (even though it really was annoying), he did it even louder. 

This sprout Damian lunging at Dick and yelling at him to be silent…the commotion he made woke Tim up, and when Tim got woken up from one of his rare peaceful sleep, he wasn’t in a good mood. So out of annoyance, he elbowed Damian in the ribs with a groan. 

It so happened that that particularly night, it was Jason’s turn to snuggle against you, and the fight their brother were starting made you straighten up to see what was happening, dislodging him from against you…And it wasn’t fair. it was his turn to be with his mommy (oh God he wished to everything he held holy that no one would ever know what he was thinking just now), and they were ruining it !  

All Hell broke loose as your four boys started to yell, kick, slap, damn even BITE each other ! All the while Dick kept saying the lines from the movie before it happened, as he was dodging punches and such. 

It lasted about thirty seconds before Bruce got genuinely angry that his sons were ruining one of their only family moments of the month ! It was so difficult to gather everyone together, and they were messing everything up ! 

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Would you ever do like John Wick kissing or like cuddling or just being happy with another individual preferences...? 😁😁 I've been really nervous to ask but I thought I would now... ❤️

*takes my headcanons out, brushes the dust off of them* HELLO.

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  • Is very picky about cuddling, more specifically, he’s very keen on letting you know when he’s feeling up to cuddling. Some nights, he does lay down without the want to being snuggled, and it’s something you’ve gotten used to. John likes his space, and you respect that.
    • The nights when he is in a cuddling mood, you can bet he’s the big spoon. He loves to hold you, loves to brush his fingers up and down your bare arms, feeling you react to his touch. It gives him a sense of calm and peace. Even with all the death that lays on his fingertips, he can still find touching something so gentle and smooth indulging.
    • Wraps his entire arms around you, pulls you to him and digs his face into your neck. Loves to feel your hands playing circles on the skin of his forearms and absolutely adores when you entwine your hands with his.
      • Occasionally, he’ll give in and let you be the big spoon. Which, is always a fun time considering John is much larger than you are and you end up with one leg around his waist, the other bent against the small of his back as you rest your face in the nape of his neck. Sometimes, you pepper kisses there because you know it’s one of his weak spots and he’s somewhat ticklish there.
        • Imagine John holding you, then all of a sudden, he’s got you pinned to the bed. He’s straddling you, gently and making sure that all of his weight isn’t resting on you. He cups your face with one hand and holds your hand with the other before leaning down and grazing his lips against yours. Shutting his eyes, John rests his forehead against yours and sighs quietly. He doesn’t know what he deserved to receive such a great and loving partner with what he had done in his life.
  • John rubbing his beard against your cheek when he’s in a playful mood.
    • He knows you like it even though you complain about it being “scratchy”.
      • Laughing when he does this before giving him soft kiss to his lips.
  • John waking up in the morning, going to the kitchen and seeing you making breakfast in one of his dress shirts. From the way it’s hanging on your body, he can tell that only a few buttons were buttoned, probably in the middle and enough to cover your cleavage. 
    • He sneaks up behind you, wraps his arms around your waist before giving you a warm kiss to the side of your neck. This is what it felt like to have security.
  • Catching him looking at you from across the room and giving him a warm smile when you do. He continues to stare before smiling back at you slightly. 
    • He doesn’t even care that you caught him staring. If anything, he’s happy that you did because now you know that he’s always looking at you and always thinking about how much he truly loves you.
      • If he ever catches you looking at him from across the room, you either give him a smile or you look away and pretend you weren’t looking. And when you gaze back at him to find him still staring, you laugh and stick your tongue out.
  • John is naturally overly protective and will shoot anyone a death glare who seems to disrespect you.
    • That cashier? Yeah, they were giving you unlimited amount of sass, so John just stares them down and gets them to shut up. When you leave after paying, he gives them a few pointers. Mainly, that they shouldn’t treat you that way because you didn’t deserve it. If anything, you deserved absolute respect.
      • If the two of you are walking together, John always stands closest to the sidewalk. Just a precaution and to be careful in case any accidents happen on the street, he can protect you from them.
        • Has a keen sense and knowledge of when other guys are flirting with you. His height and his appearance makes it easy to scare away guys who are hitting on you. Luckily, so far he hasn’t had to hurt anyone who’s gotten too close to you, but a few glares and a few jabs have been sent their way as a warning not to mess with you.
  • The serene moments when John actually talks to you about his life before he met you. The details are always skewed, and he doesn’t always answer your questions right away, but over the years that you’d known him, you’d started to build what he did, what he regrets and what he doesn’t.
    • Whenever he talks to you about it, he always reassures you by brushing your hair back and giving a kiss to your forehead. You helped him leave that life behind him, and for that, he was thankful. Because, now he had you. He had a life, he had love. Things he never really had all to himself before. And he’d make sure to hold onto as tightly as he could.
      • John learns that love is something that is not just given randomly. You fell in love with him, and he fell in love with you. That’s all there is to it.

I HAVE SO MANY MORE BUT I DONT HAVE THE TIME TO TYPE THEM ALL OUT RIGHT NOW. *SCREAMS* Reblogs and likes are appreciated. Thanks guys :)

The Song

Note: I don’t know about you guys, but I need some water. I got too into this. OH and idk why but Partition reminds me of Bucky. so I used that, I hope that’s okay! thanks for the request, I really hope you enjoyed this! feedback is ALWAYS welcome! .c

Request: Here’s something I think you’d write really well… Bucky is your boyfriend and you’re a singer and you write all of these seriously sexy songs, he sees your show one night and hears all these hot n heavy songs about him and when he gets you home, he does all sorts. - @fridamoss


Singing was one of the things you enjoyed the most. Sure, killing bad guys and fighting alongside your boyfriend and fellow badass teammates couldn’t compare. But this was something you did to get your mind off of it. The process of writing a love song, a song about sadness, or a song about your sexy boyfriend, took you to a place you revisited as often as possible.

You sang at a little open mic place. It had a small stage and a bar, tables littered in between. Pool tables and dart boards near the back. It was usually full when people knew you’d be performing on a certain night during the week. You loved when so many people came to listen to you, even if you were sorta famous for being an Avenger.

Tonight, you were singing a new song you had written. It was about your boyfriend and he was finally able to have a night off. He had been stuck with nightly missions along with Steve and Wanda for a while. Everyone has come to see you, all but them three. Though it was only Bucky coming tonight. Steve had a much needed date with Sharon planned and Wanda was going to be helping Vision with something.

You were extra nervous about tonight. Bucky didn’t know about the songs you sang about him, nor did he know you wrote about him at all. He knew you sang, but this was definitely going to surprise him.

You stared at yourself in the mirror backstage, sighing out. You were wearing a sexy black dress with black heels to match. You tapped your heel nervously against the floor, the sound echoing through the silent dressing room.

The crowd was cheering as Jimmy, the artist before you, had just finished his song. You took a deep breath and walked out of your dressing room, walking down the dimly lit hallway that led to the stage. A girl that worked backstage smiled at you as you walked by. “Good luck!” She said before giving you a gentle pat on your shoulder. You smiled and thanked her softly.

Jimmy walked down the steps and smiled at you. “Good luck out there, Y/N.” He said, holding his guitar by the neck as he gave you a high five. “Thanks Jimmy Jam!” You said, causing him to chuckle at his nickname you gave him a while ago. You slowly walked up the stairs, letting the crowd settle down. Patrick, the owner of the place, was introducing you and you stood at the top of the stairs, waiting for your cue.

Patrick smiled at you, sending you a wink. “And now, who you’ve all been waiting for, may I present to you: Y/N Y/L/N!” The crowd cheered and you walked onto the stage, smiling and waving at the crowd. Patrick gave you the microphone and placed a kiss to both of your cheeks. “Good luck, Y/N.” Patrick said before hopping off the stage. You sighed out and put the mic on the stand.

The crowd finished cheering and you spotted Bucky near the front, a smirk on his face. You winked at him then looked out at everyone. There was a lot more people here than any other night and you swallowed your nerves. “How’s everyone doing tonight?” You asked, the crowd cheering loudly in response. You giggled. “Great. Well, this song is a new one. I wrote it for a certain someone and I hope you like it.” You said, blushing a little as Bucky sat towards the edge of his seat.

The music started playing and the crowd started to cheer, dancing along to the beat. “Driver roll up the partition, please.” Your voice rang through, every lyric sang with sexiness and a sensual feel. Bucky bit his lip as he watched you sing, his eyes drinking in your figure. He listened closely to every word, his eyes glued to yours as you sang words of sultry and utter naughtiness.

You let your hands move up and down your body as you kept singing, staring straight at Bucky. “Hand prints and good grips on my ass.” Bucky’s mouth was agape, his eyes wide, and his thoughts going wild. You knew the effect this song would have on him and you hoped it was working. By the looks of his face right now, you knew you had reeled him in.

You sang and kept your eyes on Bucky. You wrote the last bit in French, knowing Bucky had been brushing up on his language skills. He wanted to learn as many languages as he could, and you knew he was excellent at French. Adding that to the mix was an added bonus. “Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe? Le sexe, je veux dire l'activité physique.” You said, your voice drawing Bucky in even more.

The song came to an end and the crowd cheered as loud as they could, making you smile and blush. “Thank you!” You said before walking off stage. You breathed out and laughed to yourself, covering your mouth with the back of your hand. “Oh my gosh.” You whispered, not believing you just sang that in front of everyone including the man it was about.

You quickly gathered your things and left backstage, walking over to the table Bucky was sitting at. “Hey, baby.” You said, leaning down to press a kiss to Bucky’s cheek, his stubble rubbing against your lips. Bucky turned to you, his eyes following your figure to where you sat across from him. Bucky’s bottom lip was pulled in between his teeth. He was looking at you with that look. That look that meant he wanted you underneath him, begging for him.

Bucky licked his lips and smiled, his white teeth shining as he tucked his hair behind his ear. “That was…” Bucky trailed off, his eyes falling from your eyes, to your lips, then to your cleavage. “Was?” You questioned, leaning in slightly. You raised your heel under the table, rubbing it up against the inside of Bucky’s leg. A small gasp fell from Bucky’s mouth and his eyes shot up to stare into yours. “Doll, we need to get home.” Bucky said, standing to his feet.

You smirked then quickly put on a small frown. “Aww, but I only just finished. Can’t we stay for a bit?” You playfully pouted, slumping your shoulders a tad. “Please?” You added, cupping your hands together. Bucky rubbed his bottom lip, clicking his tongue. 

He stepped over to you and bent down, his metal hand resting on the table as his flesh hand rested on your partly exposed thigh. “Daddy suggests you get your pretty little ass in the car, or he’ll fuck you on this table for everyone to see. Do I make myself clear, Y/N?” Bucky asked, his voice low and taunting.

You gasped and stood to your feet, your pussy becoming wet from his words. Your face was red with blush as Bucky grabbed your hand and kissed your temple. You nervously waved at a few faces in the crowd that said goodbye to you, letting Bucky pull you along to the entrance doors.

The chilly night air made you inhale sharply through your teeth and Bucky hurriedly pulled you along the sidewalk. “Bucky, slow down!” You said, your heels clicking loudly as you all but ran beside Bucky. Bucky slowed per your request and you let out a sigh. “Once we get home, you better be ready.” Bucky said lowly, his arm wrapping around your waist tightly.

You smirked and finally reached the car. Bucky opened your door for you and before you could get in, Bucky came up behind you. You felt his crotch press into you and his hands gently lifted up your dress a tad, his flesh hand rubbing the skin of your inner thigh. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fuck you right here.” Bucky said, moving your hair to one shoulder, his lips ghosting over the skin of your neck.

A gasp fell from your lips and you closed your eyes. “I-I-” You only managed to let a pitiful stutter fall from your lips as Bucky bit down on your skin, slightly sucking. You moaned out, not caring if you were loud. Bucky smirked and pulled away from your neck with a wet noise. “No reason?” Bucky asked, thrusting his crotch into you.

Bucky was already sporting an erection and your mouth watered at the thought of his glistening red tip and swollen cock. “You wouldn’t want another man to see me get fucked, would you?” You questioned, knowing how jealous and protective Bucky could get.

You smirked to yourself after hearing Bucky sigh heavily and deeply. “Every man in there had his eyes on you. You’re my girl. My Doll. Get in.” Bucky said as he pulled away from you. You bit your lip and got in the car, Bucky shutting your door and crossing over to the drivers side.

Bucky’s hands were all over you as soon as you stepped into the tower, making your way to the elevator. You giggled softly and gasped when you saw Sam and Clint standing near the common room.  Bucky removed his hands from your ass, hoping they didn’t see. “Y/N! How was the show?” Sam asked, a wide smile on his face.

You heard Bucky sigh and you decided to prolong his arousal, making him wait for you. You walked over to the two men, pulling Bucky along. “It was so much fun! Wasn’t it, Bucky?” You beamed, looking up at your overly turned on boyfriend. Bucky nodded, keeping your body in front of his prominent bulge. “It was amazing, baby.” Bucky breathed out shakily, his lips in a tight smile.

Clint raised an eyebrow. “She sang the song.” Sam gasped, looking over at Clint with an amused smile. Clint’s eyes widened and the two men both started to laugh, leaning into each other for support. You blushed and grabbed Bucky’s jacket, pulling him away. “Bye boys.” You sang softly, watching Bucky stare back at them in confusion.

As you stepped into the elevator, Bucky looked down at you. “How’d they know?” Bucky asked, curiosity laced in his husky voice. You shrugged your shoulders a tad. “They found my journal.” You said, being totally honest. Bucky sighed deeply and his hands rested on your hips.

Bucky bent down just enough to where his lips were ghosting over yours. “This dress,” Bucky whispered, tugging on it gently, “needs to go.” Bucky finished, his hands moving down to grip your ass, giving it a harsh spank. You gasped and let out a high pitched moan. Bucky chuckled darkly, his eyes on yours.

The elevator came to a stop and Bucky moved his hands from your ass, pulling you by your hand to his bedroom. Your heels were the only sound in the hallway. Bucky pushed his door open and shut it, shoving your back into it. You grunted softly, looking up at Bucky with an innocent expression.

Bucky bit his lip, his eyes raking up and down your body before they stopped at your mid-section. His hand lifted under your dress, his eyes on your face. You felt his middle finger rub against your clit through your panties, adding a little pressure. Your breathing came out heavy as you looked down, the sight of his arm sticking out from your dress making you whimper.

A soft moan fell from Bucky’s lips as he started rubbing the length of his finger along your slit. “Daddy wants to see how wet you are, Doll. Can he?” Bucky asked, using his other hand to lift your chin up to look at him. You nodded, making a small “mhm” sound. Bucky smirked and used his hands to pull down your panties, his body crouching down as he went.

Bucky’s eyes stayed locked on yours and he was on his knees now, your panties around your ankles. Bucky’s hands made their way up the back of your legs and a shiver coursed through your body. Bucky smirked and lifted your dress, his eyes falling onto your pussy. Bucky let out a breath, licking his lips as a smile tugged at the corners.

You whimpered and shuffled on your heels. “Buckyyy.” You moaned, your impatience growing stronger. Bucky leaned in and used his fingers to spread your lips open. You let your head fall against the door as you felt Bucky’s breath fanning across your pussy. “Y/N, you’re glistening. Are you that turned on?” Bucky asked as if it weren’t the most obvious thing in the world.

You nodded. “I-I am.” You said, looking back down at Bucky. He started to lean in, his tongue sticking out of his mouth. You gasped and breathed heavily, excited to feel his mouth on your pussy. Bucky licked a long stripe from your opening to your clit and you moaned out, your hand flying to his thick hair as the tip of his tongue flicked against your clit.

A groan fell from Bucky’s lips and he attached his lips around your clit, creating small sucking motions as he continued watching your face. Your hips jerked into Bucky and he groaned again, using his tongue to lightly flick across your clit back and forth. “Bucky, yes.” You moaned, tugging on his hair. “More.” You pleaded, watching Bucky’s blue eyes focusing on you.

He smiled against your pussy and he sloppily made out with it, gently wiggling his head back and forth. His hair tickled your thighs and you moaned again, your legs slightly buckling under you. Bucky’s hands held your dress up at your waist, gripping onto you so you wouldn’t fall. “Fuck, you’re so good at this.” You moaned, feeling Bucky’s fingers dig into your waist and you could hear the wet sounds from in between your thighs.

Bucky suddenly pulled away, making you whine. Bucky smirked up at you and his chin was covered in your juices. Bucky slipped your dress over you, letting it drop to the floor. His eyes fell to your breasts, his metal hand reaching up to grasp one. You moaned softly as he pinched your hardened nipple. “You’re so gorgeous.” Bucky said, pulling you over to his bed.

Bucky gently pushed you backwards. You giggled as you bounced slightly on the mattress, biting your lip. Bucky unbuckled his belt, dropping it to the floor. Your eyes were focused on him as he slipped his pants off. You could see his cock in his tight boxers, the sight causing your mouth to water.

You sat up a little to take off your heels, but Bucky grabbed your wrist. “Please, keep them on.” Bucky said, making you smirk. “Yes, Daddy.” You said, leaning back on your elbows. Bucky gripped your ankles, gently yanking you closer to the edge of the bed. “You drive me crazy, Doll. Daddy wants you so bad right now. I need that little pussy of yours.“ Bucky groaned, hovering over you. “I want you to behave, understand?” Bucky asked, staring into your eyes.

Gulping, you nodded. “Yes.” You whispered, feeling small underneath Bucky. “Yes, what?” Bucky asked, spreading your legs open more. You inhaled shakily as his hands left your skin. “Yes, Daddy.” You said, watching Bucky bite his lip. “Good girl.” He praised, standing to his feet. 

“I want you to beg for me, Doll.” Bucky said, slipping off his boxers. You saw his thick cock spring free, a small gasp escaping your lips. You wanted to lean up and shove him into your mouth until he hit the back of your throat, but you knew better. 

Bucky started to slowly stroke his cock, gathering the pre-cum and spreading it along. “You enjoyed teasing me back there, didn’t you?” Bucky asked, the memory of you eye fucking him and seducing him with your hands moving all over your body fresh in your mind. You nodded slightly, letting your eyes slowly drink in his body, until you met his eyes. “I did. I loved it.” You said, moving your right heel to travel up the side of Bucky’s leg.

He smirked and softly slapped it away. You frowned and looked at Bucky innocently. “I want your cock.” You said, spreading your legs more. Bucky’s eyes fell to your pussy and you smirked, reaching your hand down to rub your clit. Bucky growled, quickly moving your hand away. “Behave.” He ordered, making you whine. “Daddy, please. I’m so ready for you.” You said, creasing your eyebrows and biting the tip of your finger.

Bucky watched you closely and you smiled at him. “Please, fuck me. Make me scream.” You begged desperately, watching Bucky’s hand speed up a tad. Bucky swallowed thickly, his eyes raking up and down your body. “Fuck, your pussy is so pretty.” Bucky breathed out, squeezing his cock a little. “Seems like Daddy is losing his patience on his own.” You said, a slight giggle in your voice. Bucky growled and stopped stroking himself.

Bucky gripped your ankles, making you gasp. “You want me to make you scream?” Bucky asked, raising your legs to rest on his broad shoulders. You nodded, licking your lips. “Please, make me scream so loud. I want you to pound into me, make me cum all over you. I need you.” You begged, watching Bucky’s eyes close, his bottom lip pulled in between his teeth. “Fuuuck.” He said quietly.

Bucky’s eyes shot open and he gripped his cock, gently rubbing it up and down your slit. You moaned and let your head fall back against the mattress. Bucky slid his tip inside of you, making you gasp. “You’re such a dirty girl.” Bucky said, sliding in further. 

You felt his hands rest by your sides and you looked into his eyes. He smirked and slammed his hips into you. You moaned out louder, his cock filling you up. “Fuck, you’re so big!” You whimpered, making Bucky chuckle. 

He started to thrust in and out of you, his cock hitting your g-spot perfectly. “You’re so tight, Y/N.” Bucky rasped, moving your legs down to wrap around his waist. You gripped onto his hair, your fingers tangling into it tightly. “Fuck me harder, Daddy.” You pleaded, feeling your pussy clench around Bucky’s thick cock. He growled and picked you up by your waist, moving you up towards the headboard.

Your head rested on the pillows and Bucky shoved his cock deeper into you. You moaned, arching your back. Bucky took that chance to suck on one of your nipples, grazing his teeth over it gently. Your hands flew to his hair again, tugging on it harshly. He groaned, his thrusts getting harder, the bed slamming into the wall. “Yes, Daddy!” You screamed. Bucky pulled away and looked at your face, moaning when your mouth fell slack at a particularly hard thrust.

Bucky reached down to rub your clit and you relaxed your back to look down at his cock disappearing in and out of your pussy. “I love your fucking pussy. You’re such a good girl, aren’t you? Writing and singing about me,” Bucky groaned, his cock twitching, “teasing me. Dammit, you’re so beautiful.” Bucky growled loudly, surely the others could hear you two, though you didn’t care.

Your heels dug into Bucky’s back and you gasped for air, feeling yourself getting closer. You tugged on Bucky’s hair and pulled him down to kiss you. You heard him moan as he bit your lip, his hand squeezing your ass, spanking you. “You’re such a fucking good girl for Daddy.” Bucky said against your mouth. You moaned, fighting your tongues together, his dominating yours.

Bucky pulled away, leaning his head against your forehead. Bucky’s thighs slapped against yours and you felt his cock twitch again, making you cry out. “I’m gonna fucking cum!” You yelled, squeezing your legs around Bucky’s waist tightly. Bucky’s thrusts didn’t falter and his hand sped up on your clit. “Daddy wants your cum, Doll. Fuck yeah, I love it when you clench around m-me, FUCK!” Bucky growled, thrusting so hard you were breasts were bouncing up and down.

Your breath caught in your throat and your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you started to cum. You screamed, drawing it out like blood murder. “YES, BUCKY!” You cried out, hearing Bucky moaning as loud as he could. You whimpered loudly, feeling Bucky’s cum filling you up in hot spurts, slowly dripping out of you.

Bucky slammed into you a few more times, riding out both of your orgasms. Bucky collapsed on top of you, both of your breathing heavy and coming out in short huffs. “Holy shit.” Bucky rasped, his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. You held Bucky close, your pussy throbbing even more than before. “God, I need to sing to you more often.” You said, breathless. Bucky chuckled lazily, moving off of you.

Bucky sighed, completely worn out. “Fuck.” He said, a wide smile on his face. You turned your head to look at him and you smiled, reaching for his hand. “That was so,” “Amazing.” Bucky finished, making you giggle. 

You slowly sat up, a groan falling from your lips. Bucky helped you up, slipping off your heels. “Was I too rough?” Bucky asked worriedly, standing to his feet. You blushed, loving how he was concerned. “No, I’m just a little sore is all.” You said softly.

You watched Bucky leave and come back with a damp wash rag, cleaning you both up. Bucky gave you one of his t-shirts to wear and he slipped on a pair of clean boxers. He handed you a pair of clean panties you had in his drawer, helping you slip them on. 

You exchanged shy glances and a knock on the door stopped you from saying something. Bucky walked over and opened it and you saw Sam standing there, his eyes meeting yours.

“Can you sing to me?”


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I didn’t? (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Based on the Tumblr post…you know the one. Couldn’t find a screenshot of it, so if somebody has it please add it on!

Summary (sort of): Peter Parker is bloody forgetful. Like damn.

Word Count: .5k (I might do a part two; I don’t really know how to work links though)

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RFA+V+Saeran: Smut #1 (Part 1)

Requested by an anon: ″Hello! My request is RFA+V+Saeran react to seeing Mc naked in the shower. Like smut and fluff please!!! Thanks <3″
Because this is multi characters so i’ll make it short for each of them. Hope you’re ok with this anon~

Side note: Because I don’t do headcanons, so I do mini fics but it’ll be too long. So for this #1, I break it into two parts. Starting from next request which will be up after #1 Part 2, I will choose 4 characters that I feel I may do a better job.
Also, I didn’t do shower for all character. I change the setting a bit.

Warning: SMUT!

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I’ve been playing LOLOL all night and realize just how late it has gotten. I tell the guild’s members that I’ll stop temporarily to go take a nice shower then be back soon. With that, I stand up and make my way towards the bathroom. Perhaps my mind is too occupied by the game that I don’t notice the noises from inside at all. I open the door and the moment I do, I hear high pitch scream.

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Finn Balor Sex Headcannons

Can we just say a few words about this man. I feel like I need to thank the Gods for this beautiful creation of a human because he is a fucking gift. Like he could fuck me up anytime. And he’s so adorable at the same time like what the fuck?!

@megsjessd99 and @nickysmum1909 are the wonderful ones who requested this!!!

Originally posted by baleesi

- He is another example of the phrase ‘gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets’. I can’t stress this enough! In public, his hand would always be on your waist or intertwined with you hand but private, the most popular place his hand ends up is down your pants. 

- He would never tell you but he loves waking up in the morning and seeing his abs littered in lovebites. His excuse is always “babe, they’d kill me at work if they saw any marks” but he knows your only reply is “then wear more paint”

- There have been many times where he will walk backstage fresh from his fight and covered in paint, take your hand and drag you off to his dressing room to fuck you. 

- If he is in the mood (he’s almost always in the mood), he will spank you. No joke. He will bend you over his knee or a counter and just spank you. But even when you aren’t having sex, he will walk up to you and slap your ass then walk away as you’re trying to work.

- Usually, he is quite a patient man but when it comes to you, he’s desperate for your touch anywhere. 

- Most definitely has a daddy kink. But he likes it just as much when you call him ‘your prince’.

- He will prefer to go down on you. Not that he doesn’t like you to get him off, it’s that he gets off on you getting off. He will eat you out anywhere in private. 

- You can’t walk into any room in your house without having flashbacks of him fucking you in there, I talking about the garden too. 

- He will always top, or so he’ll say. He lets you top sometimes but that’s only because you’ve actually tied him down so he can’t refuse. 

- When he injured his shoulder, it killed him because he couldn’t get you off as easily. That’s when you stepped up and showed him how good you are at pleasing him and yourself. 

- He will make you beg. He gets off on you practically crying because he’s teasing you so hard. But lemme tell you right now, the begging is worth it. 

- The guy also has a lot of stamina so he can go a hell of a lot of rounds with you. 

- Orgasm ratio with him is 3:1 to you.


Summary: Sam shows Dean how beautiful he is.

Warning: This one got away from me. Smut, dirty talk, use of the Samulet as a cock ring, a little bit of come play (I guess)?

Word Count: 2700

A/N: Um. I got kinky. I’m not sorry. XOXO

Dean’s wearing only a towel around his waist when he gets out of the bathroom.

Sam watches the steam billow out from behind him when he opens the door, water droplets trickling down his arms and chest, making him look like some wondrous, mythical sex god.

Of course, Sam’s always thought that about Dean.

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{Reaction} When you’re jealous of Mafia!EXO

Exo Mafia Arranged Marriage Reaction where you don’t want him but he wants and kinda loves you tries you to love him but it doesn’t work One day you slowly start showing feelings but because of a woman you get super jealous and block/hate him even more:)

Note: This request is very intricate and I feel like it’s more of a scenario than a reaction so I slightly edited it to make it a little less complex, (I did struggle with this one rather a lot, so I really do hope you like it~) I hope you don’t mind too much. Thank you for requesting.

  • Warning: Mentions of the Mafia, swearing, alcohol and sexual themes.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chanyeol’s lips curled to a smirk as he saw the fire light in your eyes. The casino was full of scantily dressed women, most of which eyeing up Chanyeol as though they were mentally fucking him. Chanyeol didn’t care for them, you were the only one for him - but watching you get so jealous was at least a little entertaining for him to watch. He chuckled darkly, leaving the bar to snake an arm around your waist from the side, pressing his lips next to your ear as he told you how to well and truly felt in that moment.

Chanyeol: “You think I like those sluts? You’re the only one I love, Jagiya. How about I buy you a drink? You ordered a red wine the first time we met, right? That’s your favorite?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by dokynsoo

Jealousy is something that he finds incredibly pointless, but seeing you in the state may or may not spark him more than he’d like to admit. The two of you were at the headquarters, and Baekhyun’s new girlfriend was not even hiding the fact that she was interested in D.O. she kept talking to him, putting her hands on him - which admittedly, made him a little unsettled. He finally exited the room, but feeling himself being pushed up against the wall not long after. He smiled when he saw you glaring daggers up at him.

Kyungsoo: “Something the matter, Jagiya?”

{y/n}: “She was all over you, I-”

Kyungsoo: “How about I take you upstairs and get all over you?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by xehun

Baekhyun is a flirt, everyone knows that fact, but apparently you didn’t like it one bit. He’d never cheat on you, or do anything that crossed the line, but he was just a little kinder when he talked to pretty girls or guys alike. Being the sweet talker that he was got him all the secrets that he needed, but it was not so nice to watching him from your perspective.

Baekhyun: “Are you trying to say you’re jealous of them?”

{y/n}: “No! I just don’t think it’s inappropriate.”

Baekhyun: “The thoughts I’m having about taking that pretty little skirt off you is inappropriate, Jagi. But don’t worry, I’ll stop sweet talking, just because it’s you~”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun rolled his eyes as you were clearly annoyed over how close Chanyeol’s sister was to him. Sure, she wasn’t because exactly subtle about her hints, but it still annoyed him how jealous you were. For the longest time, you’d been hating him, telling him you don’t love him, and now you were running after him because another girl was threatening to take your place. He sighed, standing up, grabbing his gun, deciding to relieve some stress at the shooting range. He stood up, declaring what he intended to do ever so bluntly as he pushed past you, giving you the cold shoulder, hardly anticipating you to follow him out.

{y/n}: “Why relieve you stress on the shooting range when you have a girlfriend perfectly capable of doing that for you.”

Sehun: “Aish, you’re so bipolar it’s hard to keep up.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by exeauxs

Yixing bit his lip, looking devilishly handsome with his black hair falling over his eyes and the liner that kept his eyes sharp and cold. It was clear he was watching the other gang’s mafia girlfriend like she was a piece of meat as they bittersweetly exchanged money and drugs. You watched from behind, back against the wall and arms folded as you glared at the scene. Why was it that Yixing appeared so smug? Far too delighted to be encountering the enemy. You tore at your own lip with your teeth, glaring at the man in question as he returned back to you. He detected your jealousy in a moment, smirking as he placed his hand next to your head on the wall, leaning down to press those annoyingly sexily lips against yours.

Yixing: “Don’t look so bitter, {y/n}, I know you’re all dosed up on love for me.” *winks*

{y/n}: “Aish, so cocky. I will shoot you up the ass.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Jongdae looked up at the girl handling the poker game. She was pretty, and you could see that as you observed from the bar. You scowled as you sipped on your vodka and coke. You knew it was pointless to be jealous, but how could you help it when you’re very attractive boyfriend was surrounded by very gorgeous  women? You turned to look at the bar tender as the final drop of your alcohol drowned down your throat and ordered another. The bartender grinned, nodding and making a comment about how he’d do anything for such a beautiful lady. You smirked in response, happy enough to be accepting the compliment until your boyfriend approached.

Jongdae: “This very beautiful lady is my Jagi, s you better watch that tongue of yours before I shoot you in the mouth.” *Who’s saying you’re the one getting jealous?*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Minseok glowered, looking down with daggers in his eyes as he pinned you up against the wall. Why was it that you were so defiant towards him yet acted jealousy? One moment you hate him, the next you want him. He looked so intimidating, and you hated to admit how much it sparked you inside.

Minseok: “Will you make up your damn mind?”

{y/n}: “Why don’t you help me to chose?” *smirks*

Minseok: *grumbles before pressing his lips to yours*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao smiled as he saw the visible jealousy on your face. It was satisfying to see you in such a state when you’d been ‘hating’ him for so long. It was obvious you had more feelings for him than you liked to admit, and he was ready to have fun with that.

Tao: “Jealous, Baobei?” *smirks*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The leader of EXO would find this turn of events very amusing. He would have his arm around a girl when he caught your stare. He gave you a questioning look, pretending to be oblivious because he found it funny to see you look so fiery. While you’re mostly dismissive with him and spiteful, to see you wanting him was like a dream come true.

{y/n}: “I don’t appreciate you touching other girls.”

Junmyeon: “Get your pretty little butt over here then.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

The sweet talker of the group would be the most surprised to see you in jealous state. For all he knew, you hated him and that was that. Except there must be something between the lines because the way you glared at him as he flirted with a girl made his lips turn up to a smug smirk, looking as though he really had just hit to lotto.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by katherine8595

Jongin would be confused over the way you were acting. He thought you hated him, though watching you slap the girl he’d just been talking to had made him question everything. It seemed that even you you were a mafia worker like he was you weren’t as cold as you appeared to be and did like Jongin more than you’d liked to admit. Jongin smirked, letting his fingers twirl his dagger in his hand as he watched you walk over, blood on your cheek from the fight you’d just been in.

Jongin: “Such a pretty face.” *wipes the blood away.*

{y/n}: “Aish, you’re so annoying.”

Wu Yifan

Originally posted by hyung-bi

This man wouldn’t have any idea how you felt about him, but that wouldn’t stop him from loving you even though he won’t admit it. He smirked as his plan to get you jealous worked. He pulled you into his chest, allowing his hands to roam over your back as he held you close, pulling you in for a kiss now he could confirm how you really felt about him. 

Murder at Stark Manor: Peter Parker X Reader

PART 1 of2

Midtown High Students have come to participate in Liz’s live action role play. The reader wants to confess her feelings for Peter but knows about his crush on Liz. No one actually dies, it’s ok :)

Word Count: 1.8k (OMG I’M SORRY T.T)

Peter Parker x Reader

Based on the board game Clue

Originally posted by she-is-beautifully-broken

It was the middle of the beautiful month of April, and around this time a grand party was about to be announced by the popular Liz Toomes. It was an annual gathering, only certain students were invited to partake in this year’s party. For it would be a party to die for.

“What do you think her party theme is this year?” Y/F/N Y/L/N asked her best friend as they walked through the crowded halls of Midtown High. Peter Parker looked down at her and shrugged, reaching his locker. Y/N picked at her army green sweater as she leaned against the locker next to Peter’s.  She took a moment to admire the spider boy, he was perfect, his hair, his body, even his fingers as they graced the lock.

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Queen || Draco Malfoy x Reader

{summary: sometimes, you fall in love with the person you least expect to be with.}

I’ve been working on the peter parker request for days now, yet still can’t find the muse to finish it and post it. So here, have this draco malfoy story instead.

this isn’t my best work like at all. I just wanted to do something to challenge myself because it’s been a rough day for me, and I find that writing always helps with making me happier.

warnings: language, and draco is going to be an annoying cunt for the first few parts of this story before turning sweet with age. draco malfoy (from what I remember with the books) is spoiled and likes to believe that the whole world is meant to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Love won’t come so easily between him and the reader, and if the subject of bullying triggers you, then please, do not read this story.

also, if you hate the enemies to lovers trope, this is definitely not the story for you.

ps house of gold is a MASTERPIECE.

word count: 4,100+

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


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Rock Hard - Tom Hiddleston

N/A: You guys are awesome, y’ know? I hope that God have mercy on my soul and that I haven’t written anything wrong here. but if I did let me know, please. And please, I need to know if I have a chance to improve on this topic or if I should discard of my options! I hope you guys have fun! (I think I shouldn’t be allowed to choose titles) 


It was late at night when you finally came home, tired after the intense hours of rehearsa, you mentally thanked yourself for having the idea to shower and change clothes before leaving your ballet class. You slowly unlocked the door and tried to be as quiet as possible, leaving your bag at the side of the entrance and locking the door again. You got rid of your shoes and walked in your fingertips amid the dark apartment, knowing that your boyfriend would already arrived from his trip and would be sleeping. But then your breath caught in your throat when you arrived in your bedroom doorway, seeing him lying amid your white sheets and being illuminated by the moonlight coming through the open window. You bit your bottom lip admiring his physical exposed and gulped when you noted that he was naked. And awake.

“Tom?” you whispered, feeling the heat rise through your body, an effect that only he could cause on you so quickly.

“Yes, my love?” he leaned on his elbows so he could look better at you, licking his lips before smirking. 

“I missed you.” you lifted a hand to your hair, releasing of the bun and letting it drop on your shoulders. You suddenly didn’t feel so tired, the way Tom stared at you increasing your arousal.

“Show me.” he ordered hoarsely, making you shudder.

“Don’t take your eyes.” 

You smiled innocently, rising your hands over your thighs, lifting your dress slightly before taking your hands to the buttons, opening them up one by one and letting your fingers caress the skin that was being exposed. Your dress fell to the floor exposing your breasts and lace pantie, you slid your hands from your neck to your breasts, caressing them for a moment before sliding your hands toward your panties, playing with it before you take it.

“Stop.” Tom ordered again, making you look up searching for his eyes, smiling when you noticed the lust in his blue ones. “Come here.”

You approached the bed with slow steps, but having time to support only one knee on the mattress before Tom pulled you to straddle his waist and wrap his arms around your back. His mouth went directly to your breasts, playing with his tongue before he pulled your nipple between his teeth, sucking hard. You felt his fingers splaying around your throat, making you arch your neck a little and whimper. Then with a quick movement his body was hovering over yours, his knees pressing your thighs apart, and a  whine scaped from your lips as he quickly tore your lace panties and one of his hand moved between your legs to press against your clit. 

“Are you already wet for me, my love?” Tom groaned against the skin of your neck, you felt him sucking your sensitive spot and you knew that the next day would have a hickey there.

Yes…” you moaned,  trying to move your hips to reciprocate his movement on your clit, but Tom noticed your intentions and pulled his hand away to hold on your thigh while the other hand he used to support him on the mattress. “Please, don’t tease me anymore.”

“You need to behave first, baby girl.” you heard him whisper while grinding down onto your core, you bit hard your lower lip to keep a moan and Tom chuckled, lifting his face to be able to stare at you. “Who am I trying to fool?“

You moaned loudly in surprise when you felt Tom thrust hard without notice, he didn’t wait for you to get used to him and kept moving into you. Your fingers clutched at his shoulders while your body shivered with each deep thrust. With almost a month without him, your body was on fire and completely sensitive so soon you felt contracting around him tightly, and Tom’s eyes rolled back. 

Shit, you’re so damn tighter than before.”  he growled in pleasure,increasing the speed and strength, making the sound of your bodies bumping against each other take the room in mixture of your groans. “I will not last long tonight, my love.”

“Almost… Oh, Thomas.” you mewled, feeling one of his hands between your bodies moving against your clit and your head roll back on the pillows, your lips parted and your moan got caught in your throat as your orgasm came powerful. 

Tom moaned next to your ear when he reached his climax, decreasing slowly his movements until he stopped and fell at your side, gently pulling you to cuddle in his chest. You were silent as you tried to catch your breath and you just giggled when you felt Tom’s heart beat wildly. He kissed your temple than kissed your hair, stroking your face before sliding his fingers up to your chin, lifting your face to look at him. Tom smiled tenderly, leaning to kiss your lips with all his passion and longing, pulling out a small sigh from you.

“God, how I missed you.” he sighed in relief, holding you against his body a little longer before raising from the bed, he picked up his shirt that it was your favorite handing to you so then he could put a boxer, Tom smiled as he lay back on your side and watched you put his shirt. “You’re so beautiful, I really am one of the luckiest men in the world.”

“And I’m one of the luckiest women in the world.” you giggled, lying with your back against his chest so you could sleep spooning and he readily hugged your waist, hiding his face in your neck.

“What would I do without you?”

“You wouldn’t be one of the luckiest men in the world.” you sighed, closing your eyes as you felt him chuckle behind you.

“I love you too, my love.” Tom kissed your neck, and you felt your heart warm. You loved make sex with your boyfriend, but what is really good are the moments that you’re like this.

I know.”

Failed Birds and Bees

Prompt: Batmom forces Bruce to talk to Damian about the birds and the bees after walking in on them.

requested by: @shyinfluencer2017

Words: 745

AN: I wanted to post this before going to work, I figured at least some of us should laugh. Hopefully, this makes you laugh!

When you walk in on Damian and his “companion”, you run through several different emotions; a mother’s horror that her baby is dating, disbelief, and then a whole lot of worry. You stand there stupefied for only a moment before running down the hallway, nearly tripping over the skirt of the ridiculous dress you wore to a charity event earlier in the evening.

You crash into your bedroom, to find Bruce naked from the waist up, changing out of his tux. You allow yourself only a moment of appreciation, before allowing the horror you just witnessed to wash over you again. You very quickly tell him about what you just saw, your fifteen-year-old son with his hand up some girl’s shirt. Your voice goes kind of screechy near the end, and you know you may be acting a little dramatic, but you’re SO not ready to be a grandmother, for ANY of your children.

You don’t receive the support you had been hoping for. Bruce bursts out laughing and attempts to calm you down. You stand your ground. Typically, you’re a very go with the flow kind of person, but not when it comes to this. Seeing that you’re standing firm, he asks what you want him to do. Your request is simple; have the birds and the bees talk with your youngest son.

Bruce just kind of stares at you for a moment before asking, “Are you serious?” Your eyes narrow because, yes, you’re very, very serious. Seeing the answer in your eyes, he sighs, and you know that you’ve won.

You just smile and say, “Go now, please.”

“She’ll still be in there.”

You smile, knowing better, “Oh please, he had her out of this place and on her way home before I was even able to reach the bedroom. The only reason he didn’t hear me coming in the first place was because he was so preoccupied.”

          Bruce nods, and finishes changing before leaving the room, to go talk to your son. You just collapse on the bed, because Damian is your baby, and if he’s dating that means he’s on his way out. Despite the fact that all of his brothers still live at home, you know Damian is somewhat determined to live on his own during college. Like all teenagers, he’s ready to spread his wings and fly, and you probably only have two more years of him living at home.

With a sigh you change out of your gown and into more comfortable clothing. When your curiosity gets the better of you, you leave to go see how the “talk” is going.

You’re quiet as you move down the hallway. The door to his room is barely cracked but you can hear the voices inside. It’s not just Damian and Bruce, all of the boys are in there. They’re laughing and teasing Damian about getting caught.

Jason’s voice leads the conversation, “I can’t believe you were stupid enough to bring her in the house.”

Tim backs him up with, “That’s why we have the apartment.”

“I can’t believe mom didn’t stop the two of you right then and there and give you the talk herself.” Dick’s voice sounds puzzled.

And you know why. Typically, you never would have run away, typically you never would have screeched, and acted like you did. You think it’s a good thing for the boys to be aware of the consequences and to be SAFE. You know what happens when you slip up, especially when your husband’s been gone for three weeks, and the two of you have shared an entire bottle of wine in one night.

Pushing the door open the rest of the way, you give a tight little smile to Bruce, as the boys stop talking and just stare at you.

“Jason, make sure he knows about protection, because obviously your father doesn’t know enough.” You’re met with several confused glances, and Bruce is just staring at you with wide eyes. The great detective that he is, has already put it together with that one sentence. You place a hand on your stomach, “Congratulations boys, you’re going to have a new sibling. I expect everyone to be ready to pull diaper duty.”

Without another word, you turn and leave the room. A second later you hear pounding footsteps as Bruce runs after you. You can’t help but sigh, looks like you’re going to have to have that talk with Bruce first. Apparently Alfred didn’t explain it well enough.

The relationship between misogyny and romance: a SJM study

Why female desire* isn’t problematic, but A Court of Thorns and Roses is.

In which I wade into an issue in depth, praying that the flame war gods do not strike me down.

**Please note that this essay discusses only the misogynist elements of SJM’s writing in the ACOTAR series. There are obviously other problematic elements that require acknowledgement, but this is the one I feel confident in addressing. I haven’t read any of ACOWAR yet.** 

*also, female desire in this instance refers to the desire of the presumed female reader of romance. The reading of romance and YA is obviously not exclusive to women, although a lot of the assumptions of SJM’s work ascribe to the concept of a binary gender.

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Chemistry in the Shower

Requested by Anon:  a Sherlock x reader, where he tries to explain her chemistry for her finals and they just end up doing other things
& Anon:  Can you do a smut one shot with Sherlock where he and the reader have sex in the bathroom and it’s really hot and they freak John out a bit because he thought that she was shy and All?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,515

Warnings: Smut - shower smut, unprotected.

A/N: This was soooo hard to write… As Dean would say “Game of Thrones is complicated, the shower sex – that is complicated… Hell ain’t complicated.”


Originally posted by mental-leaps

“It’s really not that hard, you see.” Sherlock started, using his intellectual voice as he made strange drawings on a white piece of paper, “If we add up these two, you get this one. The same goes to this: If you divide it, you get these two.”

“Yeah, but how do I know which one goes first?” (Y/N) whined.

“You mean…? Nomenclature isn’t hard.” Sherlock continued. He was trying his best to be patient with her; obviously, no one had his brains and so he had to be compassionate. So he proceeded to explain the correct order in which the chemical compounds were to be named. “Any other doubt?”

“How do I divide a compound?” Sherlock sighed heavily.

She wasn’t dumb, not at all, but she was stressed and her mind wasn’t working as it used to. Sherlock knew it, he had noticed, and so he offered his help to explain Chemistry to her – a choice he was already regretting – and all he could think of was that she would find a way to remove all of the stress in her life so he could go do his experiments in peace.

“Doubts?” He asked for the millionth time that day and mentally prayed for her to say no.

“Yes.” Sherlock groaned, shutting his eyes for an instant to try and recover the last bit of sanity he had left. “I don’t want to study anymore.” (Y/N) continued, and Sherlock couldn’t help but to release a relived sigh.

“I was about to stab you.” Sherlock confessed, looking dead serious into her eyes.

“I was about to kill myself.” She replied, and then her head fell over the table as a frustrated groan escaped her throat.

“Take a rest, we can continue later.” Sherlock spoke as he got up from the table and towards the window.

“Do you honestly want to continue helping me?” She inquired, without lifting the head from the table.

“I don’t see why not.” Sherlock said nonchalantly.

“Because I’m a freaking imbecile for this, perhaps?” Sherlock chuckled.

“Don’t feel bad, not everyone can have my brain.” He beamed.

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Babysitter (Part 4)

Summary: While Tae is stuck at work you decided to hangout with your friends.

Pairings: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Angst / Smutish

Words: 3k

A/N: This one is a little sad :(, but I promise that part 5 will be fun :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5Masterlist

You woke up with the sun glazing on your face. You felt Taehyung nuzzle more into your neck tickling you. You knew he was still sleeping by the way his soft snores filled up the quiet room.

You smiled just thinking about waking up with him. With no worry about Dara bursting through the door or your parents. You can actually act like a couple, no secrets. You loved this feeling.

He slightly moved from you turning around to face him. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. You gently kissed his nose and snuggled deeper into his neck while wrapping his arms around you.

You intertwined your legs with his. “Tae.” You whispered.

No movement. He must be in a deeper sleep then you thought.

“Taehyung.” You attempted again, but no movement. You slowly slid your hand down his chest until you reached the waist line of his boxer briefs. You honestly couldn’t help yourself. You and Taehyung finally admitted that you loved each other, he was all yours, and you just wanted to make him feel good.

You slipped your hand underneath his boxers as you touched him up lower. He groaned but he didn’t open his eyes. You quickly made your way underneath the blanket so you were right in front of him.

You quietly pulled down his boxers exposing his limb member. You grabbed him and brought him to your mouth. It didn’t take him long to stiffen up. You heard him moan through each pump until he finally opened his eyes full alert.

“What are you-” He tried to say as he noticed that you were sucking him off and that it wasn’t a dream. He started to enjoy the pleasure you were giving him as he tilted his head back moaning uncontrollably. You smirked from the process. It was adorable watching him squirm.

You licked the cherry red tip, he wasn’t going to last much longer. Just as you brought your mouth back down you heard a quick two knocks and the door opening.

Taehyung pushed himself up so he was leaning on his elbows looking towards the door.

“Hey I’m going to pick up Jimin, do you need anything while I’m out.” You heard Yoongi’s voice.

“No thanks.” Taehyung tried to get his breathing together.

“You alright?” Yoongi asked suspicious.

“Yeah.” Tae nervously smiled.

“Are you masturbating again?” Yoongi looked at him disgusted.

Taehyung blushed, but before he could answer Yoongi closed the door with a simple ‘ew’.

You pulled the blanket down looking at Taehyung. “Masturbate?” You smirked.

He stuttered. “U-um- oh shut up, everyone does it.” He defended.

You laughed and put your mouth down his length. You bobbed your head quickly to build up his release once again from the previous mood kill. You loved the way he moaned your name, it made you feel wet yourself.

As you tasted his release you smiled from the way he collapse against his bed. He was trying to steady his breathing as you crawled back up closer to him.

His eyes were closed again when you were back in his arms. Just then a ringing broke the steady sound of silence. He turned towards his phone and groaned. “Sorry.” You shook your head saying you understood. He sat up and answered the phone as he got dressed into sweats.

“Hey mom.” He answered.

You got up yourself and just grabbed one of his dress shirts. He walked out to the living room as you got dressed.

“Please, just a few days.” You overheard him.

He groaned more into the phone. “Okay fine.” Then he hung up.

“You okay?” You asked.

“Yeah….its just that my parents-” He turned around to finally look at you but stumbled over his words from you only wearing his shirt.

“Yes.” You smirked.

He shook his head. “My parents want me to help out with market today.” He looked stressed out. You walked up to him wrapping your arms around his waist.

“That’s okay….I can actually hang out with my friends for real.” You giggled.

“But I wanted you all to myself.” He pouted.

You leaned in kissing him passionately. “You will tomorrow.” You smiled into the kiss.

“Maybe we should take your friends offer?” He smiled. “This morning was kind of embarrassing.”

You covered your mouth laughing remembering every detail. “It’s not funny, Yoongi already thinks I’m weird.” He whined.

“Don’t blame me…that’s all you.” You laughed.

“C'mon let’s make a beautiful mess together.” He looked at you confused.

“Breakfast Tae.” You confirmed.


You figured out that Taehyung couldn’t cook either so you both settled on frozen waffles. You decided to do the dishes after you both finished, but you had to put up with a small fight. Taehyung was too much of a gentleman for his own good.

As you were finishing up he hugged you from behind and started kissing your cheek. You loved that he was so playful.

“When do you have to leave?” You asked.

“I have to be there by noon.” He nuzzled into your neck making you giggle.

“So that gives us about an hour.” You looked at him. He just arched his eyebrows.

“You’re full of surprises aren’t you.” You bit your lip.

“It has to be quick I don’t know when Yoongi will be back.”

You grabbed his hand and led him down to wear you needed him. He slightly jumped from the fact that you weren’t wearing anything under his shirt.

He was leaning up right behind you creating no space between you. You could feel his erection through his sweats. He kissed your neck gently as you forced him to touch you. You whimpered feeling his fingers dance through your folds.

“Tae.” You moaned. “Can we hurry this up.”

Before you know it he gently pushed you so you were leaning on the counter. You felt him lift his shirt up that you were wearing to get full assess. Then he pushed into you from behind immensely. You screeched from the pain. You were tighter then you thought.

“You okay?” He stopped.

“Yes, faster.” You whined.

Then he quickened his pace already stirring up the pleasure in your stomach. You felt like each time you were with him you were falling deeper for him, and you didn’t mind.

He was pounding into you at a steady pace, enjoying your time together, but just as you felt like were going to release you both alerted yourself towards the door.

Taehyung pulled out of you quickly and pulled his pants back up cursing to himself as you ducked behind the kitchen counter.

“Hey guys.” Yoongi greeted.

Tae just leaned on the counter with his head in his hands.

“Oh so that explains why you were acting weird this morning.” Yoongi laughed.

“I told you before that you do have a bedroom that you could do that in right.” Yoongi was enjoying his friend’s embarrassment.

You got up when they made there way over to the kitchen. Tae quickly rushed you out of the kitchen to his room so you could properly change.

“I’m so sorry.” Taehyung apologized and shut the door behind him.

When Tae went back to the kitchen Yoongi wasn’t alone, his other friend Jimin was there unloading the groceries as his other friend Jungkook was just entering with a few more things.

Jungkook noticed the awkward tension and the smile that was shown on his friends faces. “Did I miss something?” He asked.

Yoongi was still laughing to himself enjoying every moment.

“What was going on Tae?” Yoongi asked smiling.

“Whatever, I’ve caught you too.” Taehyung defended himself.

“Yeah but in my room that you still don’t know how to knock…..but I’ve caught you twice now.” Yoongi said annoyed.

“Technically the first time we weren’t doing anything.”

“What weren’t you doing?” Jungkook asked piecing the puzzle together. Jimin was just enjoying the show laughing.

“You would of if I didn’t catch you.” Yoongi just continued, ignoring Jungkook.

“What?” Jungkook spoke up louder.

“That’s not the point-” Taehyung was fighting back with Yoongi.

Jimin whispered into Jungkooks ear revealing the truth.

“Taehyung my man.” Jungkook quickly hugged Tae and patted him on the back.

They all made their attention towards you as you made your way out of Taehyung’s bedroom fully dressed.

You shyly walked over to Taehyung. “Hi, I’m Jungkook and this is Jimin.” He kindly greeted you.

“We’re sorry.” Jimin apologized. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”


You didn’t get to spend much time with Taehyungs friends but they did seem like generally good guys. Even Yoongi who seemed to always be sleepy and groggy every time you encountered him, but he was more playful today, especially making fun of the both of you which you came to realize that it was an awkward mess but you could live with it.

Taehyung drove you to your friends lodge and said his goodbyes. He said he should be able to pick you up later.

As soon as you knocked on the door you were greeted by your friends cousin Mark. He was quiet but very humorous, much different from his cousin. You made your way around to the back of the house and saw your friends in the hot tub.

“Hey girl, you made it.” Sana said.

“Where’s your bae?” Liz asked.

“He has to work.” They sensed your sadness.

“Come join us.”

After you changed into your bathing suit you joined in, you were glad it was just the two of them and not their boyfriends because you would feel like a third wheel.

“So…..where is…..Changkyung is it?” You asked not really knowing anything about your friends boyfriends.

“Yeah….we broke up.” Sana answered hesitantly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Good ridden right?” She smiled falsely. “Does your boyfriend have any friends who are single?” She smiled.

“I don’t know….he has a lot of friends.”

“Even better.” She smirked. “You should invite them over tonight…..we can throw a beach party.” Again with the parties.

“Maybe.” You nervously smiled.


You have texted Tae and told him about tonight. You basically told him that he didn’t have to come with his friends only to pick you up but he was still at work so he didn’t answer.

He didn’t seem like a party type of guy and you couldn’t really say for his friends.

“(Y/N) come on its just us…your allowed to have fun.” Liz handed you a drink.


You grabbed the drink and sipped it. You didn’t want to get drunk so you just slowly stayed with the one cup.

A few hours later and your one drink became a couple. You felt a little tipsy but you were still aware of your surroundings.

The small party with just you and your friends turned out to be another party you didn’t want to be apart of. Lucky for you the party stayed on the beach and never reached the house. You didn’t know any of these people, they were probably crashers who were on the beach.

“Guess who.” Someone whispered from behind you. He wrapped his arms around you hugging you from behind. Your first thought was Tae but he didn’t smell like Tae. He smelled like stale cigarettes and alcohol. You quickly got out of his embrace and turned around.


“Hey babe.” He winked at you.

“Get away from me.” You snapped.

Youngjin pinned you up against the wall glaring at you. “You know you want me.” Before you could answer his lips were on yours forcing you up the wall. You couldn’t move, he had you trapped between him and the wall. Youngjin slipped his hand up your shirt aggressively. You felt tears fall from eyes, you couldn’t break free.

You tried to push him off of you but he wouldn’t budge. Before you could process what was happening Youngjin was pulled from you.

Everything felt like it was in slow motion. You looked towards where Youngjin went as you saw him on the ground with someone punching him to a pulp. Taehyung.

Youngjin was tough so he was doing everything to fight back but he was no match against how angry you saw your boyfriend. You were traumatized about the whole thing, you couldn’t move.

“Tae stop!” You saw his friends hold him back, but he didn’t want to stop.

“Who the fuck are you?” Youngjin spat.

“Her fucking boyfriend.” He noticed you on the ground as your face was swollen from all the tears. He grabbed your hand and led you inside towards the kitchen. You sat on the bar stool as he desperately tried to find you some water and tissues.

“Tae stop.” You finally came to your senses. He wasn’t listening to you, he was frustrated. You never seen him like this.

You looked at his friends who were peeking from the other room. You gave them a look so you could have your privacy.

You walked up to Taehyung. “Tae stop and look at me.” You grabbed onto his face. “Calm down.” He took a deep breath as he look at you. His face was flushed, almost like he was about to cry.

“I’m okay.” You wrapped your arms around his waist bringing him into you. You felt him loosen up around you. You led him over to the bar stool this time. You took out several ice packs and took out the first aid kit from the cupboard.

Under his left eye was a little swollen and you could see a bruise forming. You made him put an ice pack under his eye and his left hand from his knuckles being swollen and bloody.

“Thank you.” You sniffed your tears back up.

“You sure you’re okay?” He softly asked.

“I am now.” You smiled.

“I didn’t know he was going to be here unless I wouldn’t have come. Liz and Sana said it would be just us and few of her cousins friends. I’m not surprised he showed up.” You rolled your eyes.

“Who is he?” Tae asked annoyed.

“He’s my ex.”

“Your ex….and he treats you like that?” You can sense him getting angry again.

“Lets not talk about him okay.” You caressed Taehyung’s cheek.

“(Y/N) are you okay….we heard what happened.” Liz and Sana burst through the door.

“I’m fine.” You smiled at Tae.

“Good, Youngjin looks awful….hes crying outside.” They laughed.

“Guys can we be alone please.” You politely asked.

They nodded and left. “I think we should leave.” Tae got up and started towards the door.

You grabbed his arm making him face you. “I love you.” You felt your eyes getting watery again.

He responded by pulling you in with a deep kiss. It felt emotional.

“I love you too.” He whispered. You both made your way outside. Taehyungs hand was locked with yours so he wouldn’t lose you again. You saw Youngjin make his way over to you guys but Jungkook stopped him.

“Stay away from her.” He told him.

“You can’t tell me what to do.” Youngjin tried to pass through again but Jungkook pushed him hard enough that he fell into the pool. Everyone burst out with laughter as you all made your way towards Tae’s car. He asked if Yoongi would drive so he can comfort you in the back seat.

You were lucky he showed up when he did. You saw that Taehyung would go to extreme measures to keep you safe, he even told you that you were band from going to parties with out him. After seeing you helpless against Youngjin made him scared for you, he couldn’t imagine how you were feeling.

He squeezed your hand tighter and kiss the back of it. You smiled from the gesture.


As soon as you reached his apartment you both excused yourselves to his room with a side bickering from Yoongi.

“I swear if I hear you guys, I will most likely vomit.” He laughed. Jimin and Jungkook just gave you both a thumbs up. Yoongi turned around. “Stop it, you’re encouraging them.”

“No worries Suga, I’m a little tired so he won’t be having fun tonight.” You smiled. Yoongi was thrown off from you knowing his nickname.

But nothing happened the rest of the night. Tae gave you a set of boxers and his button up dress shirt that you loved so much. You crawled into bed with with, he held you against his chest tightly so he wouldn’t lose you. You wanted him to know everything.


He mumbled something to let you know he was listening.

“This isn’t the first time he’s done this.” He looked at you seriously.

“When we were together he used to be in more then one relationship. I broke things off as soon as I found out.”

“But one night he made me so drunk that I don’t remember anything that happened….like I blacked out the whole night…..all I know is that I woke up next to him the next morning.” You continued.

“I didn’t know how but I know he forced himself on me because I wasn’t wearing anything when I woke up.” Tears fell.

“I went to the doctor afterwards and she said that I was lucky that I didn’t catch anything or even get pregnant.”

“He raped you?” Tae whispered.

“I hate hearing that.” You looked away from him. “More of took advantage.”

“You need to do something.” He raised his voice.

“There’s no proof. I just wish he would leave me alone.”

“He will, I’ll make sure of it.” He kissed your forehead.

“No more surprise wake ups, my friends are here.” He blushed.

“Are you that embarrassed.” You laughed.

“They will never let this one go, trust me.”

You leaned up and kissed him. “Goodnight Tae.”

“Night.” You felt him bring you closer into his chest. You stayed wrapped up in his arms until you eventually fell asleep.

Taehyung promised that he would make tomorrow a day you wouldn’t forget.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5

Lannister!reader x Jaime...

((Just for the purpose of this one shot, Jaime was released from the Kingsguard after Robert’s Rebellion and retook his place as Tywin’s heir. I did my best to stick to your exact request. I hope you like it!))

Word Count: 2,162

Warning: Some Smut. Definitely. I suppose cousin incest.

You were born to Ser Kevan Lannister and Lady Dorna Swyft and were raised in the halls of Casterly Rock right alongside your cousins, Jaime and Cersei. You were beautiful, as all Lannisters are, and you had a bit of wit and spunk as well. Growing up, you had the typical look of a Lannister and was often compared to Cersei.

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My first writing piece on here, oh God…. xx

From the moment you saw him in that red coat, you wanted him to fuck your brains out. You didn’t ask him to but over the course of the Kings of Leon concert, you hinted at it very subtly. A stroke of a hand, a kiss on an ear, a whisper on a tongue. Throughout the night, you always had your hand on him somewhere; his hand, his shoulder, his waist, his chest, his face. And no-one could blame you. Because Harry Styles was one fine-looking man who just happened to be yours.

The band was amazing and you had a great time, despite staring at your boyfriend for over half of the concert. There was a moment about 50 minutes into the concert when you said that you needed to go to the toilet; Harry being protective of you asked Glenne to go with you. Everyone thought you just needed to do your business but no. Your plan was sneaky. Glenne waited outside for you very patiently while you locked yourself in one of the cubicles. It took all of five seconds to pull your panties down your legs and over the hook of your heels. The air shot up in between your legs and you closed your mouth to stop yourself from squeaking. You straightened out your dress, stuffed your panties into your clutch and went back out to join Glenne.

You returned with her midway through a song and Harry was having a blast, drinking and singing along. Your arm automatically went around his waist and he smiled down at her, wrapping his free arm around you. From his touch, the heat in between your legs began to grow immediately. You couldn’t help it, you were turned on by him basically 100% of the time.

“Are you OK, baby? You look flushed. You hot?” He said in your ear over the loud music. Well, in truth, you were hot. It was stuffy with all the lights and the people but the reason you were flushed was clear to you. You leaned up on your heels and pressed your lips to his ear.

“Yes, because I have no panties on.”

Harry stiffened from your words and his arm tightened around your waist, sending a flash of desire into your folds. You didn’t care if people were taking pictures of you two. You wanted to show him affection and he felt the same way so nothing stopped either of you. Your lips came together with his in a searing kiss, which matched the song Sex On Fire.  It was always hard for you to control yourself when Harry was kissing you as his kisses were beyond the feeling of incredible. They were like fire or like a spring breeze. Soft and hot. Perfection. You clutched the lapel of his coat with your free hand, sighing into the kiss.

“Harry, everyone can see you.” Jeff said from behind him.

“Oh, sod off.” Harry scoffed and kissed you again, wetting your lips tenderly. When he pulled back, you saw the look of lust in his sparkling green eyes, shining in the dark.

“Where are they?”

“Where are what?” You asked.

“Don’t act all innocent. Give them to me.”

You gulped. How the fuck am I going to give him my panties without anyone seeing them?! He gestured for you to come closer so you did, so close that your chests were touching. You bit your lip and opened your clutch a little bit, quickly fishing out the lacy material. Fortunately, they were black so they weren’t very noticeable. Harry tucked your panties into one of the pockets on the inside of his coat, turning back to the band as if nothing happened.

“Am I going to get them back?” I asked.

“If you’re a good girl.” Was his response. And for the rest of the concert, the panties were never brought up in conversation.

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First time // Dino

Originally posted by dino-net

Pairing: Dino  x Reader

Summary: It’s Dino’s 18th birthday, he’s finally adult.. ;) 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2036


   You slowly turned in your warm bed,  slowly opening your eyes to see a stunning dino with his hair messed up that softly covered his eyes, you smiled to yourself as you looked slowly around the room seeing clothes thrown all around, you felt a sharp pain when you moved closer into dino’s strong warm arms, you could feel your naked body pressed up against his. You blushed when you looked up seeing his sleepy eyes staring into yours. You breathed in sharply looking back on the event that made dino’s birthday a magical one for both him and you.  

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EXO reaction: You getting catcalled

Note: Catcalling is a public thing, and because these guys all have images to uphold as idols, i don’t think any of them would react extremely. 


Minseok is definitely going to bristle if he witnessed someone catcalling you. I don’t think he’d be able to not react; he’d turn sharply to look at who’d said something disgusting to you. He wouldn’t even be thinking about it; his first instinct is to protect you. He’d most likely mumble something under his breath (”Say it again”), holding eye contact with the offender to make sure he knew he was caught and on thin ice.


Junmyeon is very protective and takes great interest in your comfort. So, if you were to be catcalled in front of him, not only would he have an issue with the act itself, but with the fact that some stranger had effectively taken your comfort. If he weren’t already holding your hand, he’d grab it quickly, frowning. He isn’t likely to get physical; he’s very mature and would feel that doing so would embarrass you. Instead he apologizes for the idiot and keeps walking with you. If the caller happened to be persistent, Junmyeon has no problem telling them to knock it off while escorting you away.


Yixing is going to be straight up aghast that somebody would dare say something like that to you, especially in front of him. “Is that really how you’re going to talk to a woman?” He’d be quick to defend you, going so far as to put you on the other side of his body, further away from the offender. “I can’t believe people as disrespectful as that are still around,” he’d huff to you, holding your waist or hand tightly as he picks up the pace, tuning out whatever the cat caller had to say in response.


He’s retaliating instantly. There is absolutely no way that somebody is going to get away with talking that way to you. He’s quick to shoot back a snarky comment to the caller, throwing his arm over your shoulders in an almost cocky way. “If only stupidity looked as good on you as this dress looks on her, right?” He’s not trying to get into a fight, but he certainly won’t leave the area unless he’s had the last word. 


Yelling. You can bet that Jongdae is absolutely going to yell at the person that catcalls you. Unlike some of the others, he would stop whatever he was doing to verbally rip this chump apart. Who does he think he is, talking to you like that? Is his mother proud of the way he treats women? Did he not think he’d say something? Jongdae would go on and on until he runs out of breath. Then he’d just grab you and tug you along behind him. He’d most likely be cranky and whine for quite a while after. 


Chanyeol has zero interest in sharing you. At first, when he realizes that you were being catcalled, he’s going to feel taken off guard and a little awkward. You were walking right beside him. Like, right there. Was holding hands with you not making it clear enough that you’re dating. Initially he’s surprised, but that quickly morphs into anger. “Excuse me? Do you want to try repeating that?” He’s going to turn around and walk towards this person. While he doesn’t necessarily want to get physical, he absolutely won’t let this person slide without apologizing to you. His large frame is definitely going to intimidate most into doing so. 


Despite what we see between Kyungsoo and his members, I don’t see him as the type to get physical unless in an extremely serious situation. Kyungsoo would wrap an arm around your shoulders and toss the offending cat-caller one of his signature glares. He’d most likely usher you out of that kind of situation, only focusing on keeping you from being any degree of involved with people like that.


Jongin is absolutely going to snort and put his hand in the back pocket of your jeans. He isn’t about to get involved with some manner-less stranger, especially when you’re with him. Instead, he’s going to hold you more intimately and act like he didn’t hear anything, even though his skin his crawling with displeasure. After a few moments he’ll turn to you, “Should I go back and kick his ass?” It wasn’t enough to make him violent, but if you wanted him to go do something, he would.


Sehun hadn’t ever considered what he would do in this kind of situation. I think his first reaction would be to feel awkward. How he reacts depends on you. If you keep walking and act like nothing happened, then he’ll do the same. But if you look embarrassed or uncomfortable, he won’t be able to let it slide. He’ll stop walking and turn to the cat-caller. “Mind your business.” He wouldn’t be yelling, but he’d be very calm and firm in this kind of situation.