only different


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”


Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving?
A prince that lives alone in a castle.

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs

Well it’s a damn shame for the antis that when harry was asked point blank about his new tattoo he got all awkward and didn’t want to answer or show it so instead he deflected and talked about the Jackson tattoo. I mean if it was just a little ol’ fly why not just say that?



My brother and I… had to scrounge for food, steal, loot, anything to survive. But everywhere we scavenged was being picked over by other orphans. Then one day, we scouted a military warehouse, just like this one. Taking a little at a time and going one by one, to avoid detection. And that day… it was my turn.