only decent mirror


Also I looked kinda cute yesterday. I looked hella cute today but forgot to take pics b4 I got comfy. But yes pls ignore my face and enjoy the crappy pic of my outfit bc it’s the only mirror with decent lighting.


I’m so embarrassed right now >///< 

SOOOO it’s the 29th now…

Voltage Selfie Day, right?

well I’ve already posted some selfies some days ago but it wasn’t for the VSD so yeah :V (the photos with my friends are actually older lol)

sadly the only decent mirror we have it’s in the bathroom so sorry about that xD

I’m tagging explosionart because she wanted to see my face xD but my friends already saw me so no need to tag I guess xD

bye byee ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡