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Where will GOM + Takao + Hanamiya spend the holidays with their so?

Kuroko: Upon his friend’s suggestion, Kuroko ends up taking you to California for the holidays, wanting to see the sunny beaches for himself. It’s a bit of a mess when he realizes he’s not as good at English as he thought he was and the two of you end up needing to buy a Japanese-to-English translation book.

Kise: While basketball is no longer keeping him busy during the holiday season, his modeling job is. Luckily for the two of you, he has a few job offers that require him to travel. It’s only to a different part of Japan, but Kise has a knack for making any place seem like a fun vacation destination.

Aomine: His dream was to take you somewhere completely different from Japan — Australia, Canada, anywhere — but that was hard with lack of money. Instead, he takes you to the countryside, the two of you enjoying the sluggish pace of life for a change as opposed to the bustle of the city.

Midorima: He didn’t want to bring you on his travels at first because he was only using the short time to tour colleges he was interested in. Seeing you so excited to see his choice of schools all around Japan had him change his mind however. Maybe he could help you study so you could attend the same one.

Takao: Always a big dreamer, Takao talk about bringing you to foreign places like America or Australia, but you both know he doesn’t have the money for it. You two end up spending your holidays at a nice inn with a hot spring; it was close enough to those warm water beaches for now.

Murasakibara: Every winter, his family stayed home for the holidays; it was always so tough moving such a large family out for a vacation. So when he suggested touring Okinawa, you were pleasantly surprised. It was close enough to feel like home, yet far enough to be the vacation you two definitely needed.

Akashi: When you said you wanted to go somewhere warmer for winter for a change, you didn’t expect Akashi to book a flight out of the country to Maui. The Kapalua Bay was beautiful though and it almost made you forget about how far away you were from home.

Hanamiya: He doesn’t have much money to use for holiday vacations, so the two of you end up spending them at home usually. It’s fine though, because it almost as if the rest of town had gone out on holiday, leaving quiet streets and peaceful sights for you and Hanamiya to enjoy together.

I’m just curious as to why those who not that long ago wouldn’t have believed a lot of things that were in print, suddenly now take it all as gospel.

That’s not to say that every single thing that’s written is a lie.  And even the Sun get a grain of truth in things sometimes.

A stopped clock is right twice a day after all but it just baffles me and okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion but just because say for example Zayn hasn’t explicitly mentioned Liam in print for months, just because they don’t publicly speak does not in any way, shape or form speak for what happens behind the scenes.

Nourriam feigned ignorance re Whatsapp last November in interviews, and then we got all the ‘leaks’ specifically from whatsapp.

Where’s the real difference in before and their interactions?  The only difference was they toured together.

Them all getting on well publicly doesn’t sell newspapers, doesn’t get people talking, not after a while.

I mean in the space of a year we had 'we see each other a lot in our time off’ to 'we realised today we don’t spend that much time together’

I’m paraphrasing a bit there but you saw their reactions in that interview, and that didn’t look like regret that it was the truth, more awkwardness in the lie.

I don’t believe they all have group hugs, all day every day, and that they don’t ever fall out, the 5 of them, the people I believe are in relationships but I also choose not to believe what’s rammed in my face, or attempted to be rammed in my face by a media predominantly in the UK that want to create drama constantly.

When we hear words from each of them on camera supporting the print version of what’s gone on, when they actually release footage of them that they haven’t hidden because the fond could be seen a mile off that confirms this, I’d reconsider but not now, not yet now when Cowell is the one behind the push in a lot of this.

Anyway, sorry for wittering.


Chill werewolf in London 🐺🇬🇧

Normal was such a boring and sub-par episode devoted to your average pathetic emasculated white dude who couldn’t handle not being supreme male overlord, and it insulted Gina Torres by making her have no problem with sexist bullshit and even accept it as par of course and i will never understand why this episode isn’t viewed as a low point in s4. 

Honestly i just really hate that episode, why should we be encouraged to sympathise with him when we could sympathise with his wife and daughters? All of whom are dead. Because of him and his misogyny. (one was negligence and not straight up murder but still… i’d prefer to spend my time thinking about the kids, thanks).

Like, certain unsubs i feel sorry for (like the ones from true night or compultion), but Norman is not one of them. 

One of my favorite pieces of Canadian history trivia is that we once had a Prime Minister (William Mackenzie King) who was super into the occult and the idea of summoning ghosts and would commune with the ghost of his dead dog, who allegedly gave him political advice. Basically the only difference between a majorly influential Canadian Prime Minister and David Berkowitz is that Berkowitz’s dog told him to kill people and Mackenzie King’s dog was like, “maybe a welfare state would be a good thing”. I mean don’t get me wrong, Mackenzie King was an asshole, he like, wrote in his journal that he thought Hitler was a pretty okay guy, it’s just rare to hear of someone getting advice from talking animals - especially dead talking animals - that drives them to become, like, successful on such an extreme level.

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I had that same thought about the colours, all patronuses (patroni?) are silver white, so how could it be a black swan or grey horse. Also no, the colour of horse has no correlation to breed.

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

No idea why they did that then. I know some animals are actually different breeds even if they seem to only be a different color.

Only thing I can think of is actual color symbology. like adding the color option to give some nuance, but really maybe they could have just had one horse and had more variety in animal species in general.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

ZGMF-1017 GINN Elijah Kiel Custom

The ZGMF-1017 GINN Elijah Kiel Custom is a customized ZGMF-1017 GINN used by Serpent Tail mercenary Elijah Kiel. There is only minimal customization that separated Elijah Kiel’s GINN from its stock brothers, with the only true difference being the “Buster Sword” head fin, which serve as a last resort weapon, and its distinctive bright blue paint scheme.


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Yeah, the way the 1st pic was edited makes me think he wanted to hide wardrobe. But to me it was still clear that he is wearing his EF garb. I don't know why he reposted the cropped one later, because there's almost no difference, only slightly.

They’re not hiding his wardrobe they’re hiding hers.  The crop takes out her short hair because it’s clearly Mayor Mills in the EF.

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The TMI books had malec. It would've been only fair if lady midnight had heline - the only difference is that straight girls can't fetishize f/f ships like they do with m/m ships. But I'm sure that had nothing to do with cc's decision not to include them /sarcasmoff

The tea is boiling ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

Shall we stagger? - a mix for your confidential secretary and adviser (listen here) // Happy birthday to @isfjmel-phleg and the Annotated Psmith Project!

01. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand // 02. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage - Panic! at the Disco // 03. My Same - Adele // 04. Float On - Modest Mouse // 05. Mr. Polite - The Jungle Giants // 06. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities // 07. Broken Jaw - Foster the People // 08. Red Paint - Matt and Kim // 09. Let Your Love Grow Tall - Passion Pit

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm still confused. Do you think the Erins are legitimately sexist/ableist/etc, or are they just lazy writers like you've mentioned briefly in the past?

It’s not an either/or situation! Erin Hunter writes sexist/ableist/etc. stories and they are lazy writers. It’s not a case of only being one of those things: they’re both. I think it’s important to point that out, because those two things are frequently connected. Being a lazy writer very often results in sexist/ableist etc. narratives. 

You say “legitimately” as though there is a significant difference between being ‘purposefully’ ableist and ‘accidentally’ ableist. The only difference is intention: you didn’t mean to do it, you didn’t know, you didn’t realise what you were doing versus you meant to do it, you knew what you were doing, you knew what it meant to do it. 

In effect, though, both two are the same: either way, you are being ableist, and the fact you potentially “didn’t mean it” doesn’t stop it from hurting someone else. A person reading an ableist narrative doesn’t know if you meant to write it that way or not. All they know is that you wrote it. 

To give an example: if you tread on someone’s foot by accident, it doesn’t not hurt that person because you didn’t intend to step on their foot. Intention in writing is a tenuous, highly debated concept as it is. In the end, what you meant means a lot less and matters a lot less than what you actually wrote.

Not many people in this world are mustache-twirling villain types who sit around thinking about how best to hurt other people. I suspect that’s the sort of person you’re imagining when you imagine “legitimately sexist/ableist etc.” people. Those people are quite rare, I think!

Instead, a lot of people just don’t think about what they’re doing and why, or consider what it’s like to be someone else, or question the creative choices they’re making, or try to educate themselves when they don’t know/understand something. And sometimes, people outright don’t want to do any of those things. They don’t care enough about the quality of their work to want to do those things.

When I think of lazy writers, those are the people I think of: people who don’t care. The Erin Hunter collective tends to fall under this category of people. But the fact is, any of us can be this kind of person at any time. That’s why I believe it’s important to have an open and analytical mind, and be in honest dialogue with yourself about your writing. It doesn’t hurt you to do that, and best case scenario, you get to learn a lot and improve your writing. The gift that keeps on giving. 

In their ongoing creation of the Liga Privada line Drew Estate Cigars create hundreds of different, distinct blends and vitolas crafted in their endless search for the perfect smoke. Most samples are dismissed with only a rare, select few being deemed worthy, but regretfully due to tobacco limitations, costs, and construction limitations, most of these blends cannot be made into their own stand-alone line.

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i managed to nail pretty much the exact positions for these icons so the only difference would be the colours am i a god


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)