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Realising you're gay and looking back at all the times you thought you were straight. Is like looking back at your life and being like "oh it started then"17yo... "No wait" 15yo... "Omg so obvious"13yo ....?? 5yo???? Like damn how long have I been gay? And I didn't even know? Rotflol it's like seeing how far back you can trace your ancestry. Only with gayness in your life.

All The Changes:  Chapter 1

AO3 | Hedwig Masterpost

the one with the wedding. 

Dedicated to my partner in crime, Desi, who passed away on Tuesday.  I love you, Shorty.  You live on in your words.  I love you.

This was the one we were going to save for the end and now the end has an entirely different meaning, so I’m going to go ahead and post it now.  I have so many more one shots that we had saved to post and never got around to it.  If you want more, just say so.  This is a lovely way to keep her legacy alive.  The only difference is that we can’t edit together anymore, so I’m going to just set them up as hardly edited.  I wouldn’t want to cut something she would have wanted to keep.  I don’t want to go through that risk.  

Thanks to everyone for all the support.  Her brother and I are both overwhelmed with the kind words and the amount of people she touched.  Thank you for allowing us to grieve.  

“I’ve carried it all too long ; The fear of the pain it brings ; Feeling the panic building up ; I’d rather the broken heart ; Than live in the emptiness ; Of what if the world won’t save me?”

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why bother making art if you don't like it?

Cause even if I don’t LIKE it at the moment I still like it more than literally anything else.

I may struggle with it most of the time but it’s the only thing that occasionally does make me, happy? I guess, not all the time but every now and then It’ll at least make me smile. 

Art is a cruel mistress. 

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How did you get into undertale?

I first heard about Undertale from a friend of mine and then I saw that Barry and Ross from Steam Train on Youtube were playing it. I decided to give it a shot and thought it was pretty good from the beginning… and then as I made my way along I quickly realized I was in love and that I was truly Undertale-Trash.

Here is my literal reaction to the Pacifist ending: 

(The only difference was that there were tears involved. c’: )


I’m staring at this and I’m smiling so wide and then I’m blushing like a salted egg. (//////) YES. YES, friend crush exists! I’ve talked about this with a friend a few weeks ago and we’ve discussed that FRIEND CRUSHES ARE THE BEST but at the same time so painful in a way? 

Like all the signs are there for having a crush. The likeness, the longing… and you feel so happy thinking about them but the only difference is that you don’t want to marry them. Like you do all these moves for them to notice you like PLEASE BE MY FRIEND BECAUSE I LIKE YOU A LOT AND I WANT YOU TO LIKE ME TOO. That’s how it is for me when I have a friend crush. Now I’m not sure if that is EXACTLY how you feel about me because if so… I’m so friggin flattered I’m smiling like a dumb idiot. If not, you can correct me. :D But thank you for telling me, that’s honestly so brave and legit takes guts <3 (you probably wanted to do it on anon but I have that disabled.) THANKS FOR TURNING ME INTO A BLUSHING MESS SO EARLY IN THE MORNING AHAHAAHA

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Could Smart Ass be done in black border? The only difference I can see between it and multiple black border cards with a similar effect, is that the opponent MAY reveal their hand to show that the named card ISN'T there (and you get the reward if they don't), instead of FORCING the opponent to reveal their hand to determine for certain (and you get the reward if it is there). I don't see why the former effect couldn't be done in black border; could it?

The only thing that I believe we couldn’t do in black border of Smart Ass is fractional power/toughness.

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Would it be possible for commander products to do mostly functional reprints of planeswalkers, the only difference being that the reprint could be a commander?

Most Planeswalkers don’t actually make good commanders. The ones in the Commander decks were designed to work well.

Was Natalie’s strategy messy last week? Yes. But even if she targeted Nicole and Corey and Corey had gone now we would have Paulie back and Nicole would have still won HOH and straight up put James and Natalie… The only difference was that the Comp would have been dragged out longer. James was shaking on that wall he wasn’t going to beat Nicole.

katharine says that my mirror universe self would have a mustache and would always be brandishing a dagger and those are the only significant differences

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why does everyone hate hey violet? if y'all remember 5sos was promoted and brought on tour with 1D so why can't the same thing happen to hey violet.

Only difference is 5sos are actually talented and got better after touring with 1D for two years….

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And the Rose currently had found herself in her Ascended Warrior form, which looked remarkably similar to Sagume Kishin, with the only difference being that Ruby had both wings and was taller. Nonetheless, she had found herself flying above the lake. the one in-front of the SDM, simply staring down at it. She seemed to be waiting for someone, but for whom would soon be revealed.

Ricky Gervais and Sam Hyde are pretty much the same “comedians”/personalities

v agressive, “im smarter than you” self masturbatory offensive™ humour

the only difference is that Hyde calls you a cuck and other /pol/ buzzwords in the process to show how ironic and smart he is and how smart you apparently have to be to get his jokes

on the internet you can not only be a whole different person, but people can also make you into a whole different person. 

here are my top picks for things people thought i was:

  • a 23 year old gay dude from iceland (i was a 13 year old lesbian)
  • australian
  • 6′1
  • straight
  • “deacon”
  • “junkrat”