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honestly i blame the russo brothers for all the hate that sharon and emily get. First in TWS sharon was supposed to be the female lead (and we know how markus and mcfeely love sharon carter bc they kept talking about her) and the news are already everywhere! then the russos insist on black widow being the female lead. That said, we get natasha with sharon's persona and we don't get a chance to know sharon better. (cont)

(cont) Second in CW it was way too obvious that sharon was supposed to have a bigger role. She was even supposed to be in the airport battle with the concept art and stuff. Again, the russos, remove some sharon’s part from the scriptexchange sharon with wanda which i dont mind but why cant just add wanda without removing sharon? (this is typical superhero movie i’m against like they can’t have many women steal the dudes spotlight ugh) (cont)

(cont) wanda and natasha dont appear that much in the airport battle which i’m pissed very much like we have already had enough dude as superheroes… Also the fact that most of team cap doesn’t appreciate emily that much (beside anthony mackie and jeremy renner) but team ironman like robert downey, don cheadle, ect are so welcoming to emily and support her so much lol so yeah conclusion i hate the russos for keep exchanging/reducing sharon and other woman roles

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I don’t trust the Russos. They, like every other Marvel director, are one-hit wonders, since everyone assumes that The Winter Soldier is still the best Marvel movie – it’s one of the better ones, and I’ll admit it’s the best Marvel sequel to date, but it’s not the best in the line-up. And Markus and McFeely? They couldn’t write Peggy, they could barely write Natasha, and they don’t know what to do with the other women. It’s either adequate writing or adequate screen time. No woman in the MCU that those four men have put in a movie has both.

The two movies these men have done? They only have three things that can hold up: great characters, great acting, great chemistry. Nothing else. Their flimsy plots and write-off villains and characters – they’re getting credit for things they can’t do. And one of their biggest weaknesses, like you said, is how they handle the women.

I’m not looking forward to the Infinity Wars. The only thing that would give me any happiness towards it is if I heard someone else was at the helm. You know that all the women are gonna be screwed over from the first second.

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