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So, I went to see Musical Touken Ranbyu today and..Holy shit it was awesome!

Just really, loved the story, loves the cast, loved the songs. The only complaint I have would be the technical issue where I felt that the sound speakers weren’t able to handle the loudness of the music and messed up the awesomeness of the songs sometimes, which I felt was honestly a shame, because they did really well on the singing. (Also, I think the music was a little too loud sometimes, as you could barely hear the actors sing.)

Until I picked up my tickets at the theater I had no clue where I’d be seated, so I feared the worst, but… I had some really nice seat. 15th row, 18th seat. Which not too far from the stage, and right in the middle of the theater at the aisle! 

More impressions and a short summery under the cut… 
(Read at your own risk! May contain spoilers! I’ll try to keep it cryptic though.)

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“Nothing Like Us”

Character(s): Jeon Jungkook

Genre: Angst, but with a happy ending. Alcohol usage and suggestive themes involved.

Word Count: 1,552

Summary: You’re not sober. Both literally and metaphorically. The last couple of nights have been filled with club music and tons of alcohol. You’ve been doing this to forget. Forget how the two of you used to be. Jungkook feels the same, but… he doesn’t want to forget.

Request:  hi elli! i just read ur two fanfics and i absolutely adored them(like u have no idea) either way i was wondering if you could do one with jungkook from bts based of the song “theres nothign like us” with a happy ending? much love, keep beign awesome <3 – blackthorn (Thank you kindly!!! Please enjoy! <3!)

A/N: Sorry if things came out a bit clunky! I did my best to write some sort of angst, but I don’t think I’m too good at that ;; I listened to this song on repeat to get me into an angsty, and I hope I did well!! I also realize that it wasn’t much like the song, most likely only a stanza or so. ;;;;;

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You don’t remember much of the night. Just that you were in the arms of a stranger, dancing very intimately against them, and them against you.

Normally, you don’t do this. Actually, you never do this. Was this an exception? Perhaps. You didn’t remember when you picked up the first shot of the night. Probably when you spotted him coming into the club with his friends, his band mates, the ones he chose over you a couple days before. 

That might have been a little obvious considering they were his family, but Jungkook pushed it too far when he admitted that you’d never be on the same level as them. That you’d never be as close to him as they were.That you would never be on the same level of importance. And it had all started out because you confronted him about standing you up on so many scheduled dates.

You wanted to say that you were over exaggerating. You really, really wanted to. The blankness in his eyes that day said otherwise. So by your decision to end the fight, whatever connection between you and Jungkook was severed.

The song ended and then was changed for another song. You decided it was time for another drink, especially after you could feel the eyes of someone burning into your flesh. Not tonight, you said to yourself. I don’t want to see him. 

The bartender raised an eyebrow. You ordered something strong and they nodded, fetching it right away. You stretched some, the formfitting clothes rustled and pulled at your skin. You didn’t care. It made you feel human at least with all the numbness from the alcohol and heartbreak from Jungkook. How could you have loved him?

“I take it you had a breakup and would like three shots instead of one?” The bartender asked quickly. They leave just as they set down the three shot glasses, scurrying away to go tend to another random person looking to feel a buzz.

You downed all three glasses in one go. It hurt like crazy and made the world spin in circles. Your most logical idea was to get up for another dance.You stumbled a little bit, but made it back to the dance floor. When was the last time you felt so free?

”I really love you, you know that?” Oh, that’s when. You grit your teeth, willing all of those memories to leave you alone just for one night of fun.

Do you really?”

“Of course.” You wanted nothing more than to just keep focusing on dancing in the arms of a new stranger instead of being wrapped up in the arms of Jungkook. Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook. Why did he have to invade your mind? Even after he hurt you, took your heart and pummeled it up before he gave it back to you, threw out all of the love and affection you had given him?

Because you loved him. You didn’t want to stop loving him.

If you managed to bed this person, maybe they’d help you get your mind off of Jungkook. You couldn’t help but think that nobody would be like him though. Nobody could compare.

I’m going to trust you since it’s my first, okay?”

“I’ll take care of you. I promise. I wouldn’t dare to hurt you.”

No. Not now. Yet you still pulled away from your dancing partner, instead shuffling over to the side of the club. The walls had all sorts of markings on them. Stains from the alcohol, makeup, sweat, paint, some blood here and there, even, unsurprisingly, sex stains. You cringed for some odd reason. Jungkook never let you go to clubs because of how everything about them was. Maybe you should have listened, even now.

I’m telling you, you shouldn’t go. I know they’re your friends, but think about it. What will you do if they all start drinking, dirtily dancing, dragging some person off to the dark corners and rooms?” You faced him, pouting slightly. His resolve weakened. It crumbled to the floor when you uttered his name.

“But, Jungkook! Will you go with me then? Bring all of the members if you want to! I promise that if I ever want to go to a club again, all of the others will be there with me. Including you, of course.” Jungkook sighed in defeat.

“Fine. If one thing goes wrong, then we’re coming back home.” You grinned and wrapped your arms around your boyfriend.

“You know… home to me is always in your arms.” Not in the arms of some stranger. The next thing you knew a hand wrapped itself around your waist. You struggled, thinking your dancing partner came back for you.

“Calm down, it’s just me.” Jungkook keeps you steady, but you only struggle harder.

“Let go’f me,” you slurred. You barely recognize him in the dim lighting and your blurry vision. “I don’t want you t’be here.”

Jungkook held onto you even tighter than before. His eyes are sad and widened with shock. “You’ve been drinking.”


“You never drink.”

You let out a laugh louder than your normal pitch. “Guess who changed that? I just wanna have fun right now.”

“I didn’t recall that your idea of fun was grinding against random people and chugging some liquid that can get you killed.” Jungkook made sure you could stand properly before he began to lead you out of the club. If you looked carefully enough, Jungkook was glancing around warily and glaring at your former dance partners. The other members also positioned themselves in a spread out semicircle around you two, strategically no causing suspicion for leaving as a group with you and to be there at any moment’s notice.

“Where are we going? I’m not done dancing.”

“That sure didn’t look like it when you moved to the wall.” You huffed and weakly looked up at him. He broke under your gaze. “You promised that whenever you when to a club, that we’d all be there.”

“But we’re done, so… leave. All those promises are gone now that we don’t have a reason to keep them, we’re not together. I don’t need you.” You lied, you needed him. You wanted him. And he wished for the same. His lip quivered slightly. You continued to watch him, not missing the way his eyes became glassy. “Why are you still holding me?”

“I’m not,” he said. He was only touching your back, only slightly, leading you out. To you it felt like he was holding you back. From what? From moving on. Not like you had any sort of success anyways. You suddenly started to collapse. “Hey!”

“I can’t stand,” you mumbled. “I’m drunk.” He sighed again, holding you up against his body. Not quite in his arms, but you felt at home.

The two of you stumbled down the streets a little more. Jungkook had no intention of letting go even when you regained some of your balance. After a while, you began to sober up, but not completely.

“I’m sorry, Jungkook.” He looked at you. He opened his mouth to say something, anything. But he couldn’t for he feared that you’d run away from him again. “I’m being petty aren’t I? I’m doing all the things you told me not to do. Besides look at other people… I can’t do that properly even when I’m sober.”

Jungkook nearly cried when you reached the door you once slammed when you left in tears. You made no objection to going inside. He quietly lead you into his room. It was messier than you remembered, a couple of photos of the two of you were hastily shoved away by the male. He helped you slip out of the tight clothes and gave you some of his. Oh… this shirt was the one he always let you wear whenever you stayed over.

“I washed it, so don’t worry. It’s not dirty or anything.” You nodded, rubbing your eyes tired. You opened them and found Jungkook kneeling in front of you from where you were on the edge of his bed. He’s almost pleading with you now. And you get the message.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. You said it over and over again all the while tears slipped down your face. You covered your face in your hands and let Jungkook rise up and hug you. He was warm, and that was comforting. When you felt something else warm hit your neck, you realized that he was crying too. So the both of you sat there in tears, hugging each other and mumbling apologies.

“I’m sorry for all those things. I promised you that I would never hurt you, and look what I’ve done.”

“I’m sorry for leaving you without your say on it, I’m sorry for doing the things I did.”

The list went on, but the tears eventually stopped. Still mumbling apologies, the two of you lied back in his bed. The mumbles got quieter and quieter, and started to sound sleepier by the second. With each passing second, the two of you began to realize something. Everything was okay.

You don’t remember much of the night. Just that you were in the arms of the man you loved, dancing your fingers along his skin, and his against yours.

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Sorry for my english. Did you notice lately some big blogs starting to talk about how SOTT is dropping on the charts? Especially today. It's only stayed one week at no1. Spotify streams isnt that great too. Everyone was expecting to fandom go hard for the song like gifting the song, tweting Radios how they did with JHO. But they dont realize that only Louis can make fans to go hard for supporting the song. Harry is still didn't even thank the fans. Why would people go hard for supporting him?

dead-ass, anon, dead-ass. if you don’t engage with your fandom then they don’t go hard for you, point blank.

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hey sorry im a lil new but what did melissa do exactly / say??? thank u so much

yesterday @sdcc jeremy had to sing a s2 recap song, and when he mentioned kara and lena he yelled that theyre Just friends and r never gonna be More, melissa joined him and laughed and called him brave for saying all that, disrespecting fans, making fun of us. at least jeremy apologised twice and did some damage control on twitter, but melissa (and chris too) havent said anything….they only liked jeremys apology. now know this: david katie and odette didnt say anything so im kin with them but melissa should really apologise and stop being a taylor swift (a snake)

man made madness and the romance of sadness (click to listen on 8tracks): a mix for the coolest twins in coldtown. a-side is midnight; b-side is winter. tracklist under the cut. art by straightatthefootofyourlove.

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thoughts of a little starlight

VIXX are underrated.

I say this because even though this is their fourth year as a group, even though they’ve won awards before and did quite well despite coming from a small company… I think that’s still the truth. Sorry for the rant, it’s gonna be long…

Now that Conception: Project Ker is ending, it’s easy to see just how underrated they actually are. 

First of all, Dynamite was great. However, it disappointed some people because it was a bright, funky song and video. Only because those people didn’t understand the lyrics or the concept well enough to care I suppose… Amongst other reasons that might be too harsh for me to say right now. Dynamite did bring a lot of new fans as well, but some fans seemed to lose interest. 

Second was Fantasy. This song could have broken a bunch of Kpop stereotypes, it’s literally on the scale of a large movie soundtrack. Yet somehow it took so long to reach the viewcount goals, even if it had to do with Youtube glitches. Once again it brought new fans in, but… I kept wishing we could have given them more wins. Of course, this had to do with the way it was released as well… however I don’t want to blame Jellyfish for doing it for the K-Starlights. I’m super grateful of how this company is so considerate. 

Now we had The Closer. The supposed ending of Conception, and it was full of nothing but surprises and showed how much improvement and skill the boys had accumulated in this one year. However this song was their least successful out of all three releases. Why? Is it because it wasn’t promoted enough? Because fans didn’t like it again? I’m honestly saying that I think Kratos is one of the best mini-albums this year, but I suppose that isn’t really enough. 

Musically, VIXX have never disappointed me. Performance-wise, they have never disappointed me either. Their music videos are all top quality, their content for fans always thoughtful and full of genuine gratitude for us. Their fanservice is incredible, their relationships with Starlights endearing. K-netizens have even pointed that out, how envious they were of VIXX’s Starlights.

Yet… why is it that VIXX are somehow mistreated on broadcasts, music shows… Is it only because they’re from a smaller company? The boys themselves are the nicest people, they’re all talented and hardworking and quite kind. They’ve never even had actual scandals or controversies, and if they have it was never caused directly by the boys themselves. Some people say they are problematic, however that is really not the case at all. They have never belittled or insulted anyone outside of their own group, not that we know of anyway, but they do not seem like people who would. They’re so supportive of their fans, they even try to help Starlights out, they feed them and keep them warm during cold days, they talk to them and listen to their worries sometimes. It seems like VIXX never really think for themselves. 

Kim Wonshik seemed to have worried enough about something to write in the fancafe. Today’s live stage was not only cut short once again, but Lee Jaehwan looked close to tears at the very end. It’s true that VIXX are somehow mistreated, and I don’t know why. If there are fans of other groups from smaller companies that have also been treated like so, then I’d like you to know that I also feel that frustration. At times like this, I don’t think fandoms should be causing wars or arguing against each other, arguing about which group deserves what. They all deserve much more sometimes, and fandoms could really stand together in peace while supporting their own bias group as well as helping each other out if possible. That’s what would be best. 

I’d like to end this on a more positive note; Underrated groups may still come out on top in the end. For some groups, their downfall is their fandom and their fame. I’d like to think if that group rises slowly, then they will stay at the top for a much longer time. 

I’m just really concerned because of how much it seems to be affecting VIXX lately. They all look more stressed, more tired. This year they had three comebacks, and they’re about to have a fourth tomorrow. 

Milky Way… It’s a song for Starlights, isn’t it? Together we make the Milky Way. They’re letting us know that together, we’re not only beautiful but always there for each other. Okay this turning a bit too gay. But y’all get my point. I wish that VIXX will never forget that the amount of wins does not equal their value. The fandom is growing, but still small. 

Fellow Starlights, thank you all for sticking by their sides. I really love this group and this fandom. 

Friends - Bechloe Fanfic

Chapter: 1/?


Inspired by what I imagine/wish happens in scenes that we don’t see in Pitch Perfect 2, slightly alternate storylines perhaps. Also inspired by the song Friends by Ed Sheeran

‘You’re making me sexually confused.’

Beca had failed multiple times at intimidating their opposition, but that one line specifically hung around in Chloe’s mind for the rest of that day. She wasn’t really sure why. It was almost like having a song stuck in her head.

All the way home from the riff off house she would just randomly hear Beca’s voice saying it again.

She caught herself staring at Beca a few times when this happened. Something about it was odd, maybe just because it didn’t seem like something Beca would say. Maybe it was something else though.

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